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Thinking about Emerson College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Emerson College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Emerson College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Emerson College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Emerson College experience. These Emerson College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Ben Nadler

Pennsylvania, Media Arts Production, Class of 2020



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Hello. You are watching this. Then you are probably kind of interested in Emerson College, which is a pretty creative, weird place. I'm Ben Adler, your tour guide for this good good log. And, uh, I am a sophomore. Visual on media arts majors was my on my degree. It says the media arts production. Um, my preferred pronouns. Are he him? His. That's a question you have to get used to at Emerson. And am I forgetting anything? Yeah, well, see, I don't know, but anyway, this is Emerson Blue. Yes, you're in the middle of Boston, which is awesome, being in a urban environment, but it's also like pre chill, not as crazy as New York. And let's see, let me give you some, like, stuff about Emerson. It was founded in eighteen. Eighty by Charles Wesley Emerson, not Ralph Waldo Emerson, though that would be really cool. But everyone always thinks that it's like, No, no, not not him. It's a communication school. It's a liberal arts college as well, but with a very, very powerful affinity for the arts and communications. Wei have the number one journalism program According to U S. A. Today we are number nine for top film programs in a Hollywood reporter, and we have an awesome like speech, speech disorders and communications department way. Have Polycom. We have, like, really all these awesome performance majors theater musical leader that nature really good. We have, like some new cool majors, like comedic arts on business of creative enterprises, things like that. So it's a really cool school, very innovative and very progressive and wonderful were also one of the we're very inclusive campus were very, very good for the LGBT a community. When you go here, you'll figure out what LGBT Q. I actually stands for. You will, and it's really a great place. Boston is so much fun. You fall in love with it. It's gorgeous here right now. It's actually kind of the end of semester. So, like, I'll do my best to show you stuff. But, uh, we'll see you guys. So yeah, that's it. Uh, hope you enjoy the tour. Hey, guys, I am in one of the classrooms here and Walker. And, uh, this is actually where I have my production class, so it's the kind of thing where you don't necessarily need to be in, like, one of the very fancy production classrooms. If you're a film student, you could just be in a regular classroom and stuff. But you'll also be taking other lecture style courses like fundamentals of speech, communication or other things in rooms like this. Usually they all have, like, a projector like Sue. And there's a workstation desk for the professor. Hello, Margarita. This is my professor. Uh, she's wonderful. And, yeah, this is just kind of the room is like a lot of this class is our lecture style like I mentioned. But also a good amount of them are also workshop based. Sort of, for example, like I'm in a writing class right now. Like we workshop a lot of the stuff that we do in that and you, a lot of them are also just very discussion based. You end up doing a lot of talking with your fellow students and with the professor, and there's a lot of back and forth and dialogue, that kind of stuff. Yellow guy's been, and I'm currently going to walk you through some a gonna walk you through a piano, wrote my dorm. So, uh, when you walk in, get over here and there's a tap desk because there was a security guard, People also moving out. Right now, there's a tap desk when you go up to it, and you have to happen with your idea what you're given. Excuse me, but it looks like what happened. And you also have wonderful people like Jackie Here, we're here, do it. And yeah, and then you just keep going on in on DH all in the next station. But basically you continue this way and you get Teo, you know, you can access the bill that's hijack stall the buildings here on Anderson's campus and stuff. But then you also, you know, for the dorms you have to tap in a second time. At another place where you have theories and the audience are there. You know, if you're an on campus student, you can tap in. And if you are off campus, like or don't live in the dorms like me, these parents here, you have to you have to sign them in. And then you also signed them out whenever you are leaving. So, yeah, that's generally how? Like dorms like buildings Work on DH. Next, I'm going to magically appear up in my room, so no, here. Okay. And here we are on