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Happy Monday, everyone. I've got two classes in the mood today. Uh, we're just walking there, and we gotta take the train, and I'm gonna show you a typical classroom. Looks like, Hear it all the way. All right, So here is the dip, all communication building where most of my classes are. So there are things other than classrooms in this building. It is eighteen stories high for their offices, computer labs, libraries, all sorts of things. So outside. Most of the classrooms are little lounge areas or benches weekly. Sit and wait before your class starts. So here's what a typical classroom looks like. The class sizes air. Really? No bigger than eighteen to twenty kids. So you really get to know your teacher better that way. Good. A lot of the classes that dip all our discussion based and run around an hour and a half long. All right, So we are in class. Uh, Olivia. So what's your what you say is your favorite part about, like feeding class in, like in downtown Chicago? I like it being able to let you down here. So many jobs. Early centric. So it's me like a taste of it, Uh, outside of Lincoln Park. So I really like me. Don't here. Your apartment. Now I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret. Right across from the communications building in the loop is Hero Cop Bar, one of the most instagram bubble places in the city. No, it is a man. In my eyes for you with my toes in the sand used way invention. You. Good morning, everyone. It's Wednesday and I've got two classes today and I've got some fun stuff planned for tonight. So I'm gonna take you around. And she was My life is like here at the pool on a daily basis. But first we gotta stop the sack because I have to print on the paper. Let's go. Your way. Sometimes Silence got mine. Raise the minimum wage watch. In these hearts. Don't everyone? Just All right, so I just got done with my classes in the loop for the day. So I'm gonna go do some errands to run a target, and I'll take you guys along with me. More for it's hard target and first things first. I need to get a hairbrush because I left mine back in Indiana. Um, and I've never been here before, so I don't even know where to look so Yeah. So I moved from my dorm into the round. Here are my floor to get more work done because I feel like when I'm outside of my room, I could be more productive. So I'm just gonna finish up some work on my laptop, and then I'm going out with some friends tonight to a restaurant, and then we're gonna go back to my other friend's house so I could meet her puppy. So. All right, guys, It is currently eleven. Seventeen tonight. I think my uber's here. Get going. But just leaving my friend's house. I had a really long day. I have class eleven. Fifty tomorrow. So get home, get showered and get ready for bed. Thank you for joining me on today and I will see you on the next episode. What's up? Everyone bell back again? I just got finished with my five twenty class by twenty PM and I'm exhausted from today. Yes. So next week is our midterms weak and I let to really have seven papers D'oh seven papers. I want to rip out my hair every moment of every day. And I'm so stressed I want to do is sleep. But I guess that's just college. So to help combat the tiredness, I'm going to go to the Arts and Letters hall, which I'm about to show you guys. It is such a great place to study on campus. And I feel like when I'm there, I could get so much stuff done. So let's go inside. Theo. The Arts and Letters Hall was just recently finished in two thousand eleven. It houses both the English and history of arts and architecture departments, thus the name Arts and Letters Hall. The building is home to a deluxe computer lab over forty seven classrooms, a great winding staircase, offices and tons of lounge space. These I meant that. Before you even enter the dining hall, you'll need to sweat your meal plan card. If you're planning on staying, grab a plate. But if you're too busy, you could grab it. Take out container. I gotta talk tonight. Stop your best ramming my life Warming I'm always end. Is those of your debating on whether or not you could actually go to the dining hall? I would say, don't, um, especially the Lincoln Park ones. The food's not always that great. And for example, if you want breakfast, it's nine dollars lunch, ten dollars and dinner, I believe, is thirteen dollars. So say, if you just wanted a banana for breakfast, you have to swipe your card and grab the banana, and that'll cost you the full nine dollars, which doesn't really make sense to me. So you really like a man that you just do breakfast on your own? I always just have a banana or a granola bar in the morning and then typically just do lunch and dinner at the dining hall's. Although I haven't been for breakfast yet, I know that there's like a bagel station who could make waffles make pancakes. They always have eggs or bacon. So if you really want a full breakfast, then I would say Go to breakfast, Thank you. Just a little back. Look out less bit skeptical or unsure about what's being served for the day. There's always a pizza and pasta bar, so you always know that there's a choice to go, Teo. My favorite part about the dining hall's salad bar because it changes from week to week. So there's a huge variety of ingredients, and