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like you can really tie and only ourselves. Yeah. Hey, guys, welcome to the manual state. I'm Natasha and I'm here with another video with the gold helping you guys not only get to college, but through college. So today we're gonna be talking about the common application essay. This is a super important part of your application. It's the part that really ties it together, gives you a chance to stand out in a different way to differentiate yourself from other applicants in the way of your passions and the things that you've done throughout high school in ways that are different than your scores and numbers that don't really define you. So I'm gonna be telling you guys, but things that admissions officers are looking for in particular and what can help your essay stand out to them so that you can get into your dream school? The first tip that I have for you guys, um, is to use an attention grabber. So you really want to capture the reader's attention as soon as you start your essay because they're reading so many of them there, reading hundreds of them, maybe even thousands of them. So there needs to be something special about yours that's really gonna grab their attention and really pull them in and make them excited to read the rushed off. Your I say so. That can be by using an interesting quote or some something funny or interesting or something that is just completely unexpected. But the next tip, um, is to make sure that the topic of your essay kind of goes along with the theme of your application. So in my how to get into an Ivy League video, which out link in the description box below, I talk a lot about how you have to brand yourself, which means that you don't want to be pulling your application every which way by talking about different hot means You have different. Actually, crippler is that you do that kind of don't relate to each other because I just want to see that you have a passion, that you're really into something or maybe a couple things, but not too money, right, because they want to see that you're good at things. And no one can really, truly be good at anything if they're Renaissance man or woman, right? Like if they're doing everything. You're not really gonna be good at any one thing. So colleges want to see dedication. They want to see persistence in one area. So that's why you kind of wanna make your application revolve around that one thing. Are those two things right? So I would suggest that your common application, I say, because it's so central to the application that goes along with that theme, I really think it's important for that. I say to kind of support that now in your simple mental essays were so I'm gonna be making a different video about. That's where you could kind of deviate from that theme a little bit and add something else your application. But here we really want to keep with the theme. But it could be really cool to write about something that is not necessarily connected to your theme, but tying it back to it in a in a unique way. You can make a good I say anything, and I say, like you could literally choose anywhere, anything, any object, and find a way to Reagan s A. But the next thing is that you want to make sure that you're I say reveals things about yourself. So, like I was saying before, you want to make sure it matches up with your theme. But you want to make sure that whatever it is you're talking about, because really, you could talk about anything, Whatever it is, you talk about your revealing things about you every step of the way. So the key with this is that you want to make sure every single sentence you have is given some information as to your personality things you like things about your work ethic, things about your love for learning things about your I condemn experience you want to be. You want to be revealing things about hearing there so that by the end of the I say you've been talking about a specific topic like maybe an experience you had when you were younger or program you did, or Alicia that. But they also got a ton of information about you. We want them to finish reading and say, Oh, I kind of know who this person is. They haven't essence of who you are. Not that they have an accent of what that experience was like. Okay, well, I know that He did this science fair when he was in seventh grade, and it sounds cool, but what about him? It's not gonna need anything if you're not telling them about you and who you are, this is your opportunity to, like, tell him anything you want about why you should be at their school. Why here, The best candidate Why you're gonna add to that class? Why are you the one that they want to have it? So the only way they're ever gonna be able to know that you're the coolest and you're the one that they should be admitting is if you're talking about you. So the rial piece of advice here's don't get carried away Talking about whatever you're talking about. Remember that your topic or the thing that you choose to write it write about is only a vehicle for telling them everything you possibly can about who you are. So my last piece of advice is making sure that you have someone that really cares about you proof. Read your essay. So my comment up. I actually started it pretty early. I started spring of junior year. I thought this was really helpful because I wrote it. I kind of let it be over the summer. I'm gonna picked it back up later in the summer and I got a fresh look at it that's always helpful to kind of step back from something and look at it again. And you're kind of like, Wow, Did I write this supposed like someone else? Someone new is reading your essay. It's It's a fresh look and you're able to critique yourself in a better way. So that's a good piece of ice. But what I was gonna say with that is making sure that you give yourself enough time to have different people read your essay. So me starting it really early was amputation advantageous in the way that I was able to have a couple different teachers read it on. The key here is to