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All right, So we're in the architecture building, and I've never been here before. It just got finished. This year is for cool, like a big open area and back to their there's you barely see it off distance. There's, like, fabrication lab. So it's like a bunch of grad students who have these was really cool equipment on their desks. And then if we go outside you can see outside of Billy's stupor needs. Yes. Has this big common area down here. I just love it. It's so cool and lie down in there, you can see like, a bunch of students. I just sitting there working. I mighta pointed at them. They might not like that. I don't know who knows. It's fine and yeah, so it's like, it's really crazy, You know, there's this, like, big piece of modern architecture, I guess, right in the middle of, like, super, like, old case dates on all the buildings down here kind of look like that. They're a limestone and spires. They kind of like hailed, like field castles. Yeah, I just absolutely love it. If you look a little bit this way, you can see hail often in distance. Hey, I I swear it looks straight at Hogwarts. Hey, I love the way the hell looks and yeah, there's a lot of there's really good mix around K State of this kind of modern architecture look like the engineering building. The new business building, I guess. Whichever building they decided great. Next. And then there's, like, really super cool old type of architecture from like classic case state, so yeah, I know. I just I have so little of it, obviously. Morning, guys. So this is Kramer. This is the dining complex for Kramer complex than able after the dining hall's eyes, That's good now, and Marlatt and he falls those air. The three dorms kind on this side of campus, and then, uh, other side of campus has, like Derby and West and all the others. Uh, so they have their own dining hall, Derby and Derby's really old, and it has, like a lot of like pride. There's like T shirts and hats. Screamer. It doesn't have that, but it's better. Ah ha ha's over here is Mexican, and there's like Chinese and pizzas over there. And right now it's breakfast. So there's only like classics, which is, you know, like home style food, a country food, Gaius, you might call it. And then the omelet line is open right now. But later in the days when everything else open up like back there, there's a burger line and hot dogs and grilled cheese on. There's just plenty of spaces to sit. There's like three different drinks, stations and all that, and it's really great. There's also self serve. Call whole ice cream, which I will take you guys by Col. Hall later. It is fantastic eyes. One of the best things about case states. Basically, Case day is in the middle of a bunch of farm land. And so they call Hall like sources from the local farms around local dairy farms, and they get fresh milk and and they turn that ice cream. And the call is going to just delicious. And we have an entire milk machine. That's all Just call it's fantastic. So yeah, uh, I'm going to go through and get Omelette, and I will check back with you guys later. Going to originally just goto all the different. I kind of ROK state food places. But then I decided just get something from everything and do one video s o first office pizza shuttle. This is valuable, especially for people who live over on the Cramer side. It's right across the street. Do you walking all the time? Yeah. And so I only get cheese sticks. I don't actually get hey there, pizza, but what do you have to do? And this may sound disgusting, but there's so much grease, and that's just part of the flavor. But you have to do is call the pizza shall drop you turned upside down before and, well, hopefully get oh of the grease off Monsanto. So there's that Pete's shuttle Delicious tw And the big thing about it is on weekdays. They stab, but they stay open until, like, two a. M. And then on weekends, they still been like for you. So you can really get what you're doing. Like late night stuff. Next is Varsity donuts. Varsity donuts far. I don't even know how long they been here. I know they've been here since. At least my mom went to school here, but they are delicious doughnuts. You can have parties there. You can just get doughnuts, and they they saw it by doing. And the biggest thing is the Marcy Food Truck s. Oh, there's the actual versus store. And then there's a Parsi food truck, which is in Aggie Ville, and you can go there after you've been out. Or just if you're you know, it's late at night years one. Some sweets on the food truck stays open till all hours of the night. Don't even know what clothes. Oh, my gosh. And of course, the Mac and cheese grilled cheese. It is exactly what it sounds like where the where the cheese would be on a grilled cheese. There's just Mac and cheese like macaroni noodles and Cheez its. Yeah, that is a varsity classic. Uh, reverse e food truck classes particularly. Then this his call. I mentioned it in the Cramer video, but call is basically they. They're company here in Manhattan and a source from all the surrounding farms. K Stadio Manhattan in general, is in the middle of a bunch of farmland, much dairy farms, more specifically, and so they got, like, really really fresh ice cream, some really fresh milk on. So I am not even gonna eat this right now, but I'm just going to save it for later. It's