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Hey, campus you My name is Reza. I am from the Big Island of Hawaii. I currently attend Columbia University as a first year Savva freshman year. I currently don't know when I want to. Major in, huh? I just finished. My first semester of my second semester is going pretty well. I'm gonna take your out my week and I hope you enjoy my tour of Colombia. It's going to be lit. Colombia's lit. I love Colombia for the most part, so I hope you enjoy your tour. Thanks for coming along. Okay, guys. I mean, from my last video for you guys, because I'm going to say good bye. I already have fun to recover these for you guys. I hope my being used actually helped Teo for knowing more about Clinton University. And I really hope you can, uh I mean a cheaper dream and come to Columbia and see the real life here. So in your cross for you guys beans. So you really were and dodged him. This is all just a trickle of you students. There's four floors and it's actually underground. Currently, we're on top. They're treadmills on. There's an indoor charm on the next floor. We have like weights, and when their score cardio, and if you look down, there's a basketball court on some people plan. On there's also are down there. You're currently above Amsterdam Avenue, we're on a bridge. This is my favorite spot because it's like a little sliver of nature. Columbia's campus Right now, it's like winter says, You can see behind me the cheese heir dead and it's a very sad time. But in the beginning of the semester and during summer, there leaves and I'll just be a really nice place to hang out. I'd come here when I had writer's block, and I would sit here for inspiration to be really warm and nice. So for my eighteenth birthday, I actually came on this bridge and I looked at the views that you can see, like you can see downtown from here and basically thought of my life here in New York City. And how much is going to change coming from such a rule place? I, um, official nation college student, so being in a big city is a huge link life event too good big here to sweep a lot to me, and there was a scary But having like a little sanctuary like this, it's like it's right next to a law library above a very busy street. So I mean, in that case, like it may not be a sanctuary for everyone, but for me, it was like a nice place, two things and reflect on who I'm going to be for the next four years. If you find a place on campus like this, like it's any campus in general like that's where you belong. Hello, everyone. And this pretty I'm gonna be talking about the Columbia University application as a first year. I'm gonna be talking about some tips and tricks. What to remember when you're applying what, Adam the do's and don'ts. And I hope this really helps you in your application process, whether it is for Columbia or other schools. So my first happens. Toa always check on deadlines. Deadlines are really important when it comes to applying to colleges, especially colleges that you really, really want to get into. Make sure all of your materials were submitted online and make sure you're talking Teo, your teachers, your counselors about submitting documents themselves and letting them know the deadlines for things. Another tip is to make sure you know the difference between early decision deadlines and regular decision deadlines. Early decision deadlines, of course, come earlier in the year. And so the application today is November first, and of course, I would suggest to only do early decision if you're one hundred percent sure that you really do want to attend that institution. And if money is not a huge factor and that is because, of course, if you do regular decision will be able to compare financial aid packages and choose that way. So for early decision, that deadline is November first. And for your indecision, the deadline is January first, so that gives you a little bit more time when it comes to doing the application. Another tip is to really talk to your teachers and counselors about things so they know what's going on. They know what they have to provide for you to help your application process. And so Columbia does require teacher recommendations and a counselor recommendation. So I definitely start talking to teachers early on. So they do have the time to write a really great recommendation for you as well as your cancer. Counselors usually have to do recommendations for all of their students, so it would be better to talk to them earlier, earlier on in the air. So when it comes to requirements and what you needed to apply to Columbia, there are a few things that you needed to make sure you have completed before you apply. So you can either applies for the coalition application or the common application. And so I used common application. I found it, really. You see some school district's used the coalition application, there's going to be a personal essay that you have to complete personalized questions to Callum University. There is some questions like we'LL book City Real books to enjoy what place You enjoy as well as a wide Colombian question, and I'LL give you some tips on how to answer that question later on in the video. So another tip is to make sure that all other standardized testing is either submitted through college board or self reported schools there. Some schools who don't ask for some advice testing scores, but Columbia does ask her scores. So I would just make sure that you submit those scores before the deadline as well. So we're not just going to talk about the questions. What you Khun Dio, too, really stand out from other applications? The do's and the don'ts when it comes to answering these questions and other tips and tricks in terms of the actual application. So the first tip I'd give is honestly, just being yourself with the school wants to know that you're human, they want to know that outside of school, you do other things that you relax, that you enjoy certain hobbies. They want to know that you're not only school because when they go to a college campus, of course, it's all about academics. But it's about other things, too. They want to know how you are as a person as a whole. So when it comes to answering your questions, don't just focus on us. A. T scores. Feel free. Teo. Really humanize yourself. Feel free to not over exaggerate a sob story, but to truly encompass what you've gone through