they're always really fresh. Explain now show the way you look at it. Sure what up? Oh, now, in addition to the main dining hall there also three outside many dining halls on there's one that serves Mexican food, one that serves chicken like fried chicken, grilled chicken sandwiches and then one that serves Asian foods like Rahman, and every quarter they'll change it. But but also, if you're thinking about getting the Roman Joan because it's literally just noodles and broth and it's discussing, so don't waste your flex dollars. Right next to the dining hall is the TC store, which is kind of like a mini grocery store. So if you really need something, go there. Uh, they really jacked the prices up, so I would say only in emergencies like, when you need that emergency halo top, then go to the PC store. But other than that, I would say Just go to regular target or whole foods down the street. Well, campus, Really? That concludes my time being your dip, all university represented. I hope that you guys found these videos really informative. I know I had so much fun over the past few weeks filming and running around the city and around campus trying to get the best material for you guys. So I hope that you do choose to Paul, and I do have a few piece of advice to help you get through your first year for one, college is hard. No matter how prepared you think you are, it's it's gonna hit you emotionally, and it's gonna be a tough first first week, first few months trying to get adjusted to your new life at your new school. Yeah, this is pretty personal, but I had a pretty rough time just getting into the swing of things when I got here to dip all. But you really have to push through, and that's going to make you so much stronger when you come out the other end of it because you really hear you. You chose your school for a reason. So wherever you go speak sure to keep pushing through because it's gonna be really worth it at the end. When you have the end of the year when you finish it and you could say, Look back and say like, Wow, I really overcame that So yeah, keep going. Number two The workload is actually pretty tough. Um, despite what you may think about four classes a quarter, you do have a substantial amount of homework each night. Each weekend there's always gonna be something Dio so manage your time, get a planner, get a calendar, do whatever you need to do to stay organized because deadline's will creep up on you and number three. Um, just make some mistakes. College is all about making mistakes and finding yourself through those mistakes and learning from your mistakes. How many times am I going to say the word mistakes? I guess what I'm really trying to say is it's It's okay to be yourself and to fail sometimes because success comes from the best failures and I've done it a lot. And look where I am. So thank you again campus rial for giving me the opportunity to but you guys about my life to Paul. I hope these videos really helped you in your college search. And if I see around next year, make sure to say hi, this's bell and signing out. Hi. I'm interrupt. I'm a sophomore. Interpol. My major, is currently public policy with mine and geography. I'm from San Jose, California, and that's me. I chose to call because I really wanted. So I looked in Seattle and Boston in New York City, and I toured actually only January twentieth, meaning the worst weather of all times because I still love to fall. So I I decided to get a tent here. It was mostly the Earth's environment. I I was really interested living here, going to accountant university student body numbers, the intelligence. Yeah, there's a There's a what range of ages. Reyes's sexualities like genders and its incredible like. Be academic climate. Also, you need to call because very social justice based on every subject, some contest into a sentient mission or some social justice linked to the city of Chicago. Just always really interested. What feeds from that I'm interested in. People are always very, very passionate about each subject. Therein. Two best go about that. Such a brother business, whether it's hospitality, whether it's science or even like peace, just conflict really connected to one of my favorite thing about the politics is something I heard I'm stealing. His answer from somebody is that it's like a choose your own adventure. There's so many options for you, student, not only in terms of major but and how you want to go about your academic language campus, where you want to live in this city. What you want to get involved in their such a variety. And there's there's so much that you can keep this to yourself. Whether classes, clubs, three clicks, the people who are very, very, very much just choose what your passion about shoes have a fortune, my least. Everything about Paul because it's such a computer school. Sometimes it can be hard for commuter students or or other students don't live on campus around campus to find community. When I found out with students who were out of state and that it could be a little more difficult to find community, but I think it's not that they're unable to. It just takes a little bit more time than a Hey, what's up, you guys? Um, about back again on a Sunday morning. I thought I'd show you what? The inside of Clifton Fuller. Ten. My dorm looks like here on