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What's going on Everyone. My name is Nicholas Pots, and I'll be your tour guide for ten State University a little bit about me. I am from Dublin, Ohio, so it's like Raid outside of Columbus, Central Ohio, area for those who don't know. I am currently a sophomore, A computer science major nerd. Yeah, I live on campus right now in the honors college. I'm very excited that you are showing interest in Kent, and I hope that I can help you find the college. It's best for you, whether it's Kent or another university out there without further ado, let's get right into this So as you can tell, I currently live on campus. I am living in the Honors college, which is so Fern Johnson. It's a two bedroom Torme with our own private bathroom. This is my side of the room TV camera gear. I did not clean the room because I wanted you guys to get the true, authentic feeling of what a dorm room looks like. Got my TV appear Xbox. Although I don't really play that often. My roommate side is right here. We both have our beds half lofted, so we have a shelf and a dresser right there supporting our bed. Mini fridge, microwave Halloween candy. This is our own personal sink. There are, and there's the mere hello, what's up? And then going into the bathroom. So the honors college, as well as Centennial's, have their own private bathroom with the shower toilet. Think all that you need? However, if you want to have a more social, I guess living area, then I would advise living in East Way. That's the most popular freshman the dorms on campus. But they do have communal bathrooms, so if you're a germophobe that grosses you out, definitely don't live there. I've heard some nasty stories of what goes on in there. But the honors college is great. I get along really well with my roommate. So nothing to complain there. Um, yeah, Well, I will show you a room in Centennial's and video later down the road anyway, catching the next video. right now outside of Rock Hall, also known as the fashion school Building on the campus, of course, is a fashion ranger has spent the most time here. But I will say that you will see a lot of time here because there are a lot of time with, especially freshman project, so many projects, and it will take a lot of your time. You can't just do it over, and I will say that so you wouldn't need to dedicate at least two weeks. Most project. But they are manageable. And if you need help, there's always at least students who do. The same projects could help you, but also your professors. But they're very valuable projects, so hope you later arm in life and in your career. But they're also fun to so they know it's all boring. They're really fun, and you get to show your creative side, but also sometimes your business at. So let's go on, Rachael what? I'LL show you more about my favorite building. When you walk into the left, you have the Fashion School Museum and then over here you have a fashion library, which is definitely a resource for all fashion students and kind of anyone just just see any archives, things like that. There's magazines in their fashion books were fully research for a project, as you can see their students in there that use it to do group projects and research and everything like that. There's like brains in there that can help you. Anything you need out there on the second floor of the fashion school, which is where you'LL have a lot of your sophomore classes. So the first level is where you have lot freshman classes and then a second levels for sophomore class and the third level. It's mostly junior level classes and fashion design classes, and there's an auditorium here. We have fashion shows that class, and mostly there are lectures they have here for because there's so many students, a lot of my lectures and then for your labs, you'LL have smaller classes and, well, it twenty people so and right now I am in one of the classrooms, so you'll be in a lot of fury. Freshman fashion student, whether the design or merchandising in the city officials classroom where do hands on projects like making collages or designing flat to things like that. And the teachers here Very helpful. They will help you with anything you needed with critique. If you need to see them during your office hours, they're always available. I would just email them first. Definitely. Professors there. Really nice. You shouldn't be afraid to approach them because they all have experience in the industry. And they can answer any question that you have, actually. So they're very helpful with Definitely recommend using them as a resource and not being afraid to reach out and talk to them. Make you guys more excited to come to camp for faction. Just check out the fashions. It's a recording. Oh. We're out here right now. Tailgating this ten state matching Thursday, Max in this can state football game Dick Stadium right behind me. This is where all the soccer games and football games were held at. Um, we're tailgating the parking lot. It's freezing cold. Got some B dubs. Tio. Yeah, we'll head on inside and see what the game is like. There's like no one at the game. I can't say football. You were not the best. Two point seven two one seven seven. Wait, try. We go out, we support. So if you're coming here for athletics, think again, side. Different sport, maybe basketball, those that's better. Okay, Right now, I'm outside of the market, also known as Kant. Mark you, too, And it's one of my favorite dining halls on campus because it's the closest to my door. It is also closest to Lake in Olsen dorms. So yeah, it's right in the student center on the second floor, and it does take the meal plan. He has tics, swipes or declining balance. Or you can pay for a regular car. And right now I'm