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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 84.0% of freshman live on campus at New York University?

What type of housing does New York University provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at New York University, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true -
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at New York University?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, New York University dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of New York University, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make New York University feel like home!

What are the dimensions of New York University dorm rooms?

The New York University dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of New York University on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and New York University likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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Hello, MTV. And welcome to my crib. No, I'm just kidding. Hey, campus real. I'm Lydia, and this is my freshman dorm. So what I really like about you is that every single freshman dorm or doorman General has its own bathroom. So we got our own bathroom here. I only like that because I just don't really like the idea of having to take a shower and a shared bathroom and then walked on the whole hall back to my room or even just walk down the hall to, like, a peek. So I would like that own little me. And you could say that I have online crocks like my every day. Go, Teo, how shoes. Okay, so now we're in, like the main area is actually pretty spacious. In my opinion, it's bigger than a lot of dorms at a lot of their school says looking at. So this is my roommate side. She's really, really organized. This is her bed, and then this is in my bed. So like like stars and being so this was a pain. Lots of solar things she can see. And then the cool thing about drawn to you is that it's in Manhattan. So you have like cool views. Marrow doesn't have the best view, but since I'm on the top floor, some of my hall mates are on the corner of Fifth Avenue intent. So they have an awesome view of the city. And they could even see the Empire State Building, which I think is really cool. So that's definitely a perk of going living on campus in my Yu ISS that you live and dorm rooms that, if you had to pay rent for them, would be worth a lot. So the view's air really amazing, But you're not paying that kind of price. And then also you have your own private bathroom. And then there is one freshman dorm that does have its own kitchen so you can cook. You can have your own bathroom. Khun. Really have your own space. That feels just like an apartment on DH. That's something I really like about you, is like I was saying before you is the kind of school that is going to make you feel more independent because you do not feel like you're trapped on a campus, you're going to feel like you're integrated into New York City and I think I use dorm style will be goes into that because the dorms don't feel like dorms. At least not to me. They feel more like home, especially if you go into adorned with a kitchen and then also upperclassmen. Dorms all have kitchen's in them. They're all apartment style, so it's really a nice, smooth, easy transition into independent adult life, which I think is really, really important to me. It's really like an important part of your college experience because you need to learn Hey, guys. Uh, So this is my last video. Um, I hope you've liked my little tour around. And why you, um this school is so much more than I ever thought it would be. And I'm so excited to be here every single day. Um, it was, quite honestly, the best fit for me, no matter where else I could have gone on. So I'm super great, grateful to be here, and I hope you guys want to come too. Um, I think I want to leave with some parting advice for you. Oncoming college freshmen. Um, especially. We're looking for schools, You high school seniors. Um, it's a really tough process, and I remember being so stressed out the whole time. Um, it's important to know that you're just you're going to end up where you're supposed to be. Uh, no matter. That takes an extra year to transfer somewhere. Or if you find that place right off the bat, um, college is such a great opportunity to learn about yourself and to learn about the world that you don't wantto. You don't want to lessen your experience by choosing a college that isn't right for you, so that should always be what your goal is when you're looking for universities to go to. Because choosing somewhere that has another reason behind it is to why you want to go. Um, might not make you as happy in the long run. Um, and I think that it's too important of a time in your life. Tio settled. So I hope that you guys keep that in mind. I hope the college process isn't too stressful. And hopefully I'll see some of you next year. Hey, guys, it's Amanda, and I'm coming at you with a seasonally appropriate mug filled with some teeth. So today, I'm going to be doing a Q and A. I ask you guys my last video to ask me some questions about literally anything. Those things are, honestly, college class. And were you related? Which is expected. But you know what? I'm just gonna answer all your questions. This is, like, my third time China illness. So hopefully this actually works out this time. Um, yeah. Let me just call these questions. I just got into animal you classes 2023 I'm super excited. Could you make a video on my crush, My advice or how to save money with City Channel? Thank you. So so much for watching and congratulations for getting into any use. That's awesome. And, um, I will for sure makes those videos. I might do more freshmen advice ones after I finished my first semester. Uh, because you know what? Let's give me a better I'll be more qualified, I think by them. But yeah, I would definitely do those videos in the future. I love your videos. I was accepted with 23 3 And I was just wondering if you could talk about your dorm. Saucy other freshman dorm's. I'm kind of looking for my top choice right now in a threesome. First hand experience would be great. Okay. So thank you so much for watching. And congratulations on being accepted into the 2023. Um okay, so I personally live in Rubin Hall, The hottest hol. Okay, so ribbon I chose because it is the most affordable dorm. That being said, it does not have a C, which is, like, the most horrible dream, but, um, yes, sir, Reuben doesn't have a feed. Honestly, for the first, like, two weeks this. I thought I was gonna die. No. Okay. The 1st 2 weeks, it was actually like, incredibly hot. Like I had to change my clothes at least twice a day. Another reason why I didn't want to be improvement is because of the lack of a see. You actually tend to, like, bond with people over that. So a lot of people in the first month spend a lot of time on the second floor lounge because the second floor lounge does have a C. Thankfully and