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So here we are in front and we're in Copley lawn. Um, it seems after Copley dorm down there, but this is Haley Hall and it's snowing, so lots of really nice. Obviously it's cold, but if you're prepared for this now, then it's not really a big deal. No. This is stalled. Named after a dog chapel. This is snow ings. There is no sound so dollar Grand chapel. This is where the tree lighting ceremony is during wintertime, which I really love. Um so it's a good way for the lawyers to get together on holidays. If you're Catholic, manure masses will be here. They have daily mass is on also have, um and they also have Spanish masses. If that's what you're into. Weaken T. Healy Hall over there. So this is a really prime spot for people to take photos. Um, that's one of my favorite places to sit and read on one of the benches bythe vengeance if its not freezing cold. So yeah. Sister. Hey, also, this is my room. I'm just going to start off with all moving us around. So, as you can imagine, there's a bed here and pie bed over here, which means that this is a double room. This is a pretty standard double room, but this is in the Southwest quadrangle, which is a, uh, kind of a quad for sophomores and juniors. Unless you have medical housing than you could also be placed as a freshman here. If you live in one of the living learning communities like living well, which kind of is a floor, that kind of focus is on healthy habits and like meditation, going outside, making hikes, whatever. And the other one is the transfer. Allah. See if you're a transfer student like I was last year as an incoming sophomore and then the other LoC Living Learning Community at Georgetown University in the Southwest. Quad is the justice and Peace policy, which is also a really great place to go if you're really passion about, like social justice and whatnot. So here's my, um, here's my side of the door. So I had a ton of posters, National Geographic posters back at home. So this is my way of making my home feel like home again. And so I have a great future. Definitely close it What I'm sleeping or also wake up in the morning and my face. And so that's my thing and that I also have my desk. No, as you can tell, plenty of room around here there is also our closet space over here. And, uh, what I really like is like, so my roommate and I split up what we need. So we have two counts over here that wasn't really necessary. I have my cooking stuff here. I'm off the meal plan. So I was meal prep on. Then you see, you can also see my closet right over there. And here is also a fridge and a toaster. I would totally recommend having a fridge in your room because people always seem to take things from the common room. It's never happened to me, but I was here about it. So I'm like, never mind if you're ever going into your if you're ever going into your university. And he just, like, realized who your freshman roommate is or already knew them definitely talk out what you guys want to have in your dorm. I personally talked to my freshman roommate and I said, I'm bringing the fridge. Do you think you could bring a microwave? And I also ended up getting a toaster from one, my senior friends who are graduating, and I realized the kettle is also really necessary if you don't have a microwave, but usually the common rooms in Georgetown University and you have microwaves anyway, so it's not really that important. But it is for your convenience so awesome. Um, could you tell me your name? Your major? And what chance will you? Sure. Okay, So my name is Norman Francis Junior. I am a junior in College of Arts and Sciences, double majoring in government in African American studies. What advice would you give your freshman year in college? All right. So what advice would I give my freshman year of college self? Okay, I didn't say high school self in the question. What advice would you give your senior here in high school? Know what advice. It's refreshing during fall himself first. Okay, so what advice would I give my freshman year of college self? All right, so the advice I would give my freshman college self because I remember him quite clear. My freshman year itself was very eager and getting his hand and a lot of different things, but he was not that great at school. I would tell him first one that's take one glass compared to political systems with Professor Wagenbach because he has you do twenty page essays, Math, which is horrible, personally speaking, mother of Pearl. What would I So my freshman yourself in high school? Well, I would definitely tell my freshman year freshman yourself soon Pace pace himself because he definitely got involved in a lot of different things. But that's also good. It's also good, definitely good thing to try to spread yourself out, but also actually do your work. That is important because there are a lot of nights where you just start your homework at one o'clock in the morning, and that's not good for you because you start getting four hours of sleep a night ends. It's gonna be bad for you in the long run because you're just gonna keep that up and you're not going to change a sleep schedule for the rest of college, so please don't do that. That's what I would tell my freshman yourself. Everyone. My name's Camille and this is my check. The whole top frightful tactic from building bulldog George Sunday and I am an economics major. If the Georgetown College Arts and Sciences, double monitoring in math and Spanish and majoring in economics, I call California home, which is why I'm really far from what D. C. It's just a hop skip in a six hour flight away. So I guess it's not too bad I can't wait for you guys to follow me on my tour and talking about other things and other happenings at Georgetown University. Can't wait to see you guys or you guys seeing me? Awesome. See