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Thinking about Portland State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Portland State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Portland State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Portland State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Portland State University experience. These Portland State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, so right now we're in Creamer Hall, which is one of the buildings that's right along the park blocks. A lot of general classes happened here. Bunch of lectures. I'm just gonna walk around and show you around before telling you a little bit more about the classroom dynamics so you could be right outside the doors. Is Lincoln Hall, which is the music hall? I'll be showing you that on next. Then that little light part right in between Kramer and Lincoln is Streetcar. There's a street car that passes right through there very hard to get hit, but I wouldn't put it past me. Apparently, Lincoln is the high school, but I really don't get it with all these lockers here. So this is what your generic lecture hall looks like, Exactly what you would expect. Lots of chairs, lots of people. One teacher. I've never had a lecture class myself. One of the perks of being a music major is all the classes are pretty tiny. It's like thirty people to a teacher. Honestly, it works for me, but from what I heard, the lecture classes, they're pretty survivable. Kramer Hall has a bunch of lounge is just sitting over and Wow, look, it's under construction there. Ceiling tiles missing everywhere. But yeah, Kramer Hall seems to be the bass for love. The science classes that aren't taught reached research center. It's where you have a lot of the freshman and sophomore increase. I'LL talk a little bit more about those later. Psychology has a lot of classes in here, a lot of different things. It's not really a specialized building, but it's a good one right up the stairs. It's my favorite mural on campus because look at this art. I love it. There's more over here. I need it. Also probably important to note. Right across the street, there is the first set of parking garages for P. S. U. Personally, I prefer to commute. It's so much easier. The passes are one hundred eighty for the term or you can do. There were reduced income fee for a twenty eight dollars a month. But if you have to drive honestly, I won't. I won't blame you. It's about four hundred a term, So if you're able to budget for that, then good for you. So if you're coming in as a freshman, you're going to be seeing these questions a lot. This is where a lot of mentored inquiry sessions happen, which is sort of a talk back class. I haven't really been here for any other reason, but they're super, super helpful. You can walk into one of these if it's not being used for a class. You just kind of work on a computer in case you forgot yours at home like I do a lot. Okay, I'm in This. So another important part of Cramer is not the giant hole cut out of the wall. If the writing center, the writing center is a room in Kramer on the first floor, we can go in with your essays or any other writing projects, and they have he conception appointment or just walk in during certain hours and somebody will help you with it. It's a lot of grad students working here, and they're happy to help. I only figured out that this was here last term, and I wish I'd known about it sooner. And my favorite part of the Cramer Hall, the re use room. So what is the reuse room? You may ask. Hopefully nobody's in here. Cool. This is the real room. It's a big room full of stuff. I know people are able to drop off whatever they don't want. Play connect, type or a hairbrush or way too many coat hangers. And he can just kind of go in here and take what you want. It's really helpful. I've gotten some nice stuff here. I got a hydra flask. I've got some prying pans, just what we need. If you need lots of binders, they got lots of binders. If you need random books, maybe they might have what you need. If you need a necktie. Psych. It's mine now. You're not expected to bring anything in return. It's not a train situation. The only thing that they ask is that you write your name down on this is a piece of paper right here so that I know that things are actually being taken by students rather than just sort of being stolen or whatever. Yeah, I totally recommend it. It's a good way to get rid of stuff that you don't really need any more, and it's really fun to just walk by and find random stuff. Also, P s. He has a lot of all gender restrooms just all around campus. Not really something that you'd think would be taken for granted, but it really can be. And I'm glad that they've got him here. I finally found an unlocked classroom. Let's check it out. Hello? While the lights turn on? No, actually, to turn them on myself. Cool. All right, so this is a good example of what the classrooms look like. Not all the classrooms. But I've had a lot of Omar. It's sir, this roundtable style. The teachers will move the desks, however, hopefully they'LL have windows. Not always, but this is at least what they look like and creamer and pretty accurate to what they look like in Lincoln, too. All right, so now that we've checked out most of Kramer, I'm going to take you across the