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What's going on Everyone. My name is Nicholas Pots, and I'll be your tour guide for ten State University a little bit about me. I am from Dublin, Ohio, so it's like Raid outside of Columbus, Central Ohio, area for those who don't know. I am currently a sophomore, A computer science major nerd. Yeah, I live on campus right now in the honors college. I'm very excited that you are showing interest in Kent, and I hope that I can help you find the college. It's best for you, whether it's Kent or another university out there without further ado, let's get right into this It's a recording. Oh. We're out here right now. Tailgating this ten state matching Thursday, Max in this can state football game Dick Stadium right behind me. This is where all the soccer games and football games were held at. Um, we're tailgating the parking lot. It's freezing cold. Got some B dubs. Tio. Yeah, we'll head on inside and see what the game is like. There's like no one at the game. I can't say football. You were not the best. Two point seven two one seven seven. Wait, try. We go out, we support. So if you're coming here for athletics, think again, side. Different sport, maybe basketball, those that's better. So this building right here is the math and science building. And as being a computer science major, I spend a lot of my time in here. I'll go ahead, show you that right now. This is where I have a lot of my computer science courses, my math courses. I actually had a class rate in that room right there. That was count, too. So if you're a math major computer science major, or if you have to take a math course, you'll most likely be spending some time in this building. It's a pretty confusing building. But let's go ahead and head on in there right now, and you'll see what a typical classroom looks like in this matter. So there's currently no class going on right now in this, But this right here is a typical classroom for math, science and really, a lot of other courses. If you're not in a lecture or a lab, you're going to be an environment. Kind of like this reminds me a lot of my high school courses, and it's very unlike the seven ideas lecture that you guys saw with me earlier. The courses are a lot more are a lot smaller than lectures, and it's a little bit more one on one. You can really get to know your professor, and that helps a lot if you reach out to your professor and ask for help, because then they kind of start to get to know you, and then they want to help you, and in some cases they will even boost your grade up just a little bit. So reach out the professors and just, you know, enjoy So now we're going to talk about something really fun. Ken Steak, EA sports. So Ken State University has a lot of sports offered. Can't clearly we have all different things for women's and men's sports. But what I do want to talk about specifically is the basketball and football games. I think those get the most type. Sometimes the hockey games get some hype, too. Just funding on. You know what game is this, But right now we're in football season. Like, as in filming this, we are right in the middle of football season. Um, so I'm gonna be showing you a little bit of a football game if I can. And yeah, so our stadium is pretty nice for both football and basketball arena for basketballs. Pretty nice Machete that as well, Even though it's not basketball season. If you join the Mac maniacs, they will tell you exactly when the games are where the games are. Fun, tailgates, painting, students action, things that really get you involved, Spirit wise. I'm one of the Mac maniacs. It's a student organization on campus. They basically send tax messages out and they put it on social media so that you're informed. Why, yes. So there's plenty of ways to get involved by going to the games. There's a bus that takes you to away games like the Penn State game coming up. Everybody super excited. It's already sold out. Um, but then there's also like a bus that takes you to home games because our stadiums a little far from campus. It's like a decent ten minute drive, but it's really worth it. It's a lot of fun and games being in the student's action. We have a concession stand. Um, yeah, so why don't we go take a look at what it's like to go to a ten state university football game and then also take a look at what the arena looks like for a basketball game? Here we have our Mack Center. That's what we all referred to it as. It's where they hold all of the basketball games. Why don't we take a look inside? You see all the spirited posters, all the teams that broke records. There's a huge poster of that for a baseball team and then inside the stadium is filled completely. When we have basketball games. Right now, it's empty, but It's really a gorgeous little little arena, so it's amazing to go there for basketball games. Welcome to Nick Stadium. So here we have our football games or everybody gets all hyped up. I'm going to see if I could get you a game day video. But inside you use your flash card and you swipe it to get in and you get free admission for students and you get to go in and have a really good time with concession stands and food, sitting in the student sex section, cheering with the Mac maniacs and just having a really good time cheering on the football team Freshman park your cars here and you could take the bus all the way down to the student center and game days every Saturday at one PM Take the plus, come on out and support your team home to many current professional athletes like Josh Prince, Josh Klein, Brian Winters, DRI