delicious. Yeah. So that's, uh those were, like, the really big, uh, really notable, I guess food spots here. Everybody. So right here, I'm sitting on my dick. A state medallion. It was one hundred fifty years in two thousand thirteen s. Oh, it's been a few more since then, but right here is Anderson s. So if you ever see, like, the logo for K State, a lot of times it has the spire. The Anderson spire in it. Aunt, I told you everything looks like a castle here. It's awesome. Uh, round here is normally where people take, like, senior photos. And then right behind me is the World War two memorial. If I can get it in frame, maybe not. I don't know. There it is. Uh, well, what memorial? And that's where, like, rotc will do their commencements. If anyone's you know going in or if they're even taking a semester off to just go and enlist in the armed forces, though, do commencements there on then that big block of a building is McCain. That's where we have a lot of traveling theatrical productions come in. And those Air Meo open everyone. It's a lot of really high end stuff because it is like travelling. Cast that air, you know, maybe even off Broadway. And we'll bring him in to McCain. Ah, now I know That's how actually a lot of my friends kind of got to know. Kay stayed a lot better than me. At least in high school is they would come and see shows and became that was really needed that away over there is the psych building. Second what building? Second education building right over there. I've never been personally, but I hear it's great. On then. Behind it is the business building. It was actually recently redone is basically the most recent kind of revamps of buildings was business building. And then the engineering building was It actually is to be three separate buildings. And then it got combined into one. Ah, and then the architecture building, which is, you know, just beautiful now. So those air, those the recent revamps, I think now they're trying to renovate the dorms. But, you know, maybe when you guys were here, they'll have, you know, one hundred new buildings I don't even All right, guys. So right now I'm standing in front of the ROTC building. It's called General General Richard Beam Myers Hall. Oh, and actually, funny enough, General Myers or att this point Former General Myers eyes actually the president of the school right now, which is pretty crazy. We named the military science building after him a few years ago, and now he's back. He's the president. He's also an alumni in ROTC alumni. So that's pretty neat, I think. Yeah, so the this side of the building is Army. Outside of the building is Air Force. Generally speaking, there's a few crossovers, but thought I'd take the a moment to talk about ROTC and please my personal experience with it. I highly recommend it. Uh, I'm not currently in anymore, but there's zero bad blood there. Love everyone at the detachment. Great people in both Army and Air Force. And really, just the on ly. I guess the only reason to pick one over the other is kind of what you wanna do. You wanna be a pilot? There's actually opportunities in both sides. Esso I would just and same day with pretty much every job. So I would just go, and I kind of see which one. It speaks to you. They're different styles. More than anything, I would say that Air Force is much more kind of I know they take professionalism as their, like one of their core things and, you know, always looking good, presenting yourself well. Whereas Army is much more about your strength and perseverance and our well. Things neither one of them's bad. Neither one was good, and my personal experience with in the actual RTC program was pretty great. I made a ton of friends. It was Austin, like basically coming in my freshman year, not knowing a whole lot of people. I knew my roommate, and that was about it on. So I came into our O. D. C. And I immediately had twenty plus friends right there in my class, like doing stuff with me. Ah, lot of them were engineers, but not all of them. So if you are going to engineering it's it's great to go into Air Force specifically because there's a hunt of engineers in those Didn't thie Airforce just because I asked it, attracts it. I don't know why Hood so that that's one facet of it. Also, I think did really a lot of good things for my kind of time management skills and things like that, giving me something that I was responsible for. If you don't have a job, I would highly recommend it because it gives you kind of a structure to go off of outside of school, which I really liked. Uh, also, if you're I don't know if you want to go into the armed forces. This is a pretty good way to do it because after you graduate, if you make it through the program all the way, which you don't always I didn't There is a chance that you could get medically disqualified, which is what happened to me, or there's a couple other out like factors. But the medical disqualification is private. Highest factor. If you're worried about it, you could just call up to the detachment and talk to them about any medical conditions that you haven't taken. Tell you whether or not that would be a deal breaker mine they didn't get found out about till I was a sophomore until last semester. But the things that I learned in ROTC and the experiences that I had there, I couldn't trade phrase I wouldn't trade for anything. It was