Sky Bridge and show you the Carl Miller Center, which is a building that I didn't have any classes and until this year, but I think it's really cool. It's a brand new building. There's the skybridge. Just give me a second. All right, Y'All, this is going to be my last video. Um, there's another one. So I'm sad to see you go. I'm sorry that a lot of the tour videos wound up being mostly my face. After watching them, I realized that I should have done it freight facing forward and speaking. And I really do apologize for that. Yeah. So some of the highlights that I think are important are financially you're sitting. That is going to be a huge determining factor at any university you pick. Especially Portland St. Uh, you saw You may have seen my interview with my buddy Pierce, who I'm kind of related to, and I cut it a little bit with a good friend of mine, Cora, because she's an out of state students and because financially. I think Pierce is a bit more supported. I think his experience picking a major and navigating P s u has been easier. And I don't want to make generalized statements about the world or about universities, but financially. Portland St yeah. All right. I'm not going to keep rambling about finances. That a great time with Y'all would be like the videos follow me at Gavin for Mayor on Instagram. And if you I'll approve it. You send me a GM to me where you saw me. If you're at O if you come to Portland State, I'm gonna be here this academic year eighteen, nineteen, and I'm gonna be here nineteen twenty. So if you want to get together for a cup of coffee or you need something, I can take you on a good tour where you can actually see what's happening. I would be more than glad to do that. Uh, thank you all so much for enabling this website to pay me for these videos. Yeah. Uh, come to improv club Wednesdays seven to nine. Hey, guys, Welcome back through. This is a college related video where I'm just gonna sit down here, talk to you guys and give out some tips and advice. If you clicked on this video, you're either a returning subscriber. Hello. Welcome back to my channel. Thanks for watching. Or you just got accepted to Portland State this fall. And if you did, congrats on your acceptance. Welcome to the team. Before I get started with the actual video, I'm just going to do a little introduction of myself real quick. My name's Leah. I'm 19 and I'm majoring in communications studies. Number One thing that really helped me in college was getting a planner. College is so hectic and busy, and you're always doing something constantly, and things just slip out of your mind easily getting a planner and running down your homework events, etcetera. It just helps. Also in my planner. When I write things that I need to do as soon as I check them off, I just feel 10 times better. I feel less stressed because I know that I did something that I had to do. That's my number one tip. Get a planner, college was really tough. When you literally progressing a everything I procrastinate. Everything make a routine. Making a retained for me has helped me be so much more productive. So number one try to have a time that you wake up every single day. I also noticed that in the mornings I'm a lot more productive rather than waking up at like noon. Once I'm sticking to a routine, I feel like I'm getting things done. I'm just checking things off my planner, and you know, I feel good. I feel great when you make your schedule before you choose your classes, you should use rate, My professor. It's a website where you can search up your professor and see the reviews over the professor. You don't want to sit in a classroom with a professor that just doesn't fit the way you learn. Like some professors are more hands on. Some professors use power points, some professors, just two lectures. Another thing on making your schedule right not to have your classes spaced out as much. So last year I made the mistake of having like an hour between classes, thinking I would do homework study, do something productive, but No, I took a nap. Instead. I took many knobs. Make your own food and college. You save a lot more money that way. Or you can use the dining hall that they provide for you. Also for incoming freshmen at Portland State. If you guys didn't already know, Portland State has a local market. Every Saturday morning they saw local produce cheese, bread, pastries and there's a lot of options. There's gluten free options, vegan option, dairy free options. I mean, it's a lot of options. You guys should check that out. The first thing you should do is not purchase books at the Portland State Bookstore because they're expensive. The first thing you should do, though, is check out. Check que notebooks Amazon prime. So you're in a new place. You're nervous. Everyone is most likely feeling the same way as you. What works for me is literally just walking up to a stranger and just start up a friendly conversation. It sounds scary, but people will respond like they're not gonna look at you and walk away. They're going to say something back. And if the vibe works, grab them, become their friend. And if they don't respond. Well, that's their loss. It just means they're meat. You don't want them as your friend. Don't pack your entire wardrobe. Only pack what you would wear. I would recommend packing basics. You get to mix