make sure that it's teachers that really care about you because they're the ones that are gonna really invest a lot of time in proof reading it and checking not only for Grandma grammatical mistakes but things that they think would really help improve your essay on their the ones that are gonna say things that other people might not say because they don't wanna find you or anything. You want people that really care about you that I'm gonna give you the truth. Batch tickle people that are gonna tell you like it is so that you can have the best possible. I say so. My last proof reader was my mother. And the reason I chose her to do it is because I knew that she would be relentless and she waas She was savage when she went over big. She told me, This sounds bad. This is terrible. This needs to be changed. You take this out. But I'm so, so, so grateful to it to her for the time she took to do that Because I knew that she cared more than anyone else for my goals and my dreams. And where I wanted to go on that she would put in the effort, she would go the extra mile and telling him things that other people wouldn't want to say. So this piece of advice is really important because we can only see so much, right? Like you have been writing that paper. You know what you meant to say? You know what you wanted to say, but you really need an outside an outside humor to tell you what other things you might not have noticed or not. So ending with the family members always a great way. Obviously someone that knows about writing on that kid, you know, that has good writing Schools in general don't want them to give you a crazy advice, but someone that really cares is important. So you have those tips that hopefully are a little different than you've heard before About how to really make your common app stand out. So, like I said, you wanted you wanted do everything you possibly can to tell admissions about why you're special. But why? Why are you with the one that they should be admitting to your school? So, yeah, those trips were helpful. If you guys have any questions, please let me know in the comments below, let me know what you want to see next life this video subscribe? If you want to see other videos like this, please send this video to any of your friends that you think might benefit from it. As always, I really appreciate you guys and I hope that you guys use these tips to write. The best possible, I say, is that you get into all of your dreams schools. I'll see you guys in the next video. darling. My dorm, many of you guys. An overview of everything. That's my side of the room. This is my roommate side. Move back the door again. So, as you can see, we have a ton of space. We're really lucky. This room actually used to be a lounge in a hole, and then they converted it into a double. So it's pretty big. Um, okay, so let me start at the door again. So, um, right here we have a little coat rack section. We have the tracking on the wall. Super convenient. We put our towels and coats on it. I put my shoes. Um, right under here. Um, so here we have my little bookshelf. A mirror? Um, my skill. Um, so this book show has, like, books, textbooks from the classes, Um, a basket with, like, a bunch of, like, random stuff in it. I have my bulls mug. I have a Dr Peanut butter. I really don't keep that much food in here because I have a great meal plan, so I really don't feel the need to have a lot of food here. This basket just has, like, a lotion. Random stuff. Um, my shower caddy. So Yeah. And in this little corner here, I put tiny command hooks. And, like, I have my shower loofah hanging there to dry and usually have my, um, turbie twist that I wrapped my hair. And when I wash my hair to dry there, too. I left it at home when I was on break. But, um, yeah, usually I put it there to hangs really convenient. They used to be up there because those hooks were just in here when I moved in, but that was kind of not very nice to look at. So I put that there. So that's a kind of little a little tip for you guys, Um, to put your things to dry in a place that's kind of like I'm out of the way. Um, so here's my dresser. It's a pretty good size. I feel like I was able to fit everything I brought to school, but between my wardrobe of my dresser. Really? Well, um, so up here, have this planet's kind of struggling. Um, I have really been trying to keep it alive so hard this whole semester. Um, I just have some books here. A little box was soon keepsakes I brought from home. Um, here's my wardrobe. Like I said, it's a pretty good size. Um, I keep my shoes in this little side caddy here. I don't have all my shoes out. My, um, summer shoes. Aaron. Ah, container under my bed. And then in this, like, plastic bid. I have, like, more shampoo and shower stuff. I'm some hats and gloves. Come in this top short, I have cleaning things. And like this, um, a little dirt double is actually amazing. It's a little vacuum cleaner that I can actually disassemble, including the shore, which is super convenient. So I definitely think that's something great to get if you live in a dorm and then the bottom Georges has extra sheets and some of my filming stuff. So now we're to my dust, and there's money hampered. Um, I just put this ribbon here to kind of, like make the bland chair look a little bit more interesting. Um, so this is my dust base. This right here is just a little china plate that I brought from home on. I set the jewelry that I used more often on their um, but It's pretty, and it's really convenient when I'm getting ready in the morning and trying to go faster. But my earrings on and what not. Um, So right here. I have two candles, and as I live in a dorm, we're definitely not allowed to have candles. But as you can see, they're not late at all. And, um, I just come here to make the room small good, because he smells amazing. The brand is D w Home won't focus, but yeah, So that's it. Another tip having candles that smell really strong. Just having them in the room makes it smell fresh on beautiful, even without lighting them. I have a