the tenth floor. Er, this bottle are ten o one. I apologize in advance for if it is messy and if there's not that much stuff in it. But anyway, you get keys, which I will pull out of my pocket. My hands are a little full, so hold on, you get keys. So you got your dough? I'm keep that Opens like the Sweet, and then you get another key that opens the door for your actual, like room in this week. So yeah, I'm gonna take within there. No. Well, Oh, God. Gay. So I'm inside, and basically I'm just gonna give you a quick little tour. So in the P ro dorms, you get like, little common area like this with, like, a sofa on some chairs and things. And then you also get a little kitchenette. Kind of like this. Just a glitch. You don't get a French. You have to bring your own, Clary. But, yeah, it's just basically like storage space for, like, probably kitchen. He thinks no stove technically allowed to have any, like hot plates or anything, either. Technically not allowed, um, Mia. And then there's little bathroom area. Thanks. Yeah, You not toilet. And then that's basically all the things. And then this door and this is a six person sweets was three doubles. We got. That one, That one. And then night at the end of hall, Like there. And, uh, yeah, they're good. You get like, a desk. You get ill just magically show you hold. I apologize in advance for the fact that my room of the mess and also packed. But this is it. You basically get like a dresser. It's bad. You get, uh, closet. I have a desk, and it's cool, like a baby. And then if you're lucky, you get you of the commons, which is really cool and really fun and doesn't always happen. But if you d'oh, it's lit. Yeah, basically, for the dorms again. I apologize for the fact that, like, all my stuff is like taking down, but we're not. And what? Not. But if you're going to Emerson, you're going to be a creative person. So use your little noggin and be creative like Emerson student, because that's what we do. So, uh, that's it for piano row guys in dorms Oh, wait, Allied. Other thing there's actually common rooms and some of the floors. That's an important thing. And also, if you ever have something that is broken, you can call facilities management or putting out put in a work order online for like something broke, like the toilet or like a thing, and then you get it fixed. Just important thing. You can also get dead lifted. I usually get my lifted because it's better for storage space. Okay, now we're done with dorms. Eight guys. So, uh, as a hotel, I'm on an airplane. Why? Because I'm flying, actually, home to Pittsburgh. Um, but I just want to say goodbye. I hope you enjoy your tour of Emerson's on. I'm hopefully going to get a beautiful shot over Boston from my plane window when we are up in the air just for you. Because I love you guys so much. Also, just some advice, you know, Just take care of yourselves. Like, especially when it comes, like mental health and stuff like college stuff. That's been like, a really big struggle for me in a lot of my friends is making sure you really take care of yourself. Not just physically, but also mentally. Yes. Grades are important. Yes, I'm on auto, Ivan. Honor student. I really care about that stuff. I really have to make sure that you take care of you first and foremost, because otherwise what's the point? So, yeah, anything. I'm gonna show you that good good view of Boston. And that's gonna happen right about here we go. Say bye to Boston and Emerson up, up, up and away in the air. Thanks, guys. Really like giving you your tour? Say goodbye Hey, guys, it's been and I am here with M. J. And we're in the D H, otherwise known as the AK. You know, the dining hall we call the D. H. Emerson tried to call the dining center DC, but it's stupid. The D a. Get it. So this Diego, it's relatively, it's actually very new. It's only new for this year. That's Boylston Street right back there, and you walk in and basically, you, uh, go up to one right there and you swiping. You get a lot of so many swipes for this semester, and there's different meal plans with different amounts of swipes and things. Yeah, there's all these tables where the booth coveted booths, which is really cool. And there's lots of food stations. We got like a hamburger station over there like the regular stuff. The day is over there as well. Then there is actually a downstairs area that I will show you real quickly. Hold on, walking down the stairs right now. So this is the downstairs there, Chappie Yeah, but this is the downstairs area. No time. This actually vegan station over here. So there's a vegan station for people who are vegan stuff that we have. Top eight. So. That's kind of it for the dining hall. Es lots of charging stations over here. Just kind of nice salad bar. Waffles. A good time. Good time, guys. So kind of a dining hall for you. Yellow. This Ben, No, you can stand there. It's