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Thinking about Western Michigan University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Western Michigan University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Western Michigan University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Western Michigan University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Western Michigan University experience. These Western Michigan University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hi. Hey. Okay, so I decided that I don't know enough about sports, so I brought in the expert. Marcus, Um, can you tell us a little bit about the sports culture at Western? Um, as far as, like, tailgating in game day goes, Yeah. I mean, our football team isn't like a lead right now, but right now, a couple years ago, we had a hundred feet it season. That was pretty high. Wei have a really, really good tailgating culture. Um, hours before the game, people are camping out, not doing anything illegal, and I don't know, It's just it's really fun to go to the games. The football games draw the bigger crowds, like as opposed to, like, basketball game of the hockey games or crazy Tio. A lot of you show for those really good hockey team. Yeah, good sports events are held all over the campus. We have, uh, obviously the student rec center, which I go to a lot of they intramural sports there. They got just like basic fitness machines and courts got a swimming pool as well. Paula's life follows life. Indeed. What else would they have? Tennis courts in terms of the actual football games. Those there awhile, though, I know there's a lot of soccer games there to Boyle's ever own field for that. Lawson I, Serena is where they are. The hockey games were played. They also have open skate on the weekends, which is cool. Yeah, they also. They also also have a lap pool, usually, which is pretty cool. Um, and then, um, basketball. That's basketball isn't always forgot. The building is actually called Reed Field. How we feel those. That's where I know gymnastics meets our yes gymnastics for their men's and women's basketball. They got indoor track meets their toe, Um, that that's like connected to the student rec center. It's easy, really easy to access. It's a good environment for games as well. So for campus quads, I'm going to start with the College of Health and Human Services. This is off main campus, and there's a part of East campus. But this is the main building in this building. There are four floors, including a cafe and many teacher offices and classrooms and common space to do work and study. There's computer labs, and it also has a great view. What you see, his main campus. And this is also main campus. That's the crest next to sing Grand Hall in the burn hard center. And further down is Woodhall and the Lee Honors College. Further down is the library, which is right here. And if you follow under that bridge great. There is more halls like the chemistry building Dalton, which is the music building? No *** Dunbar Sprout Tower. And this is the fine art squad. This was taken in the summer and it was lovely. This was taken in the winter. It was all so lovely, but we'LL stick with the summer for now that is Miller Auditorium across the path from me. And this is it in the spring, this is from inside of sprout tower overlooking brown Hall and the Gilmore Theater complex, so there are a few more quads on campus. Um, for the business college, you can check out Jordan's interview for information about the sciences. You can look at Sandra's interview, and if you are interested in aviation, you can look at Sahara Studio interview for more information on those specific places with over ten different colleges within Western Michigan University, I couldn't to our every quad, but I included some of my favorite ones and the places I go the most, and I hope you enjoy the videos that I didn't get. and this is the library from the outside, and this is inside. There are three floors to the library. Um, not including the basement and each floor as you go up a level gets quieter. This is the main level where there's lots of printers and computers. Lots of resource is from W ME authors to every other author that I can name W Muse, also very innovative with new technologies. And we even have a virtual reality lab, which is awesome. So they also just introduced a cafe in the library. They built it over spring break, and it's really exciting because they have coffee from local coffee roasters and they have lots of drinks for sale. And, um, you can have. They have salads and sandwiches, health bars, muffins and water. Anything else you could need to help you study. So every night, the library's open until two a. M. But during finals week, the library's actually open twenty four hours, and they have people working at all times. They have security to make sure nothing happens when you're studying late at night, and they also during finals week, bring in different like snacks or drinks, and we'LL have him in the front lobby, and they'LL go on the system and announce that there's, you know, fresh fruit in the lobby or doughnuts, which is so good there's always something going on. And they're always looking for new ways to support you in your education, and they're constantly taking surveys and comments and actually working to improve those. So it's really great because they're supporting you and your Now, Now, Now, now, now, now, now that she could hear us. So now I'm going to show you one of the dining hall's. This's inside. Of course, Valley Dining Center is our newest dining home. It has many different options from traditions like pizza and burgers and grilled cheese and french fries. They also have salad lines, and this is Pacific Plate, which is stir fry. And so she sometimes so inside of Edie. See, there is also a soup and a sandwich line, kind of like a subway. And there's a place called Salon Trolls, which is all Mexican food, and it's so good, and there's a bunch of deserts. They have crepes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and there's cereal and ice cream and everything you could ever want. The hours at VDC aren't great. It closes