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Thinking about Bridgewater College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Bridgewater College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Bridgewater College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Bridgewater College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Bridgewater College experience. These Bridgewater College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Here. We have a moment home in between classes right now, so it is not as busy. But it's front of it, these three stories and a lot of my classes in here. Luckily for me, it is right across from my dorm building, so it is very convenient the mornings to have a quick, about five minute walk to get here. So let's show you inside. So I'm in the basement of Bowman Hall right now, and this is what one of the sort of lab classrooms do look like. I have a psychology class down here, and it's more hi tech. It's been renovated. You could see that there's a lot of TV's in this room. And because it's very spacious and students are able tto learn in almost any direction of classroom, so it makes it easier to learn the chairs removable. There's a lot of, UH, outlet, so students could have their devices like computers, cell phones, anything that they need to hook up. And here. So it's a very useful room that students like to study in out of class time, and it's useful in class. Time is an example of what a typical classroom looks like in Bowman Hall, and this is on the first floor of Bowman. I have my macro economics class in here, and a lot of my business classes are in classrooms like this. My class has about twenty five people for students in it, and it makes for a nice learning environment. It's a very classic learning environment, but it's still very fast with the lecture hall. Looks like in Bowman. This one is also one of the larger rooms on campus. I had my general psychology class in here, and there's about fifty of us in this classroom, so it is a very long classroom. Not as much wide, uh, like in McKinney, but it's still very suitable for many students to be able to This's McKinney. It is the newest and most renovated academic building on campus. That house is more of the science and math classes. It has plenty of labs. I used to take my biology class in here when I was a bio major and get houses. Study space is a lot of opportunities for students to learn in this. Hey, everyone, I am standing in front of a candy now, so now I can take you inside and let you tour the area. So the big lecture home, can you? I had one Gerald biology class and here tried about students in it. It is one of the largest areas have class on campus because we are small campus, and right now we're finishing up our Sunday after making. So this is a typical classroom in McKinney. Uh, the math classes that I've had in here typically have have about twenty students in them, so it's a decent sized space for the amount of students that need to learn. In this environment, I find it a very effective classroom to learn in. So this is one of the labs that can be found in McKinney. It is very spacious and allows for a good amount of students that are in the departments that use the labs, too, be able to do their experiments and their tests, and from the students that I've spoken to and for my own personal experience. I did one lab about E. Coli last fall when I was taking general biology. So here is an example of one of the labs The lab's tend to be in McKinney because it's the building for the science is there is one in Bowman because some of the site classes require a lab in there, but I didn't have access to it, so you can enjoy this view of this lab room and McKinney. Everyone. So I'm here with my friend right now, and she is going to introduce herself and tell you about her experiences with Bridgewater. Hi. I am when I am my majors business and, well, like about Bridgewater. Sometimes the food, but mostly what I don't like is the parking because the parking is really bad. My vices. Maybe Don't try to bring your car to Kansas Reading my mind last year, So did help, either. But this year's a little difficult. They've changed it a lot. So, yeah, over in a, uh, a freshman here. I'm currently a psychology meters don't know from sticking off it. Could I love college? Everyone changes their major. Yes. Don't be ashamed to change your major or switched undecided if you're actually because I'm debating that, um, I picked Bridgewater because I like the small school environment. Like it's easy to make friends more so because, like, everyone's really friendly here, you could just walk down and say hi to anybody, and they'll be like, Hey, what's up? You don't have to know any anybody, especially if you see me. I will say hi to anybody. Um, some pros, Like I said, it's easy to be people you can walk to. Your class is in five minutes a kind. KCC doesn't always have the best food, but sometimes they're striving that everyone says that that Mongolian fresh when they have the terry, like the teriyaki sauce and the chicken and vegetables that it's so good. But other times it's like, But there's always an option for you commit pretty good friends like actually, some that have been better than friends I made in high school. So you'll definitely find more people that, like, are more like you. Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm a sophomore Bridgewater College and I am a double major in chemistry in Spanish, and I also do riding lessons, so my life is pretty busy. I really loved being at Bridgewater because the class sizes are small and it's really easy to make friends and you conform really good relationships with the professors and do research with the professors. And because it's so small, you get a chance to form bonds with people that you might not normally something I don't like about Bridgewater. Sometimes the food is a lot, but I like it more than all my friends, so I still think it's good. Pretty good. So come to Bridgewater. I love it here, and I think you will, too. So this is Jobson Stadium and this is where we have our football games, lacrosse games, track computer runs around the track here. There's our scoreboard and we have the tailgating area over there that was newly introduced. Will really enjoy it because it gives our college a new sense of identity. I have cheer practice and we cheer on the sidelines here in front of the stadium. The fans thoroughly enjoyed stadium, and it's a very nice environment, and I can insert some videos from games that well show what we do during these Games way. What? No. That's a raft. We have a winning game, so after you in each game, rings there. Also on Bridgewater's campus. We have plenty of upperclassmen housing options. So now I will go ahead and give you a tour of some of those. So these are the waffler towers hand way have towers pay through D. There are plenty of housing for the upperclassmen students, so this is an example of an upperclassman room. This is a quad and blue ridge, and as you can see, therefore beds and plenty of storage space, they're my friends working. Of all the drawers. They have their TV set up like this so that everyone can see what they're doing and enjoy movies together, they have a nicely decorated and organized here's the fridge, microwave, the other girl's desk and TV. Right now, only two people are living in it. But it does allow for for people to live in it comfortably. And it's spacious enough. So I'm at cottage for thirty one, and here is my friend Hannah, and she's going to show us around her place. So here we go. All right, this is a front area, and here we have name a little messy right now, But, um, a nice social interaction for the whole house. We'll come down here and shot on the couches. They're watching movies together. We've got some decorations going on to really make it feel like are in place. Um, this isn't a Kayla. She's my housemate. She has a really cool room, and she left her bed so she'd have more space okay. Others remain our teammates there. And we share a bathroom with a shower that Bye. Our Easter? No. Yeah. These are first year being roommates together, and it's working out for you. Uh, you see? Yes. Sure, Mother. So me and make a left. You have a bathroom? It is really nice because you have to let go very far to brush our teeth like in a dorm. And because last year I was kind of guilt, you may be forgetting to wash my face that, like, tired. And now it's like right here. So there's no excuse like it's very nice. It's nice to have this whole area for cells in here. A little table here and we hang out, eat food. All right? We talk about going under. About cabinet. Yeah. Like. A lot of stores. A dishwasher, then they always great. Really nice. Tio. I have a place to put it. That's just like a sink, a washer and dryer over here. That's it. So do you love it here? I do love it here. I love it. I really liked being in a dorm last year. But I love this even more because it really feels like a home away from home. Like it does feel like a house. So I am outside the the academic building. Flory. This is where I have all of my classes for my Spanish major. You can also find the registrar here, and I also have meetings here, too, for my class president meetings within Bushmen of our college, and you can also find career services in here, which are very helpful. I've met with our crew service person Cherie Talbot, many times, and I will go ahead and take you inside to show you some classrooms and talk about my experiences in this building. This is an example of one of the classrooms, and Fleury and I have all of my Spanish classes in this building. There's typically about fifteen students, person professor, and we have a lecture style, and there's also a lot of group involvement and encouragement to participate in class. We get participation grades, and it's very similar to a lot of the other classroom styles on campus is an example of one of the more renovated rooms and Fleury. I have my Spanish literature class and here currently the semester, and it's like Bowman that I was showing you the one classroom where there's TV, so there's more place for students to be oversee and learn and interact with students and professors. And in this classroom, as many chairs is there are around. I actually only have fifteen students in this class, and I enjoy the major and the learning styles that are implicated in this classroom. And then nicely enough. All of my professors, their doors are always open right now. It's after hours, so they're gone right now. But they're this's my advisor right here, Dr Ramirez. I'm going to Cuba with her for Matron that we have in Bridgewater, and then also Dr Martin. All three of these professors have been professors from my Spanish major, and