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Thinking about University of Kansas and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Kansas in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Kansas’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Kansas, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Kansas experience. These University of Kansas video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So I'm outside of Watson Library right now, and it is one of two libraries that we have here on campus, and I'm gonna show you guys around a little bit. So this is the first four that you walk into when you goto Watson, It's called technically, the third floor. But this is my favorite part about Watson. This is, uh, stacks, and this is also on third form and take it back here and during finals week. I liked to come here a lot, hide back in here and get work done. It's a really cool head in place, like with these desks. See, they're pretty fun. And then this is the fourth floor of Watson. So it's a pretty big open area you can see. So that was Watson Library. So the way I think of it is like Watson is the library you go to when you really have to focus and sit down and get a lot of work done in and shoots is more of the type of library that you can go to with your friends, One of the hidden gems here on campus is McLane's market now fun fact about this place that actually used to be the old K you bookstore. McLane's market is pretty much a place for students come to hang out, eat. There's a lot of great foods, such as like avocado toes and, yeah, it's like, honestly, a super nice hipster place that I really enjoy. So that looks like when you first walk in. The decor in here is like super nice. Also fun fact. They also do custom cakes here. I also have a wide variety of pastries, such as carrot muffin one's better owns, so even has four cakes in the deserts. They have little math around my God. All these cupcakes, he claims, is on the west side of this, and you'll see like a wide variety of people here, whether they're doing a study sessions or even family. See, it's super busy right now, but I just got my food, and I got avocados to strike feta and Roma tomatoes on it right in front of me. They have espresso and our area, so if you need any coffee or anything to drink, they have it in here as well. Another cool thing about this place is there is a second war, so not only is there I'm currently in beauty call, which is like the big lecture hall here at K you. There's an auditorium that holds a thousand people, and then there's also two auditoriums hold five hundred people, so it's a pretty big area to the side with the moment. What I like about beauty is there so many places set. So if you're in between classes or waiting for another cross to get out to go into your classroom, you can sit and get some homework done little ways. Further, there's this common area out in between with three auditoriums. And then if you keep walking, there's another mean area and it overlooks J. R. So I had a class here and beauty call my freshman year, and it was in one of the five hundred people auditoriums. And at first it was kind of intimidating, honestly. But I ended up on the first day of class. I sat next to a girl because there was an open seat, and now we are actually best friends. Her name is Molly and were ruins now. So it's kind of intimidating at first thinking of being in such a big auditorium with so many people, but you can actually in that meeting a lot of great This is South Dining Commons, which is one of the dining halls but connects with Oliver's Hall and Downs Hall. Here's what the inside of a South Commons dining looks like. It's pretty empty right now, since most people are in that class, but there's a bunch of places to sit. And there's like a buffet style type some of them the options. Also, they have possible and pizza here. There's a wide variety of food options here in the dining hall that caters to whatever type you are. They do. You take into account that some people are vegetarian, vegan and other food dietary restrictions. It's like there's some fruit, some breakfast sandwiches, toe foo some hard. Both eggs are bonds of being slot of healthy food choice options, which I think is really important. Also on the wall here. This is a picture of what inside Allen Fieldhouse looks like as what I told you guys before earlier. Hey, you is really big on Hi, everyone. My name's Emma Starks. I'm from which Shook Hands is, and I'm a sophomore at the University of Kansas, which is in Lawrence, Kansas, and I'm majoring in broadcast journalism and that I'm also getting a minor in theater. And I'm just so excited to show you guys all around K you because it just holds such a special place in my heart. I've had so many great experiences here, So I'm going to show you guys around campus, show you what my school like is like as well as other aspects of Right now, we're in Aaron's room and she's going to show us her four person suite in self hall. This is our living room. You can sit here and she has a fridge, just really nice. And then this is our area where we can, like, make food and stuff like a kitchen, and then it's like a shower. See no. This is my room. That's my side. This is my roommate. War inside. This is my closet the same. And that's my roommate, warrants a lot of clothes here. Do you like living in a four person? Sweet. I love it because I like how much Like space you have anything like be in different rooms. It was really nice. Any more than one roommate? That was the for a four person suite here in self Hey, guys, we're here with a stake game. What? You gave his life because they're pretty crazy way we're going to show you all the different traditions that they have your way. The way, the game that way. We're at a royal crest. Lenz. How in Lawrence? And we are way my turn. Look at that for? Yeah. No. Distraction. Waiting for the lights to go off. It's gonna happen right as I pull this and get I'm currently with my friends Mallory and Lucy, and we're in their dorm room right now because I don't live in a dorm anymore because I'm a sophomore. So they're going to show us around their dorm room. Today we live himself. I was on Daisy Hill, which is where a lot of the dorms are located there, about seven up here. And so we live itself. And so start off. Here's our bathroom. It's too the left of our front door. We each have like two cubbies, shower all the regular amenities and then outside are sick is outside, which is hopeful. So one person's in there. We can all. It's really convenience that people need to wash dishes or anything. They can still use the restroom while we're doing things out here. This is our closets. Over here, we have actually more space than you would think, especially with the dresser's. It's not that difficult to fit all of your clothes, especially if you live close to home because you could bring in winter clothes and then sprayed close to paying on the time of year. And then we keep stuff up there. I keep my hamper up there is that when I need to do laundry, it's available here. We have our like food station. We have microwave played silverware, napkins, cups and everything. And then our fridge on DH. Then this is my sides. This is my loft in bed, and then I just have my laundry basket in between there if it's nice and just like a book self and a few little rollaway carriers over here, we have our desk way, wanted them side by side. We could look out the window, the sun sets over here, which is really nice. We have lots of space to put our books and plenty of space to work. And then I really wanted a couch in our dorm. It's been really convenient. I use it every day. And so I love having friends over. They can hang out over here. We all get Tau share this base together. My bet is also lofted because we wanted more space in our dorm room on DH. Then I just like to have photos up there of my friends and just family. And then I also have some more cubby space over here, where I put lots of random things and I have a record player, just random things that make it feel more cozy. So that was Lucy and Mallory's room. They live in a two person sweet insult, and we're going to show you now. Ahh fore person suite in So Lauren and I are in front of the Campania. Campanaro is a World War two memorial. Oh, one of the most like historic things we have here, K you like a classic case? You spot Teo Teo on and there's a superstition that you can on ly walk through it. If it's your graduation day and you're walking down Teo, go to graduation. So the superstition station is that if you walk through it before you're graduating, then you won't graduate on time, So some people risk it. Some people don't. But this is it. It's just on a hill and overlooks, uh, to the football stadium. So this is K use football stadium. Oh, this is a little area by the camp Aneel. Uh, I mean, right now they're snow. But when it's sunny and nice outside, people like to put there a mix up between the trees or have picnics and do homework over here. So it's a really fun spot and so in relation that that's full of art over there. So it's really close by on campus, and it's just a fun place to go hang out. This is hot early, which is also right by the Campania, and that's another phone place that she was like to go hang out when it's nice outside, and I don't know if you can see, but we have some students flooding down the hill right now, so even when it's cold, people still find a way to have fun