going to go in with friends. We're gonna go to breakfast and this because this is actually our favorite meal to come for it. Personally, I think it's the best movement that they had here all day. So I'm gonna go check it out and just a little bit more about the real plan to explain it. It changes it like kind of every here. Now it's kind of annoying, but is a mixture of the kind of balance and quite so be all you can eat dining halls like Cat Market to our Eastway or presidents. They take this wife, and they also take for the client balance. But the crowning balance commies in our huh, which is like has like some way Auntie Anne's and frescoes, and I'm fine. And like I said before, breakfast is pretty much my meal here. But they didn't have other options. Like sometime. We'LL have a cultural night like we have a soul Tonight they might have Mexican night, so it can be very diverse. Make sure here you again. What is a little bit different today than the normal? But the soulful, nice and different cultural nights are usually very popular in the dining wrongs. This long line for the food this's way. I wouldn't let my friends tell you maybe about how they like dining here. X situation like that. Okay, so how do you guys like like the dining plans or can't market, too? Definitely. You were saying like, This is my favorite market has better waiting like a dying plant better last year, just like way. But I think I can market does have, like, the best breakfast. Yeah, but you're saying I don't like it, but last night was more better quality and everything and know everything. We're like houses like quality. So you like. They said I played the flute. Quality has, in a way, gone down a bit blossom increase, so it's kind of just mixing everyday. Sometimes it's better, sometimes worse. But I mean, I think it's pretty decent. You could definitely live off of it, but sometimes you might want to get, like food trucks, like I said, or you might want to get something off campus. But I hope that this was a little bit helpful into seeing the dining hall and the different experiences that you could have her in the dining hall and also about the meal plan. Barbara, I would recommend eating here can market to over Hey, I said today is flash us here. It can't stay in Flash Guys, if you don't know, is a big, all day long concert with different artists and performances. All throughout the day. There's concerts outside on a suit of green that are free for everyone. And there's a concert in our Mack Center, which you do. You have to pay for it. But the tickets are really cheap, like maybe ten or twenty dollars. Just a really great price. Because there's a big name. Artists every year like last year are pretty sure there was a little Uzi bird and sets day. And this year they're actually having polity. And yet the and American authors and a lot of other great artists and performances, and it's just a really great day here. I can't say that everyone looks for it to get to just have fun with their friends and listen to great music. So I will be showing you guys that later and take you guys along to experience what flash buses like here. I can't stay. Wait, wait, wait. guys. So right now on the first floor of the library, the main library here I can't wait because there are multiple. But this one is actually a wolf are. In fact, a lot of people say it's the tallest building and can't. And in the forties, Tunney. But you're the first. For there is one stop which will help you with your financial aid in anything with scholarships, grants with things like that as well. On this floor of this Starbucks, there's all types of help. There's also be death where you can read books in a really fun thing that I enjoy is that you can get books from other library sent here, so you should go all the way Larry can get it right. You even went to your dorm from the library. That's cool and awesome, totally free. So you don't have to pay for that. As a student, you'LL get that benefit for three some other great things about being at the library. You can schedule to meet with a library, and that is an expert in a certain field, maybe science you in faction, and they can help you with their research for any papers Just making a play for the bed and they will tell you help you with everything that you need to know as well. There are writing common here. So we're struggling with writing the paper. Just want someone to proof Read it. They can do that right here in the library. Just really great. And the first forest floors are mainly for group working on projects and been a lovely force. Where is definitely more quiet. So if you just want to have a quiet, sweet to be work work work group projects, there are pods on the fourth floor where you can hook up your computer and practice presentation and doing things like that. A ce faras course that goes for me. Personally, I do not come home library too much to study just my Christmas different. I like to be my dorm, but the library is a great place to come and study or do projects. I do come here for meetings, but I do. I'm here to computers. They do have apple computers here and when those computers to use at your disposal. But please do use the library. It is so helpful, and I really need to use him more honestly, Maybe I will. After doing this video, but definitely use the library used to. Resource is here. Read books for free that you may need for classes. Um, use the computers here. Maybe you need a certain type of computer. Just company for Starbucks on and Sweet. And just relax. Dr. Grey is one of the most So downtown. Can't was recently redone. I know. I've talked about it a little bit. Mean? My roomies love to go down there because it's so cute. There are lights. Bunch is a Kate area. Some games you