and match some pieces. And the last advice I have to give out is to make connection. Introduce yourself to Professor after the first of class, make a good first impression because in the long run, when you do need a letter of recommendation, they'll give you one and I'll give you one because they remember you. Now we're at the end of the video. Hopefully, this helped you. Thank you for watching good luck at school this year, everyone and go Vikings. Hello. My name is Gavin Schneider, and I'm going to be leading you on this sort of a virtual tour of sorts. Ah, a little bit about me. I just got off work. I worked as a research assistant with the Build Exit, a research program. I researched autistic adults on help, behavior and health care. Um, yeah, it's a really cool job. Really rewarding. I like it a lot. Otherwise, on campus, I'm on student council, which is I like it a protein state a lot, because we are a very politically active campus. I'm not going to get into politics in these videos, because that's not what they're for. But if you're interested in getting involved with you know your you're in your social justice, you're, you know, advocacy, get into your your twenties kind like the seventies. If you're interested in something like that, some real political activist, important states a great place to come. Um, I'm on improv club, which is the highlight of my week every week. Wednesdays, seven to nine. You don't even know that. Um, yeah, Double majoring in communication and philosophy. I'm specifically interested in the nature of knowledge and the way that human thought processing works because, you know knowledge is a human construct. How? Yeah, how is our cognition affected? How does you know stimuli? I kind of like you're experiencing right now. How does that affect brain development or the way that you process information after being exposed to, you know, the media for long periods of time? Those kinds of questions are what I'm interested in. Um, I've just begun studying for the G R E the Graduate school tests, which is a daunting feet. There's a lot of information on these testing in these books that I don't know and don't have. But it's funny because all the stuff that I'm being tested on to get into grad school is stuff that I thought I was going to need coming into college A lot of like digits, different math, knowledge, statistics, algebra, geometry, knowing the entomology of words and had a diagram, sentences, sentence structure. But and it's a little odd, but the point I'm trying to make is that I didn't know this stuff coming into college. I still don't know a lot of it, but that was something that I was worried about and you know, Prior knowledge isn't necessarily something that you need to worry about when picking a university or these picking port in St Um, Now, once you get here, the students that do have the skills and know the stuff have less work to do. And that's absolutely effect. But the Portland State is bountiful in re in campus resources and support for its students. But you know, the student body is so big that no one's gonna hold your hand through anything, so it's really up to you to find the resource is and two, you have to find the drive within yourself in the wantto Learn these things to get it done. So you have. The Portland State student is the proactive student, and that could be really hard Sometimes, especially the winters here get daunting. It's cold and it's raining and doing that, you know, everyone gets kind of sad and upset. And that's that's those times that you need to, you know, focus on what's important. You could be proactive. You gotta get yourself to the resource is you gotta go to improv club. Um, yeah, Prince. It's a weird place, and I'm excited to show it to you. Thank you for listening to my little spiel. Um, yeah. Don't Don't worry about not being good enough. If you work hard, you will be So, aside from Victor's dining hall, there's actually a ton of other places for you to go and eat. I mean, we are downtown, so there's going to be options everywhere you look. I mean, right behind me. We have the blaze and burrito food cart right behind it bashes Mediterranean right over there. The little blue one is hot dogs and fries that just can't be opening another location real soon. I'm happy about that. I hope they will hire me. Um, over there we have subway sandwiches and then rode brewery, and I want to show you my favorite spot. So if you're wanting to eat on campus, he got two different options. You have Victor's dining hall and you have the kitchen and Smith. Victor's is more like a generic cafeteria. Will Smith has various restaurants for you to choose from. I like that one because of the variety, but they're both pretty good. If you're doing the first year experience, which is sort of like a freshman pricing thing, the meal plan will be summer between a thousand and fourteen hundred term. So just figure out which one works for you, and we made it so This is the food carts there near the target downtown. I don't actually know the name for him. Most food cart pods have names, but I don't know. But I just love this area because it's an entire block full of food carts full of different types of food. If I'm hanging out with friends, we can come over here and nobody has to choose who's getting what. It's just a great place. I don't