literally like a ton of people slept down there. I slept down there a few times and it was honestly, so funny. Was just like one thing sleepover on. And that is how I met a lot of people's in the beginning. I just going to the second floor lounge, literally like my first friend here, Daryn shot out. If you're watching this like that, with how I met one of my best friends, you're Darren's on the second floor lounge during, like the second week. So and I even like I slept down there a few times. One time it was like 12 and I just met like this group of people. We just randomly went and got ice cream because, like, Why not? So, honestly, it's like Ruben. I think it's really, really good for bonding, and I think, actually have like a really nice community. So I really do like Ruben. Um, then I'll just run through the other one's really quickly. I don't have, like, first experience with them, but I'll tell you what I know. So there's Goddard that is super super opposed to all the academic buildings. There's like a Starbucks right underneath it so if you want, like zero minute walked across was there also. I know you have to write essays to get in there. It's nothing like too intense, but like they have different themed floors that you can. You have to write essays, toe live in there. So I've heard it has good community, though, and then there's lifted. Lifted is also pretty close to the main academic buildings. It is right on Washington Square Park. It has a dining hall. It was like renovated in the past, like two or three years. So the dorm there are really nice. Then there's There's Britney. I've heard it's nice. I don't really know too much about it. Um, And then there's 1/3 North. Third North is like a 10 12 minute walk from like the main campus area, and they have kitchens and, like apartment styles, like a common room in the kitchen. Um, and there's also a dining hall, their Founders hall, which is super close to certain north. It's also like a tennis 12 minute walk from the main area. Founders has like huge rooms, though if you will live in a really big room. Also, I think founders rooms come with reason rich. Thank you. They come with bridges, they come with refrigerators. And then there's also U Haul, which a lot of freshman lived there this year. But it's also it's a mix of freshman upperclassmen and that also has apartment housing. So, yeah, those were all the freshmen dorms. Hi, Amanda was accepted. Q. And you cost 2020 three's congratulations. And I was wondering, How do you feel that it's just like they're just every party or are there lots of people who don't are you the party and have a big type things? Okay, so how would you feel socially? So in my other video, I'm hopefully if you watch that one. Hopefully, it didn't seem too negative, like, really, when I really had, like, a not grateful to my life, really only in like the beginning. It's definitely definitely got better after that. But, um, I would say I have had generally positive social interactions on why you like if you go up to someone and introduce yourself, especially within, like the first month or two school. It's not a weird thing. Everyone wants to like I have friends and meet people like in the beginning, especially, um, so, yeah, I feel like the social life is good. It might be a little bit not as every other traditional college, just because people are way more spread out. So sometimes it could just be a part. Keep in touch with the same people and make sure you're seeing people unless you actively is a scientific reach out. Yeah, I found that a lot. I really do have to reach out to people. It's not all the time that you kind of run into someone, but it has happened a few times. So it's all these. It's not impossible. Does everyone party or are there lots of people? Joe, I'm sure there are lots of people who do not party. It's not like a, um I don't think it's a huge campus culture. And my opinion, Um, I think students are generally independent, kind of like what they want. There's no sort of like pure pressure to do anything that you don't really want to be quite honest. So, um yeah, and I'm either party and have a big idea type. Personally, I am not. That's just no panties, but you know what it's honestly super common top. Big idea. Some people say that like you need a big idea, like have fun or surviving the city or whatever, but like, I don't know if you don't really have a strong desire to, like, party or go to bars. And I think you'll be fine because that's the book I'm basically in. So, uh, yeah, Viselman. Hey girl, how are the guys that you I know are old fashioned? But I was just wondering, And did you get along with roommates? Interesting to know. So how are the guys that you honestly, I cannot make a generalization about the guys and all you wish I feel like is a relatively positive thing. So there isn't stereotypes that there's a lot of you guys that you, which is true, but it's not. It's like it's fine, like it's not a big deal. I know it's far straight. Guys that go, I'm kind of assuming that you're asking, um, I don't know. There's, like different, like steered, have different ones like you have, like the stern like finance throws those generally having more negative connotations. And then there's like I don't know are the fish boys like, um, I can't really get I don't have, like, a distinct, like thing to say about the guys that you experience with them have been fine. I don't know. Not really. I don't have anyone, but yes. Oh, she also asked you get along with your roommate. Yes. Do you get along with my roommates? I have two roommates and I don't think we've been in any of my video. I think they watch them. Sometimes they just I don't know. I was gonna do the roommate tab with one time, but honestly, our skin was really kind of really different. So it's kind of hard to coordinate, but someone else asked what each of your classes like individually, Uh, what are Tish film students like? Okay, I Sometimes I feel like there is, like, a little bit of a stereotype about film students like wins in the end. Why, you see mostly, just like like Tish feel like so pretentious or whatever are, like, full of themselves. But honestly, I have not really met any people like that. Everyone who had met in don't have been really nice and really helpful, especially as someone who, like has like not really a lot of background with, like, even just the key is some of the upperclassmen I met. A really nice. A lot of people really like just have a really cool personal style. And I just like love, like people's outfits like I don't know, it's weird, but, um, but I think in general tissue from students are actually really nice, and it's a very collaborative major, so there's definitely a lot of bullets involved, even more so, I think in the leader years. But yeah, I have, like, generally positive experiences with Tish. Film students so far have a crude on any student films. Yet I have not proven anything. It's required for me next Messers. I definitely will. Yeah, I've never even like crude on