campus, so let's get into it. To ensure safety here on campus, you have to swipe your student ID card a total of three times before you could even get up to your room. Mike Swedish Every residence hall. There's a twenty four hour desk receptionist that can check. You are a friend and answer any questions you have pertaining to your room. So the first wife was to enter the front door's. The seconds wife is at the desk and the third's wife is to access the stairs or the elevator on the TV in front of the elevators. You can always see what the weather's like before you head out or to check out what resident collective these air being played for the month, like this Halloween door decorating contest. There's a total of five floors equipped in Fullerton Hall, each equipped with three lounges to community on each end and one study lounge just outside the elevators. Clifton Fullerton also has a trash and recycling room on each floor, unlike many of the other residents halls on campus on the second floor is where you'll find the laundry room. Make sure to set a timer while you're doing your laundry, or else they will throw it out after a few days. Also on the second floor, you confined the computer and printing room, but the printer's literally never work in the hall. So don't even bother. There's two student resident advisors per floor who create Q bulletin boards and answer any emergency calls regarding to the four safety. I would say the only negatives about living in Clifton filler tips are it's kind of pricey. I know in Corcoran, they don't have air conditioning, so it's about, like, thirty thousand less than living. So that's something that is a concern of yours. I would say, Look at the lower price or ones. Uh, the only water fountain that they have available in this building is on the lobby. So if you want Teo, have a drink of water, that's not from your things. You have to go downstairs. And that water, which is kind of a convenient and then three Clifton, can be kind of antisocial. Not many people leave their doors open. Uh, every kind of goes into the rooms after classes. We don't really have any any activities and our boundaries. I knew in, like University Hall, right across the street. They do a lot of like for activities and every leave their doors open. They know each other. They know their neighbors to come out of the time, so Oh, yeah, that's something that you're interested in. Two, I would say looking into more of those storms, Hey, guys. So I, with my friends Danielle, Sabrina and Savannah they are all in my section in my p f. A acting ensemble. And they're going to talk to you a little bit about the audition process here. The first thing that you do is you make a pre screen video that you sent to the school, and that includes two monologues. I think it's one classical one contemporary. Yes, and you do those two monologues. And then there's a little portion where you talk about, like what theater means to you. So you make a video and you spice all that together. And then he sent it off, and then I don't know how long it takes, but it's like about like a week might do in a week or so after I think that the deadline closes. Yeah, um, you figure out whether or not you get an in person and live audition, and then once you get a call back someone here, which one of you are going to talk about class? Oh, um, reading on heroes. So basically, you come in and they they, um, split you up into groups and they'll take your group to room, and it starts out with a warm up. We don't go immediately into auditioning, so you do some movement and you do some partner work, which is really cool. And it's just to get you guys all warmed up and comfortable with each other, and then we move into the Teo. Um, after that, they're gonna go in split. They're goingto ask you all to sit down. You'll be all warmed up. And, um, you perform when your monologue from your pre screen and you'll do in front of the other auditioners, and they'll also be videotaping you. And then once that's over, um, you get, you know, you sit down and watch your finals go, You're done. I they're like kind of mark on their paper, I guess, and pair you with another person, and then you do a scene with another audition earlier, and this is a cold read to hold. When you get the paper with the line, it's like a good fifteen minutes walk back in do damn shit. Yeah, and it's not even late. It's not even like everyone gets the same scene, You know, it's like there's, like ten different players, very personalized. They definitely give you a scene where they can see you playing the role. Yeah, And then when you do do your scene, whoever is like your people, you're auditioning for the faculty. Then they will do some work with you to see how well you take direction, which is really cool. Yeah, that was nice. Um and then following that, you'll do an interview. And so after your scene, your faculty member will ask one of you to step out while they're the person does the interview, they'll ask you some questions. It's never really intense. Is very low key and laid back. They really just want to get a feel of who you are. And the best thing you can do for yourself is to be who you are because you don't want to go to a program that doesn't want you or doesn't want to accept you based on who you are. And you go somewhere and