little succulent right here that I got from whole foods. Really cute. I painted the pot myself really easy, literally. Just put some tape on there, and, um, color blocked it. Um, so in here, I just have office supplies. This'll top drawer, just like random stuff. My second drawer has my makeup in it and hair things. I got this organizer from Marshall's, which is really helpful. Um, and then the bottom Georges has, like more notebooks and pens and school supplies in this little coronary Here's a basket. I put some books. Magazines in. Uh, yeah. No. Here's my bed. My favorite spot on my tour. Um, so I used to have this canopy up, like as a normal canopy hanging from the ceiling. The hook is still there. Um, but fire safety told me I wasn't allowed to have it, so I literally cut the metal hoop out of it and then hung it from the wall from a command hook on, then put twinkle lights on it and it works. It's still decorative. I liked it better when it was hanging from the ceiling, of course, but, um, I tried to make you, um I actually don't have my bed lofted. I like it. Better not laugh because it feels more like home to me. Um, and I really don't. But I didn't bring a ton of stuff that I don't need to call it. I feel like, um, I have my tennis bag under there. Um, I have this basket with, like, my curling iron, my straightener and some other stuff in it. My luggage. And then I have a container that has some summer clothes in it, but that that's it So, like I said, I like having my bed not locked it. I have my bags hanging from here. Um, and then over here we have my little nightstand. That's, like, not really a nightstand. I literally think this is one of those patio tables, but I found it and Marshall's for, I think 12 99 or something ridiculously cheap. And I thought it was so cute with the baby blue color. So here it is, and it works. Um, I got this vase from the dollar store with flowers here, Just my yoga mat. I have plenty of room here, which is such a blessing. So there's that. And then back here in this corner, I have a little like a reading light. You can see, and it's like, hidden behind my pillow. But it's really great, because when I'm working at night early in the morning in my bed and I don't wanna have, like, all the lights on in the room, Obviously my roommate sleeping. Um, I just turn that on. It's really great. Um, so, yeah, that's basically my side of the room. Um, and then again, this is my roommates. We don't have a mini fridge in here all because, like I said, we didn't really feel the need. We have a cure again here for hot water, but that's really that's really it. I hope you guys enjoyed Good morning. So it's almost nine o'clock. I'm gonna head to the library now. Tuesdays are my lightest day. I only have one Class, it. 11. So I usually try to go for library beforehand to be productive for a couple hours, and then I'll show you around grass in my date. I hope you guys enjoy. So it's a beautiful morning. Not that many people are out. Um, and I'm heading straight to the library, but I usually don't eat breakfast. I don't like breakfast. Yeah, you guys in a second. So now I'm heading over to the Woodrow Wilson School for my one class today. Christian ethics. So I welcome to Christian ethics. Thanks. Really? Yeah. Okay, So I just got out of Christian ethics on I'm heading over to meet with, uh, one of my receptors, and then I'm gonna head to lunch. Tell me something about your week. It's still going on. You honey, you want a toe? What you reading called? Trading secrets. Quiet. It's wonderful. She's gonna take my books. Montage is not nice. That's just gonna feel like just hold it. What's the word? You mommy doesn't s So we just have lunch and now you just have lunch. And now we're heading back to the library to do some work for a few more hours. Way were at the library working of the past few hours. I think it's been almost four hours. So now the sun's almost set, and I'm gonna head over to acquire I'm in Chapel Choir so you guys will see what that's like. How are you doing, Thio? Wait, wait. What is that? They love Jesus loved uses doing bring forth. You just haven't like, I think way. Okay, so just finished. Chapel choir. That was from 5 to 6 30 Um, and now I'm heading over to teach piano lesson. Uh, that's my job. So, Hud, over with you guys, too, that it was so dark in the chapel rehearsing up there because we're doing a candlelight service tomorrow. So for practicing without dark, it's gonna be with the candles, but, um, yeah, that's what's coming next. Okay, so I just finished teaching, has a little after eight. Usually had to group study hall. But today, our class 2021 sweaters actually came in, so I'm gonna go pick that up, and then I'm gonna head to group study hall. Okay, so it's almost 11 o'clock in a study hall for statistics for a little while. So we did a lot of protein and got really far in our product, so that was good. Um, so now I'm finally gonna head back to my room. Um, I picked up some snacks earlier, and yeah, I mean that. So now I'm finally back to my room. It's been a long day. I mean, a pony pajamas on, get in bed, watch a movie that I have to see for class later this week and then go to bed. So I hope you enjoyed following me around for a day. Today is like a typical day. Um, in my week, um and I hope you guys Hey, guys, I'm Natasha. And welcome to the annual state where Hey, guys, Welcome to St. So today we're gonna talk about the common off, and I'm gonna be giving you guys the last minute advice. Logistical advice about how to make sure you've done things right before you. Finally, somebody, your applications. I know a lot of you probably have things do by January 1st, so we're in the last few days, so hopefully these tips will help you make sure you got everything just right so that you could get to the colleges of your trees. Okay, so the first tip is to make sure that you remember all of your change. So there's the activity section where you like outline all of things that you've done. But there's also effectually put, like some awards or