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Thinking about Berry College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Berry College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Berry College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Berry College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Berry College experience. These Berry College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, you guys, what's up? I just got done with my nightly workout at the Cage Center. And while I'm here, I wanted to give you guys a quick tour around the place. So the Cage centers Barry's main Athletic center on. We have one other gym on campus, but it's primarily used for athletes, so the cage is pretty much our big athletic center. We've got workout rooms, tracks, pools, classrooms and a bunch of other stuff. So, as you can see over here, we've got full sets of weights. That's freeway. It's We've got plenty of machines to then. That's half of our main workout room on this half. We've got some cardio. We've got treadmills, ellipticals, Cem, rowing machines of stair climber. Plenty of good stuff like that for you guys really cool to work out. If you ever need help spotting we have people on shift, it's one of their student work jobs. So there are constantly people in here to help. You are. You need help learning a new machine if you need a spot for weight. So that's one of the cool things. Otherwise, the cages also get plenty of other stuff right above me. Right now we have tracked on That's an eighth of a mile track, so pretty much, you know, easy go around eight times a mile. Another cool thing is we've got our own racquetball court, so if you ever want to come play, we could hook you up downstairs. There's actually a table that you can come right. Kayaks, tennis rackets, tennis balls, basketballs, baseballs. Pretty much anything you can think of. We can rent it if you look right behind me. We've got our pool. And I think if you look all the way in the background, we actually have one of our class is meeting in there right now. So we have classes at the cage to this is actually our scuba diving class, so you can take one of our scuba diving classes and actually learn how to scuba dive. So that's pretty cool. We've also got plenty of other classes down here. We've got Zuma classes every week. We've got awaits class, which is what I just got out of. So that's cool. Behind me is actually our main basketball court. We have a secondary practice court that anybody is free to use basketball court on since basketballs out of C season. Right now, that's actually being set up for a banquet tomorrow night. But we love coming in here watching basketball games during the week when teams in season. So Cage is pretty much a fun place to come, you know, work out. We've also got some TV set up if you just want to watch the big games, so make sure to drop by the cage Athletic Center Now, while we continue our wonderful hike to the wrist, let me just tell you guys some more about Rome. I guess so. Rome is a city up in north Georgia. Floyd County, Georgia. It's not the biggest city, but it's not the smallest either. At least coming from where I lived back in Harlem, Georgia, so runs about a medium sized city. I'd say way. Have our mall, couple, movie theaters, all the restaurants you could want, and pretty much all the things that you really want in the city. But I like it because it's not this big city atmosphere. You know, Like I said, you have everything that you need here and want, like you really don't have to go out of the city to find anything that you need. But it's got this really good atmosphere and vibe, you know, going down the main street in Broad Street, like we did the other day, the city, Cree Marie or some of our other cool places, like free owes or roll up ice cream. It's got this really just nice hometown vibe to it, you know, because Barry and one of our other colleges is what makes short of the city are sorry, shorter's the other school. What? They're the two colleges that make Rome. Rome? I guess a lot of this city kind of caters towards us. Um, and they really are used to us. It's a It's a really good college town, I guess. I'd say, You know, everybody's used to us some a lot of things. They're here just for us, like escape rooms and stuff like that. So I think Rome's a really good city. That has bear for Barry to be in. You know, if you want to go off campus, which we don't want a lot because there's so much to do on campus. But if you ever feel like going off, you know, it's just got this really nice atmosphere. And I think it really helps, especially having so many organizations that Berry can work with, um, things for us to have, just for fun or charities and volunteer efforts that we can help out within the community. And I just think Rome's a really good city. Hey, what is up, you guys? My name is Hunter Berry, and I'm a freshman political science in cyber security. Double Major here at Barry College. But most importantly, I am your campus riel ambassador for the week. I cannot wait to get the chance to show you guys bury the world's largest campus along this tour. We're going to get the chance to meet some of our amazing student battle body and faculty staff as well as get to see some of our state of the art academic buildings and get his tour amazing places like the castle behind me. So I hope you guys are strapped in and ready to tour over twenty seven thousand acres of the world's largest campus. Hey, you guys. My computer science teacher, let up sort of colossus a little early today. So before I head to my next nine a M class, which is theater, I'm gonna give you guys a quick tour of McCallister Hall. So McAllister is pretty much the science building at very, um You'll do biology, chemistry, anatomy, computer science and mathematics here. So pretty much Three stories. First floor's a lot of labs. Second floor is a lot of classrooms. First has some classrooms, too, and start