anything, but actually it's kind of funny. I was I acted in the student films that semester. There was no it. It was a silent film. I randomly active, Mr, because someone I know they just needed inactivity. Last minute and I've been doing nothing. Okay, that was a critical experience. But what state do you come from? I am from New York, upstate New York. So those are makes me all the questions on the YouTube video. Let me check my instagram. Okay, so I have a pretty long question. My instagram Someone asked, Why do you have a question? Did you struggle with choosing to major in film and realizing that home was your passion? Definitely for sure. Because a literally every other school I applied to I applied undecided because I don't know, I don't You still I'm like, I don't know what I wanted you in my life for sure. I figured that out at some point. Hopefully. But, um, yeah, I ended up coming down on you. And, you know, I really I like it. I, like the major are still like, I don't know, like, if I'm a and y you, I'm like that's because the film program is like, you know, such a thing. I'm like, why not do filled with I'm here, so, you know, definitely liked. It wasn't necessarily something I've always wanted to do. I kind of just like, applied to it almost on a whim, like it's always kind of been something in the back of my mind. But never anything that I like actively, like pursuit. So I still have my doubts about, like, you know, my major and stuff sometimes. But, you know, in general, I'd like it. Okay, So I just wrote me a really nice like question, and I read the whole thing. I don't know. Oh, my gosh, we That was such a nice message. Oh, man. Okay, thank you so so much. And I definitely struggled with that same thing of indecisiveness and letting other people in need. But honestly, I would just say, like, follow your I got a feeling what really feels right to you and doesn't know that there's always opportunities to change your course of study or what you want to do. Really? You literally have your whole life ahead. So I wouldn't say so. I would say, Don't be too stressed out about that. And even like now, I even me a lot of like adults who majored in something that's completely different in the job. Whether that's a good thing sometimes is a good thing. Sometimes it's a bad thing. Most of time. I feel like it's a good thing. Most of the time, people are like happy where they are, despite what they chose to me during or not me during college. So you know what? Thank you. So sweet. Yeah. I totally wish you the best of luck. And whatever other advice that you want, I am here for you. Someone else asked. Have you had a major crisis yet? A little. Give me a name Shadow in the vid since I wasn't shocked for your blood. So this in some stage going my friend from She's one of my friends from N Y. U's and she is someone who I run into all the time, which is funny because I was talking about it before how it's such a big school. It's up, but I run into her like, at least two or three times a week. So Sarah shadows to sage, having a major crisis yet? Honestly, no, I have not had a major crisis yet, so that's a good thing. But I'm definitely someone who I feel like I'm like a chill person, like I don't let myself get very overwhelmed by stuff like I am kind of which I don't know what could be a good thing or a bad figure like my philosophy is that, like every moment in life is like, equal. So, like, I don't know. So I don't think you should put any, like, waited pressure on anything like to too much, because every second is a second. Like, it's that weird. Like it might do. I sound crazy. I don't know, but yeah. Okay. Someone. That's Jerry. I've been rooting to spending your bids, but next master, and yes, for sure we should. Um yeah, I definitely think. Okay, so someone asked what's the coolest thing about your major? Okay, I just think closing that my leader is the classes. Just like the fact that my work is, like, very creative. And it kind of like horses. You to be creative, which I think is fun. And I think it just, like, good practice for the real world to kind of have to force yourself, like, just come out with state should kind of just create constantly. And I think the more that you create, the better you are at it. No. One of my friends asked how school doing You managing yourself? Okay. Yeah, School is doing just fine because I'm not in school, but I haven't. You managing myself, okay? Actually, sleep schedule is incredibly off. I go to bed early. 5 a.m. It's fun, huh? Trip asked that trip, guys. Pretty cool, isn't he? I highly doubt that trip is washing, but yeah, he's cool. Um, there and ask you if you're made hope. Darren. Yes, Darrin, If you Sarah asked, What are your resolutions for the new year? Okay, I have a lot of revolutions, but some of my main ones are just to, like, create more. I really want to, like, get more into three writing. I want, like, a short song or like a TV pilot from that. And I really want to get a job or internship, like within the entertainment industry. So yes, flow asked. Do you think you've changed in certain college? Okay, honestly, I had always liked watch these type of college videos and people be like she'll change in so many ways. Like I feel like, really, really Um, but I honestly do you think I have changed? In some ways, I have done things that I didn't really think I would do. And I don't know, I think I have kind of just expanding how I think and I've become more like open minded person. Honestly, So yeah, that's definitely how sad. Changed in terms of college. Sure. A asked. Why are you trying to feel all my menses straight enough. Enough? Sure enough, I actually do not think she was watching this, but whatever. This is not true. So, yeah, those are all the questions for this Q and A. Thank you so much for asking me questions. And as always, if you have any more leave from below, GM eat whatever and definitely told me any more tips of video I would like to see for me. And I hope that guy's really enjoyed this video, and it was helpful for some of you. Um and yeah, I'll just be in my next video. You what? I always do this. It's like a coping mechanism. I don't know. Hello, everybody. I'm with my two good friends, Ella and Aaron. And they're going to show us around their dorm door shows around. Yeah. Come on in. Out of the bathroom. We've already seen the bathroom. Yep. Standard. Pretty standard. Yeah. Way. Got some nice legs. Granite going on. There it is. I put that in. Isn't it nice that you don't have to share, Or do you sometimes wish that you could share, But then you will share a bathroom. Yeah. So then it would like it. Clean ways. Yeah. Big problem last year for me. But you're with people, you know, I can talk to like, you just talk about fair. Fair enough. Yeah. This is the kitchen. That's some dishes made right now, unfortunately to a ball. And make sure everyone eats fruit. Make sure there's fruit around. Yeah, well, messy right now. That's all right. This is the authentic look. Yeah. This is like the college we