could play down there. Some of the restaurants take flash cash, which is really cool. There are really fun places to go to shop like crazy lane, which has simply Southern and Lilly Pulitzer. There is a university tees down there so you could get cunt State university apparel. Um, there are places Teo like yogurt V to get ice cream can goes to get Asian food fresco to get Mexican food. There is a a little pasta place that's really cute in a corn alley. So why don't we go take a look at downtown and see what it's like all these cool little places So this is yogurt V. This is where we like to go to get all the different ice cream, see all the flavours and toppings. Absolute favorite place downtown. So my sister's actually visiting and she's going to get some yogurt B right now because they've got gluten free, dairy free. They've got everything here. It's all labeled Tio. Let's take a look at that. See how it's labelled samples. What? So now we're in the Dan Smith Community Park. So over here, we've got the little swings on both sides. We've got a take a book, leave a book station. We've got an area for all the kids with the fountain and a slide little pirate boat. It looks like bunch of places to set some games. It's really beautiful down here because there's also some lights and I'm going to show you in a second. You're going to see corn hole here. The lights I was telling you about. So now I am an Gracie Lane over here in the corner. We have simply Southern, which is some of my favorite, because it looks like Lily Pulitzer, and it's really cool. And then we have an actual Lilly Pulitzer section. My absolute favorite people come here to shop. A lot of thinking is we're all mostly fashion students because its third in the country, we got a bunch of fair Bradley as well. Very cute stuff. I love Gracie Jane. So now I am at key slept a little donut like a seventies five here. As you can see, they have all the different types of treats that you want here. So we're in it a corn alley right now. Why don't we take a look inside? Twisted Mel. Sonam inside, Twisted Mel. All the different things on the menu right behind me. And, uh, yeah. So this is just about you could get the bus sandwiches here. So this is the rest of Acorn Alley. We've got some statues and flowers. We've got her little Italian place in the corner. We got our popcorn place on the left and it's just really fun. It's cool to come down here with the roomies or friends or anything. We're in the inside of fresco, which is one of the bus back skin places in town. And don't honk, has gluten free for me. Hey. Oh, yeah, There's an unlimited salsa bar. Yeah. So now I'm in Kinko's, which is the absolute best place to get Asian food around Kent. So you could see there's a lot of people here, So first you order over here and you type it into the pad and you create sushi from scratch, which is really cool and has the bus fried rice all I. So right now I'm gonna be giving you a tour of one of the honors college dorms, and I live in Johnson. So your Johnson, they are adding Centennial Court B to the other storms as well. So if you have any friends coming in with you but maybe are not honors, you can solo with them. If you want to live in Centennial Court B, And right now I'm going to get into this one. So this is the view. When you first walk in to the honor storms, you have the bathroom and you also have the closets right here. The closets have the main part, and then you also have the two tours of the bottom and you have a bunch of stories on top. If you wanna store just any actual things that you don't have room for, like, buy a bed And then if you go into a back room, found it is a private bathroom. So you do not have to worry about Shay with everyone on your floor. It's just you and her roommate. And so that's a really great about having this private bathroom. Is that someone does come in clean a once a week for you. And so here you have a nice shower. There are little sections, but I would recommend getting one of these catties toe hold all the things. Over here, we have the sink area, you can see me and there's a lots of room on the think there's two mirrors on this side and it actually opened them up their sort and there so you can store all of your toiletries and things like that. And then if we come over here, this is my roommate side of the room. As you can see, there are different a lot of different ways to lock Bez. And my roommate actually has hers half loft it with the desk on this inside and so basically half oft it, it will be on top of the dresser and then you'LL have extra room to sort under it. And as you can see my side, I have it all the way. Lost it up. Um, just me. Personally, I like that. But as you can see, there's lots of options. Eat honors, collars room actually think each room on campus comes with a microwave, a fridge, aerator, any freezer. So that's great. Don't have to go by that. And that is the tour of the other storms last Johnson Hall and I just want to say that Johnson is not necessarily an exclusive freshman dorm like Eastway is, however, most of the people that are our freshman and we're still still that that experience being around freshman and other incoming students, taking you for more around the honors college, as well as another dorm that's popular campus called Sorry, Nana. And my seven ideas that shook the universe. This is Nick, where we're just waiting for the classes start. But once the professor started teaching all recorded so that you guys can get a feel of what a full lecture is like, This is a Kent core requirement, so the classroom is a lot bigger. What you would find in courses for your major. Oh, Trump. So it's work. Over. No. So that was the inside of a courtroom lecture class. I hope you guys enjoyed it.