for hey. Forget it. Um, So third floor is pretty much office space for all of our professor, so you can come have a talk with them during their office hours. So, um, accomplished is pretty cool way actually have the entire place styled like a museum. So we have pictures everywhere that are on loan to us from people like National Geographic and some of the national science museums. So we have a museum, actually, on the first floor with a lot of cool, like, astronomy stuff on DH. Then we have these pictures that are on loan to assault about the place. So, McAllister, I spent a lot of time here. Your science major, you will pretty much live here. And then this right here is the main kind of, like, Keystone of the building. It's actually the second largest pendulum in the Southeast. But way have it here. Everybody looks at it when they come in is a freshman. You will try to touch it. We all have. And then, yeah, so pretty much this's the first floor. Like I said, lots of classrooms, Blythe. Lots of people here. We just got out of a day. So, um, here quick is like I said, Science museum. We have a lot of cool, very artifacts here as well as some actually volatile stuff like that. So really cool. Come check it out. If you get Teo, we do it a lot on some teachers were actually give you extra credit if you do and write on something you saw so cool little thing to do with here. The McAllister. But overall, yeah, our science building. Pretty nice building on it's one of the new is that academic buildings we have on campus. So it also has the biggest classrooms we have, which isn't saying much when these classrooms can only hold like forty people. But so you will have to spend some time here. Probably everybody will but fun building my favorite Hey, you guys. What's up? Hunter again? Just wanted to introduce you guys to one of our favorite places in Rome Were a city Creamery. Right now, I'm here with my friend Liz. Hide a camera. So City Creamery is just this really cool place in Rome that a lot of us come to get frozen yogurt and stuff. It's a really cool place to just study. Grab a coffee. Um, relax with your friends and just get some work done. So this is one place we come. I normally come, like once or twice every couple of weeks. So really cool place to come in downtown Rome. Just relaxing. Really nice atmosphere. So be sure to check out City Creamery. Hey, you guys, I know it's a little dreary out today, but I am hiking up to the rez to meet a couple friends and hopefully get some studying done. So I want to take you guys to the very reservoir, one of the most beautiful sights on our campus. But while we hike up there, I want to use this opportunity to get to tell you guys just a little bit more about Barry. And I guess about our size if you haven't been able to tell just yet. While we may be a huge campus with over twenty seven thousand acres, we're pretty small in our student body. Each classic Mary only has about five hundred people, meaning our total undergraduate school is only about two thousand people. However, I think this is really good for Barry, and I think it provides us a lot of valuable things that you can't really see or get a state school or any really large institution, for that matter. Because the class sizes are so small here, you get to really form these connections with your professors, you know, while a smaller, like a larger state school. When you come to take your foundations and your introductions, you're going to be in your basic chemistry class or your basic math with probably one hundred hundred fifty plus people. They bury your only there with about thirty of the people. And that way your professor really gets to learn who you are. They know your name. They know your major. They know what you're doing here. And they know that if you're having any problems, they know what they're able to help you with. I think this is really good. There's also other ways we can benefit from this. Our professors are required to have ten office hours a week. So this means that your professors, like, are required to sit down in their office and have time open to any student who needs help or just wants to learn more about the subject in general. And I think what's really cool, too, is that some of our professors and their office hours don't even make them. Just during the day. I had a lit teacher last semester because she knew that so many students were busy during the day. She had office hours from six p. M. To nine p. M. In the library so that if we need to turn the night, we could always do just come and ask her a question or get help on our essays. So this is one of the things I really like about these small classes, and they get smaller too, as you go in your majors. I've been in a class with, I think, seventeen people so far, and I have a friend who's in a class with only like nine people. You know, you really the foreign, these connections with your professors and have more intimate discussions and question and answer sessions with them. And I think it's really good for academic and just life in general. Hey, you guys, it's Hunter again. I wanted to go ahead and start off your Barry College experience by showing you guys the Ford conflicts, arguably one of Barry's most important and beautiful spots on campus. So let's get started. So the four complex is home to both academic buildings and some dormitories for the rest of the students. So I'm going to go ahead and give you guys a quick panorama of the beautiful Ford complex. Lookit here, so right in front of you guys is West Mary and East Mary. So these air, actually freshman dormitories. These are some of our only cannot coed dorms. So if you were a freshman girl, you get the chance to live here. It looks like a castle. It's one of the huge jokes we make all the time when you're up here. So you get to see one of the beautiful site. Also right over there is so actually our music hall. So you know, we do have majors in vocal performance, music, education, other