Grand Canyon University Dining & Food

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He's also a side note. We see you grant universities coming on as Grand Construction University. She was always explained at a new things, as you can see right here or getting a new Peter Jungle right right in the building. So no, coming in soon, I'm pretty. But there are adding up the X seventeen Taco Bell coming soon. No subway trick away panic struck down there, but that Grand Construction University. I tried to get another close up with the other Russians. Drank campus with red, which is like convenience store. We have John choose, get Auntie Anne's pretzels. Panics pressed down there. Tons of options and that I mentioned you guys wait, do not have a dining hall. We use dying dollars, which are almost equivalent of cash, and you can spend the spend them. Action already, so I just want to show you guys chicken. It's my favorite restaurant campus to best, best, best. It's actually one of the highest grossing chick plays in the U. S. Is GCS chick flick fun fact.