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Like. All right, So today's a really rainy day. Horrible day to have a camera. But, you know, whatever we out here, I met Dabney right now, just one of the housing options. I'm about to head to Daniel's right up there and interview one of my friends. Daniel's like you're meant to your dorm. It's pretty average, Not horrible, not super nice. Yeah. Love. Well, your crib you guys doing? So as you can see, very spacious lots of room. Small drum set. Yeah. No way. You're making beats. Will you state your name? Great. And major, My name is Brady Evans. I am a first year, and I'm majoring in communications. All right, Max Lewis. First year on a special education. See? Tell me or tell campus rial for me. Just talk to me What you guys choose. You see, I chose you see, because I really like the environment down here like, uh, kind of. It's kind of like a city campus in the I just really like the feel of campus. And the community down here is really great. You have a lot of good friends down here. That's watches, you see? Cool. I chose it for, like, the culture, Um, actually fun in Clifton. It's, like, far enough from home, like you're still want to go home, and you need to. These guys live about thirty minutes from campus cool. Tell me one thing you don't like about you. See, if there is anything, there's really not a lot that I don't like about you. See, I guess maybe one like annoying thing is just like if I'm late for class, I live like, a least fifteen minutes from data, which is on the other side of campus. And yeah, so I mean, sometimes walking around everywhere sucks, but it can also be nice. Um I said for me, like, probably like, Centre Court is the only thing on the weekends. Don't like I really want t g a lot. So okay, tell me a little bit about the other food options on why Centre Court. Being the only one open is unfortunate. I just like this. Switch it up and centre court kind. Always the same stuff. Like you have to be selective stir fries, good sandwiches, a good cereal, but like you can't eat that every day. I'll be going with these guys to a dying home. So they'll be in the dining hall video. Well, tell me about Daniel's. Why'd you guys choose Daniels? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it, etcetera? Start with the wide you choose Daniel's. Okay, Maybe talk about the other housing options on campus and why you didn't choose them and kind of what they're like. Um, well, I heard a lot about how Daniels was a lot more social than other dorms, which is kind of what I wanted some of the other dorms, like, I think Marion Spencer. Like Turner Schneider, those were, like, a little more price by the nicer, though. Yeah, they're nice. They're definitely nicer. But they have more privacy. And I wanted more of like, a just like a social norm experience that it wouldn't be like shut up in my room by myself. So Daniel's is fun. Everybody always says Daniel's is fun. You like. I don't have that much like free space. We're like, As you can see, we're like, uh, time by yourself. But it's like, helps you grow like gets you used, Tio. What? You're gonna be involved in for the next couple years. It's always fun. Two AM People always outside now, which might be a yeah, negative factor for some people. But, you know, I like you think it's funny. There's always something going on you get to, like, walk right down the hall. Yes, something I like about Daniels is just that We have friends here, and it's really easy to hang out with people, so that's fun. But then also, you know, there's people before. Uh, no. No, I'd say most people I hang out with your workforce. That's fun, because just living with them help us make some friends. And But then, of course, there's also draw back. You know you happened. I want to go to bed. And there's just noise outside. You know? You can't control that someone comes in your room asking for milk It too, eh? Yeah. Even that happens. So here is our football field. Cool thing about it is, and this goes for, like all the fields in places, for the most part, is your actually allowed to go on to the field during the summer. There's always a ton of people playing games and, uh, sports, usually working out a lot of people running the steps all the time. But everything's pretty open, and what's really cool is we do have good teams. If you see these logos, there's a major league soccer team that place here. FC, Those games were fun. Our football team's pretty good went to a ballgame last year. I think they're like eleven into something like that. Basketball team's doing pretty well. I have a pretty good record, always do pretty well. It is just really cool to be able to get a school. That's um D one and it's competitive, you know? So if you like sports we got good sports. Um oh. To a quick overview of the basketball court, which is new, Uh, right this way. All right. So here is the new basketball stadium again. Our basketball team competitive. A lot of fun games. I haven't been able to get a game this year, but down to a decent amount. They are a ton of fun. Baseball fields right there. Very cat. There's, like, indoor field right there. Um, a lot of restaurants over there on that square. Some dorms, there again, CCM right there. So, yeah, As I said before, everything's just really compacted. Um, Just a lot of different programs, resources, whatever it is. And but just not a ton of room. But it makes everything close. These graphics right there. Fun fact. My girlfriend's roommate designed them, but yeah, there's a lot of random opportunities for students. They're cool. Again. There's a bear cat, go bear cats. But, as I said before, um, fields and suffer pretty open like there's tons of wrecked, wrecked things and everywhere crack teams, whatever it is. Ultimate Frisbee, soccer across. I don't know. Whatever footage