performances like woodland, stuff like that. So really cool. Chance to study over here. If you're a music major, we also have some of our veterinarian studies up here over right behind that building over there. So if you guys get the chance to, um, study there, you get to do some really cool anatomy work. So that's one of our things right ahead. Actually is it was an old chapel, so that's one of the cool spots about Barry. We have a lot of events there will have some of our formal events. They're like our formal dance semiformal. Also have some Halloween dances there. Sometimes it's a really cool opportunity to just stay there. It's really historical. Got a lot of meaning to Barry. It's been here for a couple hundred years, and it's just one of our most beautiful buildings. Honestly, so this rest afford, is actually a dormitory for freshman guys, so that right there is Claire a dorm. So it's one of the best dorms. You can have it. Barry is a freshman. You the cool chance to do a lot of stuff. There are rays there are really great and they have a lot of cool events. Otherwise, the Fort complex is just a great place for you guys to hang out and just talk. A lot of people are seen up here on the weekend studying People get e nose and hammocks and just camp out here because the views are great. I mean, who wouldn't want to study in an atmosphere like this? Also, though, there's another cool thing about Barry. If you guys have ever seen the movie, remember the Titans? Ah, lot of it was filmed actually up here at the Ford Complex and a couple other areas that very like the old mill that we're going to get to see later. So if you guys have ever seen that movie or have not seen it, I can still watch it. Great film. You can really see some of the historical markers we have up here about different highlights of the film that were filmed in different areas. So I'm actually going to show you guys ride over here. That is, one of the areas that you got is conceived right over there. The film was actually filmed a lot here. You might remember some of the big speeches over here. Also, though, we were home to the Olympic summer camp back in nineteen ninety six, when the Olympic Games were held in Atlanta. So if you are interested in seeing that we have a historical marker over here, so it just shows you guys some of the really cool areas about Barry. Um, tells you a lot about the camp. We also have these markers spread throughout the whole college, so you get to see where these guys trained and where they were living in stuff while they were here. Training for the Olympic Games, thes future Olympians that would go on to be gold medalist. So that's really cool. So pretty much that is the fourth complex. Like I said, one of our most beautiful spots on campus, arguably the most beautiful spot on campus. So really, guys get a chance to come up here. It's fun supercool to live up here if you can. As a freshman, if not just a great place to come and study, relax and hang out with friends. Hey, guys, what's up? We just got finished studying for an E contest. So we are actually headed out of the library right now. I just wanted to give you guys a tour while it's kind of like dead on Saturdays and stuff. So pretty much library on three storeys. Bottom story. Just like Evans Hall has, um, and Academic Success center. So if you need any kind of tutoring help, they've got that down there for any classes, pretty much. Shakespeare. Yeah, yeah. Shakespeare pick. Nice picture. There is also an honors common. Some other places to study down there. The second floor is kind of style, like they have s o pretty much it's private versus, like public or not a good word. How about group versus private? So the front of the library this way is mostly group things with, like big tables on group study rooms and stuff like that. There's a lot of groups. State rooms up on the first floor above us and some classrooms. The closer you go towards the back of the library, the more it is that it's a private study. Groups, arm cartels and stuff on that you can rent out for free and then stuff like that that you can study one on one. There's also this really cool room behind me called the sandbox. With that, like five or six flat screen TV's in there that people can link up to their laptops. Earphones on. You can use it to Light Group study. Sometimes we'll have class in there, but pretty much that's the library. Tons of group study rooms, two hands. Um, just a really good place. We study here. Probably every night of the week begin just because you know, it's got a lot of room for us to all meet up together. And as you can see, plenty of resource is we have a library staff that's always on hand to help us find stuff if we need it for essays on whether it's online or offline. So that's cool. As faras hours, the library opens at seven a. M. In closes at two a. M. Almost days. Um, it's Sundays, I think it opens up one and closes at two AM Mom, but Saturdays is the really off day. It doesn't open toe one PM and it closes at eight PM So we've got to get out of here because it's the most closed. So that is the memorial library. Hey, you guys, I just got out of a job interview and found out that I got the research assistant job I wanted for next year. So I am celebrating in one of my favorite spots to grab a bite to eat on campus feet. Viking Stadium, Valhalla or the food court? Well, the food court may not sound like the best place on Barry's. It really is, in my personal opinion, pretty much. The Food Court has four main restaurants. We have a Starbucks or the Berry Beanery way. Have a chick fil A missile, which is kind of like a Japanese kind of kind of restaurant. And then we have a subway. But we also have a cafeteria that has plenty of fruits, vegetables, coffee's, ice creams, but most of all, my favorite. We've got an ice cream machine, an Icee machine, smoothies and everything else. So how I'm going to treat myself today. A nice Coca Cola and blue raspberry ice