you. Um, I'm in Adams Morgan, which is a place in D. C that a lot of people go out to at night because of all of its late night restaurants and clubs and whatnot. But we're just gonna eat because it's Saturday night, and we're really hungry, and it's snowing. So what's your name? Karina. Hi, Carina. And why your wee going to Rahman today? Because it's snowing, and it's also her. What? What kind of social occasion is it? First you run first experience strong for six three. Same tune. We're going to sock around men, which is a really popular place in D. C. Um, and I was awesome because they have lots of random. Part is well on the wall, so, um Yes. My gosh, jumbo slaves. You're a nice flavour. Which one would you be? I love it. Picking up for dumplings. Right now. I am here for So why don't you tell me about your typical Friday night at Georgetown? Typical Friday night, I think basically, I'm pre gaming at one of my friends dorms. And then, like, we're trying to figure out where we want to go for the night. Odds are way might go to a campus party if it's fun or just, like, go out into the sea, find a club. Um, and I'm, like, currently in authority, called DP. But like Greek life on campus is like, not really that big of a deal like they don't go so hard, you know? Okay. So would you say that like a lot of Georgetown community is in Greek life? Twenty? Uh, I really like it like it doesn't rule the world, man. Solely. Okay. Thanks for Scylla. You're welcome. How's it going? Hi, I'm Chris. I'm a junior in the S a fest majoring an iPod. And this is my villa apartment. What is I pol I pull is international politics, So that's the major I'm in. And what's cool about it? Uh, school foreign service. Awesome. So thank you for letting us into your apartment. So could you give us a tour Really quick? Yes. Clinic, this is we have some furniture devotion. So the couch is ottoman tables over here in this chair Bite my shorts and anything else you see was brought in by. So this table, this TV, all us often. Can you get us in the kitchen? Yeah. Thanks so much. How would you describe living in an apartment as supposed, Teo, a traditional form like you were last year. So in apartment, there's a lot more space. And you're also living with a lot more people. So unless you're from a Copley. But most circumstances, your first year experience, just one other roommate. So in this instance, I have three other roommates reformed. It is three more for me. Every roommates have fear cleaning. What? What? Groceries are toiletries. Do we need to buy and just sort of figured out that coordination, making sure everything is neat. That's between the forces. Awesome have Todo. So I actually don't do that. My roommate does a lot of beans, so pots and pans over here not provide, George, you have to find yourself and also any other company. So But anything you see in a stove fridge, obviously right by George in the fridge is actually incredible, especially today, because there's a lot there I'm supposed to just having a common room. Area two, you know, for all your stuff, really course other way. There is Forrester. Floor and then, like small, set upstairs to go to for a little bit higher in the name of that layout. But then there are other floors of filet that just flat around. So have to. And upstairs is where the bathroom is, where the bedrooms are. So the bedrooms are style like this I'll show you mine. No, my roommate. So after moving mess in here. So this thing is actually pretty nice. So over here is the closet space. You have room for storage stuff, clothes and for your wardrobe or whatever. We're down here on the desk. Everything is over here. It's pretty nice. This room is one of two, and the other one actually has a small balcony on it that you can go out on and look out for making you want. But this one does not. This one has more space as a result of that. Yeah. So the other one, the lad, was a little bit more complicated to say thank you. Is this larger or smaller than your? So is the bedrooms are smaller than if I were to live in a dorm. Just because dorm is that's all you have that since I have an apartment, I have, like, more space downstairs, so I don't need all that space. So I can really just do with death closet. That amazing. Thank you. Yes. And then this is the bathroom. Yeah, so the shower's over. That's what it looks like. The showers, it's a shower. Yeah, over here has her own super door, you know. And so, yeah, that's my touring. So right over here. Approaching village. See? So, village still west Wing B C w That's what people call it on campus Freshman. Also has houses, mainly soft whores, but it has two different floors of freshmen as well. Also, houses are, um, the officer after education. So once Okay, Perfect. So bc W is, um, a great freshman dorm. But with great power comes great responsibility because it has your own private bathrooms that you only share with your some other remains. Um, but because of that, you have to clean your own bathroom as well. Hi. Hey. Thanks for some TV. Welcome, Teo, Your crib microbes just can't this's village. See East. This is a door primarily for freshman, but also upperclassmen. I'm a sophomore, but the room wouldn't look any different. That is interesting. What you skip and the nice part about this is that we get our own bathroom and everything other side of it is that Quinn, come here. Those essentials that you need to bring because you have to do your own cleaning and maintenance of the bathroom. Nothing said about me. It's your own. That's what's really nice about over here. Not much space, but you kind of make do with what you need to get your closet, your own drawers on death shells. And if you want, you get a nice readapt Would you have any tips for fresh incoming freshman moving into their dorms? I would say maximized the space that you have what you're