use those shares for Foot rests a lot of time. Yeah. You know, you got your essentials. You get Eun in time to switch, you got your X box, you get your coffee machine. This is me and my roommate is room. This is my side. You know that. You not huge, but you know it does the job. Sleeping nights, closet. You can watch that. Can you have a little light? Wow. Yeah, it's right here. Wow. It's a spacious Yeah, it's It's really nice, actually. My room. This is my side. Very messy. I know that. You're going to clean it at some point. Probably not. Oh, well, okay. Okay. This is a little personal touch. Wow. Way is not way. Have them all over. I really think that's like the coolest thing I've seen. E under the table. Yeah. Change colors will taste a home. This is our fifth roommate. This'S. Marlin Merlin's. Well, beta fish. My best friend. Making friends is hard. And what you So No, it's not used it to buy fish. We're getting another one. Yeah, I should talk to you about that. So this is the standard three person seen George Clark, Presidents Hall, bedroom. So first of all, there's a closet over here. One person can you? There's this space with a rather beauty. Can you say whose this is what the bottle looks like? The lights here are automatic. I'm not sure how other bathrooms air, but my bathroom has a shower and it also has a talk with the shower. Every room comes with its own TV. It's kind of small, and not many people use it. But, you know, at least you have access to that. Does this covered? Each room also comes furnished with a fridge and mike leave? No. This closet can be shared by two people. It is a small space at the top for storage as well. I feel like we're all. There's a lot of space for storage here. Each person also get their own desk, a kind of rocking chair and this small table with a juror and space for stories underneath. There's also this is what the standard bed looks like. It's a twin size bed about to excel. The bed's in office for our next, although there are also four jurors underneath to store clothes, bed sheets, whatever you need. So I'm not sure my roommates will feel about me showing you their beds and everything. This is my side of the room, so yeah. And also you also have access to the events. You can control it with this dang via during the winter. The only air accessible is heat, but as it starts to get warmer, they turn the heat to cold A K. Hi, my friend. What's up? What is it? We are back and I want to give you a tour. My dorm hall, which we call resident holes dorms at the same time. So fighting me, Britt, Britney have a dance studio that is currently being used. Right now, we also have a music room that you can like check out every now and then it closes at ten. You have to go to the desk and give them your idea. In order to get to the music room, you have to sign up for a spot which happens very quickly because we have a lot of before the arts majors and Britney. This is the real truth. She's kind of like it down two rooms. It's room is also a great place to come and study. Yeah. Oi, um sometimes quiet. Sometimes it just all depends on how things are going on. This is over there is how you get inside, Brittney. They are so like, you get like free tissue. Well, pig burger. Well, there's a thing that told you everything that you get it. Trailing peeper Campus maps, garbage bags, light bulbs. You know, Mrs Cities, which is great because you don't go back. You have to go out and before with your own money. And last but not least, the contrary to my door. So this is what a typical always looks like It's Britney. But where we throw our trash for recycling, lay in there on DH All goes on ly done like that. So some people right decorate your doors. You're gonna see it like that. I was twelve. This is how my art, eh? The stakes are bored. Just like some really inspirational things. Your mother. I loved you, Crampton's oppression. This the blob here. Good. No, you can be anything. Including up. Okay, so get. But here it is. Mine. I have to meet Jasmine in Christina people. So honestly, no, um, I have to make some people have sweets and which is like a shared space. Brakes often two rooms. So we have Sweet maid l only have roommates, but I only have two minutes. So this is like our closet space back up in here. Some you can see my closet space. It's a decent size. I used things king stuff up, and then I have, like, sure thing going on down there from my shoes. They're messy. And the reason why I didn't clean up so much is because I just wanted you guys to see. College is messy, Like you're on your own. You living by yourself like that's just something you know, kinda have to come to terms. So this is our bathroom? Yes, our mirror. But also opens up until I could medicine cabinet thing sink, toilet higher necessities on DH is our shower. But it's a step in the shower. Yeah, no laptop. It sucks, but whatever. Okay. This is my room. So Like I said, I have two inmates. Clinton like. So this side of the room here, my bed and I love my bed because it's right by the window and I have a pretty amazing view So you guys can see Didn't seem like you Listen here. This is what I get to fall asleep looking at. I want to get to wake up to see every morning. This is my roommate side of the room and I would show my other roommate side, but I want to respect her privacy, so and then our third closet is over here in this year, so it's a pretty decent space. This is what we call a studio. This is like not a typical doormen. No, it's really not a typical dormant all Every I would say that this guy was like this. Like every room at noon, you in every dorm is different. There's I can't tell you that any of them are the same. I really hit. So I honestly would say, if you want a kitchen abouts for third North if you want the cheapest place. Ivy, Ultra Reuben, if you want a moderately kind of not expensive place. But that's nice, Brittany. Because Britney has upgraded and That's where I live on. Also, like I've said many times before, Britney is in the middle of everything if you want. Yeah, those are the ones I bought before I felt for third North. It's a bit dirty, but everybody says it's home. I vouch for Britney and ruins the cheapest. There's just no air conditioning and Reuben so being Oh, where just be aware. Um, yeah, so that's nice living Hey, guys. So I wanted to give you a quick tour of my dorm so that you can see what it's like in here. Um, everyone gets their own desk, their own bed and their own set of drawers. Eso you have enough room for all your clothes? Everything. There's even a closet. The nice thing about palladium is that they're actually walk in closets, so it's a pretty big space you can see. And there's enough side one for your roommate, One for you. Um, but yeah. So here's my bed. Put up some pictures because, you know, college on DH, then? Yeah. You have your desk for homework or books or make up. Mostly, um and yeah. So are dormant. Room is pretty small, but that's because in play diem and sweet style so we have a common room as well. Uh, this