act like someone you're not. Then you're going to be going to a school that thinks that you're someone you're not, and that's not valuable. So good advice. My best advice is just to go in and be who you are. Yeah. And also just trust that the work that you just did was valuable work and you will end up where it was to be. Yeah. Also, someone told me that it's not a rejection process. It's a selection process about finding the right fit. Yeah, I completely I didn't so special not to. Paul to me is I auditioned for ten schools and this school was the only school, Really That I felt really wanted to know me really wanted to know everyone and really was selective like they recorded your audition. They reported your interview, they saw you work with people, and I think it's so telling once, now that I'm here how that pays off because I think this group of like, people are like we're so spent No, you're not weird. But like that, there's a special special, and I think the energies in the different the different things that everyone brings to the table creates this really cool unit. And I think that's because they're so impatient. And selecting a love that yeah and like the videos are, are showing toe all the faculty members. It's like when a classes selected, it's literally hand picked. So we're all compatible with each other and feel how unique they picked. Every like nobody here is exactly the same. We're all so unique and special. In order to get to the dining hall on the eleventh floor, you have to pass through the DePaul University, Barnes and Noble. There's lots of merchandise. Books, journals, food. Things you need for school gets on Tel, just black. She's got a model. So this dining hall is called the market and not on ly to Paul. Students use it. A lot of people from businesses in the area. Corporations will stop by to grab some lunch at the great dining All that fathers that motor places Goethe. It's basically like a convenience store in here. There's so many snacks and radical dreams chips, cookies, things take before or after class. And on my left, there's a candy station I didn't even know was there. So apparently, grab a ton of candy and take it to class or take it back to her dorm with you. Mason? No. Then there is a salad bar on the other one. Like I said, it's a lot nicer get up. So this is a make your own sandwich. Panini wraps cation. You just fill out one of those cards and give it to the worker, and they'll put it together for you. I wasn't really feeling a panini today, so I'm going to head over to ranch and have them make a chicken sandwich. You will get away she loves with One day someone Saab shaped bug you about it again. Got it up there listening cold. She's so excited. Play some human happening. Swipe your meal plan card. You could decide to stay inside in this cafeteria like seeding. It was such a nice day out. I'm gonna show you guys one of my favorite places on campus. It's on the rooftop of the Lewis died in a call centre, and it's really pretty busy today. It was nice and quiet outside. There's so many plans in open air space, and it's such a great view of the city to remind you when you go to school. I got a cheap goals. Seven everybody. So first question is how does the work so to call another suit nightie? And there are two dining halls, one in the Lincoln Park and then the Loop One just showed you. One has way better in my head. But there's a fleck Stalin's, which are used like any cafes or in the dining hall. And then they should feel plan, which is just, however many swipe. So you're given around regular when you're getting three hundred flexed dollars to spend, which is like copies, muffins, just little snatching office or your dining plan, which is around one hundred forty swipes per quarter. Got it. So next question is what way? Have a dining halls. Usually it's something. It's dining hall food. It's nothing special, but it's pretty good. We have a lot of vegan and vegetarian options salad bars a minutes, which is up from quarter to order. Hey, what's up, everyone? It's bell again from DePaul University. And today I'm here on a Sunday morning. I just woke up and I'm gonna show you what my dorm room looks like here at Paul. So let's get into it already. So this is my room. So right when you walk in, we were argument shelves. I know we're not allowed to have candles, but don't tell anybody. I love candles. I have candles here. Got some gums. Where? Store my food. Just some cereal. Monster granola bars before class. Here is just a basket. Got some wholesome silverware, and then just some cleaning supplies and books and then my backpack. I just keep it right here. We walk over here to the closet area. Here's a mirror lake near kind of necessary. Close. It's actually a lot bigger than I thought They were going to be. All my could've brought something a little bit too much, but pretty bad, actually. Yeah. Lots of storage. Two shoes down there. Over here. Nice, cute, right? Just decorate the place. Everybody is given a chair and a desk. These desks are actually pretty big. Let's have a trash can down there. Like I said, a lot of candles, but yeah, I know. Just some journals magazine. My jewelry box up here. My record player. I have a mirror, too. Do my make up in the morning. Uh, just a plant. Some nice tours for storage. I like to