obstacles you have encountered and overcome to get to where you are today. Another time when it comes to answering the White Columbia question, it is to really just research the institution. Know what classes you want to take Noah professors who want to take classes with No what clubs you want to join? No. And envision yourself at this school. They want to know that you envision yourself at the school and that you can contribute something to the campus as well. A ce them contributing something to your academic life. A swell So, yeah, I hope you applied to Columbia, and I hope you learned a bit about the tips and tricks when it comes to applying to the school. I hope you have great success with my Hello surveillance video. I'm just going to give your prospectors to been some advice, and I'm going to give you guys a little insight. Tio What I wish I knew when I was applying to Columbia and some advice that I would give my senior self, so the first piece of advice would definitely be to not compare yourself to others. I know that it's so easy to just weigh yourself down because you're looking at other student's accomplishments and not even recognizing your own. You have to make sure you're confident in your abilities and your intellect. You have to make sure confident that you'd be able to contribute to a campus like Columbia in order to get there. And so no matter what focus on you, focus on making your own goals. Don't look at other people schools because that only weigh you down my second tip or advice to prospect. There students you guys would definitely be tio. Reach out to individuals who have already gone through the application process, and that's probably why you're on this video and my previous videos. I just think that reaching out tio individuals who have already gone through the process especially if they attend the institution. You want to go, Teo. It's definitely going, Tio. Take off some stress, relieve you of that anxiety of just being answer in and not knowing the process so well. And for a first generation students, congratulations are just being you and being able to go through this process yourself, definitely reach out to other first and students to gather support. My third piece of advice would definitely to challenge yourself my whole academic career. As a high school student, I just dedicated myself to challenging myself with different topics, different subjects that I was a really comfortable with, like physics AP talc. And although my grades weren't the highest in those classes, I really felt like I did myself some good By taking this class is show in Colombia that I wasn't only able to be really great and humanities courses, but I was able to challenge myself and do that in other courses. And so I think it's all about challenging yourself at your own pace. You know what you can handle, and if you can show Colombia that you're able to handle a lot of different subjects, that you're well rounded and you're able to take on the challenges you'LL be just fine. Some advice I give to my senior self would just definitely be to be more open about thie transitioning process from a high school student to a college student. I definitely didn't expect it to be so hard, so difficult transitioning into this college world s o. I definitely would just let myself know that it's OK. Tio transition at my own pace. Tto find out my new schedule. Many routine and two Definitely. Just ask for help when I need it and reach out to individuals. Have resources to help you if you're looking for a rigorous but very, very fun and enriching experience. Definitely think about applying to come the university. If it wasn't for a small undergraduate school that gives you intimate discussion spaces and also large lectures and, of course gives you access to many, many fun opportunities in New York City. Definitely consider applying to Columbia University, and I hope you guys apply, and I hope you guys get it. And I hope my videos helped you guys Everyone My name's Orion and I'm a freshman at Columbia College at Columbia University. I'm studying economics and political science with a focus in international affairs. I'm also focusing pretty heavily on languages, and I'm taking Arabic and French right now. I'm from rural Maine, so come into the city was a big transition for me, and hopefully I can through this Siri's tell you a little bit more about what it's like going toe school in such a big city and how Columbia integrates itself into the community. And hopefully I can also give you some other insight on things such as an admission and what life is like here among the student body and economics and so forth. And some advice you might like to take into account when considering Columbia against other colleges you. Oh, hey, welcome to my crib. Hm. So I live in Doctor, which is an all first year residents hall here on Columbia's campus. I have a single, this doremus, mostly singles, and someone doubles. There's a lounge on every floor with my green in it, and I live on the fifth floor. So it's a short elevator right up or a short walk up the stairs. And so this is really going to show you around and show you some, like dorm essentials. And so, first, this is what you see right when you come into the door, it's a clothing rack. I thing. This is a really good dorm room. Essentially, could just put your shoes on there, my shower shoes as of my winter coats. And so walking this way, I have this little plaque on my wall to have some lgbtq plus representation, and now I have my bed. And so I lifted up my mattress up a few, not just so that I could fit the doors, a mini fridge and more candles under here. And so you think of this mini fridge and go up sail for like ten fifteen dollars, sometimes free So I wait a few weeks and see if there's going sale and then thes doors come with the storm itself. And so they're currently kind of empty because I'm moving out. But if it'll lot of clothes in there and then just first of extra space, I got these Kia drawers that right under my bed so I can just fit my hygiene products of food. So extra clothes in there and that over here is my death. I have something on there because I'm really hungry, and I was just a nameless me out, but I have some more essentials here. I have all my beauty stuff here, some lotion on my water bottle, a lot of books that we have to read for school. Um, and it has more storage space for all your