know how much I can stress this, but PFC. Is downtown, so you don't like the food that's there. There's so many options to choose so many. And, hey, if you're low on money for food, I'm sure you could ask your friends, too Pigeon. All right. Right now I'm sitting at the Portland State Park blocks, see around S O. Only about half of the park blocks in the city of Portland are considered Portland State park blocks. And you can tell because we used the nice energy efficient lights. And then it changes, too, like really warm better lights when it gets to the city. But the's park collapse there one blood walk, one block wide and maybe ten or eleven blocks north and south. It starts in north Portland, which is north of Burnside. Not going to get too into geometry here. Andan ends that way. That is the last block that you're seeing right there, where there's a play structure on and it's pretty neat. I would definitely consider the park park blocks to be the heart of important state. It's right in the middle of campus. All right. What's up? We are at the way. Our at the hello? Are you interested in Brooklyn? Yes. Hello. To say hello to the camera. Potential improv club people here. All right. So right now we're at a party in the park where all of the clubs on campus have tables like so we have and they talk about their clubs. I'm here with Maddie. You met earlier and bridge your insides. Will you talk about improv of a little bit or like, what else you doing campus? I only do improv. Feel kind of. I'm a theater major here in Portland. Stayed on in Brussels has been one of my greatest tapes of the week, so way. Mention it. So nine on one's. Wait. When is it? Uh, Portland State is very cool. They're very, very about getting people. They want you to have three sources to be successful. But you gotta go out to events like this in the Port St Martin Watts to find them. All right. Uh, So this has been my one minute, and we'll probably two minute video on Kearney apart. This right here is our new SportsCenter that nobody wanted. Because if you like sports and you're into college sports don't come to Portland St anyway. But that's the new SportsCenter. This right here is shadow call. It's where a lot of the like, architectures type things happen. It's definitely one of the most beautiful buildings on campus and one of the buildings I've been in the least because I don't know anything about architecture er and I don't really plan on learning Sorry. Every Saturday they have a farmer's market here at P s U right in the middle of the park blocks, and it gets kind of noisy, especially if you live on campus. There'll be a big Pipi will play and probably wake you up if you live on the park clock. So yet another reason to not live on campus We've got the library is also on the park blocks. This right here's Newberger, the building they're renovating. And I talked about that in a different video, But you see, up here, all these tents and whatnot is them. I don't know who that is, but our people cleaning up their different boots that they had at the farmer's market. The farmers market is really rad. I'm sad. I can't show it to you guys this Saturday because today is actually my grandma's birthday. So I've been kind of busy with that happy birthday, Be my sort of like a night out video. The kind of my two options for tonight we're Going on a bike ride is a group that leaves from the waterfront. It's a bunch of people meet every week they go on a twenty mile bike ride that ends at a big bonfire. It's kind of like a party. It's super fun. Either that, or a bunch of my friends from Improv Club are going to go to a comedy show at the Curious Comedy Club in North Portland. Um, I think I'm going to the comedy show have It's a million profit club friends in a while, and it kind of brings up a point through the cool about Portland State is that most of the students are commuter students, which means they don't live on campus and they commute to school. Now I don't drive myself. I was in a car. It's a whole thing. But a lot of my friends do most people to go to Portland State. Not on ly can drive but have a car and drive around regularly. So making friends that drive from place to place is pretty easy here. And it makes you know, yeah to good time. Good way to get out except that it rains like nine months out of the year here. So it makes. Being in a car is better for getting around in the rain, but the places you're going to plot Twist they're going to be wet. I said, that kind of weird and that's staying in so funny. Me from ice myself a steak. But this is the crew. We're going to go Teo. Comedy show way. All right. Uh, yeah. Say hi, everyone. Shane. Way. Distracted, driving where we're going. We are going to curious comedy in like, Northeast Borland. Ah, more exact address like our sources requested that way. Do not give out any information about them for their safety. It's just I really want to write something. Okay. I think this corner and Shane can you tell us ever made it? Can you tell us why you have the emergency spoons, The emergency Scrabble in the emergency at a no smile? Well, the emergency smile because I have that because, you know, sometimes you're outside waiting to do something. And why would we talk to each other when we could just, you know, I could just read your tweets. Like that's not fun. We need