It was absolutely, I don't know. Life changes the word I feel that almost salutes it because that that phrase is used so much of O that was life changing. You know, this trip that I went on was life changing, but it really it really wasn't really changed my life. So I would highly recommend ROTC to anyone who's even thinking about it. You don't have of any commitment for the first two years. So if you're curious about it, go in as a freshman and people leave all the time. It's totally understandable. It's not a like a bad thing if you go in and decided. Hey, this isn't for me and then leave. No one will look down on you for defense. They would rather have you, you know, drop out of it's not for you, because they don't want you to be, you know, serving your country when you don't want to. That's that's very counter to believe so, yes, highly. I recommend it. Absolutely. Love it. You guys know I'm doing a video, okay? No, this Aggie ville Uh, this is basically, like our downtown sort of deal, but it's about, you know, three streets long and one street wide, but it's great. It has a lot of bars. A lot of like, dance clubs. So, like, right there is Tubby's. That's like a pretty popular eighteen and over dance clubs. So if you like, go up to the door and you're under twenty one, they'll put Xs are your hands so you can get drinks. But if you're over twenty one that can and yeah, yeah, this is like, basically the strip. We're about Teo, uh, down there too. So long, saloon for dinner, and it's going great. All right, So right now, I mean Cardwell, which is the math and physics building on and this is kind of style. Classroom even. See there's a projector which can just project on like a blackboard. Still use chalk, uh, you know, blackboards, that kind of thing, the white boards or more now in kind of the new renovated buildings. But the older buildings were going to still be seeing Chuck and my boards, but and you're gonna have, like in most Major is your private of some classes and renovated building some classes and nod, and there's kind of a way to avoid it. I just get used to it, But this is sort of the thing. The lecture halls are like this, but quite a bit bigger. I might try Toe walked down the one right now and see if I can't show you inside car, but pretty small. I mean pretty. Not like horrible hallways on there's just it's just a whole line of always This is actually pretty unique, though, to the math and physics department Are these little slots? So this is where you would turn it homework so you can see right here this is a math one hundred studio for college algebra. Well, that's just where you would turn in your studio every week. You don't like going handed and during class. Just whenever the due date is, you slip it into that little slot and boom it submitted. So I think that's pretty nice. Yeah, so if I just walked out a little bit, but there's also a math and physics library, right? So a lot of the engineering building has a library. Math department has library thing. James C. Has a library, so that sort of deal is pretty ubiquitous. Some are people in it. Some are a little bigger than others. Get on in here. It is kind of what a lecture hall looks like. That kind of it is. This is just card will want to so pretty, you know, standard seats and a nice little projector podium. A lot of times during, like math and physics lectures, they'll do demonstrations down that little table. And some of like the new ish buildings like this. Carlo one o two and one a one they have much longer. They basically just one long table with a bunch of seats at it get there. And so in that room, the seats have been renovated. Just You're not the entire place. Yeah. So here you kind of just have these lengths of tables and all of these tables can You have so swivel chairs and they have little outlets but the little USB and power outlets. So if you were to have, you know, they keep like, you know, the really big lectures in here is like this. Like your couch. One count, too. E. P. Want to? Yes. You know, some of the basic physics courses and math courses, they but here. And if you have a laptop, was plugging on in there. You don't worry about dying or anything like that. Or if you have a tablet. You did. You just take notes on that? You don't have to worry about charge, which is pretty neat. I've got a test. This is a guy. I don't know if I mentioned it, but they when they take testing for the bigger classes, they put us all into these big lecture halls. So that was why it says end it. What? But yeah. So that's Cardwell on This is pretty standard for most of the old ish buildings. Intellectuals. Some of the rooms might be renovated. Some of them might not be that sort of thing, But there are really big lectures S Oh, I get it. Cale. One has somewhere around four hundred students in it s O. Those were pretty big. But then once you get into, you know, your mawr college specific classes. So, like, um, I last semester, I had a computer engineering on ly course. So it's just us computer engineers have taken their was fourteen people in the class, so it's a pretty big disparity, but the student to teacher ratio is still pretty good, and there's a lot of tutors, which is which is really nice. So yeah, it's coming, yeah. All right, guys. So this is my room. I live in a two by two. Sweet is that generally would mean that it would be two people