books and pens and pencils and notebooks on and on. Yeah, and so, like, I just have some my care, Miss Harris and Polaroids up my friends from home. And yet, and then if you move over to this corner here, I just have some more many drawers from Kia really cheap checking my Kia for dorm stuff because it's a really expensive And so I just came a much bipolar right right here, like a little foot book for people to see when they come in. And then here's a little mini van. It doesn't really do much, but it's cute on. Then hear this wall of my whole theme, this flower's succulents stuff. And so I have brought these like postcards and put them on my wall to deal with this, like Little Corner here. I bought this from Bed Bath and Beyond, and it was originally made to store fruit and food in the kitchen. But I made it like a little mini storage space for myself and clothes and extra things that I wanted to keep here. And so I just put some very late around it to make it really cute and then moving back. Here I have my closet so some dorms have actual wardrobes that air, not like they don't have a door. There's out in the open. And so John Jay has these with doors, and so I just keep of my towels here and my backpack, and that if you open it, there's a your fancy yourself in here. There's a full Mary here full body length mirror on DH. Then you have some large faces to put on clothes and someone shower Caddy of there. It was all my bathroom essentials, and it's a little backed up because I'm moving out soon, but I keep everything in here, has a lot of space. And so yeah, that's my closet. And we're back here on the door where exit. And so the room is actually decent size. My room is one hundred eighteen square feet and some of the singles here goto one sixty square feet so you can have a pretty large single if you get lucky. Ah, lot of first years actually get singles. There are other dorm rooms with their sweets, doubles and special interest housing. And so I don't like you. This year I got my single, and I hope you Plus. Here. What? All right. Hey, guys s O This is Janine and Eva and we're on the same university writing class together, and we usually get lunch together after class. And that's one of the fun things about the community here at Columbia is that, uh, after class, A lot of people go get lunch together, go get meals together. It's a really nice and I thought, well fostered community. We love it. My highlight of my day. I think we can all agree that Paris is the best dining. I definitely disagree. I think John, That's it. No, so many. So you're on always so much more variety. Have someone different stations way more room. Paris is always and I live in John J. So spread it about. Yeah. I don't have time. There always get down. Doug, sir. Well, there are a lot of dining for whatever your preferences are. This is the science and engineering building, and it actually is a really cool cafe in the bottom that you should visit if you come to Colombia. So I want to walk you through my daily schedule now at Columbia, we generally don't have class on Fridays. But if you have language causes like I do, you do generally because they want you to have a much later is learning time is possible. But a lot of times people used the Fridays off Teo, get go work at an internship or working a job because that really gives a great opportunity to explore the city, Seymour and get some professional experience. So on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have Arabic in the morning, and then I have a French conversation and another French class in the afternoon and on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have my Arabic in the morning as well, and I also have university writing, which is the standard writing class at Columbia and literature Humanity's, which is also the standard literature class here at Columbia and literature. Humanity's actually nearly two hours long, so it's a really long class, and so that was a little tough to get through. But it's fun and we get to read a lot, which is great. And so I usually end. My father, my class, are usually done by around four, five thirty, and then after that, I'll usually get dinner with my friends. And then we'll go study in the library, and we usually study until midnight, one two in the morning. I don't believe I've gone to bed before midnight after Columbia, honestly, but it's you put in a lot of work, and then my first class is at ten ten anyway. So I just sleep in a little in the morning, and so that's generally what I said, older and weak is like, and during the weekend friends, I like to go out to the city of some fun, go to restaurants, go see concerts and stuff. But then we also have to sit down and do work. So work is definitely huge component of life at Columbia. That's just how it is at an institution like this. But it's there's plenty of opportunities. Have fun and make friends. So this is Havemeyer three, Oh, nine, and it's one of the most films classrooms in America. It's pretty iconic, and if you watch the old Spiderman's, you might recognize this room. So this is the question that I have French in, and it's pretty small and because there are only six people in my French class, which is really nice. So a lot of classes at Columbia are smaller, which is great. And so we sit in these chairs. Teacher sits here. All the classrooms have computers and projectors so we can watch movies and stuff. And this is in Hamilton home. So right around here are the main gates of Colombia and college walk. And this is where everyone comes in when they first move in and you walk down right here, Uh, which is all lit up at winter. Um, and you get to see South Long Low library and Butler library. Three. It's use one. Yeah. And this is Millstein Library. It's on Barnett's campus, but as a Columbia student, I can come study here, and this is definitely one of That's the other three Main dining, isn't it? And J. J Tar balls and building on. Then there's also very interested in learning How are you? J. Days is the most competing for everybody. Ferris is probably the best way overall guys on John Jones. Like. All this time, but it's really nice plastic. It's time. All right, there's, like fine. Like me to show you. It's your diets course nightmare, basically. This is like my favorite place to come during my first year at Columbia. No control my intake of today's wages. We all have a place in days.