is our common room right here. We put up some light so that everyone can see I'll show you the view. We don't actually have a street view, but palladium has a courtyard because there's a dining hall down in the middle. So this is what you see if you look out, um you can kind of see into other people's rooms, so we try not to do that that much in each sweet. They also have a kitchen, which has been super helpful this year. A lot of sophomores that I know actually don't have meal plans any more because they've decided that they just want to cook for the whole year, which is super great for them. Uh, here's a quick shot of our bathroom, so you can see, uh, you had a shower toilet sink. We put up these cool shelves because there's a lot more space this way on one of our mirrors even opens up like a little compartment, so it's pretty cool. Um, and yeah, that's our suite. So another thing that I wanted to talk to you guys about is something that I'm not familiar with it all. And you, which is the gym. I hardly ever have gone to the gym because I take a movement class. So I feel like that's enough physical activity for me for the week. But for everyone else who doesn't, there are actually a lot of options for you. We have two main gyms in Washington Square locate because there's another one in Brooklyn for all the New York people who are coming here for the New York campus. But we have, um, Jim, a Palladium with a pool and a rock climbing wall and like lots of machines and everything, and we have one at four forty with lots of dance studios and like Zumba classes and stuff like that yoga, all that cool stuff. Um, and we also have a facility here in the basement of Gramercy. I'm not going to show you guys the inside because I don't want to disturb people who are actually working out right now. But just to give you a little sneak peek, you could see some of the equipment in there and it's open, like basically twenty three hours a day. Um, but yeah, So I got a little sneak peek of those equipment, and it's just like a really convenient way for you to get a little workout in if you don't want to actually go all the way to All right, guys, I'm here with Edie. I'm going to show you his room. We're gonna go over here, walk, and he has an efficiency room, so he's with two other people. That's him. They have an amazing future. So there's his bed in his room. There's Josh's bed and private use. Sorry, it's a little messy. Were boys here? They say, I just look at his view right from his bed. That's the World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower, I think it's called. So you their bathroom really quick. They show everything. This one's more direct than my bathroom. It's got like just straight walk in, see. This is the hallway. You can see that have, like, different city abroad. Things on our doors that are did it's my friend Jessica. And why you has, I think fifteen global sites or you can study abroad, which is pretty sweet. This is Ruby r r a's room. You can tell by the purple. And she decorated all these doors for us, given us options. London, I'll be going here for my semester abroad. here is a grand foyer, clay grand. Um, there's just, like, literally no other place to put it. So our recycling here and then we have to trash Ben's here, and then we have this mirror. Honestly, this mirror it came with the door. She's pretty crusty. I'm not gonna lie. We live with it, but here's the closet. There's also light in this closet, but I don't know why. It always like beeps when you turn it on like I really don't understand, so I just don't turn it on, But yeah. Here's the closet. It has a lot of sort. Well, OK. Nicely pulled in towels. Right there. Um, so it has a lot of storage up here. Keep one just random stuff up here, mostly. And this is one closet for all three of us. Just let you guys know. So we have hooks here. You like hanging up first stuff, and there's, like, one rack for clothing, So yeah, and then on the ground, Obviously, we got our shoots. Yeah. There's also a mirror on this store. This one is way more clear and nicer. Probably insulted, like this year, but yeah, this is our bathroom. and Yeah, Okay. This really cute star curtains from target actually love it. So if you and then we have this, like, storage caddy thing, toilet garbage, me. There we go. The bathroom is pretty simple. Pretty small does the job. So yeah, that's this is the main dorm room, so just keep your whole little overview of that silly. So when you first walk in and have a really cool, colorful carpet that my roommate brought, I'll start on this said so over here. This is my roommates desk, and this is her dead. Very cute. Very nice. And then her dresser right here as well. Well done. Coming over too. This area is my stuff. So I also have same desk. Hey, wait. You, like, make this cuter than over here is my desk. Um, so you have shelves up here, and I just, like, organized my thing with I just organized most myself of these cubes I got from Target says my desk area. So I just have some glasses Here. I have this succulent Um, I have a corn coin jar. Uh, necklace, this pin. Um, just kind of random stuff. Also a Polaroid camera up here and then school supplies here, including some overpriced text books. Um, and then he was like, my main desk on a random stuff. Um, here. I just have, like, really cute letter from my friend Bianca. Shout out this poem from that poem, Die in the park, some pictures, and then a fan. A fan is essential in any dorm room, especially the one I'm in. Okay, so over here, have some posters. I have these two ones. I forgot what the brand is called, but I'll put it on the screen now. These posters and then I have these, like, random postcards that I picked up at the Strand show. Mama loved that. Yeah, the subway map over here and then also in the side of my desk. I put these, like, what are these things? Hold these, like, glow Star Planet things. I don't know why I just wanted to be quirky. They don't even light up that night. Well, and then in the corner here, I actually never finished setting these up because I'm lazy. But they kind of just, like, hang out like this. I have my string lights, so yeah, battery operated can do whatever you want with them. So right here is my bed. And honestly, I have not slept under my actual like comforters And until last night, because it's just so hot. But yeah, the bedding is from Urban Outfitters. I really love it. So colorful and fun. And then these two pillows are from bed bath and beyond. Then if you just take a right, we have our window. So we just have one pretty big square window. But we have a really awesome you. I got a lot of blue, a lot of sky, this school building over here. Um, yes. And then I just like I have mangoes there, I don't know. And a cup. And then also this mirror that goes like this. And then in this box, they just have stuff that I use, like every day, like skin care stuff. Just like have it. There's it's easy and accessible and then moving over is my other roommates stuff. So she has a school thing. She's