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I don't know if you said a sound. Your room? Of course. So, first off, right when you walk into the door, you got your closet right here. Pretty big closet space. Then you got three pretty big sized yours where you can put whatever I use this one for storage for, like, all the stuff that I do laundry with and then moving over towards here. This is the month as we have. My bed's the bottom bug. Kind of messy, but it's all right underneath that. We got more storage for clothing and whatever you might need to leave under there. And then after that, uh, we're just best space for you to do all your homework in whatever you need So this is the view from my dorm, and the weather outside right now is a little overcast and cloudy. So I'm from Northern California, and I've been spoiled with weather for the last eighteen years of my life. But being here has been a nice change. I promise it does not rain as much as they say it does. We've had a few random days in the middle of January and February where it's been Hi, sixties and Sunny. And then, of course, we have a few days of rain. I would say on average, it's like mid fifties and cloudy, which I really don't mind. I mean, just throwing a sweatshirt, and that's really all you need most days. So this is my first year. We're just starting out in spring term. So I've heard from other students that spring term is the best come May in June. It's absolutely beautiful outside and everybody's outside playing volleyball in the middle of the quad or just hanging out. Or I brought my hammock up this term, so hopefully This is the back of the dorms, so no. Jim. You got some soccer, some spike balls. Oh, it does. I take one of these? No. Cool. Grant in front of you. Thank you. St Marq center. Okay, the rest. This is the pool. There's water polo and like swimming laps here. Hot you if you're feeling up. Okay, the first level, there's a bunch of workout equipment. It's a black school courts, and on the second level there's a track and more basketball chords, ants, more workout equipment. And then over here, there's a rock wall. There's like yoga and dance and spend studios over there. Big TV star. You can check out any time you need there. There's some weightlifting over here. The machines. Trip. All right, so I'm gonna study for, like, skin. But the records really cool. It's really nice what you're working out. You'll like it here because it's like, such a nice job. There's nice locker rooms and a bunch of equipment. And like any class, you have warrant and like, you could take like bodies or your God or spin or whatever, like four credits, That's fun. There's a lot of fast, more courts. Yeah, honestly. And the fields outside, they're really nice. There's a bunch of turf fields. You play soccer? Yeah, super. Buckets. So this is straw, Bob, and this is where a lot of lectures are because it's one of the biggest lecture halls. I was able to get a shot inside of this one, and this one's the seats like three to four hundred kids. So pretty big. Uh, they were setting up for some sort of concert or something when I went through. And then I went to the classroom just across from there, which is a bit smaller of a lecture style classroom. My story actually is chapter and that smaller costume usually. And then there's some pretty art on the wall in a nice staircase that goes upstairs. And then I just walked out here, and so this is just kind of like a little courtyard, um, in the back of Straw. But I thought this would be a good time to kind of explain the dynamic of like having lecture classes and discussions, because I think that can be intimidating. For a lot of people, when coming to a big school and you'll go is a big school, it's between twenty and thirty thousand. And so how it works is, if you do have a big lecture, say, like two hundred plus people, then you'll probably have a discussion section, which means you'll go to the lecture about three times a week and then you go to the discussion once a week, and the discussion really, really hopes it feels a lot more like high school, where you can actually talk to the people around you and talk to your teacher, and they are very helpful. But those are honestly the types of classes that I feel like work and that dynamic, like I feel like if you needed more one on one attention with the teacher for a certain class than it would be a smaller class like what I'm saying is I feel like the class sizes are appropriate here. Like to the subject that they are. So as you get older and you get into more difficult classes. The class sizes get significantly smaller, and especially as they get more specific to your major, they get smaller. And so you'll have that more kind of tight knit collaborative environment as you get older and narrowed on your major more. But that being said, when you're in underclassmen and you are in these big lecture classes, I would say every single professor I thought no matter if I loved them, I hated them, are totally open to you, like talking to them like every single day after class. You could go up to them and and ask questions and let them know your concerns. And there's Ta tas. So having those big discussions child classes are really find are the big lecture style. Causes are fine. I personally like them because I learned really well from lectures. So it's really just on you to, like reach out if you need help because obviously the teacher is not going to talk to you as they may in high school or something. But don't let the big class size is necessarily intimidate you, because even though they are big, there is always there. Always the resource is there for you. If you need additional, um, more one on one help Alright, Next, I'm going to try my best to show you the EMU, which is the Herb Memorial Union. It's just kind of like a big building in the middle of campus. Has much of food home, a computer lab? Just everything is just kind of like the hub of campus. It's right in the middle. Uh, there's a Starbucks panda subway, a burger, place a pizza place. Um, there's the duck nest, which is like where you can go to take a nap, Meditate. Two things like that. Take a break. There's a bunch of really nice places to study. It's very big and open and bright. Um, there's a piano that's near the Star Books area, and there's like a little lounge. And really often people are playing the piano. And then I love walking by and listening to it. Um, that's about it. I often go to the E M u to print things because there's like a really nice computer