toe. Just watch my block. You know, you never know when you'll need a scrabble. That's the story is that never uses that account if you want. The real reason is that because I randomly pulled out my mom's stories, you know, like a year ago and I put it in my car, I never brought it inside. And then I decided to, like, Have a thing right here. Does this count as one of the interviews I'm doing? And he was like, You take that. I was like, no, like All right, gang, We have arrived ten minutes late to hear his common club. Let's go. Okay. You with the clicking. It will be fine. They'll hear you come in. She's arrived, like the way you like. Different. All right. This is it right here. I'm not going to record anything inside because this is a safe space. Wait your side of the comedy club gonna there's stains should do comedy. I like life. We're like right by. You just told me. Told me my eyes. My star Insta is your sin stuff. Yeah. Has level honesty. What do you think? I didn't have a sister. A bitch! My Oh, come to pierce your improv club hanging out with my friend with my friend's life. That's what college people hang out. All right. So we're currently in the resource center for students with children. Really cute place. I've never actually been in here myself, so I'm gonna have to have somebody else tell me about the info. All right. So I am inside the resource center for students with children. Everybody has been really cool letting me get some shots and actually talking a little bit more about the resource center because I haven't been in here myself. So I've got Pamela Bach here, and she's gonna tell you a little bit more about space. So way are open. A Monday, Friday, eight to five. We have a family room which you can access with your children or without. We've got computers over you use and then snacks for the kids and coffee for the adults. There's plenty of toys and games for kids, so we encourage parents to come with their children on DH has a safe space to hang out. We've also got a clothing closet which students were free to use any time they want and help themselves, often as they want. Kid's got a close pretty quickly, so we encourage students who just come. We've got everything separated by ages, and so they're just welcome to come and just grab the next size up close. If they want to drop off close, we'LL always take them. But that's up to them. Being a student parent can be challenging. It could be a little bit isolating. So we really try to have a bunch of event where you can meet others to parents on campus and kind of build a connection in that network. Um, then we do a bunch of family events to do an event in the fall called Harvest Feast on Me. Hire a photographer. Um, and we, uh, give someone's free family portrait for qualities. We're doing an event coming up next week called Bring Your Kids to Campus Day. Try to do a bunch of family events. We also have these backpacks, which are on the back there, and they're called fun kids. If you have your kids on campus and you're going to class or I have a quick meeting, we loan out these backpacks and they're divided by nature. And so they have, like appropriate, quiet games so kids can have their own little backpack to take with them. We think We also have kindles and ipads that are preloaded with each appropriate games as well. So we learned those out, and we always have tons of diapers and wipes and stuff like that. So you I have an emergency. You need to come. We're happy to give those out as well. How we doing on time? I think that's okay. Yeah. Yeah, sure. All right. So now I'm in the Veterans Resource Center with our Steve, so he's gonna tell us a little bit about the vets resource center and kind of what they have to offer. So the State Veterans Resource Centre is a place of community. First on DH. It's where veterans of all different kinds, we have bean on veterans. We have you back in Afghanistan, betrays Wei, have some people who just served a few years. So we're all kind of like a joined back, so it's kind of like a clubhouse, but it's also information source from all the different resources here on campus. Do you need help with the G I? Bill, Come, we've got here. Keep over. Can answer that. Need help with tutoring. Come. We have people who can open that Do you need a part time job way Have a full time staff director and we also have a re assault from the Veterans Administration here Action Campus whose food is just to work with this suit of veterans. All right, I think that's all the money from you thinking. Oh, there you go. I hope that that helped you. I wasn't able to get to all the resource centers. There are a lot of student lounges and a lot of groups that I wasn't able to get to because either they wanted a representative there to speak for them or the place just wasn't open, are just didn't hit at the right time that there's a lot of centers here. So if you come here, you're going to be Hey all So today we're in my room to kick off the housing tour. More specifically, we are on the fifth floor of the University Point University of Point is sort of a weird dorm because it's not actually owned by P. S. U. It's a different group called American Campus that has dorm rooms all over the country. The rates are pretty good. I mean, living downtown. It's going to be pretty expensive anyway. But I'm paying