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Thinking about Wheeling Jesuit University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Wheeling Jesuit University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Wheeling Jesuit University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Wheeling Jesuit University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Wheeling Jesuit University experience. These Wheeling Jesuit University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay, so right now I'm outside of one of our two classroom buildings. Donohue. It's right behind me, and I'm standing on Donahue Lawn, but just somewhere that when it gets a lot more murder, lots of people like to come hang out. There's tears out here for studying. The cool thing about going to a small school is that our students faculty ratio is fourteen to three. So for every fourteen cents, there's three faculty members, which makes it really easy to get in and see your teachers get help when you need it. So right now they're for lounge, don't you? Every floor has a lounge sitting area, so it's kind of nice, because in between classes, if I don't have a whole lot of time, then you could just come here. Homework study. So a really cool thing about our two classroom buildings is that thie too mean ones. Donahue, Menaker are actually connected by a bridge. Someone to take you across the bridge from Donahue, where we are right now in tow. Accurate. So this is the way sins. So this is Acker. This is our science center. It has the Communications department, the lit department, the biology department, the CAM department. And I think that's it. And a lot of her ample theater style classrooms are in here. It's a little bit newer, and it has a lot of our science labs, and it was a typical electric classroom. I'm early, obviously no interior, but this is what they look like in majors classes. You probably have eight to fifteen people and nah, majors. Classes like electives and stuff. You probably have about thirty people. This is one of our amphitheater style classrooms right before class is about to start. So it's a lot bigger and a lot of causes that need a lot more space or in here, it's great. Like families. You definitely gained a lot of close friends. Your judgment very close to each other. Why they're not your major. You're still able to stay close to people because it's such a small campus. This is the McDonough Center. It's our endure athletic complex. So it has our rec center and all of our coaches. Office is a bunch of our locker rooms, the gym that basketball plays in in an oxygen that anyone's allowed to use. So this is the inside of our rec center. There's the big Jem pulls to the left. In here we have our machine weight room. And a couple of free weights. And then to the right is our cardio room, where we have treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and then across the hall. Here is the free wait for him. Where we have racks, benches, free weights, all kinds of stuff. You can come in here anytime you want, as long as there's not a team who has it reserved. So the really cool thing about our work room is that it's free to anyone who's the students. You just come in and show the person at this desk. If they're there, your I d and then you can use it whenever you want from eight to eleven PM at night. Which is this? My friend Joe on the rugby team? Do you like Jesuit Lovett know better? What do you like about it? Just the atmosphere. Socialize great people here. So this is our main gym basketball team is currently practicing, so I'm not gonna videotaped them for too long. But this is where we have basketball games. This is where graduation is a magic concerts in here. A big hangout spot, thanks to the McDonough Center is our stadium in our field. The field is just put in a couple of years ago, so that's brand new. Our track is a little bit older, but that's all right. Anyone's welcome to use it as long as teams don't haven't rented out. Here's our press box enters bleachers. A lot of people come here to watch games hang out during the last week of school. We have a bunch of field games on the turf, which is really cool to celebrate exams being done. The athletic field is definitely the center of our campus. You can see pretty much all of the rest of campus from around it because most of our student population is athletes, which is super nice. It creates a culture here where you all respect each other. You all cheer each other on. You get to go to everyone else's games and cheer for them. It's super fun. It's a great atmosphere. The people here are super awesome. You never go anywhere where you don't know someone, which is nice. But I also see a new face every single day, which is cool because it's small enough that I always know someone and I don't have to sit alone in the dining hall. But big enough that I All right. I'm outside the dining hall, about to go in to eat dinner. So coming into the room, you just use your swipe in this white man every day with the salad line, sandwich line, sandwiches, salad any day. Over here is the breakfast bar. We have cereal, milk, waffles, bagels and a toaster so you can use the meals wipe any time. You're just running through that so called day twenty four seven and during the week Monday through Friday. We have pizza. It's not out because it's a Saturday, but the grill line always has hamburgers, cheeseburgers and grilled cheese, and daily dish always has a hot meal with a protein starch and vegetable. Always a vegetarian option. Your Pepsi products. Yeah, here's the cookie table. Ice cream? No, we're a little scarce on desserts today. Home is the campus coffee shop or the kiosk and campus security. This is the campus coffee shop. Students here. Call it the kiosk. You can use your flux foot soldiers on stuff that coffee, bakery, things, snacks. The sub's Here are the best part. Delicious, right? So campus car is probably one of my favorite places to be people coming here to breakfast study. It's just a really cool place to come hang out. Francis gets Red Cross from the dining hall. Is dothraki stellar or the rat? Look, Sarah. Okay. We're doing, you know, playing some cool. Yeah. Do you hang out here a lot? What's the best part about it? Yeah, So this is our on campus pub. It's closed right now, except for just hanging out in the TV's air on. But at night you can get food that you can use your flex money on for you in your alcohol. Just beer's actually, but you can't use your phones money on those. Also in the rap, there's a bunch of events like care Loki, uh, Toby and I every Wednesday and a lot of time here just to study So the meal plans you can choose from our pretty simple There's three of them. One is what all the freshmen have tohave, and it's one hundred fifty dollars in flex money and two hundred fifty swipes into the B room, which is our dining home. And the second one is one hundred fifty swipes in the V Room and three hundred fifty dollars in flex dollars, which you can spend a kiosk or the rat. And then the third one is just seventy five swipes into the B room. And that's where people who live in our off campus housing so that any time that they want to come to the bureau and they don't feel like cooking or something. They could just come sweep into here. Um, so you could have any of those three and last year. Freshman, you have to choose the first one. Okay. My