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Hello There

AnnMarie Waslar

Ohio, Anthropoloy & Environmental Health, Class of 2020


Hey, guys, it's Ameri right now. I'm sitting in my car. I'm about to head to Walmart. Wal Mart is like five minutes off campus. If you don't have a car and you need to go, he goto WalMart or go to any place on East St Street, which is kind of like the main street off of campus, where all the grocery stores and lows and couple restaurants are on. And if you ever need get out there, you don't have a car or a friend to phone. You can always use of the higher city bus system is free for students and makes multiple loops that you can track online. There's like five or six buses, all going to different places in Athens and, um, FM Q. Question that I wanted to answer for you guys is is Ohio University in a rule suburb or city place? And, um, I think you kind of guys got the drift that it isn't really in a very suburb or city place. It is actually in a really roll area. Athens, Ohio, is pretty much the only city nineteen city. It's like a town about forty five minutes. We do not have a mall here. We have a WalMart and a Kroger's and a good will. Um, so your clothing options are there. I really like that. It's in a rural area. I feel like I have less distractions, and I can also focus more on the cool things here in like Athens because I'm not like going to the mall or like, no, no going and doing city things. Um, I really enjoy time here. It also, I think, helps me with, like, a home sickness, because I live four hours away and most people that go here, I'd say, Probably do you live over an hour away. Um, and I think that that kind of helps because, like, I'm stuck here, it's not like I can just drive like twenty minutes to my house or anything like that. So definitely having Oh, how university and more isolated area of Ohio, I think, really helps with that on being Saramago Toe Wal Mart, because I need you trash in and some milk and hopefully I Hey, guys. This Amory down here in Athens, Ohio, That's right. Not right on campus. Just little tenements off campus at a park called Stroud. Geron. Right now I'm laying on a beach with my friends. There's so much to do here, especially when the weather is so nice. Uh, even also like right kayaks and paddleboards pontoons. And the review's just absolutely beautiful. But there's so much other things to do. There's somebody has. You can walk around or just like, come here and eat lunch. There's a part French is just like everywhere. Like one day I was walking down this path just like like I don't even think anyone who went down in for the for like a year. I was walking down this path, and then there's us apart, French saying right there like they're just everywhere. Um, it's just like a lot of fun to go here when the weather is nice. Hey, Eyes, this Amory. Right now, I'm at a football game. This's kind of want things that I'd like to do with my friends Expression that begin the year because right now, marching one ten is just starting now. This is probably my favorite team of, Although you top football, basketball, baseball, you come to the games to see the baby and troubles outside this person they're playing, we're just getting now marching one ten is a group of one hundred ten students of all the majors, they our whole different ages. And they're really well renowned. Numerous parades, including in the Mason. Same parade. Yeah, so I'm super excited that they play, and I'm gonna go finish washing. Hey, guys, is Emory right now? I'm standing outside of my house, and that's right. I do live off campus. I am a junior. And here I tell you, you have to live on campus for two years. Um, and then you get the opportunity live off campus, and I really like living off campus. Um, I've been loved off campus that long, probably like two or three months. But I love it way more than norms, a mileage with one other girl, and it's a lot of fun. Uh, another thing I want to say about off campus living is say that you are true and spring and you're a junior, but you have never lived on campus before. Oh, you requires that you at least live one year on campus. So if you came here as a junior, you would have to live on campus. There are, like, Or if you lived and us, sir, and I think it is like with an hour of, Oh, you you don't have to live on campus either. You'd be considered commune, So right now I'm heading to class and it's about a ten fifteen minute walk which isn't bad. It's about average. You'll have walking off campus living off campus, so hopefully I'll see you around campus. Hey, guys, this is Emery right now. I'm standing in the front. My lecture. Ten minutes. Just step outside, tell you guys about it. So Hall holds two hundred fifty students on DH. Yes, two hundred fifty students. Ellison. That is my intro to biology class. Um, I know it seems really intimidatingly two hundred fifty students, but it's honestly not that bad. And reason being is because and most of these giant lectures there is a student instructor also sitting in that class of the soon sort of saying the same notes that you are. And then later on that day, they will teacher low class and that thing talking about what you did over class and ninety nine out of one hundred times have gone. It's actually been really helpful. I'm the type of person that's kind of scary. Don't raise their hand in front of two hundred other student, so I normally will save my questions for them. And most of time I get some answers. So I might get ready for class and hopefully I'll Hey, Mason and Marie was one of your figures. Show campus. Really? College Germans like Your Nou. Yeah, of course. Okay. So first open the door. You see our closets first. It's really nice setup, Actually. We