Archer, Just the name of you bide on board. But big. You're about to be fall right off the bangle. Fight, fight, fight, Fight on to victory. Don't stop into a word through. We're all together. Let's go forward. Right now, I'm currently at Taylor Hall. This is the sight of the May fourth memorial. Um, if you're coming here to tour, can't I highly recommend and stopping by? Here it's It's a pretty sad area. This hill right back here is the hill where the National Guard was where some of the firefight went on. Um, and also, as you can tell, it's snowed. It is November ninth, and it snowed here in Kent, and right now it's like raining. There's slush on the ground. So that's what you can expect. Weather wise for Kent in the winter. It's great. Not really. So if you come into Ohio for the weather, think again. Definitely not the place to be for warmth, but we're approaching the parking lot. And in this parking lot is where there's memorials for the students that were killed on May fourth, right over here about rape there and right there. There's these light fixtures, and that is the way to commemorate the four students that were killed on May fourth. So this area is definitely a place to visit when you come to Cannes. It's very sad, but very informative. You can get a tour of it at Taylor Hole, which is raid outside of Prentiss, just that building right there. So, yeah, This is one place I definitely recommend stopping by When you two were can St. So downtown. Can't was recently redone. I know. I've talked about it a little bit. Mean? My roomies love to go down there because it's so cute. There are lights. Bunch is a Kate area. Some games you could play down there. Some of the restaurants take flash cash, which is really cool. There are really fun places to go to shop like crazy lane, which has simply Southern and Lilly Pulitzer. There is a university tees down there so you could get cunt State university apparel. Um, there are places Teo like yogurt V to get ice cream can goes to get Asian food fresco to get Mexican food. There is a a little pasta place that's really cute in a corn alley. So why don't we go take a look at downtown and see what it's like all these cool little places So this is yogurt V. This is where we like to go to get all the different ice cream, see all the flavours and toppings. Absolute favorite place downtown. So my sister's actually visiting and she's going to get some yogurt B right now because they've got gluten free, dairy free. They've got everything here. It's all labeled Tio. Let's take a look at that. See how it's labelled samples. What? So now we're in the Dan Smith Community Park. So over here, we've got the little swings on both sides. We've got a take a book, leave a book station. We've got an area for all the kids with the fountain and a slide little pirate boat. It looks like bunch of places to set some games. It's really beautiful down here because there's also some lights and I'm going to show you in a second. You're going to see corn hole here. The lights I was telling you about. So now I am an Gracie Lane over here in the corner. We have simply Southern, which is some of my favorite, because it looks like Lily Pulitzer, and it's really cool. And then we have an actual Lilly Pulitzer section. My absolute favorite people come here to shop. A lot of thinking is we're all mostly fashion students because its third in the country, we got a bunch of fair Bradley as well. Very cute stuff. I love Gracie Jane. So now I am at key slept a little donut like a seventies five here. As you can see, they have all the different types of treats that you want here. So we're in it a corn alley right now. Why don't we take a look inside? Twisted Mel. Sonam inside, Twisted Mel. All the different things on the menu right behind me. And, uh, yeah. So this is just about you could get the bus sandwiches here. So this is the rest of Acorn Alley. We've got some statues and flowers. We've got her little Italian place in the corner. We got our popcorn place on the left and it's just really fun. It's cool to come down here with the roomies or friends or anything. We're in the inside of fresco, which is one of the bus back skin places in town. And don't honk, has gluten free for me. Hey. Oh, yeah, There's an unlimited salsa bar. Yeah. So now I'm in Kinko's, which is the absolute best place to get Asian food around Kent. So you could see there's a lot of people here, So first you order over here and you type it into the pad and you create sushi from scratch, which is really cool and has the bus fried rice all So another option for living on campus is in Centennial's. This is C C B. That's my beautiful girlfriend right there. This is her room in Centennial's. You have your own bathroom so you don't have to worry about communal bathroom waiting the shower, waiting for those things to get clean because they do get dirty. Um, I think someone comes in here to clean every week, right? Yeah. So you have someone that comes in here to clean many fridge, microwave your own desks. They like in my room, have their beds half lofted. I think that's the way to G O. Um, if you ever need to know howto half loft that you can ask someone while you're moving in, it's definitely better than fully lost thing keeping it on the ground. I think it gives you the most room, and it's, like, the most efficient way of doing it. Centennials are located, right? Bye. Try towers. So you have Rosie's market rate down the path, and then you also have try wreck so you can work out, get food. Everything very close by. Um, how have you enjoyed living in Centennial? Perfect. It's better