six hundred fifty a month to live here. I've got a friend that pays seven hundred fifty and another friend that pays about four hundred ninety nine for the exact same dorm room. So it really depends on when you get a place here. It's a lot, and I'm gonna have to work a lot. Teo, keep this place. But I like it because I get my own room, a lot of places you're going to have to share a room with somebody. I have three roommates, and we all share a kitchen, and I share a bathroom with one of my roommates. But aside from that, it's pretty good. I like having my own room because I get to sort of just disappear when I need Teo. That's the introvert side of me. Sometimes I just need to disappear, but I really like it. I like having a space to call my own. So this is my room. It's a little cramped, but it works just fine for me. Usually you would not have a keyboard. Here it comes fully furnished with a desk, a chair, two dressers and, well, abed. But I shoved my desk in the closet because I needed to make room for my keyboard. Also, I'm not supposed to put screws in the walls, but one of the girls at the front desk told me that if I just fill him up with some sort of hole filler when I leave, I'LL be just fine. It's a small room, but it works for me right over there is Broadway. I like it because it's my own space. This is the first time that I've lived on my own, and I like it. Hello, This is a P ECE. I own weight. Too many clothes. Anyway, let's check out what's outside. This is the bathroom. It doesn't come with a shower curtain or anything. You gotta bring your own. Of course, you're gonna have to bring your own towels that your own toilet paper, your own tiny bax percent toilet paper. I share this bathroom with one of my roommates. There's too little, and if we go right outside here, you'LL see four sings on a road that one's mine and another bathroom very cross. So there's my room. There's room C, room B and room is room corner. As we go down this hallway, you get to see the living room. It comes fully furnished. Quote unquote comes with the table on the other table and the other table in the chair, in the couch, all in varying states of quality. Like my character is actually pretty good. Some of the leather has started to rip, but I mean, hey, at least you don't get to buy your own stuff. There's my Mac and cheese, which is waiting for me. You want to finish this video over here? Is the kitchen alcohol not included? And that's pretty much it comes with TV doesn't work right now, but that doesn't mean they don't. It's a pretty nice place. I'm happy with it, and it's working for me, right Now, your experience is really going to depend on your roommates. If you like them, you're gonna be just fine. If you don't like them, well, you're going to have some good stories afterwards. And here's my view. Great. There's Max many March, which has a very bright sign that turns on the right Is the lights start to go down in this guy, son, why did I just call the lights? But once the sun goes down, those lights turn on and shine directly into my bedroom. I should probably investments and blackout curtains over there is Broadway. That's one of the dorms. It also has some classrooms in it and those lower levels with the longer windows. I had a class in their last term. It's pretty nice. I mean, their classrooms. And you get to see if you have the street. Just watch all the cars passed by. Over there is cheerful tortoise. Cheerful tortoise has been there for decades. A lot of people will go there to drink, and I haven't been there. I am twenty. Those bottles behind me are not mine, I swear. But yeah, that's university point. I'm only paying six hundred fifty a month to live here, which is pretty nice but important to note that since it's not run by P. S u, you can get a little bit louder, so maybe invest in some ear plugs. If you really don't want to deal with that, then maybe find somewhere else to live. But it works for me just fine. so now that you've used all of my sagely device device, So now that you've used all my sagely advice and figured out what dorm you're going to be living in this time to figure out what you're going to bring now, since I'm living at University Point and I have my own bathroom in my own kitchen, there's some things I haven't really needed. So a lot of this is what I'm using just off of the advice of others. But there are some obvious ones. Be sure to bring bed sheets and make sure that they're the right size. Before you move in, check online, check with people who are living there and see what size you need. Like my bed is a full size bed. And since my bed at home was a full, I had no problem getting the right size sheets, so the beds will. Actually, most of the beds are twin sized, so make sure that you have the right sheets because you kind of want that before you move in. Before you have all your stuff you've just unpacked. Everything worked so hard. You're so ready for your first night in your new place and suddenly here, sleeping on a bare mattress. Also in the obvious region region is hangers. Make sure that you bring clothes hangers in case you have a closet. Most of the spaces dio so just in case. But once again check out the space and see what you need. Another important thing is lighting. Like I said, for example, on Dean doesn't have overhead lighting, so that's