they acquitted team. It is a nice day. First. Nice day in a in a while. Some people play soccer here. Um, yes, an unfortunate thing. But that's with any school in this area. Winners or not, His phone. Just Holden. Not a lot of people outside. And a twenty minute walks to class, sir. A lot worse when it's snowing and icy, then being sunny out. But that's just kind of a locational thing. And nothing that the university could do about it, so yeah. It's kind of an overview of our sports school That money is my roommate, Tony. Tony, Say hi to campus. Riel. Hello, campus. Really? What is one thing you like about? You see, One thing I like about you see is how close it is to the city of Cincinnati. Just because there's just so much todo When you run out of stuff to dio on the campus, you've got the whole city to explore a lot of professional sports and stores and restaurants and just so much to do you kind of don't run out, uh, options. Yeah, one thing you dislike. One thing I dislike is that way are still in the city and sometimes it could be loud and hard to get away from all the noise. Just very urban. And there's just so many people everywhere. It's hard to find your quiet space, which could be tricky. That's fair, especially living with seven guys. Tell me about that. I mean, aside from the noise all the time, it's it's a whole lot of fun. Um, I just It's probably been the best couple years of my life just being my best friends in the house. And, um and I just I'm really glad I did it. It's fun, but noisy. Yes. Less personal space that makes sense. Anything else you'd like to say about your experience living on a house versus, like, an apartment or something? How do you feel about living on house? Um, is meet it. Yes, it's so I think it's probably the way to go if you're looking at apartment dorms or stuff. It's just not as doesn't feels independent, which is nice. You know, college is a very pivotal time where you're kind of growing up and you can get used to. They're getting out of like being baby sat home. And so being a house feels fund independent like, this is our house even now releasing. And we're the ones living in it and taking care of it or trying to take care of it so they can get Matsu with a large amount of guys. But, you know, we try and claim there's a backyard. Sometimes have surgery. Bomb firearms. Yeah, a lot of people. A lot of fun. Yes. Anything else, Tony? That's all I got. Thanks, Tony. Welcome campus. Really? Enjoy your helmer. How do you feel about Coop? Do you like it? Cause it has its pros and cons. It's, uh you make a lot of money, but you're working forty hours a week. Whereas school, You're probably not putting forty hours a week when you should be, But it is what it is. Sweet. All right. Thanks for your interview, Tony. Thank you. Enjoy that thiss homework you're working on. All right, while we're here, I'm gonna have you tell me about cooperate quick. Okay, So So, Coop, it, um it was something that I believe a couple of decades ago was invented by you. Correct cooperative experience that essentially means that you cooperatively learn and cooperative work seems in, alternatively through the semester. So Coop is not available to every student here, you see, But it is available to, I would say a lot a wide variety of programs which can reach a large portion of the student body. I know that collapse available to any business major. I know that. And I know that in most engineering program at U. C, it's required to kill off because getting that experience and exposure is important. A lot of majors within the humanities or the art science. Colleges don't have Cooper events, however. I am one of them. I am a cop student in the Orth's Iet's Colleges in communications, so I've cropped in three different locations. So I would say, Coop, honestly, my own personal opinions, probably one valuable thing that you see. It is not just it means of getting experience in making yourself more valuable, but it is exposing yourself to what you will be doing for threat, most likely restaurant. So that is, I'd say, an invaluable asset for college to have. And I don't see why more colleges haven't jumped on that train and so maybe never go up. It's probably the most valuable thing that I will have them. They're gonna graduate, Might agree. Not my g p A. But my experience. So if you're gonna come to you see, I'd say that you you should go off like that is come. But that being said, uh, you don't have to People obviously have your own pursuits and desires that they, you know, go down a certain field where is unnecessary. But I'd say that for a large portion of university students, copies is an asset I would not cool. All right, Max, Tell me where we are right now. On the green called TG Way down in all the best I know. How does the confined Compared to the other dining halls, food is like fresh. It doesn't seem like it's like actually lying in wait. Tell me about the other dining hall's real quick. A brief summary of them over liable, always open, always got cereal. Always has omelets and think on Tuesday. Tuesday Surface there. That's a good way Green. Maybe. How would you rate you? Seize dining halls overall? Howard right now. Okay, So Max and I just came back from on the green. That would be the probably nicest food place here at U. C. Um, there are also other options that I think, uh, might as well just mentioned while we're on the subject, there's some stop and go places at the rec center there at that, which is the art school and at the food court, right in the bottom in the basement area. This just like sandwiches, stuff like that. And they have, like, sodas and tease Gatorade. They kind of just swipe, grafting go. In addition to that, there is market point, which there's really good tenders there. Um, there's also a place called Cat's Keller, the basement of the food court. They