from Colorado. Um, but yeah. So yes. Yes, her stuff here cart her whole set up. Very cool. Very nice. Her bed. And then that's her dresser and her desk. and then over here. This is my dresser, but we kind of this foot random kitchen stuff on it. Hitchen We don't have a kitchen, but we just have, like, a Britta filter. Actually, we haven't used it yet. A manicure ig like our microwave and mini fridge. So yeah, that's all for my dorm tour. I hope that you guys found it helpful or interesting or something. Um, and definitely comment below what other types of videos you want me to make, Whether it's related to your city, college, whatever. Any questions. And I would be happy to answer them, do those videos and thank you. So, so much for watching. And I'll see you guys next time. Hey, guys. My name is Isaiah, and I'm from Sarasota, Florida. I'm studying global public health at the College of Arts and Sciences, and I'm gonna be your tour guide Hey, it's Isaiah. I'm gonna give you a tour of my dorm here. It looked in hall, which is right in Washington Square Park. Let's go. So that's my bed. This is my area of the room. You can kind of see we have the drawers underneath the bed. You can really do whatever you want. Like my roommate has his drawers outside and he moved his desk around There's his side there. Room has got a boosted board, Got a sweet P C. And now you get to see our amazing view. Let's take a look. That's the Empire State Building. If you can't tell, we're really lucky. We're on the sixteenth floor of a building right next to Washington Square Park. Show you the bathroom really quick. Sorry about that. Trash at the shower. Okay, so I just, uh, not ready that trust and everything took a shower, and I'm about to head to my first class, so I just thought this would be a good time to getting to be a rundown of what my normal for team look like. So if you looked at my other videos, you know that I live in Rubin Hall, which is on Fifth Avenue and tenth Street, pretty close to the main campus. So now I'm headed to the Silver Center, which is where my first class of the day is. And usually when I'm on the way, we have to. All I really do unless I'm running late is I'll goto Weinstein, which is right across from the Silver Center, and I'll go into side steamed and I'll get some coffee and maybe a muffin or a bagel or Kasan or something like that pretty quick. And then I'll head over to at the silver center and the travel there from Ruben two silvers floor is Hey, guys. So this is palladium, My residents hall. That's the lobby back there, and right now I'm walking through the hallway. There's this weird partition up because palladium is partially a dining hall, a gym on and they have lots of facilities that everyone and why you can use. So they section on this parts of the people that actually live here, how the different entrance to go through. Um, up here, we have the mail room, which is great. Whenever you have a package, you have to go to the resource center in the lobby. But if you have male, then it will come here and you have a certain code to unlock your box, and then you can figure it all out. Um, there also, they're restrooms down here, recycling, but there's a trashed room on every floor, and that's usually where you put you're trash at the end of the week. Um, and then over here, their elevators and, uh, you Okay, So this is my roommate, Len. She goes to n Y u just like I do, obviously. And so I'm just going to ask her a few questions about why you and why she chose to go. Slim or leave you? I go to n y u New York University and I attend Steinhardt. So one of the schools were Then then why you? It's the school. We don't need to go into basically. The reason I chose to go down on you is because I wanted to be a city. I knew that my academics were your life in terms of my greatest. If I was in high school, I I was always kind of told which is a It's a It's a terrible reason to pick any college, But I'm like, Oh, my God, you fit in So well, then why you like you're so quirky? What else? So the reason I chose my major, which is media culture, communication, MCC, because I've always been interested very much how the things that were exposed to back to we become so I'm always going public cultural identity crisis. And I think a lot of the reason for that is because the media have been exposed to. I'm very familiar with American culture. I just moved us and I think that was really interesting to me. As time goes on, I don't know. Okay. And how would you describe the student body like the students want you okay? And why? You is very diverse. I don't just mean like, oh, there's a lot of races which there are, but it's also you have a lot of international students and you have the largest international student population of any US college. It's and because there's such a breath like majors as well. So you have the art squeal lactation and you also have stern. So you get sort of a polar suspect. Personalities would be extreme hipster, cool kid type, the very young playing want to work, taking Morgan time and then everything. How about you Just kind of like the acted in a climate like your classes like, What's it like? It's not hard. Maybe because I'm taking it. I think it's very manageable. The thing with college, I guess, is that you don't become aware how piles on, But wait, it's Yeah, I'd agree with that. I'd say that like, if you're used to taking AP classes like Oribe glasses or anything like that, like college prep classes, you'll probably be pretty prepared for in you. Hey, it's like a lot less busy work. But I'd say like the expectations are pretty similar, especially like freshman year Like, it's pretty much a recap of a lot of things you probably aren't. You know, if you went to a school that was like College Prep and then the last question Okay, what's your favorite? And what's your least favorite part of you and My favorite part of you is that I genuinely feel like I'm living my life. I don't feel like I'm stuck in some place that I just have to be stuck here next four years. I genuinely feel like I'm engaged with things on. There's just so much access to everything, not just because we're in the city, but and where you is. The school makes it everything so successful? No. And then my beast sing. This is something I didn't keep in mind when applying, Are you and what you want? Huge. I didn't I was not aware of. How you do is going to be especially in comparison to other colleges. And sometimes that means it's not about being lost. It's just about so don't you want to have more that community, especially since and what he doesn't do a very good job of having communal spaces nothing. That's it. Yeah, like, I think if you wantto, like, be a part of a community or like, get involved in why you feel he kind of have, like, this group of people that you know really well and feel like you belong, uh, more than a lot of other schools, you kind of have to do that on your own, like you're probably not going to feel like in white. You itself is like your community. You're