get get four doors on our own, each in our own wardrobe and then a pretty big section up there, if you can put whatever you want. Here is the rest of my room. I share it with one other girl. No biggest pros. I think about living in this week's Senate. Dorm rooms on South Green are bathrooms that I get to share with my two suitemates next door. Get on get double saying so shower, which is realized, I would say about one third the dorms here? No, you are sweet style like this. No, it's only the new dorms. We also have mod style, where one always guys and the other always girls. And then you share a giant living room. And then, like you, share the bathroom between, like, eight to five girls. And then also there's just the communal traditional communal bathroom. You have your you. So Thank you, Mason. Yeah, no problem. Hey, guys. The same Marie. Right now, I'm standing on the first war of our Baker Center. It's four floors, and the bigger center is our student union. Sort of student common area. Um, there's tables and chairs, mostly chairs. They're stable. Someone places. Yeah, you could just pop a squat between classes. There is a food court here where they take flex points or cash. There's also fine dining, and it is really good. I recommend it here. You least goto Latitude thirty nine at least once way. Also about right depot here. What Bobcat Depot is is like the kind of like tech place. Um, you can get, like, ht my chords or a new laptop. No, no campus gear. But the cool thing in there is that there is like tech support in there, and it is completely free. I've gone there numerous times, and they're so helpful. If they can't fix it, they send it to someone who can. And until that there is a actual, like need for a new part, it is completely free and is so the bigger centers. Nice to just like past their campus or meet friends because it's in the middle of campus. Nice place to hang out. So hopefully I'LL see you in the baker center. Hey, it's a memory right now. I'm standing in the front of what I would say be a typical class room, our average classes around like, twenty students. And I don't think that that's too big of a number or too small of a number. I think it's perfect. I know my professor knows who I am and he knows a Momen class and when I am, are but mostly time of me in class. Yeah, So this is a classroom can look like, and not all of them are long table. Some of them had like individual survival desks, but for the most part, it will be. Your average class size will be like twenty students. Hey, guys, this is Emery. I'm currently standing in Nelson Dining Hall. This is one of the three dining halls we have on campus and its biggest, citing all you can get pretty much any food you want Here. We have Chinese pizza, breakfast all day. My favour. On Sundays, she seemed as potatoes. Um, right now I'm with my friends, so I'm gonna go back and eat with them. But yeah, I did want to mention one thing, though. Is the difference between flax in traditional here at O U? So there's two different types of, uh, meal plans. One traditional is just like you. Straight up. Just get like ten males webs. Fourteen years wipes a weekend. You can use him all You want to use a mall, but they just disappear at the end of the week. Or you can get flex where I got flex, I got Flex fourteen, where each week I got fourteen males wipes and at the end of week say, I didn't use, like, three or four meal swipes. I could go to one of the markets we have on campus and buy snacks or milk or some food that wasn't just like around my dorm, and I really liked it, so I'll see you guys around. Hey, guys. Samarie. Right now, I'm sitting in all the library. I'm on the first floor. I think the first Force, probably my favorite. Just cause. I think it's the most quiet, but then there's also like huge tables. So I can, like, spread all myself and not feel like like that person that's sitting at the big eight table person, person table with, just like one person. So I do like coming down here because it is definitely more quiet, and there's no is busy. Um, in the library there's so many things that are like here for you to better your education and better. You're like warning. Here we have this program called the E. A. C. And that's the academic achievement center. And in the A C, there's all these different little programs and study opportunities, tutoring opportunities that you can take in. Most of them are free. Um, or a portion of them are free. Um, one of my favorites is the writing center we have here in old and library. Bye. Absolutely love writing center for every major paper I have, or even like a non major paper like just one that may be worth a lot of points, and I'm kind of worried about. I will go take my paper there and they'll proof. Read it for me. Tell me like what's good, What's bad? What things need to be changed. I've gone to the writing center when I like, absolutely didn't know where to start and she, like, laid out. She helped me make Isla outline, and it's just really helpful having someone like Read your papers, make sure they are good. And they also have, like peer tutoring and over two hundred subjects. So, like, say, you're struggling and human evolution, there's probably a tutor there that can help you out or say that you need math or science or math or science help. Um, there's constantly help there, and most of his free the tutoring sessions air between thirty minutes in an hour, depending on which ones you signed up for. You do need to sign up for them Online on DH. Sometimes they do fill up fast between like exam on weekends and like midterm weekends, not weekends. But weeks, too. Um, is all like students helping you, and it's really nice, hopefully, always seeing here and old