at eight p. M. Every night, but Bigelow Dining Center is open until ten P. M. And on weekends. We also have different dining halls that each features something special about them. The Burnhams dining hall has a salad line that's really cool, where you can order a salad with any toppings you want any greens you want, and they chop it up for you. Um, Draper has the carry out so you can take a bag and Philip a lunch bag with all the food you want and and take it and eat it in your room or on your walk to class or outside and enjoy the nice weather. So meal plans are pretty straightforward where you can get plans of twenty swipes per week, fifteen sipes per week, ten swept per week or unlimited with the gold plan if you do one. I did the ten swipes per week while I was eating in the dining halls. And they tell you every time you swipe hominy swipes, you have left and there very helpful. If you don't have a plan and want to eat at the dining hall, it's nine dollars for a meal and everything is prepared, hot and ready, and it's great. The food in the dining hall's does get old when you have to eat there for every meal. But they are doing a really great job of mixing up the meals from week to week and featuring different meats and vegetables, and they have vegan meals and gluten free options, and they're very considerate of dietary restrictions, So this is inside of sprawl Tower. I went right after the lunch rush, so it's a little empty, but they have lots of drinks and snacks, and they sell pizza soup, chili soft pretzels, which are my favourite and anything you could need to get through the day, including freshly locally brewed coffee. So because the dining hall's food does get a little old, one of my favorite places to eat around campus is actually right across from campus, and it's called two fellows, and they sell the best wraps super greasy. They put Tater tots in them, but they're so good. We also have cable a nose, which has Mexican food, which is delicious. And there's a pita pit and insomnia cookies, which delivers cookies until three a. M. So you better take advantage of that while you So tell me about the student climate and social activities at way. Start Western E really don't hear that socially. It's like a pretty good school. People are always out like you're ready to meet. Their very outgoing parties are a big thing. Not as big as like they make it seem when you're coming in. It's not something that I mean, there are people that go out literally every weekend, but that number is very few, and there's actually a lot of people that don't go out. All but we do have big events like House Crawl and St Patty's Day, where it's just a mess of people walking all over town on DH. Some of them were drinking, some of them are, and it's just like I don't even know how to explain it. It's very weird. There's security. It is an incredibly safe cops. They're always watching to make sure like nothing like. And it's not that they're not just going to arrest everyone who is not a thing, but they are there to make sure that like no one gets hurt. Like if you're obviously like note fights, that's the biggest one. People ruined things when you fight? Um, so no violence. And then if anyone looks like they're in trouble or her legs obviously not doing well, they're gonna, like, get help for them. Yeah, but yeah, it's not like a forced thing. Like people say when you come to college like you're gonna party like it's instantly going to be this thing of If you haven't drink yet, you're going to That's not true. Like you have complete control over what you're going to dio. There's no what I've seen. No peer pressure. No Virginia. Oh, man. Look at me now, being the third day Rose from the way that the right way. Wait. But he is your wonderfully of the town in this program, a program that needs your support. one of the most important academic buildings for me in my time at Western has been the lead honors college. It's not a very big building. There are, I believe, three classrooms, a printing room, a kitchen available to all students in the honors college and a common room it gave the lounge. It's a very nice new building, and there are many. Resource is for the students who are eligible for the honors college and take advantage of everything that it has to offer. The kitchen includes a stove to cure aches and a fridge that you can store things in in the lounge also has a piano, couches and more study spots. Being in the honors college has been really great because it allows for my Jen. It's to be smaller class sizes. I get access to unique Gen EDs that students that aren't in the honors college get and I also get priority registration, which is nice. I get guaranteed the best spots in the classes that I want to take. There are also many resource is and connections outside of Western. In the honors. College is always there to support you in whatever you need for your academic career, you have to get in twenty volunteer hours and go to some events. Your first year and the event, sponsored by the Honors College, are Ted talks and other mixing up events where you meet students in the honors college, and you just embrace learning about other cultures and other topics than what you're studying in your classes. So up next is the Burn hard center, which is in the center of campus. This is the outside. It's in the middle of campus by the crest and by saying grin, This is the lobby where different clubs and organizations meet because of all the space. There's also TV's that please sports and news all the time. And this is inside the campus store, the Bronco shop, where they sell a lot of Western gear. And right below this, the floor below is Textbook Alley, where you compile your textbooks. That's part of the Bronco mall, which has some restaurants and a PNC bank, and this is inside the Bronco Mark one stop shop, the Burn. Her insider is also connected to Bigelow Dining Center, where it's in the center of campus, and it's the biggest dining centre And there's also a lot of clubs and different organizations that meat there. They have ballrooms for certain events. When it was time to vote, you voted on campus in a room on the second floor of Bernhardt