probably gonna have to find, like your sect within and why you let your community whether that's like Greek life or like clubs, like in life, like Glen is a part of DEA say, like Democratic, Socialist and so like. That I'd say is like, from what it seems is like her community. And so it's less so like all in why you students are like a part of your community. It's usually like I'm really involved in, like the activism scene or like the business scene or something like that. You're really involved, like in a certain part of GNU, and that's more your community than anything. But you have to kind of take initiative to be a part of that because if you don't take initiative, then it's really easy to kind of feel a little bit more lost because it is a big school in a big city and the campus is really kind of spread out. It's not like a really don't like a classic campus feel, so if you don't take initiative to kind of make it home, it can very easily not Friend Homens Lunger, located in the basement of the Clark Hall. Toe wash cost two dollars and drying also cost two dollars. You get your own laundry card, which costs about one dollar your first purchase and this machine here allows you to put money onto your money card, then the washing machines in drivers are located over here. With vending machines for drinks, snacks and also lunch detergent as well as medicine in case you need it. And then there's a lounge space here. We can watch TV while your clothes are washed. Okay. So these are my friends, Lachlan and Kyle they go to and why you just like I do. And I'm going to ask him a few questions about what they think of him. Will you? Okay? Wear this. Okay. All right. Who wants to start going to say who you are and what school you're in? All right. My name's. Kyle and I go to study hard and majoring in applied psychology. What school? Oh, you said Steiner. My name is Lachlan Andro. I'm a socialite Major in the school. Social worker. Okay. All right. So, uh, what's it like going to my You want cheese? And why you? I chose you because I like the city and the diversity. Yeah, the aspirations and endeavors. That and why you strives for. And I thought I wanted to be part of that community. Yeah, it was more about like, the atmosphere and like the setting. That's why I chose it. I thought biggest Ravi was actually so apart from the city, which is huge, was a lot of actually the social justice culture that was really big because there's something else a passionate about, but then also within like social justice. Because of my Christian fight. I come from such a different perspective on a lot of ways. And so I've just loved that dynamic and getting Tio like talk to the diversity of people that are here but then also loan, like has to help people pursuing that all sorts of different ways. And how can connect with that? Yeah, and so I know your freshman, but, like, well, how would you describe your major like, what's it like? And like in general, the classes you take in like, how would you describe them? Are they hard or the easy or the interesting? I mean, I've only taken one psychology class right now. I think most of my courses are interdisciplinary and like Mix it up. I have philosophy and their got sociology And the what else? Like a writing class each semester. So, like right now, psychology has not a thing. I have not been doing my measure yeah, using because, like, Christmas, I did tons, the social stuff I got due to social classes. I had a writing essay class, which was, like, really social justice based. And now, taking to inter class and stuff is different and thirty in Chinese, too, which is just like like a wild card, a little ways. But I will say it's been like two surprises, and you one being like there are times from witness where it's like, Okay, so this is like, I'm calling to class for it's like I'm not actually, if one is feeling that intellectually, like Lady is not my passion. But you know, this is what you gotta do to get their degree to learn this stuff. That's what they say, all right, but then I've also been really treated by like I had a couple classes first, Mr where people did talk about a broader injury ideas than expected and that, to me is like, Amazing. It's wonderful to get to experience that, Yeah, what do you say that it might use like a really academically competitive school like, Is it high pressure or what you say it's more laid back? Do you feel stressed out a lot with classes? No, personally, no. I mean, I can't really compare, write thie only university. I guess you gotta compared to like high school, like, if this is like someone who's like in high school now, should they feel like they're about to be? When we're stressed out? You know, I think college, you have so much more free time. It's all about time management. You have so much gaps in time like I only have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays and my whole morning's free Michael afternoons free and so, like I choose to work in between those hours. But like whatever you want to do like that, you have so much free time. High school was so stressful for me colleges just relaxing. I would say that no, like part of it is also about the progression of like Where you as a person like for me during high school, I notice a very big difference. Teamwork on junior year. My senior year wasn't the workload the change. In fact, I think I'm busy must in year. But I got a lot better. Just not stressing about stuff, not worrying and being like you know what? I don't need to have perfect grades for my life to be like together. I'm still dealing with that. But so I'd say like, if it wasn't and if it wasn't for my Chinese class, I think you we're not like it has. It definitely has not been as challenging as I went to a boarding school and environment itself. It's like particularly challenging. Bye. I think a lot of that has to do with us, Not like my Chinese teacher talkto. She's like we'll never be one of those campuses where everyone is just dedicated to studying all the time because there's too much to do. It's New York City. Yeah, and people are gonna have things to do and like for even for myself, it's not typical. But like being super involved in church, like Muslim, Christian, dial, local, whatever. Whatever may have you like all this different stuff, it's all there all the time, and there's always people to catch up with stuff like that. And because of that, I don't feel like I have free time. But if I compared the house, it's mean sorry differently. So I know you're saying like it's not that common for people on campus to be like super religious. How would you describe most in why you students like, like, what is this suit like? I would say, like a lot there a lot. You see a lot of hipsters, like people, just everyone this year, like it's the non religious diagnostic, the super religious, the moderate religious like like everyone is here, like like we somehow form like this community that we call it what you like. That's what I like so much about it. It's like everybody