have a pub there, which is pretty interesting, but they also served coffee there, and it's more of a grab and go place. In addition of that, there is a place called Stadium View, which is right by the stadium. Hence the name stadium view. They got hot dogs and burgers and fries and pizza and stuff like that on DH. Then, as Max mentioned before center core center courts of bigger place, which it has a wide variety stuff always has subs. Always has pizza always has, like, noodles and stuff. And then the other, like main entrees like, uh rotate. That's the word. So there's plenty of options for food that you see wherever you're at. There's food nearby. And, as Max said, I'd also rate the food like seven out of ten. Sometimes it's really good. Sometimes it's all right, it's out. All right. So I'm gonna be interviewing to my good friends Mary and evey. I'm gonna ask him a few questions about their major in their sorority, so way to reduce their. So I'm just gonna get in there. All right, So I'm going to introduce two of my friends. Evey and Mary. They're in a sorority. They're both in programs with this really interesting thing called Coop. So I'm gonna ask him about that. So enjoy. Okay. Hey, I'm married and I'm a thirty year at u C. And I studied fashion design. I'm TV, and I'm a third year, you see, and I study electrical engineering. All right, So tell me one thing you love about Cassie and one thing that you dislike start with this like and then we'LL get a positive. I dislike all the hills on campus because it's a lot of walking there, especially I So I just like I think the one well, that because I like you see so much. Now, I probably would say I dislike the time that it takes Teo, Get from my apartment to class. Hell, on your walks. Usually twenty minutes for me, maybe ten to fifteen, Whatever. Uh, Edie and Mary are both girls and story, so you can tell us how you got involved with a Greek life. I went to Greek, uh, formal recruitment at you see, because I had a best friend from high school at home who convinced me to go through recruitment and going into college, and that's going to different schools. I wanted an excuse for us to stay close. And so a recruitment and sortie life was something that we could talk about. And then when I actually went through recruitment, I was pleasantly surprised by how genuine and friendly the people that I met in my chapter Where, Yeah, for me. I just heard about it from other friends who have been through, like, before, me, other schools. And, you see, and I just knew I wanted to meet more people. So I went through it actually thinking I was just gonna drop if, like, not actually joined a story just to meet people. And the night went through it actually, like, really enjoy the sortie experience, and it's all in love with one of them and made a lot of people through Yeah, what do you civilly like? About reclaim. You wanna go first? I think just like everything it's given me, because I get to do like a lot for Flight three things I've just met the people I had a lot of like executive, like really leadership roles and just all the people that come to like our chapters and speak to US dinners every Tuesday. Everything. Yeah, I think for me as cheesy as it sounds, I love having a group of like, well, over a hundred or two hundred people that are like genuinely trying to support me and having, like, not feeling like I'm in competition with other women. But like building each other up is probably my favorite part of life. Is it easy to get involved with authorities that, you see? I think it's super easy, and it's like really laid back in the way that, like you, kind of don't have to be an authority if you don't want to. It's not critical to being social here, but it's also is just like an ad on benefits your college experience. If you get the get the chance to be in and you conjoined like you in the fall or the spring formally or informally. So whatever really best for how you want to do it? Yeah. Tell me some of the activities that you do in Greek life. Because there's so many activities that we get to do. Probably like some of our favorites are my favorite suddenly started getting Teo volunteer opportunities with philanthropies within our specific authority and then also getting to participate and other sororities or fraternities events on getting to kind of network slash Just kind of make friends with other people in Greek life. It's really fun and cool to kind of get a chance to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. And that way you see all our chapter dinners and our meetings there every Tuesday, every fraternity, every sword is the same. So it's kind of nice, though, and you could like, go hang out there friends and get dinner with them every Tuesday. It's a constant, you know, happened. It's gonna be a good break for studying, and that's All right. So right there is. in the College of Arts and Sciences. I just came back with the class, my friend Rob, So getting it on were going ahead to t you see right there way gotta break in between classes. So we're gonna do a little homework, maybe eat some Taco Bell. Ready, be interviewed. Yes, I am taking her out, okay? So tell me your name. What Major, You're in one thing you like about. You see one thing you don't like about you see? So I am a communication major with a minor mark. I Yeah, my fifth year. So much. Graduate in a few months. Here, Speak a little about the graduate A few months here and then, um, one thing I like about you see, I would say the cost of tuition there's a big one because they're in state tuition is really relatively cheap, and it's really affordable. You know all the amenities that you get. It's definitely working. Uh, one thing I like about, you see? I would say the scholarship opportunities are a little bit minimal relative to other other places. Uh, this is what