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Thinking about Flagler College-St Augustine and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Flagler College-St Augustine in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Flagler College-St Augustine’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Flagler College-St Augustine, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Flagler College-St Augustine experience. These Flagler College-St Augustine video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Thank you. Now, that's a typical sight here in St Augustine, especially on St George Street, which is where ever he goes since downtown say, not in Augustine a block from school unseen George. It's a lot of restaurants and family owned stories, with the exception refuse commercial change actually popular. Yeah, the infamous Taco Shop has the best in the whole world, and I think at least time which college? Doing great like open twenty four hours. I think I can't not a lot, but they have really good. But in all honesty, the night life here is pretty dead. Everything around, torturing and around the school itself kind of closed it around like sixty seven. Bye. You confined night life somewhere else. Good thing about it is that kind of order you to stay on task, prioritize your score, which is what you're doing when you're going to college. And welcome to C four o six. No all rooms, an FCC or set the same with exception, quarter rooms. So when you walk right in, here is the door you operated, you have your sink area. That's pretty open space. There's a crockpot station, and then you have your bathroom, which is actually a private bathroom. You have your own toilet and your own in your own shower so you don't have any seat mates. And then there's a small little Haleigh right here, and then the room totally opens up. We have these great windows at all rooms. Here have been a lot of sunlight all the time is my roommate and all rooms, a comedy up to two people. We have a dresser for each for mate bed, obviously desk with this George unit and actually comes with a fridge and Frieder and microwave like sort of bundle. Alright, you don't actually just how it comes, Here's my side room. We have really, really high ceilings here on NBC, so it's a great amount space to decorate. He also, unlike Pon storms, ever own closet, and they're pretty spacious because back in ponds, there's no guarantee that you'll actually have your own, um, closet because it's a different kind of floor plan over there. While over here, the floor plan is the same for every single room. I also have her own thermostat, so you get to control the temperature and we keep it at sixty seven, anyone not six seven sixty nine because And here is Proctor Library, which, if you're an upperclassman or have at least been your front semester, is probably a place you love or hate because you're either spending all your time. You're broke because of finals or not enough time here because you have too much work to do in your dorm. First full of library, you have a bunch of stations guessing on your work as well. Over here, in the back seat and quiet rooms, where are there was complete silence, and we have a pretty station where each student gets five hundred prints a semester larger. Most books are, and we also have study rooms that are meant for group study. And you actually closes or see Dyson Takasago won't. Normally, they have a wipeout board, but this one specifically Right next to Keenan Hall is the Molly Wiley Art Building were obviously, art classes take place. Now you can on ly get inside the art building if you're taking classes in here, which luckily, this semester, I am as an art minor. So with your idea, you go right inside my classroom. A. I got a lot of funky stuff because we're doing still life right now. Let's take a peek inside. Thank you, my friend. And then you can take these rickety stairs all the way to the second floor, where most upper level classes are. Right now, I'm in studio for on the second floor, where a lot of second level are classes take place. Like I said, right now, they're working with campuses and still life, which is a lot of people do the first couple weeks of art classes. As you can see, we have a lot of crowding going on here, but classroom sizes are pretty small, which is what I didn't actually come here over the weekend and work on their projects, which I have to do because still I project due on Monday. I can actually see some of what they're working on right here working on specific techniques on how to draw. This is the West Lawn, also known as the heart of campus, considering once you just go around the circle, use everything from Keenan Hall, the dining hall, Ponte itself, Palm Garden and the pool. Moses didn't center over there the library and goes into one circle again. The West line also remind everybody riding to his factory college because, aside from academics, it's one of the most beautiful campuses in the entire country. Most people think of Flagler College or seen obviously usually picture our Ponce Leon, however country ways. Or transfers for girls in case we're overbooked and our other residence hall. There are four floors to doorman at here upon and there are around three rooms. The most can carry about sick people since its original floor pan. You don't exactly know how many. We may still get your first year, depending on what your place once he comes upon. So you probably understand why a lot of people in choosing flag so I'll just let the art speak for itself. Like I said, this is the reason why most people end up coming here. And honestly, I might be one of them at this point, because, I mean, this place is honestly breathtaking and or anyone else out there who thinks the same because you want to live in If you already Flagler and you probably no where right now. Like in love with Carrie? Probably great. So we just finished having dinner at six o'clock like a responsible adult, mainly because on weekends are dining, also known as D Hall closes at like seven. Honestly, our whole hours aren't the greatest, but it kind of makes you be responsible on focus on what your priorities are. Some of the best things about the hole is that a you are literally inside of Hello, Clarice can literally inside of what could probably be the great on everybody and also what flower there is known for, which is basically taking a step into the universe. Another good thing is that we have a variety of food way. Have vegetarian station, hibachi station, a group and what's called a home line, which is more like pasta and baked chicken and stuff. Bye And all. Honesty. Like most colleges, probably food isn't the greatest. As freshman, you have to have the full meal plan, which is good because I have an unlimited swipe. He could walk from your dorms here with no problems. Visit with freshman girls. They're closer to camp now. As an upperclassman. I'm a sophomore. I have to walk all the way from the other upperclassmen buildings