honest review of the dining hall, it is. Okay. I can always find something that I like, and I can always find something to eat, but it's not always like, Oh, my gosh, This is the best thing I've ever eaten. The kiosk is definitely my favorite place to eat. I love their subs on the rock is pretty good if you're looking for a late night snack but overall, I'd say eight out of ten dining hall No. This is the general study area in the library. It's a quiet study space so that you could come back here and not be bothered. So this is one of the study rooms you can rent out. There's a couple of says, a small one. When you study in homework, they'LL come with boards and you just rent out keys with you and I get that here. This is just more studies. More books. So right now I'm standing outside of the Ark or the Academic Resource Center, which is a really cool resource that we have just one and I'll tell you, but I want to go with This is the Ark. This is just a room in our library, and you can go on a Web site that we have for the library and sign up for free tutoring by students who are majors in those classes and excel in those classes, which is really cool because it's free. You can get help any time you want, and a lot of teachers will just set up a group. Study sessions like a couple days before tests, and you come in here for a group to your session and someone will just review everything that you learned for that unit for that test dealer. Your tutor at the arc. What is the Ark academic? Greece or Sunder is a place for student peer tutoring. It's completely free for all students, and we want a subject tutors, and we help people with their homework. Did you say it's a good resource? Yeah. Is that a good opportunity for you to use it moving up toward the front of the library. We have a lot of these blue desks that are private up front here. This is the front desk. They can help you with anything. You need questions or anything. This's the group study area, so if you need to talk to your group or anything, you can do that in that study room. Also, we have four max and a bunch of pieces back here, and the coolest thing about the library is that if you print from a library computer, then you get free printing. And then after you could print you just come up here to the front desk and someone who's working, we'LL bring it up to you and then you could just leave. And this is our wonderful resource specialist, Paula. She can help you look for references. Look for research. Help you find what you need, where you need it. I do most of my studying at night in the library, I usually get a study room. I have a lot of homework that I need to dio but involves group work or like bouncing ideas off of each other because I am in biology. So I have a lot of labs that I worked with lab partners. So I usually run out of study room, which is super easy and helps me get my work done. My best advice to incoming freshman is probably just to use your resources. We have Paula there, the research specialist. We have the Ark, and sometimes I feel like people don't take advantage of those and they're free and they're so easy to use. And they helped me so much. They're my freshman year. Sometimes it's kind of hard to balance the athletic, social and school life in college, but I think that the resources that we have here does would have helped me a lot. The fact that I can go in and see my teacher's whenever I want the fact that I can use the Ark after teacher's office hours in the fact that I can use Paula literally until ten p. M. If I'm writing a paper or something. So it's super important that you use the resources that you're given and that will help you so much with balancing your work load with your social life or your So I actually live in a single because I'm an r A. So I live in the freshman dorms and I have a couple of responsibilities over them. But I'm going to show you around my single room so you get to wardrobes in a single and one dresser as well as one desk and one bed. So everything else in here I brought from my own house or I brought here. So I have this storage under here. I definitely recommend getting these plastic tubs or anything like that because these rooms don't have ah whole lot of storage for clothes or other things. I brought me on food. A lot of people renown for charges to, like make the room look nicer if they have extra space. This is my fate card. I brought that from home as well. I thought this it warmer, super cheap toe hold my TV on. I love having a TV at school. I use it all the time. Fritch and microwave coffee pot Definitely essentials. I would bring those from home for sure, and we get free WiFi and cable if you bring your own, um, box or WiFi router. So I brought me and wife are matter so that I would have faster wife. I wouldn't have to use the schools before you come to school. There's a website than a link that you'LL get that lets you fill out your preferences and matches you with a random roommate. Or you can request to be with someone that you already know here. My freshman year, I lived in the same dorm building in the freshman dorm, and I chose to live with one of my teammates after my coach told me that she was coming here and gave me her number. So I decided to live with her and it was awesome. I loved it. And then the next year, I decided that I wanted to live this one. He wasn't on my team so that I would have more alone time. And I lived with the soccer player up in the upperclassmen dorms, which was awesome because we had her own bathroom. We had around space, and then this year I'm in a hurry, so I live alone in the freshman dorms. But it's awesome living in a a community like this because the girls are always had their doors open are running around. We have different socials that everyone comes to on the weekends. It's so fun. The only downfall of the freshmen dorms is that they are community bathrooms, which you get used to really quick, and it's kind of fun after awhile bathrooms, a bunch of stalls, a bunch of and all these showers. Every single floor. There's a laundry room and laundry is free. Okay, so this is the typical freshman dorm. And Sarah Tracy, which is the girl's dorm, comes with two beds to these dressers and two of these wardrobes and two desks. Mackenzie, what do you think that you need for home? Lots of storage and things to cook yummy food. So you bring your own fridge, bring on microwave, and we have free WiFi and cable at school. If you bring your own WiFi router so you have your own life. Fine. It's faster room and Bethany's Room. It's a typical upperclassmen door comes with beds, extra space. They brought these things two desks and this is the hallway two dressers and your own bathroom. So you shower toilet and vanity with storage down here. Which is nice, sir. Has this extra storage. They bought a food time and a coffee table, and they brought their own fridges, coffeemaker and microwave. All the dorms on campus are super close to each other. I say everything on campus is within eight to ten minute walking distance of each other. So you don't really have to worry about the location of your dorm on campus because everything super close and you could literally were a lot about ten minutes before costs and make it on time. We dio housing as a lottery style, so people with more credits get to choose. First Freshman are randomly placed in a random room and Sarah Tracy or in McCue