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2020 Knox College Dorm Tours and Info

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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 99.0% of freshman live on campus at Knox College?

What type of housing does Knox College provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at Knox College, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 50.0
Women's Dorms true 10.0
Men's Dorms true 10.0
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true 10.0
Single-student Apartaments true 10.0
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true 5.0
Special Houses for International Students true 5.0
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at Knox College?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, Knox College dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of Knox College, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make Knox College feel like home!

What are the dimensions of Knox College dorm rooms?

The Knox College dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of Knox College on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and Knox College likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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Knox College 2 E South St

So right now we're heading to the quiet and the quads is like right across the street from the softball field as well as the football field was located right there. So if you are coming from that direction, you're basically just walk down the stairs and then up those you'LL be at the cross, So here we go. So right now we're at the cause. You can see we have a bike, writes you can rent a bike or you could bring your home on the range of processes Very easy. All you have to do is basically give them all your information. Give them all your information. You still not the number and basically signed a waiver said she would return the bike unharmed and undamaged and stuff like that and they give you a bite. So right now this is sure win. It's about four different areas, like different houses, buildings away. They all are available for block housing, which is just basically you being next to people that you know. And you can apply for that. But as a freshman, you Is this your place anywhere? If you don't know nobody. I knew my herself from my high school. So that was why I was a with a room with them when I lived there. Post. So right now we're just this only you see some of the bikes right here. This is your area, so you could get a better view. This is Elder forward right here. This is one of the other car you see, people decorate. Their one goes right now we're in the middle of winter as on film. In his video, it is March first of twenty nineteen. It's always not pretty, pretty, pretty cold out here, but it's a little chilly that you'll need a jacket and then if you could see over there you see there, there's the tennis court, which I'll show you off after I do this video. And so basically, we're just going. And if you could see right here is this Conger Neil halls. It says Congress neuro halls on this side and they say It's your song. That is what we call a free store on campus, which is located down those there's it's a fruit store on campus and basically they're, um, way basically, everything is free. People donate clothes, shoes, all types, accessories, and you can take it home for you, just like the sustainability office. Right now, we're pretty in the middle of campus, and you see, some people are exiting and entering their house is a little council. Yeah. So this is Congo knew they're all about the same building. They all have bathrooms that you share with people. And you're Ari actually live and, uh oh, your floor. So that right there, that little hut house looking That is where the ari on duty resides because most of So right now we're gonna be talking about basically what is the best option of men. You should have already seen two of my friends so that their rules basically and necessities basically give a room tour. You know, the daily thing they need is one of the sections to come in a couch. So I will say the best option for incoming freshman is have a moment just because that person is just a skilled more so having that person, like basically being able to relate to somebody else is in the same circle like situation is you helps you, Teo. Basically not Phil along. So when it comes to you, learn more about camp is going Captain Bisset, Stuff like that that person can help. You can motivate you to do that because they will understand exactly what you're going through because they're also being fresh. So for a double room. And I feel like that's the best single, you know, you're more of a conservative person. Your shag, you don't like toe really get involved with people were like daily things. I would say to you to sing, but I would prefer, like a real refreshment to get it may be your roommate just so you can experience the culture being at Knox and no, just made anywhere in general so that you can have somebody that can relate to you. And you could be social with because you never know that person could end up being your best friend beginning college. A little bit about health. So for incoming freshman, you have about Bree choices where you you can let us see more, which is basically above, you know, the CAF. The main dining area is what the computer lab and the fast food restaurant gizmo, as well as the Rex in which is in the basement. I will say this is a good option. Oh, because just what are the rooms are their bi I I haven't heard too many bad things about. So that's one of the options that incoming freshness can live here, which is now co. It used to be only males living, but now females living well, Another room that fresh was living this post I lived in my freshman year. I was lucky. Me and my roommate was lucky enough to not have to share basically our bathroom with someone else because the room that was next to us was a store room. So when looking at different options and stuff like that, I apply early and which is wild is accepted. It suppose because basically from what I heard as a freshman is a very hard place to get him so being their Poles help me, Tio. Basically, I don't know. Help me to learn about the kidney as well as always. Excuse me. I was close to the convenience store which is located on campus. And you will see that video coming up where I showed you the convenience store and I shot a lot of unfortunate We're gonna be able to go into the room just because I don't live there anymore. Just because I don't live there anymore. Right now, we're in a post live here my freshman year and dormitories suite, his secretary. And over here on this side is one to six. This is where most of the opera class we used to live. But now, however, all both letter suites are a little bit mixed. So here's the common area where they share basically two clubs that are no there. Parts of basically light show up here is game night. They have game, my sweet, and also the key Here it is. His story. This is where I get my food. You could get products over here like Yoder. Disaffected white. So breeze and stuff like that. And this is where I spent most I always needed.