in one room and then a bathroom and that two people in the other room. But I knew going into this year, all three of my roommates we signed up for the two by two altogether so that we'd be able to share a bathroom. So one day, you know, when we were kind of like thinking about what furniture would want, we said, Hey, how about this? How about we put all of our beds in one room in all of our other stuff in the other room, like our desks and our computers and TVs and couches and all that. So is the sleep room really great eyes? You know, someone was is getting up early life. Someone has, like, eight a. M or seven a. M. Then they can just go to bed. And you know, it's not as loud. You can still hear a little bit from the other room is not as bad. We have two beds, two beds and we used to have a fourth roommate. We no longer have a fourth roommate, eh? So now we just keep a bunch of, like, our extra stuff on this bed, and I'm pretty scared that it's going to fall on top of me one night while I'm sleeping and kill me regardless. So this is the sleep room. There's a nice sink. And so if you're in a normal two by two situation where you don't know everyone, it would be two people in this room with two beds and two desks and all that on, Then a sink and you go through. There's a bathroom that has a nice toilet as shower and then you come into this room and again. Normally, this wouldn't would have two beds, two desks with everyone living it. But since we're smart and special, Way had two couches, two TVs on DH, then our desk. I normally have two roommates a sweat, but they're both gone for spring break. So it's just me on then that you need to worry about that. That's a monument to how unhealthy were. It's all good. So, yeah, that's that's my room on DH. If you want to do something creative with your room, don't hesitate, you know? So this was again a traditional move by any means, but the dorms were totally okay with it. In fact, I know in one of my other videos, I showed I got traditional double. But if you know is that traditional Double had carpet in it, that's not normally the case. Normally, it's tile, but they were totally okay with the guys, and they're measuring out the room and bringing in carpet. Eso if you want. If you have an idea for something that you want to do with your room, there's a really good chance that the door will be okay with it. At least a good now would've been okay with that. I can't speak for every dorm, but I assumed that the sentiment is pretty similar across campus. Also, the way that the kind of floors are generally divided up is that in like the traditional double space, it's a hallway full of guys with a bathroom, community bathroom and then a whole way full of girls and then a whole way of sweets. That's like the very general set up. Ah, lot of times, you know, two guys hallways and then one girl hallway if there's no sweets or vice versa, something like that. But so if you're worried about the community style bathrooms, personally, I didn't mind it. I actually like that, you know, there was always so she's shaking her head at me. I heard from a lot of girls that they were not fans of the community style. I've heard from a lot of guys, and they don't mind it. So take that for what you will if you want a suite. There are two person sweets, so and it's also one person sweets so you can get in all the sweet basically means that has a private bathroom. So you can have a sweet that's the size of a normal double like then, what else has. But it has a bathroom, and in the sweet hallways, it's all coed. So you can like our neighbors, right? There are girls are neighbors over there, guys s. That's just sort of how it works. The sweet hallways were also generally smaller and in a lot of the halls, if there's a basement, normally there's only one wing. So I can Good now there's one weighing. So if you want kind of a smaller hallway. You know where you know everyone. The basement's a really good choice. Other than that, I would highly recommend first floor on any dorm. Makes it a lot easier for coming and going, since you don't have to take the elevator and it makes it a lot easier from moving in and moving out. I was on the first floor last year and I absolutely loved it. Compared to a lot of my friends that were on the higher floors, it might seem nice, you know, You think how have a view, the view it loses its shine after about a day, not worth. So I would highly recommend a tte first floor if you want convenience and then basement, if you want. Kind of the smaller floor experience, yeah. All right, Guess so. Now we are in the prey, The last place I'm gonna take you and that is the engineering building. And this is probably No, it's It's close to being my favorite building on campus. I love the building. This's what I think of when I think of home When I think of K State Uh, yeah, I just don't know what else to say. It's It's absolutely incredible. So, general history, the engineering building used to be three separate buildings Dorland, Fiedler and Rathbone and what we are walking in, what we're about to walk into to all this kind of stone esque floors, all used to be outside. That's why they're still be on the street last. You're super cool on. So this, you know, right here, used to be you know, I used to be one of the buildings, and then the other building was over there. And then this was Fiedler