keep my folks in here. Calendar my planner up here. I have a white ford. Just tow. Write some notes, things I need to do and then a bulletin board. Just things I need to pitch. Um, so, yeah, this is the desk area. Here is my bed. It is a little bit lofted. It's not all the way up. I saw you jump pretty far to be able to get up there underneath. It's good to laugh. So you have lots of storage. I have. Ah, shell from my records. My laundry hamper. It's pretty nice just under there. And then this is actually a night stand. But I tipped it over and I could put like, shoes. They were most all staying in there. My bad use the blankets. Cute little politics bear. Yeah, I think so. And then I just put some string lights and simple. It's on there in our residence halls. You're only allowed to have one string light for room. My gets it's a fire hazard over here. I guess this is like a little kitchen section. So we ordered for the year a refrigerator just inside here. Just water bottles. Right now. I know what lines. Um, freezer. Don't we have anything in their microwave? And these two came together and it was only like one hundred seventy dollars to rap for the whole year. So that's pretty nice. Here it is. A must just have a curing up here till a coffee cart. I have so many mugs. I really only use one a day home down here. Just have some hot chocolate, some more storage lunchbox, all the good stuff. This is my roommate side, but for her privacy and just going leave that out. Here's our bathroom. We share it with one other girl. So it's I'm in a double. And then there's a single right across from us, and it's super nice. In my opinion, these ones are the nicest on cannabis on the house fulling counter. You can put things on nice mirrors. There's four drawers, pretty big you can store like makeup to brandish to pace contacts, hair stuff on here? Yeah, during production. Really nice. And we have a shower right here. There's two curtains. It's actually pretty nice inside, like the pressure and the temperature is really high. So that's a of us have a bathroom. Some of them in other dorms don't have doors, but this is nice because we have doors, then just Yeah, that was it. All right. So now that we got the two are out of the way, I'm just going to sit down and answer a couple questions you guys might have regarding dorms out to Paul and just how this whole housing situation works. Okay, so first question is what doorman might end. So I live on the Lincoln Park campus to Paula's two campuses, the Loop campus, which is in downtown Chicago, and then the Lincoln Park campus, which is in Lincoln Park. So I live on the Lincoln Park campus. I've been clipped in further ten dorm, and, like I said, in my opinion, it's one of the nicer. Dorms is a bit more expensive, around ten thousand to eleven thousand dollars per year, but it's worth it. So second question is how did I meet my roommate? So when you get accepted to Paul, you're accepted into a Facebook page and you can ask questions, meet people through there. So a lot of people, what they did is they posted about themselves pictures, what their hobbies were, where they're from, and I met my roommate on there. She's super cool. We just connected. And the girl across that we share the bathroom with. She's really cool, too. So usually just the Facebook pages. Or there's a housing portal where you can connect with people through there. That's how you officially request a roommate. So third question is, what's a dormer essentials that were necessary for me when I was moving in. So first about something they don't even think of getting a pair of scissors? Because you never know when you need to open up a package, take tax off clothes, which I do a lot. So decisions are really good to have in your room, just in case. Oh, number two, lots of storage. So, like I said, the closets are pretty big, but you will have big sweatshirt speak. Winter coats get really cold here in Chicago. So you're gonna want storage Tubbs or Hangers somewhere to hang your things. Number three. I would say, Just make your dorm room your own. It's more cozy. Toe head pictures of your friend's memories. Little nose. Yes, spice it up like make it make it feel like because you won't be spending the whole year here. So you're gonna want to get comfortable. All right. Last question is, what are the benefits of living on campus? So a lot of actually think it might be required as freshmen that you live on campus for your first year. It's just such a great way to meet people. I mean, if you think about it, there is Lou Presidents housing. But if you're all the way down there, it's mostly upperclassman. You don't get to meet people your own age. It's just hard to get involved with Interpol, since I love living on campus. I mean, I walked on the hall and there's someone in my communications class. It's Yeah, it's a It's a good way to meet people, I'd say And number two a lot of your classes will be here, So a lot of your general classes will be on the Lincoln Park campus. I can explain that more and future videos about how the cost system works, but, yes, living on campus is a plus. All right, thanks, everyone for joining me on my little dorm room tour. Um, I hope in future videos that can help explain clarify things about Palm here and I'm excited to bring you along for the ride.