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Thinking about Washington State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Washington State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Washington State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Washington State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Washington State University experience. These Washington State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay. Walking my friend to our class in the queue building. Well, excuse me for Haley. Yeah, we'LL find out. Send it for undergraduates. Okay. Overhears physical science building. I just want to take this time. This is some quick fun facts. This school is filled with hills and stares. So if you go here, you will get what we call a cougar Cows. I have the most rock hard count ever. There's no problem. Sears was so easy for me, though. Run. So that's really a great leg straight. You go here, and that's always great, you know? Do you have to go work out Because last workout? Yeah, You need to work out because it's going to stay and Fitz, physical condition. Yeah, she gets up early and goes Jim, like, I can't do that. I have to go with the evening. But the Jew has really great hours. So it's like always Oakland. Pretty much that's cool. Oh, yeah. So our school has a variety of different programs. But it is most known, I think, for its business. Major Veterinary sciences. Um, pre nursing, If you like. Nursing people could go here, transfer the Wa Zoo, Spokane for nursing. You've been amazing, Cruel justice program here, Simon. Our political science is very good too. But I said business. Probably the biggest one. What? Oh, yeah, communications yet? So we'll see you. So we're at the rec center on our campuses do it recreation center, which is free for all students to exercise or do whatever he wanted to hear. But we have three Jims on campus, so we have one in the Chinook student center, which is on a hill side of campus, while the rec center is more on ly the full central campus area video. This is very important. I didn't know that till this year. Okay, And I'm a junior. Parking is ninety minutes free. Don't have to pay. Yes, he's put your license plate in. Yes. So if you somehow are freshmen, have a car you can park in the parking lot for free for an hour and a half, and the third term we have on campus is in the Stevens So at the rec center we have fitness rooms for private classes, racquetball courts, elliptical in cardio machines, bikes, a strength training area stretching area. Structuring You're Here, by the way, is two floors. I'm an indoor track, indoor pool, three indoor basketball courts, a swells, the climbing wall and some extra space for other sports like indoor soccer. We also have outdoor tennis cards, a full size in your track and outdoor primal chorus. Lack Lina Challenge course and playing feels so. This is the second gym we have at the Chinook student center, which has a more cardio and weight room as fellas like a strength training area and then private So here for your resident starting account. That's what Artie is. You get three options. Uh, each different amounts to the first level is like the smaller amount, and that's for when you only want to eat the dining hall because you're typically spending last money. It's more like forty six dollars if you're buying it here because you get a huge discount forty percent off. So if you only want eat dining halls, that's typically the recommended level. The second level, which I have is for half dining halls, have other places. So if you like together down in public office like they go to the market or Einstein's or Carly Desert Flicks Cafe. Um, and you spent an equal amount of time eating at both places tonight's recommended it level. And then the third one, which is like the most money, is if you're typically eating in the market or like Einstein's or places that aren't dining halls because you don't get discounts in most places. So you've to pay full price for things. Um, so if you are, like not a dining hall fan, I recommend that, Well, uh, my roommate hasn't level, and she's like never in the dining car like I never see her come here. She always goes toe the mark it And like Feinstein says, she eats there and she loves that one. Because she is. It just fits her perfectly. So it all depends on what you wants is a person. Okay, some more tips. So, um, there are three dining halls here. There is Southside Hillside in North Side kind of self explanatory because that's part of campus there on here in North Side, like the different food options we have. Or is this your side? There's a little cafe here to like, right next dining home gets it in the dining hall, but, like, Separate. There's Einstein's bagel place in the market, and I'll take a video of that and show you guys because I go there all the time. I want like just some snack stuff or like my own food. But I can make. The Marquis is more of like the organic kind of healthier options for market food. Hillside Any home way go there a lot to surprisingly because its next mostest one. It's like just up the hill from us. They have the best pasta, and they have kind of more like different options for food. If you're not really into like the food here, um, and they have a market to, and it's not the standard market like the gas station feel kind of, and they have a little cafe in there, too, On DH, then South side. I've been there a couple times. It's not my favorite place to eat. And I think people who live on South Side would agree. Self in any hall is yet they have him there's like the dining hall, and then, you know, they want Yeah, so anyways, South one is not my favorite place to eat. I definitely prefer hillsides are so actually like eating a hillside north, right south side. I avoid it if I can. But underneath South Side is a little cafe called Flex, and they have pizza. They have amazing milkshakes, all sorts of food, little marketplace in there, and everyone I know love studying there and getting food there. And the cool part about Flix is they're open till one in the morning. It's like one of the only places here that's open that late. And not only are they open Toe one, they also delivered. So if you've been up studying and you're hungry, everything else is closed. You could always order pizza from there or wings. They deliver it to your dorm room up. Another late night option is the market, and I signs. But that place can get really crazy, especially on the weekends. If you kind of just want to chill, definitely recommend ordering flicks. And then there's also some places to eat in the car. I'll show you video of those, um, indifferent