eso. Then there was a big reconstruction movement. They redid the entire place, all of the buildings, and they built this huge connecting pieces called technically, the Dorland expansion. And so I can walk in right now. It's going to be a little dark. I don't know. The lights are on. That's nice. So this is not a word in here. Hey, Roland. All right, so some of the some of the lecture halls are a little bit. I know there's still kind of what they used to be, you know, there's still kind of in that old style, but then in the newer places, so that's like, what? Like prehistoric hall. Has paisley haul us? That's, you know, kind of. I'd bet that that's why they didn't change it too much. But then you get into the engineering hall auditorium if I could get in, but I can't. It's really nice in there. But no, it sze really, really nice. And then in here they also have the big It's called Fiedler Learning Commons. He was called the engineering library. It's, uh, really, really nice there movable whiteboards everywhere so you can work on projects, our away board. There's also windows you can write on. And then there's just deaths everywhere in a bagel space of computers, and it's open pretty much twenty four seven right now. It's closed for spring break on one of the last people here, a better case state. But so it's It's closed right now, but it's normally open almost all the time, so you can just go in there whenever the mood hits you. The study. John. There's machines night Now. I'm also going to walk over Tio here so I can show you what the newer side looks like. But in here you'll have classes ranging from your intro class is to, you know, Maura. Unlike the top levels they have, the labs they even have, like grad student and professor research labs. Down there is where the K State dragsters or part. So those are all built by K state engineering students in case an engineer in clubs. And I think down there you can also see our massive three D printer. There's high one of the things I love to show people these are concrete canoe. You don't know about this. There's this big civil engineering competition called the Concrete Canoe Competition. So this is ours Is our Kansas State concrete canoe, if you're wondering, Yes, it does. Float. And yes, they do. Race them is hilarious, I think. But it's also really, really cool, Uh, in terms of just a civil engineering feat of making concrete float. Then there's also over here, there's some private study rooms. And so you can reserve these if you're, you know, kind of there or you can just check them out. All right. Guess so. I want Duke. I come to you and talk about the I use utilities involved with the dorm. So on every dorm, there's a laundry room, ours in this side of campus or in the basement. I don't know how it is on the other side, but in good. Now there's a basement right where there's a basement. There's a larger room right down the hall because I'm in the basement living, currently, Ah, and the It's one fifty for a wash load and then one fifty for a dry load, and that is a amount. And you also have to use cat cash, which is K states like currency. So that's I don't know. It's not great, but it's not ideal by any means. But it is what it is. It is very convenient, uh, you know, but you can't have a washer dryer in your dorm room, but it's nice that they're there. And then beyond that, there are also skywalks and tunnels between the respective sides of campus, and they're dining halls. So for our side of campus are dining Hall is on the bottom of one of the dorms. So for we fall. They don't even have to leave their dorm. It's literally just the basement of We fold on DH. Then good now and Marlatt both have skywalks to go over there. So if it's cold or it's raining or snowing, you don't even have to go outside. You could just go on over to the dorm. It's great urge to the dorm dining hall. It's awesome. On then. The other side of campus has underground tunnels that basically accomplish the same thing between all the dorms. That's really nice on then. Beyond that, there's also, if you sign up for a meal plan, you get where called on the go meals. And so there's like a little like gas station store. It's there's no gas station attached, but it's like a gas station store right outside of our dining hall, where you can pick up snacks or frozen meals or anything like that. And they do it's called on the go. And so if you have the he'll pass, you get a certain number of all the meals and you swipe your your student ID. And when you said that, it will get you like a certain number of points And so you can kind of build a meal out of that. And those given to you in a brown paper sack, you go on your way. That was really nice for me earlier in the semester because I had classes back to back to back to back, uh, all in the middle of the day. So, you know, I started class at, like, ten thirty and that I didn't get out until two. Thirty. And so I no chance to get lunch. So what I could do is right after the day before, right after dinner, I could go, and I could grab the sack lunch for the next day and just put it in my fridge and then bring it to me with a break with me to class. So that was really great. They make, like, some sandwiches. They have those, like little PB and J on crust of ALS. It's awesome. So that was just some things that I thought you should know about the George dorms