called PC, and it's more of a walk. So it's a lot easier and convenient to cook in your dorm. So, cutting things like a crock pot frozen dinners are a lot more convenient than coming all the way over here, especially when there isn't a guarantee that you're gonna love the food every now. As a freshman around front first semester, I was like, OK, this isn't bad, you know, like I hear a precaution claim. It's something that becomes second semester. It's the same, then you eventually over and over again after two and a half months. So a lot of fresh I do tend to get tired of it, but it's not that so right here is the interview. Your idea by swiping and next to continue out dining hall itself very other. And there's, like, launch kingdoms from Spain. And this one actually says when translated into English from your hands here. Now move your suit. Here's a closer look into the actual architecture er and and you're dining. It's very, very what? Arrest. Right here is Pollard Hall. Locate on Chord Overstreet. And it's also known as our communications department building, mainly because here a lot of media literacy classes take place as well as other classes. That election based in the lecture halls. Since Pollard Hall is farther than the rest of the academic buildings from campus, it's usually pretty empty. This is usually how it is normal setting. You can get a light switch to work, but here we also have our computer labs, which we have a Mac lab and a Windows computer lab. And here's looking out on the second floor. And, of course, we had a beautiful fly. Their architecture in charm. Although we're Pullard Hall is what a typical classroom at Flagler College looks like. We have a twenty to one student teacher ratio, which means are clashing. Ties are pretty small. The big reason why people like to come here is because you get this where individualized education, as opposed to a bigger colleges you kind of get diminished down to a number. And if you're going to pay a lot to go to college because college expensive, you might as well be getting the attention that you need. And you spot the difference. I'm here with my friend. She's not a witch. Our campaign activities board right now. Wait. Then here. Fine points. Eliza, have your position Because even though she's a sophomore, she's already like in charge lots. Yeah. Like directors. What Help. Make sure they get executed. We have wait also are in charge of distress. If you see that I'm checking. He also places like Universal and Disney. So if you want just kind of No. Because everyone knows you come to Florida with the hope that you get to go Teo Orlando and what is like the big event that you are really excited for this year. I am really excited for distress. There's gonna be a lot of constructing. So you like breaking plain glass? Last year, we way had a bunch of play and we had baseball bats. And it was a great time, right before finals every semester? Yeah, Yeah, let your obviously as you can see, I'm really involved in making sure that we have a lot of on campus. Go go to school if you want to have fun, but there's a big chart going away. About that. Organization. I like cats. So come to Raven right? When you come here as So obviously one of the perks of living in St Augustine and going to school Florida is that you have a feature. Wherever you go, you go over the bridge of lines and go into Anesthesia Island. We have about ten minute drive to get to St Augustine. One of the things about this beach is that it's pretty spacious. Nobody's on top of each other and about September and the water still really warm now the south flirty and wait there pretty intense here compared to back it. So it's a great opportunity. Take out surfing. Be like a true Floridian surfer girl. Look, another great thing about this beach is that always open to the public. Thank you. I have a bet here, such as like Mike runs beach cleanup. The community is pretty involved, were always making sure beaches are clean, and I'm telling you, speech is very clean I'm here in my friend's, Christina and Clarisse. Now all sophomores are second year. But let me give you a somewhere inside another go to Flagler. So where you guys from which all that jazz that we do a nice basically, Sir Clarisse, I am currently twenty years old and I am majoring in hospitality and tourism. So I decided to go to school in Florida because my brother went to apply for college and said that it was one of the best schools he's ever been to. I just immediately fell in love with it. As soon as they saw the videos and I came to visit it myself. I just love the European vibe that I got from it because I live in France. So as an international student, I love it. I felt like I was, even though I'm not, but yeah. Hey, me, Christina. You know, I'm New England area. I keep the flat Glor in the north, Escape the cold little. This conception, though it does get cold here. They really does. I wouldn't. It was surprisingly cold when I got here in the winter. I was not ready. You say your radio? My major is a hospital Ian. Tourism management with a minor in business. So Christine and I are actually both in the same sorority on campus. Well, the only sorority on campus by Alf Omega and Clarisse is rushing this investor. So we're really excited about that now what, are you looking forward? Because we were here. We already know why we're in it. What are you looking forward to? I'm just looking for getting that American spirit like full on American experience out of it, cause, you know, I've always seen it in movies and all that, but we don't have anything such as authorities are France and France. So that was like, one of the first things I thought about was like, Oh, my gosh. I am so excited to be able to go and check out what in American Authority is like. And I would actually, when you went to your first, was that your soccer tournament? A tailgate was our tailgate. We, like, have a smoke. Well, I have wait. Tried. Have you wait? Really? Gotta think because we're lazy butt father doesn't have a football team, so we have to get our like, sports Vives and all that stuff on, like other sports. So we would take Louise to her first soccer game. But I saw her Soccer Hatter tailgate experience. Yeah, which was totally when, not what I expected. So if you've been to France or if you're familiar with a little bit of like the French culture, you know how people get so hyped about soccer like American. Do Americans do hear about American football? So when I went to this game, you know, I was expecting, you know, like people to actually be like clapping if somebody scored or something. I don't know some kind of spirit. People were as high as they actually expect them to. Wei have a lot of spirit. Honestly, this first game, it's the first game of the semester. Everyday was still like tired, everyone still moving back in. But it was really awful because I didn't know anybody, so maybe I didn't know enough people to get all high. So when you come here, you should totally