fine. This then again, and I am a friend, Jordana, my friend Lex here. And they are both part of noteworthy, which is the group that I'm a part of in. Jordana over here is going to tell you a little bit about it. So, like, uh, running out, know where the, uh, what's your favorite part about it? Okay. Crying? No, seriously, Because we're like a big group of goofballs that get together and sing twice a week and concerts, and then I weep even more. But you're just like some of my favorite people are in this group. And I love I just love being a part of this group way Do a lot of we don't compete. We do a lot of like, uh, calling charity work that we did. Everything already work every concert we fundraise for different charity. We've been doing it for, like, four years. Four years? Um, we worked with like we was recently with the Bus Children Hospital. Jimmy Fund. Dana. Jimmy found David Harbor the same thing. Katie's Closet Hill House. Chiari found me a malformation foundation. Tons of a lot of fun stuff, variety of charity. And we sort of like, volunteer here in there like sing for like other lake little events here in their own capital stuff, which is specially Emerson. They ask us to sing, Don't do it way just don't like the all the Mater. But you'll learn about that if you come here saying it, though recently at the era awards cool the Emerson Recognition Award. Yes, it was called the most beautiful version of the alma mater, someone I don't member who had ever heard. I think it was Jason Mayer, Jason Myers where the best. So we're great. Don't tell the other acapella groups way have red shoes. Yeah, wait, red cumbers. Because, well, that's another thing I love about over the sorry if I'm thinking about you know where the is that the alumni network is so important even to get. We have been a group since two thousand two. We're the oldest Rockefeller bunking office, which means we have like a zillion people that have been in this group. All of them are amazing and successful and talented and beautiful, and they are so important us that we want to honor them. And we had a member named Matt storing. He was music director, president everything for the group. He was in the group from two thousand seventy two thousand ninety Fast way in two thousand nine from lymphoblastic leukemia. We actually are two concerts ago in honor of him that's festering. And he always wore red Chuck's. So we were red trucks at all our gigs and we were them. I mean, I end up wearing them all the time. Anyways, we're about our gig stop because we love him. And he's a really important member of the noteworthy family. So that basically gives you a whole entire thing about noteworthy, which is great. But yeah. So if you come to Emerson or if you visit, look for us, listen for us. Audition, audition if you come and things, but yeah, that's basically guys, I'll talk to you later. Hey, everyone, it's been and I'm gonna be taking you down Boylston Street, one of the main streets here ever since. So first up on our tour of Boylston, we got piano row, which is one of the dorms that's right down there. That's where I was. And I like piano a lot. I think that is arguably one of the best, considering that it's very close to a lot of campus life because you have a campus center. You got, Max, you got convenience stores and whatnot. That's all really, really helpful. What I like over down here, when what I call, which is to Boylston, our is to Boylston. That's what the dorm is. Polish this will areas called Boils in place. I like to call Diagon Alley because it's really cool looking. Yeah, to Boylston is the dorm That's really Haulage is up there. And, uh, I She's really pretty. You do? She has some singles, I think. Which is pretty nice. Yeah, generally the just a bit for. And then down here, we got Colonial much further down there, and Colonial has like singles and stuff of that nature. And she's very coveted just because, like single dorms that she had. They're all in sweets on all our dorm's just to let you know. So you will be living? Yes, potentially with sweet name with a roommate or potentially by yourself. But you will definitely have the sweetmeats. Keep that, um, right next to where I was filming, actually, is the dining hall. She pretty? We're gonna give you a more specific tour for later. But she knew Really cool, eh? Right now I'm walking down Boylston Place actually, to show you few things. One is backstage Cafe our little cafe where you can get coffee. And what not your A T m are ten a m and also the tough D center. Tough to center. We're giving you a bit more of a tour of too, but I just want to make sure you know where it is. Geographically, continuing down Boylston Way Got the walker building, which is actually right next to the dining hall. A lot of academics and things there. It's a good time. And we got whiskey. Saigon. Saigon is a nightclub. It's actually