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So here. Oh, issue. We have three options for our dining plan. There's option one option to Option three. Option one is the lowest amount of money. I believe it's about seven hundred dollars, and the second option, I think, is around nine hundred, and the third one is about twelve hundred. And here you are. Dining Plan operates under a debit system, so you got to get one of these, which is a student ID card. Minds a little bit messed up because I've had it for three years now, but pretty much wouldn't you select the option of what dying you want. It loads onto your ID card as if it was a debit card. So every time you go to any of the dining hall's here on campus, all you gotta do is, you know, pick up the food that you want. They bring up, give you a final price and just hand in your ID card. And they swipe it in that amount of ducks from from your balance until eventually you hit zero. And then the other aspect to the dining plan is called orange cash or cash. You have to load on with your own money outside of the dining plan. But there are multiple places on campus that take orange cash and not dining dollars. An orange cast pretty much is just simply a dis capital. It it's just a way you can pay with a slight discount for the food that you gave. So here Organ state. We have a variety of different classes, all them differentiating from big lectures to discussion based classes. It really depends on what kind of classes you are taking for personally. For me, I'm taking digital communications courses, a lot of reading, writing and communication, so they're strict. A lot of them are strictly discussion classes instead, like the big classroom. And now which is one of these circular classrooms that fits much more students is mainly meant for lecture type classes. So, more or less, you're kind of general ed classes or your intro to your major classes, where they're much bigger and much more just general teaching, teaching concepts Rather than engage the student fact with your ratio here, organ stays eighteen students toe everyone faculty member, and about thirty percent of the classes that are offered here are under twenty students per class. So that really does help. Having those small classroom was definitely helps me as a student, and it's much easier for me to focus. But either way, like the classroom dynamic here at Oregon State is absolutely wonderful, and you're really, really engaged what you're being taught. And it's just really gives you a safe space to to apply yourself in all the class that you take So right now I'm sitting outside of West Hall, which is one of the main dining centers here on campus here, in this dining, so you can find a small little market known as GPS. You confined Italian food, Mexican food away to American food, and they even have a little deli in their first sandwiches and shouters and soups and all that. In my personal opinion, I think the best place to eat in inside of West Hole has to be. I got to say, it's serranos. Serranos is the Mexican place here, inside of West, and they just make some really good burritos. Also, I would also recommend the Italian restaurant here and as easy here. There's a clip of a bread stick and a slice of pizza that I got. It may not be the best pizza in the world, but, hey, it taste pretty darn good for what it Well. Speaking of classrooms here, Oregon State, we mainly have three different kinds of classrooms. The first one, of course, being traditional, you know, everyone's around, pick a seat and you know the teachers at the front of the classroom, teaching whatever they need to do. The second one we have is, you know, the bigger lecture halls that fit about two to three hundred students, and the third one is actually very unique. Tosu and I don't believe any other kind of college does this. But Wei have these circular classroom, so the whole classroom is in a circle the teacher teaches in the middle. And as you can see, there's chairs lining the class from the three hundred sixty degrees with these big white with these big projector screens that you can see from any angle of the classroom. So it's much more engaging. This is the three different So right now I am standing outside of Research Stadium. This is the home of the Oregon State Beavers football team here at Oregon State University about every other Saturday. This entire place is absolutely packed. All of this area in front of a stadium here is all filled with a bunch of sponsors and food trucks and just a bunch of different activities people to do before the game. And then, as well as all of Corvallis, is packed. All of campus parking lots are closed out for people. I want to tailgate, huh? All of campuses tailgating on game days here. Sadly, we have heard the greatest team to ever play. But, hey, just because we aren't doing so hot doesn't mean our fans love organ state any less like go The building behind me is Weatherford Hall. This is a student dormitory for business students only. Weatherford is known as kind of the poster card of Building of Oregon State. It's the building that really is most known here on campus, mostly known for the arch in the middle. Inside, it's mostly just a bunch of dorm rooms at the on the fifth floor. All the way up there there is a library that you can actually go to and studying, and that that's only for access for business students that live in there. But inside you Confined Beings Cafe, which is a nice little cafe inside of weather for Hall. And like I said, it is on ly really a dorm. But it's just one of the most beautiful buildings here on campus, and I highly recommend you go see it when you if you do tour it. So the quad behind me here is the memorial Union quad. This is where a bunch of students will cross through campus to get to their certain classes throughout the day. It's a place to really come a second, the sun when it is sunny outside and, you know, throw a Frisbee to study in the sun, too. Just laying out the grass. And it's just a nice little place to come and decompress after a long day Right now, I'm standing in front of Oregon State's Gauss Stadium. This is the home of our baseball team here. So behind me here is Oregon State Gauss Coliseum. This is where the home our baseball team here. And if you guys haven't heard of for the Oregon State Beavers were actually the number one team in the country As of last season, we actually won the national championship for the way actually did that back in two thousand seven inches and eight. I believe so. All right, Our baseball team's actually pretty well known around around the country here. And this is where this is where all of our games take place on. Yeah. So students come here. The same thing with football games. They come a bunch of fans come here to tailgate, have a good time and then go to the game with all their friends and family. And it's always a great time. I always highly recommend you check it out when you Okay, so the building behind me here is the more the union. This is probably one of the most visited buildings here on campus. If you want a nice relaxing place to study, there is Theo. Even war union lounge die eyes filled with chairs, sofas, tables place for you guys taking naps, Really, in just a place to kind of come decompressed study in a nice, quiet environment and just get your things done. There's a swell as a P to stop coffee shop here as well as you go down the hall, you will find a Wells Fargo as well as a credit union ATM for all your financial needs. And then if you go down farther in that hall, which I will show you now, uh, you will find Panda Express, Togo's and Joe's burgers. So if you ever get hungry and decide that you want to come grab a quick snack, that those air there for you. Although sadly, those two restaurants are not covered by the dining plans, and you will have to use your own money for those, but let's take you