video. And my friend places Carlitos is a Mexican food place. It is so like it's though I Yeah, I only key cities from there because I kind of think you food. I love them so much. Okay, other tips to food. If you eat any of the three down and calls, you get a forty percent discount when you use your idea. And that is amazing because it's like super cheap food. Really good. I love being discounts on food. Hi. My name is Zoe Conger. I am a junior and my major is apparent. I decided to come to Ws you because it was one of only four schools in Washington state that actually had my program. And I felt that it had the best programme of all of the colleges that looked at my favorite part about W s U is the, uh, connections and friends that I've made, uh, through campus life and my program. My advice for incoming freshmen would be to know that it is very fun when you first come here. But also, it is it's really hard at first because it's a huge transition from what you're used to and now and then being on your own. So just like you wear that like, it's not gonna be the most easy transition. But eventually it'll be It'll be awesome. And you really love it. Welcome to Todd Hall. Todd houses a lot of freshman classes as well as the Carson College of Business. A lot of one on one classes are held in the auditorium, which is a lecture based classroom. This is the spark innovation have white typically have. A lot of my class is one of the course I currently have in here is DTC one o one on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at eleven AM The spark is supposed to enable faculty and students to use the most innovative technology while also motivating students to engage more deeply in There lurks. So this is more a hall where the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication resides. Classes are held here, as well as moral academic advising, and there are also areas to study. Hey, guys. So right now we're on the first floor of the residence hall. That's my room, mate. Sorry. And I'm special. You guys Like what? Like the floor looks like all the floors with the same. Except on the second floor. There's lounged and the other farmers don't have that. So I have the corner room. And the way this setup is down, the long hauls is they're all doubles. And then on this in the short hauls like this, these are all single rooms. So there's there's forcing words, I think, on this for and right here the stairs. This is how I get up and down because I have ramps in here. And I don't like taking their amps because they're really long tired. This is Macy. She's a neighbor. We have little posters all up over four for, like, the quiet hours. So our particular dorm, we're in one of the scholar dorms. So we have an earlier, quiet time during the week. It's a nine. P. M. Quite time. But on Fridays and Saturdays, it's midnight. Yes. Okay, so we're going over here exploring. I love our floor so our floor, like over half the girls in our floor, are in sororities, which is really cool. So we're all potential. Oh, so are made this espresso yourself poster. It's got, like a little cool. It's like Have a grand day. Don't worry, be frappe B stuff like that. Really cute. I love R A. She's the nicest person ever. Oh, our dreams really cool because I'm Mari. She weighs, puts together like little fun events. Every Monday at eight p. M. We watch dancing with the stars. We get really invested in everybody. No, here's an example. We have a little thing like Old Spawn A and I really want to make. And then we vote with, like our personal like clips for what we want. It is also good happening on campus. There's a really cool place in the cub whether you free movies for students and my friends and like a lot. And then right now we're in the bathroom. There's just like a bunch of sinks in bathroom. There's one in the shower's right now what We have, like four showers in this door lock so that people can't just like walk in the showers, you know, walk in and you showering. We don't have any issues with that. Our floor is all girls and the floors alternates the next floor's boys and girls, It's on over here. We have the laundry room. There is a microwave and a toaster in here way. Have laundry hours like here's a schedule my time Wednesday's three to five. So basically, you get the washing machine for two hours in the dryer for two hours and then we have. That's pretty much you are His room in the choir. It's really well of her door. She, like, decorates and stuff. It's really finally Yeah, I love already. She's like the nicest person ever. She's always there. If you want to just talk to her on the advice. She helped me out with some issues I was having with neighbors, stuff like that. Okay. And now we're going to show you guys the My guys. So I'm here with my friend words. She's a freshman and she's taking me into the hillside dining hall, which is looking. I'm located on the hillside part of campus. It's resides inside Omar Davis fall like a residence hall for all women, and it's right across the street from across. He can read it done, and Stevens. So it's really close to all the dining, all of them. Dorm's very. So when you first walk into the left, they have a salad bar. And then they have the chef's creations, which is where it changes every day. They have stonewall pizza, the big cat grill. And then they also have another section, which is like a city of are often times. The hillside. Dying also houses the hillside market. So if this was an in person to her, we would want to look at some notable areas on campus. And this is the first one called the Mall the Moss to believe the busiest part of campus as is the center. And it also houses the cub, which is the tsunami in building the library and some common academic buildings. And that's all in addition to our new art museum. So not only does the cub have a lot of like lounge area, it also has a long study areas. There's a twenty four hour stay lounge. It's most known for the bookie, which Isa, Starbucks and Apple Store and like school supplies. And then it also has a food court with different food places. My favorite to go Teo is freshens, which has smoothies and frozen yogurt and that sort of thing. If we had down the hill from the mall, we arrived Martin Stadium and the Cougar statue, which I think is the most photographed places, far as abuse to stoop to her skill. And then if you had south from the stadium, you get to the heart statue and the skybridge is which is the main room transportation for students who live on the Southside in Gannon, Goldsworthy or Libya. I'm failing. I'm in, all right. And this is a typical single room. Seven. Why? What? What? No. So.