than East Way so better than you sway so definitely highly recommend trying to get Centennial. So right now, I'm currently in downtown Kenan. Here there are plenty of great food places to go to. You have pizza fire right over there. There's a really good restaurant called paninis, which is right back there. You can't go wrong with whatever you get. They're known for their sandwiches and there like giant sand. What's that saying? Which is size of my face. If you come here, I definitely recommend paninis Mom during the warmer months. It's very common for people to get a group and walked down here, get dinner, especially get away from the dorm food. There's a yogurt place, a new sushi place that was just put up. They also have fresco right over there, and they have insomnia cookies. And for those that have not had insomnia cookies before. It might be the best thing to get late at night or while you're studying for an exam. But downtown is just a really nice area. It's very cute, very friendly. I'm walking through this like many park right now. As you can see around me, there's your swing's, uh, plants and whatnot. A little slide back there. So it's just this very nice area. Lots of restaurants. Is this place called Pop, which has really good popcorn right over there. This area's also notice Acorn Alley. As you can see by that sign right back there. Why it's called that I don't really know. But again, I mean, definitely. When you come visit can't come down here come downtown, experience it. So let's go check out a corner. Sonam in a cone alley right behind me has popped that I mentioned earlier. Right over here is the cheese monger really great restaurants? There's a euro gyro and I'm walking through this little street right now that has twisted milk. That is also a very good restaurant. Very windy content. That is a very common what happened. Well, let me just turn around. You guys see this street that I'm walking through? It's got plenty of shops on here. Twisted. Mel is right there. Very good. There's a new barbecue place that was just put out clothing stores. There's this antique shop called Off the wagon, which has plenty of toys that you like Don't really see in other places are like you'd see like on TV. It's It's a very cool place. I recommend going. They're getting a gift for someone. It's all very cheap, very unique stuff. Right back here, you have Jimmy Johns. And then right down the road is B dubs. So there's always gonna be somewhere to eat. If you're coming with the group, you have a place to go. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed downtown Kent. If you're coming to visit, can't I recommend coming here? Paninis, twisted melt and restaurant you choose. I promise you, it's going to be very good. I. So right now I'm gonna be giving you a tour of one of the honors college dorms, and I live in Johnson. So your Johnson, they are adding Centennial Court B to the other storms as well. So if you have any friends coming in with you but maybe are not honors, you can solo with them. If you want to live in Centennial Court B, And right now I'm going to get into this one. So this is the view. When you first walk in to the honor storms, you have the bathroom and you also have the closets right here. The closets have the main part, and then you also have the two tours of the bottom and you have a bunch of stories on top. If you wanna store just any actual things that you don't have room for, like, buy a bed And then if you go into a back room, found it is a private bathroom. So you do not have to worry about Shay with everyone on your floor. It's just you and her roommate. And so that's a really great about having this private bathroom. Is that someone does come in clean a once a week for you. And so here you have a nice shower. There are little sections, but I would recommend getting one of these catties toe hold all the things. Over here, we have the sink area, you can see me and there's a lots of room on the think there's two mirrors on this side and it actually opened them up their sort and there so you can store all of your toiletries and things like that. And then if we come over here, this is my roommate side of the room. As you can see, there are different a lot of different ways to lock Bez. And my roommate actually has hers half loft it with the desk on this inside and so basically half oft it, it will be on top of the dresser and then you'LL have extra room to sort under it. And as you can see my side, I have it all the way. Lost it up. Um, just me. Personally, I like that. But as you can see, there's lots of options. Eat honors, collars room actually think each room on campus comes with a microwave, a fridge, aerator, any freezer. So that's great. Don't have to go by that. And that is the tour of the other storms last Johnson Hall and I just want to say that Johnson is not necessarily an exclusive freshman dorm like Eastway is, however, most of the people that are our freshman and we're still still that that experience being around freshman and other incoming students, taking you for more around the honors college, as well as another dorm that's popular campus called Sorry, Nana. And my seven ideas that shook the universe. This is Nick, where we're just waiting for the classes start. But once the professor started teaching all recorded so that you guys can get a feel of what a full lecture is like, This is a Kent core requirement, so the classroom is a lot bigger. What you would find in courses for your major. Oh, Trump. So it's work. Over. No. So that was the inside of a courtroom lecture class. I hope you guys enjoyed it.