I've heard from most people is that it's It's a little hard, tio. Apply and get a significant amount of money off of granite. Like that costs tuition like a seven. Positive. That's that. Yeah. Where are we right now? We are in the tangent universities. I can't take it. Benjamin, I just called to you, see? Uh, well sees. Like, really? I'd say I'd say you consider the party part of campus in a lot of ways, I mean, most time and people get harder campus, you think of, like a big, you know, scholastic looking building with, you know, like pillars and like grand halls. But in reality, uh, you see, it is like we're everything happens, like theirs. It's where we said with square, like a bunch of volunteer stands or set up. This is where students coming, even study. This is where interviews are. This is where Taco Bell and Chick plays that, uh, mentioned Burger King and then Graham Greene's two girls Better Timmy restaurant. I don't I don't know. Nor will I probably ever eat at Taco John's book stores here. Close or whatever you call it, I guess. Bookstore get you see gear at the bookstore slash Yeah. Big store slash. You know you see spec store. Um, and then One thing about you see is like, really essentially and you can even see not just like getting pretty much everywhere around campus with relatively same time, but it's also just kind of where you sit around children. Coop. Cat's killer is also here. It's a food place grab and go sandwiches, but also twenty one. You could get a beer down there. That's Keller. Pretty pretty cool stuff. Yes, and life happened on their rights, like game nights go on, speakers upstairs. One time Bernie Sanders was up there every little Bernie. There's a giant TV, as you guys probably saw, that advertises movies on things that go on around campus. They show movies here. Yeah, they show movies here. There's a movie theater in here. Forgot to mention a few bucks. Pretty cool. Yeah, and sometimes have free. They have free movie nights like, really new movies, too, So yeah, Cool. Thank you for your time, Rob. So this is that Cats Keller. It's normally where they have sandwiches or coffee, whatever it is, but it's close to the moment. But it's a pretty cool spot to do your own Also, all right, if you guys could tell me a little bit more about your programs, we specifically do. It's a little bit about your course load, however yours it is or not rigorous more. Yikes! I think at you See specifically for fashion design were in the College of design. Architecture are complaining, so it's pretty rigorous program, a lot of work and a lot of studio time. I have eighteen credit hours every semester. I'm also for our authority. We have to be involved in two extracurriculars outside of our sorority, which is awesome but also time consuming. So there's definitely you have to be good at just balancing your time and having a really good time management figuring out when you're going toe, get your work done. But then also creating space for rest and hanging out with friends and sisters and your sortie while an engineering same idea, like heavy course load eighteen hours. And it's a lot of guys imaginary, like all my causes air like all guys and then maybe mean another girl on. So that's why it's ignites. Tio go to like my story and, like have like girls who like will support me even when class is a really difficult. But I'm struggling through because they're always like like bringing me up and making sure I'm still doing long crosses. I guess that's true for me. Like as Faras, I have all girls and having all girls in your major, especially fashion. It can be kind of caddy a lot of time. So it's nice having a break from that cattiness and being in a group of girls that's actually building each other up. Yeah, I like a lot of my friends like I built a lot of circuit boards and, like doula schematics and like things my major and they always ask me and want me to, like, show them what I'm doing. It's under kind of like children, too. You guys are both in the Cooper program at U. C. Can you tell me what Coop is in your experience with Coop? What do you like about it? What you dislike about it? How's it helped for school except well, Coop is on a program for at least death and engineering. You have to do five corporate ations to graduate on DSO. Coop is basically having like a work experience like while you're in school. So you would be on schools once Messer than you'd call one semester, and you kind of alternate to graduate. I think it's really important. Just because you actually taste of the real world is like the real work you'LL be doing. You'LL find out what you like and don't like. Like for me. I went in, I was computer engineer and very soon that it's not for me. I like more hands on things and I decided, change my major to collect. Yeah, I think for me, too. You kind of get the experience of being an adult before you really have to be an adult. It's nice to kind of feel like you're somewhat prepared for the real world after graduation, and it's just not as much of a like brutal shock when you graduate. Just because college is a really fun bubble of being around other people your age, and it's nice to have the experience of really being around adults and having to act professionally, and I'm kind of working that sphere. But I love the opportunity that I get to work in the industry and design product that's actually put into stores. But you definitely do have, like, the tossup of I've had to travel for every one of my co op. So I have the missing out of being in college during those times that I also struggle with just overall, Just like functioning at a role, being an adult and, like, trying to contribute when you don't even really one hundred percent understand your major all the way yet like that kind of is really hard pretending like you know what you're doing, you know? Yeah.