a huge necessity. But also, if you are living in any of the dorms, it could be good to bring that sort of stuff so that you're not staying up really late and messing with your roommate by leaving the the overhead lights on when they're trying to sleep. If you're able to just turn on a desk lamp and get some studying done, that's good for you. Also, do not study with just your laptop in the dark. He kind are going to need your eyes later in life. Take care of them now, so then we've got a laundry basket. Then we have proper storage solutions. Bring things that can hide stuff in places that are more compact because your room is always going to feel smaller than you expected it to be. That was definitely how it was here. I had to get creative with my storage. Like when I brought my keyboard in. I wasn't able to use the desk, so I had to take the closet doors off of the wall so I could put my desk in there. And then my chair is under my bed. So get crafty. Bring like under bed, shoe storage, stuff like that, boxes that are able to hide under the bed, anything so that you're able to get that extra stuff out of the way because you don't want your stuff spilling onto your roommate side. And he also don't want to have to live with a lot of stuff that you don't use every day. So then moving on to the bathroom, make sure that you have your towels. Make sure that you have all your toiletries before you move in. Like toilet paper is an important one. Make sure that you have your shampoo or your conditioner, your soap, and also, if you're going to be sharing a bathroom, bring flip flops, do yourself a favor and bring flip flops. You don't necessarily have to use them the whole time, but communal bathrooms, you don't know who's been in there. You don't know who has athletes. Foot athletes foot. You don't know who has what. It's better to be on the safe side. You'LL feel a little cleaner after all of it. Then for more of the kitchen side of things. Bring whatever appliances you want to bring, but see if he can communicate with your roommates and see who's gonna bring what, like if your place doesn't have a kitchen, like if you're in the smaller on Dean rooms and you want to bring a mini fridge, maybe see if he can split the mini fridge or work out a deal where, like you'LL buy the mini fridge and something else will buy a toaster or a fan or something like that so that you don't feel like you're picking up the bill for stuff that both of you are going to be using. But that doesn't mean that you have to share what you bring with urine, mate. If you really want to keep that mini fridge to yourself, let them know beforehand so they don't just assume that ear being like all hospitable and letting them use it. They'LL understand Also dishware Go to dollar tree, go take a year, get some cheap stuff You don't need to be using fine China the moment you move in. If you're going to be living on paper plates and plastic forks, please consider the environment. But you do. You figure out what works for you and just make it work like you might be using the undying dining Haller Smith's kitchen all the time. You might be going out to eat all the time, but it's still nice to have that stuff so that you can get a glass of water in the middle of the night so you can bring some Tupperware down to the ending dining hall and hide some stuff and bring it up for later. We totally don't do that. Also make sure that you bring all your important documents, especially if you're coming in from some other state from other some other city where you can't just call your mom or your dad and have them bring your birth certificate to you. Make sure that you have a copy of a bunch of important records. Keep him safe, keep him in some Manila folder envelope in your storage so that they're not out in plain sight for everybody, but have a copy of your birth, but have a copy of your birth certificate. Have a copy of maybe your driver's license here. Your insurance insurance is an important one. The Student Health Center is really helpful. It has counseling. Has a dentist has all sorts of helpful things. But if you have your insurance info with you, it's going to save you a lot of hassle of calling up your parents and getting all that info from them. Also, speaking of health, if you're on any specific medications, make sure that you either have enough for the time that you're going to be in Portland or find someplace that can get Teo. Thankfully, we're in downtown Portland, so you have a lot of resources for that. But still better to be safe than sorry. Find yourself. Find yourself somebody who can give you that before you moved down here, so that if that's not a possibility, if you're on some specific medications, you can talk to your pharmacist and say, Hey, I'm not going to be back until winter term can you give me a three month supply instead of one. It really depends on the pharmacist. And it depends on what you're getting. But better than being downtown in Portland, several states away from where your used Teo and suddenly being out of something really important for your well being. Aside from that, we're going to figure it out. Check online. Look. Att. Dorm essentials. Make sure you have a good lap top. People really want you to have a laptop here and just figure things out. I hope that helps. Why do I and all my videos with I hope