can have something to say and it's so diverse and like, you know, like Lachlan, me and Kevin are all roommates, and we all have, like, different views on so many things. But, like, the are so good as, like a room like I love my roommates. But we're so diverse and opinions, I think that, like, represents, it's like our room is kind of like a microcosm of, like anyway, missing the point, I think I mean, of course, I think there is a like a dominant culture. Yeah, like I feel like it's exo. I think so. I feel like what is that, like? Liberal is a very like a liberal, likely slight, least like spiritually but definitely wouldn't like to associate with, like, a certain name of got religion right like that. Like like, that sort of stuff is definitely dominated. Okay, real religion wise, we have everything politics wise, we're super liberal. I feel like world liberal to the point were like, exclusive, like, you know, conservatives. I kind of afraid to come here. Yeah, that's probably one thing that we're not very diverse, like, not going. You're not going to find many people who think differently politically. Like it's probably like, there's like, are you? Are you like a democrat? Are you like a copy? Just like the doors. And I think that is the spectrum. Yeah, because that's where I've actually heard most of them, Like political debates. It's that stuff. It's like, should we have, Like, I kind of like modern little perspectives. Or, like Communism was like, Are you left or super left? Yeah. Yeah, because I felt like a revolutionary my school because it's like the conservative school. Yeah. And even then, like, I mean, I still like stuff with fight that's still, like, kind of different people, but that said, here it's just a hole in the boat like in at this point, I'm just like I'm just like, I don't even know. I just don't know. Yeah, it sze throwing everything because such a different one, like spiritually. I think there are some conservative like opinions and views. But like when you're politically conservative, I feel like a lot of people who are politically conservative are in the closet here like they don't want to come out like it's true. Haven't rain the official. So we like B lack diversity, since we could probably improved with more politically OK, last question is, what's your favorite and least favorite thing about him? Will you party? No, that happens. Good. Yeah. I think one of the best things I have found is simply be a stereotypical. But the weapons you need to be in a place is so many different kinds of people, you know, like find that little place is the fact that I can go to so many different communities and hear so many different perspectives. And there are so many different pockets of people to like. It's not just individuals, it's communities and you don't find that a lot of places. And because in you is a huge school, enough way biggest city still is. That's an environment like Nana and these opportunities, if you don't you don't find anywhere else and that to me it's the conversations I get to have people as totally blowing My expectations about university would be like out of bio print with. I think I think the worst thing I would say is the and this is the engine thing. But I think that predominant culture idea, I do think there can be this like very Korea like the if you submit if you're within any of these ideas you fit into this category, is it? I feel like there's definitely an otherness that comes with when you're out in that, like, liberal, spiritually but not religious of faith based on sort of line of thought. And I enjoy engaging with that personally, because I mean, that's why they re part of the reason I came here in the first place. But by the same token, for everyone's sake, from my safe people who a kind of for within that line on all different sort of ways, I think that could grow a lot because we champion es I wasn't being open minded. But then when we meet someone who we think might be ignorant, someway, we close ourselves off to them name because I'm not open minded of ways. And I think that's a pretty strong piece of their culture here at times. Yeah. Could be kind of coaching. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Okay, Yeah. My favorite part is the anonymity that you have in the city flavor. No, I love it. I lived in rural towns and like cities and rural towns. Everybody knows who you are. Like all the family know each other. They're like, Oh, yeah, your this person signed blah, blah, blah like they know you on, like, a first name basis. Like how some of you do this. You do this club, you do all of this. I'm like, Oh, yeah, Okay. You know more about me than me, Okay? Everybody knows each other and like, that's like sometimes, not like, I don't know, it gets annoying at times. And then I come to the city. Nobody really cares where you're like. You're all strangers like you find community in, like your dorm and clubs like religious affiliations. And that's like you choose where to affiliate yourself with. But just like in you, you're just kind of like among this, like mass blur and like I love that like, I love just having it's like privacy. But you're also in one big commune. You get to choose, you know, and the worst thing would I have to go with Lachlan like we're really cliquey like Stern. Okay, we're really cliquey like we have this group, this group, this group. And we say we're super diverse, but like Dewey mesh as like a diverse group. And that's like, I feel like that's lacking. But, like, another thing I like about that is we have so much potential to like, if we mess will be so like would be truly diverse, like we're not there yet. But, like, yeah, I think like a god. Oh, yeah, I was like, I think like one thing that I noticed just like e think like one thing that I've noticed. It's kind of the fact that, uh, e Yeah, I think one thing that I've noticed with, like, living on campus is a freshman is the carpet. And why you does try toe like put people who are different from one another in the same room, like And I think that you, Laughlin and Kevin are like a really good example of, like, putting three very different people in our room. But it's still working out because, like, when you're a freshman, you don't get to choose who you're living with you. Even if you're from the city, you have a friend who got into wine you like you're not allowed to lived with someone two, like, you know. And so like you, lawful and Kevin are all in a different school, and you're all from different places. Along comes from a different country. Um, and so I think that kind of helps to integrate it just a little bit because they tried out two people put people with, like, the same major, the same school in the same place that people from the same state or country in the same place. So I think that does, like, help open it up just a little bit because, like, I don't think I really would have, like, known someone from, like, the school of social work, that so small if you were on my floor. Yeah. Do you guys have anything else to