achievements that have done so. The thing with that is something that comes easily to forget something that maybe freshman year, sophomore year or something just slipped your mind. So for that, I would definitely make sure you talk to your parents, make sure they refresh your memory to make sure you're not forgetting anything because you don't want to leave off something that could be pretty significant that could have given you the edge over someone else. Make sure that you're remembering all of your The next thing is to not do your essay last minute. So the thing was that and I know there's already only two days left, which is totally fine. But what I'm saying here is to make sure that you at least give yourself a fresh looking fresh local means that you're not doing it in one city any piece of writing, especially when you're on in a time crunch. I'm trying to get a time, and you might miss something especially cause here someone of your hyper focus t still costs over things. So I would advise that you least give yourself a fresh look the next day. So when you're done working on it, say okay, I'm done for now. But make sure they check back the next day after you slept after you're rested and read it again, you're gonna find something that you missed the first time. Don't be that person. That is really last minute, and then you send it immediately because there's gonna be some things that you really wished that you fixed, whether that's grammatical or this another on a fresh idea that you had before, make sure you get yourself. The third thing is to put your policy responses in the common back into another word processor like word or Google docks, Type it in there and then popping facing. That's just because, especially since so many people are using the comment right now because applications are due soon, Sometimes it freezes or server gets overloaded. You don't want anything to crash with all of your stuff, not steak. So that's why I think it's really important to make sure that you have it safe somewhere else to make sure that all of the responses and essays and things that you spent a lot of time working on our safe somewhere else. Another good thing is that Microsoft Word actually like checks for double space, is missing apostrophes and things like that that sometimes the space we take things in common app doesn't do that for you. That's just to make sure that really is perfect and in perfect shape for when you said your occupation. That being said, my next piece of advice is to make sure that you check the final pdf off your common at before you send it off. So when you guys go through a little process when you click continue or finished, it's gonna give you a kind of overview. Pdf of everything that you've done before you finally click to send it. It might be easy to be like, Oh, I was just working on this for a few hours. I know everything's good scroll through there and click submit and be done with it. But I really, really suggest that you actually take the time to go over and check the media for any typos or anything that you've left a blank, especially if you've been copying and pasting things because it might have been. You might have just forgotten something I might have just slipped by. And you don't want to send your application with anything missing, because I'm telling you from experience, I have a word story with that which, also another day, but you don't wanna miss anything, so make sure to check with you. And then the last thing is to make sure you give your counselor plenty of time to send your documents so you guys are sending your part common app, but there's also a part of your comfort has to submit, which usually consists of your transcript and any recommendations your teachers had written. So you have to make sure that you give your constant enough time to submit that. A lot of schools say that it's okay for you to actually have that information submitted after the define. As always, your portion of the common up is sentenced just because I think they know that it's not really in your power to make sure that your counselor is on top of things and getting things done. But it's a deal that have that done by the deadline, just to make sure everything, if you're especially you're not sure about your school's policy. But you really should be looking at their website and see what they say. The requirements are when your transcript on recommendations. That's well, but just make sure that you could do a concert. So, yes, those are a few last minute logistical things about make sure that making sure that you're comin at IHS completely done and perfect, and in the best shape before you submit it just to make sure you give yourself the best chance of getting into the school that you want to get. I helped you out. Let me know when the common to the best of any more questions, please remember to like and subscribe and send this video to any of your friends. Do you think it might be helpful for Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you Hey, guys, Welcome to my channel. I'm Natasha. I'm so glad that you're here. So today I'm gonna be telling you guys about things that you might not have known that you need or should bring to college or bring to your new dorm. So, basically a year ago, if you're like a ninja Coming freshman a year ago, I was in your shoes, and I was really I'm sure of what to bring. And I looked up online times, uh, packing lists and things. What diaper into college. I know there's, like, the basics of things that, you know you need to survive, like the things that you've been using on a daily basis at home. But then there's other things I have to do with storm life, which is different from the life you've had a holes that might not have a creature that you need, or that would be really useful. So after a year of living in these other things that I found really helpful or things that I ended up having to go get because, um, I found out that they were really useful, so hopefully that will make things easier for you guys. So the 1st 1 is kind of weird