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Greensboro, NC

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Okay, So advice for students and I want to come to Guilford. I would definitely say to join some clubs. Um, it's easier to join in the beginning and then stopped going for not interested that tojoin later on. So if you're up for it, I say just really jump in when you get here getting involved in the kind of things, maybe even won anything you can't handle because then you can kind of weed out what you're really passionate about. You don't have to, like, commit to club for the whole year. You've been kind of just coming. Go as you want. Also, you don't need to have your major decided a lot of people change their major so many times within their first year. I really don't need happen, Major. Coming in. You're gonna try so many different things and try classes and all these different areas and you're probably gonna change your mind. So why not just explore and see where it takes you? You never know. You might end up majoring in something never would have considered. I would also say just come as you are like be yourself. I'll Gilford is a really accepting community. We're really aware, respectful of all identities. And a lot of people just feel safe here, really, truly expressing themselves being who they are. So don't be afraid to do that, because we're going to embrace you with open arms. Um next. Say, be ready to learn outside of the classroom, too, Like classes are great for learning. But there's a lot of activities on campus and around Greensboro that you can use tto learn in other ways and that you might do anyway and not even realize you're learning. But I think just being a part of this community at Guilford, you're gonna learn a lot about the world and all the divers, identities that there are out there and just how to be a better member So when it comes to our crying for Guilford, I think it's a really easy and eunuch school. When it comes to AL, precautions were test optional, which means you don't have to say, but your scores. Instead, you can just write an essay about your core values and how they can do what you do. So Guilford really is looking for people. They're looking to see who you are as a person. They're not gonna basic purely off grades or your test scores. We want to see, like what activities you've been involved in and kind of how the color values tray and into your life and what more you'd like to do within Gilford's community to expand on. Yeah, I just want to wish you all good luck with your college search, and I would love to see you all at Gilbert next year. So this is my home. Um, first, off here we have my closet. Pretty decent closet size. And then I also have a thistle, a little chest drawer thing, little cubbies for other clothes and laundry. And then I've seen my trash in the corner. We must have the shelf up top, which is really helpful for coats or other things that you have to store with my dog. Yeah, um, just some decorations on my wall. And then here's my bed. It's a single twin size, which is what comes with the room here. Um, I do have a lawful bed frame, which is what was here when I got here, so that's really helpful. Um, you also get a dresser and a desk with a chair when you move in. Oh, that's pretty decent. Dresser has good amount of size, good storage. And then I hung this up here, but I'm my own light. Um, I think that is helpful because the lighting here is just these fluorescent lights. So if you want it more gym or something, that's nice to kind of have your own come a dorm. Essential, I would say, would be a whiteboard. I find it really helpful to keep track of my to do list every day and our things and take them off and also have calendar version. Um, I just like it better than a paper calendar. It's not. That's wasteful. So, yeah, this is my room and heard decent size a single room. And this is in, um, the news, which, Well, that's what we called them on campus. But I think they're the South Apartments, but you'd see