I've thoroughly enjoyed then having my education with Spanish. Also right here, you can see the requirements for the Spanish major in Spanish Minor. I wasn't minor, but then I decided to become a major, and it has been a great decision for myself One of the things I found most helpful. When I was a freshman at Bridgewater College, I was told about the emergency blue lights, and they are very beneficial even for the smallest campuses, because when you're walking back late at night by yourself, it can be scary. So I'm very glad that the campus police have explained this to us multiple times that they're very willing to help everybody on our campus to make sure that everyone is accounted for and its state. I'm not going to push it myself because I don't want to cause any false alarms. But all you have to do is push the button and talk to them, and they will assist you in at night. You can see it appear it is actually blue, so it is very easy to see from your car, especially when you're out in the parking lot very far away for our type of small campus. So I find this system very useful, and I'm very thankful for it. You could see where the college this Years. Clearbridge this's my dorm building here, the steps going up into it. It has the basement and then three story, So it gets four stories canned. The front of these gorgeous I love is the lounge and courage. People come here to study with their friends, or we have our handy dandy weep of printers. They could be found all over campus, but they're very convenient when their right in your dorm building. So yeah, and you can watch TV in here and very comfortable setting to study in. This is the walk to my real It's all the way down this home. Pumpkins from care a little out of breath because here's kill you and almost here. My happy fall sign up. Here we get. This is my dorm room, and this is my side of the room. Over here. That's my roommate closet window. Right here. Side table right here with all my cluttered mess. My roommates desk run to go between our beds and then this is my roommate side all of her stuff. Uh, college provides us with the dressers. They all said the sink for us. So here's my dresser Over here. I have a shared printer or cure IG, the microwave and a fridge over here and a little station above that so I can store some makeup products for when I get ready over here with the sink Most the rooms do not have a sink, but because we're on a floor that has, um, a lot of shared bathrooms, they gave us a sink. So it's actually pretty useful because our whole bathroom is a little bit of a walk away. Then over here, we have my desk stays pretty cluttered. I have a lot of stuff. Power strips or extension cords are your best friends. There's not many outlets, so hair products and TV stored up here two on top of my desk so we can both watch TV and us for the TV. Uh, cord was for the cable cord, wass some more decorations and such. And here is my closet in the trash can. And then they gave us a mirror and we have a decorated with some stickers for Thanksgiving right now, and I also have string lights, more decorations. Theirs are bent for a room and our fire alarm for when that goes off, sometimes for drills or when there's actually a fire. Then I'll show you my roommates closet cause the way less cluttered than minus. So she's, um, storage items in here to her, close the case and yes, pretty spacious. I keep a calendar on my door, so I know. And those are more leaves for my decorations, for better on the door. But Bridgewater allowed us to make this for free. And I use that Teo, write some notes on two. My roommate also has a calendar for us behind her door. Right here. Look at that, too. It's honestly one of the bigger rooms, uh, in Blue Ridge right now, and we're very glad that we haven't even though we don't have our own bathroom. But that is Okay, So this is my dorm room. So it's actually dinner time right now, and I'm about to go sweat myself into our dining hall. Cub KCC. And I'll show you how this works. We have unlimited swipe plan, so you can go in there as many times as you want, Which is great, uh, meaning I can grab a banana for a quick breakfast. Or I can actually sit down and have a meal. Or I could grab a box during lunch hours and take my meal to go. So I will go ahead and give you a tour. Here is my friend Angela. She works for the KCC and she's going to swipe me in. And that is that. And you get unlimited wise one of our stations with Delhi, you can make your own sandwich here. Or your own rat of daily soups, baby chicken potatoes where we have our desserts and our the Mongol fresh Today we're having Cuban sandwiches, Terrien options. Half price on real fighting and our daily dish, and today we're having steak Mexican chicken in all of the sides. Come with it and you have our grill. Grilled options, chicken and our options make them by the slice. Other Italian bread and pasta where have all of our different ice cream flavors and it closed The daily flavors on our board, for the students know which ice cream, but they can get in the toppings and you have the salad bar, where you can also find your fruit options as well. Students Love is made fresh every day. Really enjoy their favorite. Everyone loves the peoples here, so they popped him in toppings for breakfast. We also have milk in all of the cereal options. I have students could enjoy for breakfast or any time.