foot. It is a spray bottle. So this'll became really useful. Because when you're in a dorm, unless you're really lucky person that has a bathroom in their dorm, most people don't. Most people have holy bathroom that they have to share with other people, right that aren't right in your room. So not having a sink or water in your room. Actually, you realize how much you use water when you don't have it. So s. But I think especially being a girl Thio. What? You're, um makeup sponges, spraying your hair. If you want this beach waves or whatever you're doing, you kind of need water a lot really often. So I ended up going in Victoria and getting like a basic $1 spray bottle. And now I have water. Whenever I need water in my water. This room so it's actually super convenient. Definitely recommend it. Have a water. Okay, next thing is a candle. I suppose this is unexpected in the way that in most storms you're not allowed to have candles on. I mentioned this in my dorm for, um so I'm not suggesting that you like have candles and then get in trouble for it because whatever at least hear fire safety comes and checks our rooms. But having candles and not lighting room is still really valuable to make your room smell super sweet and super fresh. So this is one of my favorites. The birthday cake candle by D. W home thes air super strong smelling candles that definitely makes the room smell super sweet, even though they're not lit. So I highly recommend these. So another thing that you might not have thought about are expected to bring to college is one of these, like basic plastic tote bags that they sell like in the aisles when you're checking out a grocery stores or like J. C. Penney's or whatever, the's a really helpful? Because when you like, you'll find more often than not, that you actually like drag stuff around campus for whatever it is. If you're at the beginning of the year, I was doing a research project of research paper that I had a Thanh of books that I need to get from the library on. When I was returning like probably 20 books, I didn't want to make multiple trips to the library, and I also didn't want to, like, put it in one of my bags. I could potentially get ripped. So having like a cheap bag to, like, put a ton of stuff in and take it wherever you take is actually really convenient. So, um, you actually find more often than not that you need something like this, especially for guys that probably don't have, like, a tote bag or something that you, um, have accessible for something like that. So definitely spend the 99 cents to get one of these because you will. It will come in. So another thing that's more like that bring to college in general are rain booze. So I don't know, that might be obvious to other people, but it wasn't for me because I guess, like in high school, I was used to like junior and senior year. I drove to school and even if it's raining like the track from the parking lot to the school door is really short and usually the rain, whatever shoes you're wearing, the rain really doesn't ruin your day that much. But in college, when you have to be like trekking back and forth across campus, and you could be walking for 5 10 or 15 minutes walking through the rain and having your shoes soaked by the time you get there. Super not fun, because then you have to sit through a lecture or sit through your seminar with soaked socks and shoes. And it's not fun. So I found that out really quickly, like after the first month of school. Oh my gosh, it's raining more than I expected it to. And I've been having soaked socks more often than I would like you. So invested in fair rain boots. It actually comes super and candy, so I'll just show you guys these kind of journeys. But these are like cute pink Sperry rain boots that I got on Black Friday on lines under Adorable. They, like, have a little hell on that. Like guys, Can we talk about tank rain boots with the heel like E. Really? What's so? Yeah, I'll link these below if they still saw them. But got yourself so the same goes for an umbrella. I also came to school without an umbrella, which that seems kind of obvious, but I guess when you're packing things like some little things might not hurt you. So remember to bring an umbrella super important So nothing is gonna pay for your dorm is under it double vacuum. So this is like, actually pretty small, like it's really compact at what makes it really convenient is that e didn't take off the handle. It becomes, like, way smaller, and I actually can fit this in the drawer in my wardrobe. So it's not like I have to leave that out in the open because I have no space to put it if it's right in my drawer and it's really convenient for cleaning up your dorm whenever you need you. Um, and then the last thing. This might be another thing that might seem obvious, but it wasn't obvious to me. Um, bring some slippers so slippery, really helpful because, like I said, if you have a ah hall bathroom that you have to share with other people, when you go to the bathroom, you need to put something on your feet. And I found myself in the beginning of the year, literally, like spending a whole minute putting like shoes on tying my sneakers or whatever tow walk to the bathroom. I'm not occurred to me that life would be so much easier if I just had slippers. Because I know I'm coming right back to my dorm. So get yourself some slippers or flipflops or whatever, but like something that you can usually put on your feet because you're gonna be going to the bathroom at some point. And, um, it makes life way easier than putting on shoes. Um, so, yeah, that those were some random things that might not have occurred to you to bring to college, but I really useful. I hope that helped you guys out. I'm gonna have linked below a general list, like a general packing list of all the obvious things that you should bring to college. So if you click the link down there, you'll, um, you'll head over to that. So, um yeah, I hope that was helpful on good luck packing and praying to go to school. Going to college is super exciting.