lab like nice printers with nice paper and stuff. So if you like, I need to print pictures or whatever, you could go there. So yeah, since it's going to be loud in there, I can't really, I'm talking to go through, so I'm just going to take, like, a long shot. Explain it now. So first there's like this little amphitheater. People will do like table ing here and like to get the word out about their events and stuff and stuff like that. It's just a nice little area toe. Come meet for different things, and then I'll walk through the doors downstairs, and so first you walk into the left is where you get your ID card if you lose it to the right is a little market recon by food. It has really, really good food. And then in front of me, there is thie. Oh, desk. That's where you go from. You'd help or have question with anything. You could buy concert tickets there. And then there's just a lot of nice places down there. Tio kind of loud, dried and study. And there's a bubble tea place and ice cream place, so that's pretty cool. And then around the corner is a pizza place. And that down from there is the computer love in the darkness and the craft center. If you're into crafting or pottery, things like that and then upstairs. There's like I said, a Starbucks, a panda subway and that little lounge area with the piano, and then that's about it. That's that's the EMU. Well, it's it's all there is to it. Pretty much, I mean, actually know there's more to it. But that's like the main areas that I utilize and that, I think attract a lot of people. Like especially the Starbucks. It's a great place to like Come hang out and study, especially if you live off campus. Then when you're on campus, you can kind of go hang out there, all right. And so now I'm gonna exit the EMU and you'll see a nice little area where there's just some grass in some tables we consider outside when it's sunny out. And today is a beautiful day out, which is awesome. It's like the middle of winter, and we've had such great weather this year. And then we're coming up on the dorms. So that's the main kind of area of thirteen, and I am Yu part of campus and then be on. There is our dorms and some sports complexes and some other stuff and really excited to take you You're huge in for real. Okay, so this is an example of what actual college lecture looks like. This is located in Lillis in a V A one on one. But it's your home. It seems kind of boring. It's because really is. Fine. And this is more of a closer up. This is a map to forty three past which business calculus class, which is required to take in order to get into the business once literally they're using high clickers, which is sort of a fancy way for you to OK, something else I wanted to talk about before ending this tour is the L G B T Q. Resource is here because the University of Oregon is a great school to go to if you are a part of that community there, for example, in Carson Hall, where I was the first floor is the gender inclusive floor. So no matter what gender you are, you Khun, live there and then that for along with the second for together, make up the lgbtq arc and an arc here it's it's a r C stands for academic, residential community. So it's like you're living with people who may be studying the same thing as you so you could live in a business our Kora music, Ark or a multicultural art. But for the like the purpose of this video, I just wanted to tell you about Carson, and I love living here like, honestly, it's a good, great community like, um, I think it's really cool that the community has that safe space, like toe live. And so if you come here and you want to live in an arc, that's an option. And then another thing here, I forgot the acronym for it. But I know that it's like something like you, us like educational services or something like that, and it's essentially kind of like say, you were to have like a d h D or dyslexia and you needed additional resource is in school if you're part of the lgbtq community and you feel that there's something that is holding you back from succeeding, those resource is here that that particularly target that that community and can help you academically and in any way. And besides that, besides the living communities and just the resource is in the EMU, there's an entire like room dedicated to the club or the community on. So there's always a place to go to talk to someone in a nice safe space. And overall, this is a very liberal school. It's really accepting and open and compassionate community is. So I just want to make sure that I touched on the LGBT curious sources here because it is a great school to go to if you are a part Puddles of fire here at the rec center to show you guys have the duck state. So this is the end or turf area called the Yard. We have rock climbing classes and bouldering classes and a really cool facility over here. And then, usually there's a lot more people playing on the basketball courts. But it's kind of early, so I'm not surprised that there aren't a ton of people Mrs Fitness Block. There's a lot of cardio machines are downstairs. We have more upstairs, and the last place I'm going to show you is the weight room. Okay. And welcome to my favorite academic building video. This is the Lillis business complex, and it is gorgeous. The workload in this building is pretty intense. We have a very competitive business school nationwide. So this is a major you're thinking about Be expecting a lot of work. And for most is that I'm just gonna let the clips play because the building kind Okay, and my favorite place to eat on campus is definitely Hamilton Hall. First, we have here Big mouth burrito. It's like a Capulet with less Tyson. Caribbeans is the best way to describe it. It's pretty good. Pretty plain conserving. Nexus Firings. My Skrill. It's your typical stir fry. It's not the highest quality, but it definitely isn't job done. This is the seating area, and Hamilton. It's open seating. There's some bigger sits in the back. That's Daniel on this is common grounds, like a cafe. They have smoothies, coffee, pastries, things like that. That's Holly. And this is gonna be our grab and go with little snacks and what I'm sitting on and now is our build your own sandwich type of deal. That's gastro kitchen like Daddy Foods, like chicken tenders, burgers, things like that and there's hell again. And this is our grab and go section, this different snacks that you could buy with your points and drinks. And keep in mind. This was during finals week, so it's kind of cleared out. It's usually a lot more