right here in the middle of everything. It's a little annoying on the weekends because you have long lines of people and you have to deal with them. And it's really funny in the winter because they're wearing really like not good clothing for cold weather and you want to just laugh with them? It's terrible. He also got the bookstore. We got the colonial theater right here, which is currently being renovated and will look a lot nicer to yellow. Hello, We got the visitor's center and right here is cold, low again to give you a more specific idea where it is. And lastly, but not least, we got little building just Ping, currently under construction and whatnot. You see, it is a dorm. It's also, ironically, the biggest building on campus, and I'll give you some more details about it later. But that's where it is. And I What am I in a frat? Guys? Here's game. Dave is a really cool guy. He's also in a friend. Hi. Yo, everyone. It's then And right now I am in the Boston Common, and I'm going to show you guys around some of my favorite places to walk when it is nice out or even when it is rainy or snowy, you just need to dress appropriately. Here we go. So first off, I just want to tell you, Emerson's like this. This is like Boylston and things. Yeah, this is like Emerson over here back there. It's kind of cool. Yeah, so just give you an idea. But right now, I'm in the common and, er it's just really open green space and actually right behind me is where there's also like lots of tents and things getting set up. I don't entirely know what for, but there's also like fun, little like events and things that go on in the common. So just for you know about that's a thing. There's all kinds, like vendors and stuff, usually in Boston, too. So we got some people over here and there, uh, just kind of selling their things, which is kind of cool, usually touristy stuff. But sometimes there's food, honestly, get stuff from them allergies, but, like, okay. It's an option. I had a friend the other day who was like, I really want to get those posted like chestnuts and, like, go for it. I can go for it. So next I'm going across the street right here at Charles Street on. I'm going to public garden, which is arguably the prettiest place go. Love it. That's the kind of thing you find in the public gardens. It's just so much fun, but it's gorgeous. Uh, I mean, you're I'm showing you guys around the prettiest season possible spring. So we got flowers everywhere we got green. The trees are just starting to bloom and like the trees are starting from green and blue. They do both things, but yeah, so right now making balloons. But it's just gorgeous. And I love walking around here. I sometimes I just do loops around the public garden because it's great. I'm just kind of walking your straight through the middle of it because I want to show you guys the big pond and specifically the really cool, like a bridge. Well, I love the bridge. The bridge is kind of fun. Usually lots of people taking photos and whatnot, but, like, yeah, actually, yeah. I'm gonna get you in there, Know where he's holed on high. You are. That's public garden. Got all this gorgeousness my eyes. You guys get to my peach tea? What? I like to drink from the That's what I get. The max. You should, but, yes, that's public garden. And I'm gonna magically teleport over to the common and show you more of that, actually, specifically the gazebo. Here we go. All right, we're in the common. So what do we got here? We got the gazebo, which I really like. And there's all kinds of fun activities and things that go on there. For example, uh, this semester I was on the committee for the out of the darkness walk, which we walked around the Boston Common. And that was for supporting the American Foundation for suicide Prevention. Really good cause totally should donate too, by the way. But anyway, point is all kinds of fun stuff goes on here in the calm and all kinds of cool people here just kind of let you take a look at that gazebo. Common, common, common, common, common, common Earl of Sandwich. I know people eat there sometimes over that way. Boom. There's, like the think it's a civil war. The monument. It's a cool mind. And, uh, that crane is also where little building is to give you an idea where Emerson is. It's just literally right across the street, like, I mean it when I say that we're right across from the common. I mean it. This is This is our quad. You could say way don't technically have a quiet, but it's just this entire space, which is super cool, and it goes all the way over there. Oh, there's a duck pond over there. That's really great. Why? Because in this, a little bit in the winter, it freezes over and you could I skate on it, which is super fun. So yeah, but basically, guys, that's the common and the public garden, just one of my favorite places in Boston on, Yeah, that's it. Have a good day.