breaking, bring essentials. He needs something extra we can always get. A waiter can always go down to see the yes or street. But I would try and start out with I don't you lived in Harbin. Haul your freshman year, which was that clusters style door that I also have a video of coming up in this video as well. But how would you describe living in Harbin Hall? Berlin versus Village, the East? You have a preference, and if so, why not? What about that? I would actually kind of have to say, I think I might prefer you're just a bit more. It's nice that we have a baby comin a bigger kitchen. And also I don't have to be new. Yes. Worried as about community shower community back. Awesome. Thank you, Avery. Fine. Hello again. So right behind me is Harvin Hall, which is another one of the freshmen dorms. It kind of lives. Works on a cluster system. So as you see that building over there, different dorms are grouped together. And because of that lot of the dorms are a lot of people in the dorms are really close to each other. And Bill Clinton is an alumni of Georgetown University, and he stayed and one in Harbin as well. When he was here, everyone says that they stayed in his storm, but no one really knows. So classes. So first of all, the student faculty ratio at Georgetown University is eleven to one, which means you really get to know your professor's obviously, like with any other campus if you're taking your intro class is like, enter to philosophy. Or, in Georgetown's case, you're into to theology, which could be like Problem of God or any other theology class attempts to be bigger, but that's just the way the wind blows with introductory classes. But as your classes get a little bit higher level than the class size gets smaller and smaller, what I really love is that I get to really know my professors and countless times have had professors write me recommendations because I really got to know them at office hours. Because for a lot of other classes of Georgetown, since it is a smaller school, which I love about this, that I really get to know the professors and not the T A s. I mean the tears. They're fine. But compared to a big school, you have a lot more interaction with your professors and professors have given me his recommendations and a whether it be for internships, scholarships or otherwise I'm actually just had coffee with my professor. Wrote me a recommendation yesterday at a coffee shop. So great. How are classes? Discussions? How our class discussions. Well, for most part, if you don't go to class, then you won't pass According to write my professor for a lot of classes, they participation is important. And professors really want to get to know who you are. Here's a video of my professor in Entered ethics throwing a microphone at a student. Teo. Really hear what they're like, so not cute. And another thing is we have other classes, which are, you know, obviously more formal. So here's a look at my e con class. And for other classes. Well, they're all very different based on way. Have several academic buildings, so but for the most part, they're pretty smaller. There's smaller classroom, so I route have, like, around, like twenty students in my class twenty five. The smallest loss of ever had was five, and it was an entrepreneurship class. O uh, really depends on what your course load is and what your course is. So for office hours, I definitely would record my top. This hour is that helps so much for really getting to build a good relationship with your professor. Um, one time, I would just go roll up to my professor's office hours, and we really have a question about class. I just loved genuinely love talking to them. And so those are the kinds of relationships that will stick with you even after college. I'd like to believe so and for other things. Like sometimes I have a professor who lived like works of the International monetary funds to the IMF in Washington, D. C. And so I have to take a bus to get office hours over there, and at first I thought it was a pain to get all the way there to see my professor for office hours. But it became like a really great experience, because if you made the track than you, you really got to know him. And he always paid for your coffee. Which free coffee and professor student really like closeness like that's really great. So that's That's what I would say that Classe Tous classes are like at Georgetown University. But really, for a lot of things at Georgetown or even any university it is. You get what you put in, and I think investing in a really good relationship with your professor is a great idea for future goals So I'm here right now on the icy sea steps with my friend Priscilla and for say, can you please tell us about food options here? Okay, Well, there's a dining hall. Leo's, which has an upstairs and a downstairs downstairs, is more buffet style. And the upstairs has, like, different stores that are trying to be like diverse and different food. But it's not that I don't take meals. Yeah, they all take meal swipes. And there's like one store that, like, sells pastries and coffee. And I don't think that's equivalent of frickin sixteen dollars bill swipe. But okay, Andi. So essentially meal swipes like, Ugh, ugh, ugh, swipe. You get three different swipe exchanges a day so you could go to three different of the of the like new places. And there's also another like a sandwich type shot, please, and leave the building. And they try to look like different sandwiches. I like only you. Typically, I've been to Tripoli once only because it's fucking free because you have to pay for it. Wait, you don't know Chick fil A's not own meals. White Oh, there's also another place in Levi called Cop Shop. But I didn't mention it because it doesn't need to be mentioned. But my favorite place there is my friend's house, Rebecca, because she's always Thanks, man.