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He's also a side note. We see you grant universities coming on as Grand Construction University. She was always explained at a new things, as you can see right here or getting a new Peter Jungle right right in the building. So no, coming in soon, I'm pretty. But there are adding up the X seventeen Taco Bell coming soon. No subway trick away panic struck down there, but that Grand Construction University. Already. So I'm gonna show you guys inside of Recreation Center. Just keep in mind this is R Current Recreation Center. But we do have another one that is being constructed right now. It's gonna be about, like, four times bigger than this. It's huge, so it's pretty loud insides, but I'm gonna take you inside and show you guys looks like there's also a team practicing our now they're working out. No, it's actually a lacrosse team that's working, Guys a little quick. Look inside already. This is another prime building on campus. It's about building twenty six. It's on pull all the student engagement. So whether that be as she see you, our student body, you know, life leaders raise all of them. They're all in this building. This building has impacted my academic career because it's been a great resource for me to get connected. I'm currently a welcome pro on welcome programs at TCU, and our main goal is to get students connected on Ji soo's campus. So I'm gonna take you guys inside Before it. It's a Smith right handers Himeji issue. I'm super God, he came, but he won't tell you why. Yeah, so that we see you for a few reasons. My brother and sister my way here. And I visit a lot. So I just I came and visited and just fell in love with community here. And really, just the Christ centered focus is just really important to me. And that's what I'm passionate about. Super cool being in school. That's passion, Jackson. Let's Christ now. Awesome. Thanks, Sanders. All right, So this is what a typical classroom is gonna look like. Um, for a lecture halls about four rows. You know, we got some projectors, some screens up their professors in a stand right up. It's one of the goings on I like on campus. The Antelope Gymnasium, Mrs. One of the first buildings on campus during the earlier years of DC You maybe. Maybe not first, but it's just one of the earlier with you. We actually have the gymnasium on our side. High school gymnasium, right. Savvy of lecture halls. I'm going to show you guys easy and apart from there right now. Right. You can see. Still pretty cool. Like a high school gym. She seeing colors? Super Awesome. My right side. We have electrical. Just a super awesome killed in that So this is Jesus library. I'm like a traditional campus. CeeCee does not have physical textbook. Almost ninety percent of our textbooks are online for each class, so this is more of a study area of printing area, a place we can use computers. It's a great resource for students. But like I said, we don't have physical textbooks for you guys to rent or buy under all online and This is one of the lab rooms in the engineering building. No tons of equipment. That's what you guys. I'm not an engineering major, but it's super cool opportunity for those of you commit to engineering. Super awesome room. And this is just one of them. I'm gonna show you guys a couple more. One of the main centres and campuses. The promenade were standing here. Right now there's tons of foot traffic from all directions. People training classes. It's right in front of the student union Student Union is where all the food is held on all the dining you guys can see right there? Yeah, Super great This is the inside of a building twenty six. This is the first floor. It's full of all these different offices of directors for autumn programs to get students All right with the G C. Saw him tonight Way. Have sports going on all the time. I'm about to show you guys a couple of clips. What are student section? Looks like a couple shots Already to the left. We have the quad quad ism, a versatile space for us, and we always use it to fill up space for the arena events. Before you know we have tons of games, we got all types of stuff out here to your place to chill. Maybe Hammock, do some studying on then to my right is the arena, which is what we use the quad for. To prepare for all the events basketball games way have oil, all games. You have tons of events, glow parties. There's tons of dances, tons of fun events. And these two are always associate with each other. There's always a huge line out the door. Uh, they always fills up the quad. One more recommendation that I have for you guys is to bring a skateboard, horse food or on campus. It makes, uh, going from caution. Classroom or in dorms. Your costume so much faster, so much easier. I'm actually electric skateboard right now. You can walk you if you like. This campus is a little too small for biking, but skateboards Scooters are prime for GCS campus, so make sure So here's some quick stats about GC, you see, she was a private Christian university of over twenty thousand students on campus. The most popular majors are business and nursing. Well, we don't have grief life. The atmosphere on campus is super welcoming and greed over one hundred clubs in campus. There's many ways to get Team in the white. Second. We're checking out.