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Las Vegas, NV

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When I'm inside, everything's you break into everything. You will grow back again. Look at the snow on the plant. This is what I have to look forward to tomorrow. Hopefully, it's not super. It's not snowing tomorrow because everything is gonna be wet. Wait, No, I think I would rather be snowing. Just rainy. So much snow over there. So breaking when everything but everything's on. Yeah. Look, you bring two. Can you actually remember this time? Because I know you guys parent. Last time. All right, So I want some footage for you guys. The snow has mainly melted or is in the process of melting at like, seven o'clock. It starts snowing again, and now it has turned into rain. So now it's just a rainy day moving onto the irregular stands. As I pointed out, this was like the end of the lecture last time. Um, ranging very sexually. So of females are a lot smaller than males and males have is really sexy. I don't know about you guys, but it gets me hot. I came to the new hospitality building and it's actually really modern and beautiful inside. I just came here to get some drops. But, um, this building is amazing. It kind of makes you want to be a hospitality Danger e elevator. You can see it now, right? It's so cold. Carper. So close to my car. And I could barely get in between. All right, so that's like a typical day of school. I get there. I get there early because that is when I do my reading. So I get there 30 40 minutes before and I just read or I put my hoagie one in Jim's. I'll do raids. Then I will go to class. Usually I have one or two classes and then I go home. So that's why I blogged on Friday because I have two classes, but they're spread out. So I have to be on campus for a while. And then I have time to do other things. Alright, guys, is going to be the end of the video. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe for more. I'll see you guys next time. All right, guys. So it's 7 40 I am parked, and I got a pretty good parking spot, but I I'm gonna go to class, even though it starts at 8 30 I just have a lot of reading to do, So I'm gonna go do that. I didn't eat breakfast because I wanted to get a good parking spot. Wait, I can't believe I was rocking. Guys, I cannot believe I was logging. Um, fire are nothing that usually happens. So this is kind of scary. What is happening? Not gonna lie. I am kind of freaking out right now. Wait happening. So it's not a drill. That's kind of scary. That's talk about what happened. So basically, I don't know. I went up to the hospitality hall to check it out. Firefighters came and all that, but I don't know, like there was no fire that was visible. They weren't letting anybody back into the library. And then I did the time lapse. By the time that finished, it was around 11 13 so I started heading over to my class, so I don't really know what happened. Honestly, I didn't look towards the library. Once I got out of class. I just want to go home, and I forgot about it on its name, but that was kind of scary. To be honest, I was shaking because I didn't know what was going on. And I'm pretty sure they don't do drills in college. Which is why I asked, because, you know, I've been going to school for how long now, and I've never been a part of a drill or anything. So I was like 99% sure that drills were anything. But then, when nothing happened and way can't see anything, I don't know if someone just pulled the fire alarm to be funny or what. Today's Thursday, my last school day of the week. You They don't classes on Friday, which is really exciting for me. I don't have temporary breakfast. It's already passed up dirty. So let's go. I decided I needed a coffee, so I made myself my usual coffee. But it's not nice today, guys. It's so quiet here. But I'm having a day job moment. You wait, Wait. Hey, guys. So many Indians were going to the gym it right now, So there's that. But we have never been during the normal mustard because we literally started coming in this summer. So where we don't know how it's gonna be. So we'll find out what it was like in and out way. I met someone in the bathroom. I said a lot of them again. Just like you know what you're doing. You look kind of awkward. So, like James? Seems like I met that guy in the bathroom just being weird and think hello to people. Okay. Anyway, sorry. Didn't want a film in there because I felt like that was really rude to the people around me. Like I wouldn't want to be filmed. But look, James is too tall. I can't keep him in the frame. So we're gonna get him for now. Um, so yeah, that's right. Film in there. But she's so cute window she wants. But I tried to keep my back. Street looks like what I focus on and on TV because they were distracted, but I don't know if I was praying for that. We're gonna go to Target because I need some items, and then I gotta work on my, uh, so much waiting to do. Like no one left home working on this week. They're like, Hey, read 500 chapters. So I have to do that. Don't put them in the dirty. Yeah, Guys, I can't get over how pretty it looks