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Narizza Saladino

Honolulu Hawaii, Undecided, Class of 2021


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China, Enterprise Risk Management, Class of Masters Student


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Maine, Economics & Political Science, Class of 2022


Hi by the dispassion Sanchez. I am a freshman here at Columbia, in the School of Engineering. I am from Denver, Colorado, and I chose Columbia University because of vast opportunities. Really, that the city can offer Columbia Being in the heart of New York was something that was super attractive to me when I was decided what college to choose. And I feel like there are so many different opportunities and resource is available to us students here in Colombia, because so I've already experienced that a little bit. In my first couple weeks here, I'm super excited to see what's going to be coming forward with it. So I have been astonished, really, at the times of students that we see here in Colombia, see and meet students from all over the world. Just something crazy. I've never been in the place where there have been so many different students, kids from all continents, really in so many different? No, I'm Hispanic. So there is a lot of South Americans here that I have very. I've connected with all. There's a lot of Asian people of European people, lots of international stress, which is something that I'm not used to. And, you know, it's it's funny talking. It's fun tart. The Brazilians people get come from Japan that come from France, Paris, tons of different people. And it's really something super fruitful work. I personally in that, As I said, the school of engineering and I don't know exactly. I'm still undeclared, what my major will be, but I'm definitely leaning either biomedical engineering or chemical engineering. So usually the track sets itself out more towards a software engineer. So I'll be going into that next year and, you know, definitely has a mission for my favorite thing about Colombia is New York City like it's a place that, really so many different cool opportunities for whoever is it. And the best thing about Colombia's. They make the effort for and give students opportunities to go out into the city. Explore it because there's so much and, you know, my least favorite thing is probably this myth that Columbia has a big stress culture because it's an Ivy League school and everyone's here just to study, study, study. And I think that's incorrect because it's a very good academic environment. You're appears over there, help your teachers to help you. And really, I see myself being a successful person of successful professional coming on, of So this is Havemeyer has won most films classrooms in America, and Over there you can actually between the buildings see some of Barnard and one of their libraries where Columbia students can study. So this is Havemeyer three, Oh, nine and it's one of the most films classrooms in America. It's pretty iconic, and if you watch the old Spiderman's, you might recognize this room. It really is pretty cool toe have classes and rooms like this and being such an iconic place and have these classical pieces of architecture and classrooms, uh, right on campus and as part of your learning experience. Like this. So certainly we're in J. D. Hey, dining hall for like, class feud. It's like super convenient. It's open twenty two hours a day. A lot of people come here. It's like another hangout. Place full with food afterparties. People go here because there's like munchies. I'm currently here with drag again on this is eating. We're getting like, five chicken through the burger some ways. Everyone My name's Orion and I'm a freshman at Columbia College at Columbia University. I'm studying economics and political science with a focus in international affairs. I'm also focusing pretty heavily on languages, and I'm taking Arabic and French right now. I'm from rural Maine, so come into the city was a big transition for me, and hopefully I can through this Siri's tell you a little bit more about what it's like going toe school in such a big city and how Columbia integrates itself into the community. And hopefully I can also give you some other insight on things such as an admission and what life is like here among the student body and economics and so forth. And some advice you might like to take into account when considering Columbia against other colleges Choosing dorms at Columbia is generally pretty easy. As a freshman, you rank which storms you want to get into on. Then they just randomly draw you, and hopefully you get your first pick. I know a lot of people do, but I also know some people who are kind of unhappy about their picks in dorms and then for upperclassmen is basically the simple lottery system. Where you Tuesday's storm we want to be in. I got a single my first year, so I don't have experience with choosing a roommate. But I know that you can find someone in trees, a roommate and as an upperclassman. Generally, people get a group of people together and try and get into a suite and some of the other bullets. A lot of upperclassman dormitories here have sweets with kitchens and lounges and such, and then sew. At Columbia. There's a mix of different types of social environments. In the dorms, there is a couple called Carmen in the Sea, which are more known as the party dorms. And then there's storms like Wallich and Hartley and Fernald, which are known as the quieter dorms. For people Just put their heads down study and then I'm in John J, which is kind of a mix between the two. We have really good culture together. We all go and do things like watch movies in our lounge together. But then we also because we have singles. We can't go back. We can put our heads down and we could work. So there's really that great mix between so social nous and privacy. So you really were and dodged him. This is all just a trickle of you students. There's four floors and it's actually underground. Currently, we're on top. They're treadmills on. There's an indoor charm on the next floor. We have like weights, and when their score cardio, and if you look down, there's a basketball court on some people plan. On there's also are down there. Okay, guys. I mean, from my last video for you guys, because I'm going to say good bye. I already have fun to recover these for you guys. I hope my being used actually helped Teo for knowing more about Clinton University. And I really hope you can, uh I mean a cheaper dream and come to Columbia and see the real life here. So in your cross for you guys beans. Around the world, this level of charged him for here at the swimming pool. It's an Olympic size, actually, if you come to Columbia College. So if you're in CC, you actually have to take a swim test. So every species today has to take one or take beginners, it's it's required for everyone to graduate. I haven't taken it personally, even though I'm from Hawaii, and I don't know, basically. And alumni gave a generous amounts to Colombia and on the condition that every student, including college, learned how to swim. So I have to take assuming test before graduation. But I'm probably just gonna take a minute for me. Damn, this is like a special place. Hey, campus you My name is Reza. I am from the Big Island of Hawaii. I currently attend Columbia University as a first year Savva freshman year. I currently don't know when I want to. Major in, huh? I just finished. My first semester of my second semester is going pretty well. I'm gonna take your out my week and I hope you enjoy my tour of Colombia. It's going to be lit. Colombia's lit. I love Colombia for the most part, so I hope you enjoy your tour. Thanks for coming along. That's the other three Main dining, isn't it? And J. J Tar balls and building on. Then there's also very interested in learning How are you? J. Days is the most competing for everybody. Ferris is probably the best way overall guys on John Jones. Like. All this time, but it's really nice plastic. It's time. All right, there's, like fine. Like me to show you. It's your diets course nightmare, basically. This is like my favorite place to come during my first year at Columbia. No control my intake of today's wages. We all have a place in days.