Center. So there's it's a great just community center. Also, while we're here, I wanted to show you the view from the top of Sprout Tower, so the building with the clock is where the library is. Behind that is sing grin and the Bernhardt Center, and this way is the rest of the fine arts, Claude. And over here we see Gilmore Theater Complex. This is where I have most of my classes. This is the front entrance, which will take us into the lobby, where you can talk to the box office about getting tickets to see all of the shows that Western puts on because they're awesome shows. And this hallway is behind Shaw Theatre, which you will see right when we go down these stairs. This is our biggest auditorium, and across from it is Thie York Arena Theater, where we have a lot of students produced plays and musicals, and back behind that door is our scene shop. The Gilmore Theater complex is one of the the best places I love spending most of my time there, and I always have blast in my classes and with my classmates. So you should definitely support the arts no matter where you go to school. But Western is definitely the best place to support the So for my major, I'm in mostly theaters and dance studios for my classes, as well as music rooms like the practice rooms. But I've also taken some Jen it's that are in computer labs or small classrooms with desks and chairs. One of them, my professor, even move the tables, and we sat in chairs in a circle all semester long. He was a great class for all of my classes so far, partially because I'm in the honors college and partially because my major on ly accepts fifteen people per class. All of my class sizes have been less than thirty people tto one teacher and one teacher's assistant, So it's been very close connections and hands on, and I have loved all of my instructors. So now I'm going to include a small clip of my friend sound or talking about her classroom experience in the science field. And if you want to know more, you can watch her interview lecture. I've seen it done a couple ways where biology it's more interactive. There is more like there's reading outside of class, but you also have homework helps you understand it can't Mr Hand the other hand, is so much work. Uh, in lecture, the professor said to just tell you what's going on, and then you have to read and figure it out. Do a bunch of homework online. That doesn't make sense to you. And then you go to TA office hours Exact self in this year with an actual clip from one of my class is in session next day. Okay, I'm always gonna be advice on how I should begin again. What's the next thing I think you should do? Take a break. And then the first thing you should do is try this next. Used this paragraph as quite like this one. Fox. What are you saying? Appear right. That's what the conference. So we can actually talk, brother. Finally write comments, right? Bass. I'm more of a problem So right now I am in my friend Ray chills hot Rachel, um, dorm room. And this is what some of the dorm rooms look like. She lives in siege like hall, which is attached to Draper and seats like all girls and Draper's on Males. So this is what the rooms will look like. Decent size one. Come with a date. What, uh, they death? Yeah, Twin size well, bed along with the dresser in an armoire. And so this is her view back there. There is the rec center that's actually the gym with all those windows where they have much machines. Next to the back here is the field house. In these buildings are more dorms and attached to those is one of the dining hall's called Easter three, and that's my favorite to you. It's a nice sunny day. Having a great time, Yes, so every room in this building comes with enough furniture for two people and usually two beds. If there's two people who but you can choose to bunk your beds and have one of the rooms be the bedroom in the other room, being living, you're in common space. Or you can each have separate rooms. So there's a lot of options you can raise the bed. Two different heights. Yeah, there's good stuff. So now we're going to the lobby of CH Leg. There's some couches out here. Next to the front desk. Across the court is Draper Hall, and over here is the common room, which has many places to study a TV. You can connect you to watch movies or play games, lots of windows. And over here is a full kitchen. All right, so now that you've seen some of the freshmen housing options, I'LL show you my room. I live in an on campus apartment called Western View. It's in a great location, and they're super nice, but they're only available to second year students end up. So this is my room. The apartment I got was the furnished options, so the furniture was provided by the school. A desk, a dresser in my bed, out my window. Um, back behind the traffic lights is a campus area with lots of restaurants and a CVS, and right over here is what's called his house, which is an on campus ministry. And this is another view of my room, a Western view. Every apartment comes with its own bathroom. So that's nice that I don't have to share my bathroom with anyone much nicer than the community bathrooms that some of the residents holes have. So now that you've seen my room, I'Ll show you the rest of my apartment. That's the hallway leading to my room. These double doors air the laundry room, and this is my living room and kitchen. We do have the expanded apartment option, so we pay more monthly for it. But it's a really nice space. As you can see, I did most of the interior decorating myself. So, as you can tell, there are a lot of options for housing on Westerns campus and off campus for the options on campus. Western has most of them in three sixty online tours on the website. Um, I definitely enjoyed living on campus and in the dorms my first year. Although there were times here, I got tired of seeing people all the time. It was really nice to make friends and just get a really great sense of community of other students here at Western. Also, the off campus apartments are really nice. There's some that air right across the street from my apartment really close to campus, and there are public buses that are free that take you everywhere, so it's a