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So I'm inside the basement of the Education Classroom Education Building and last Mr My boyfriend found a really nice spot. That's just really great, really relaxing and everything. I think it's a sweet. Set it up and check it out. It's really cool here. They have rocks that people painted on. Yeah, they have a sense. There is space coming some plants. I just a nice peaceful area. Students are welcome. It's like Come here with blacks, sticks and stones really cared, making sure that students are mindful about their health. Just make sure they haven't. Over here. You we can try. Really? And probably messing up, but that's okay. Hey, guys, let's up. My name is Smiley Faulk, and I'll be your campus. Really twenty nine ambassador for these video Siri's so a little bit about me before we get started. I'm twenty years old. I'm a third year student at Cal State Fullerton currently made. My major is communications with an advertising emphasis, and I've been here for three years, so I know this. I know this campus pretty well. I've lived both on campus, I've commuted and now I live in an apartment off campus. So you'd say, Yeah, I'm pretty. I know the captain's pretty well, and so I'm really excited to show you about Internet campus with places are to eat what you could nap on campus a little bit about extracurricular activities on campus and much more so without further ado, let's get started. So this is a college park building. It's one of the main building for the communications department, which is which is the department that I'm so all the counselors air their most of my classes there. So actually, by spending a lot of time with classes here now, little things that a lot of students don't know about this so. So bass? Yeah, Friday and a lot of times. Oops. Here socially. You with the computer lab look like also classrooms. So down in the basement of College Park, I found out that these computers over here and the prince are over here, gives free printing all students. As long as you have an account, your student accounts. This printer prints out your stuff for free. It doesn't even have to be academic, usually anywhere else on campus, whenever you need to print something every ten cents. This is so much money. Also, I like coming here on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays because it's usually empty. They're usually a lot of classes here Fridays on weekends, so I got a whole computer lab to myself. I don't have to go to the library, share like share space students and like it all cramped up. I just come to this lot and I have the whole room to myself, just pretty often