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Welcome to my favorite place to de stress. This is the ceramics room. It's in this little cottage two minutes away from the CDC and um I come here with my friends just to de stress, and we make clay get our hands dirty when death is there Too stressful. They also have these two huge things. Um, of CDs. It's like they're all communal. Hold it you can pick from and just put in like, I don't know Norah Jones. What was last? Used it. Let's say, Oh, our Led Zeppelin. That's my personal favorite. And then over here is where all the clay gets stored fully formed. Hi. My name is laying in my first year at Smith College. How you sugar pronouns and I plan on becoming a biology major in the Spanish Minor. I'm also Mama on a pre med track. I'm Smith College is historically Women's College, located in North Hampton, Massachusetts, and it's one of the largest woman's college. Compared to other universities and colleges with colleges on the smaller side with about two thousand four hundred fifty undergraduate students and it's part of a five college could consortium in western Massachusetts, College is like Empress College Hampshire, University of Massachusetts and Paris and Mount Holyoke College have programs for which all the students can take any classes and any of the colleges, which is really great. One of the reasons why I chose to come to Smith was because Smith is just a beautiful cop college. The campus is amazing. There's always there's nature everywhere. Coming from New York City. I don't get to see a lot of no. Smith College is amazing. I'm also really love how the modern and more traditional architecture kind of emerges on campus. It was really interesting to see another reason why I chose it came to come to Smith is, I just love how empowering a woman's colleges, everyone, everything on campuses in support of a woman and all the students and attends with college. Another reason why I came is that the alumni community is so strong. In fact, a smithy city is what we call students at Smith. A smithy interviewed me, come for admission to Smith College and mean her really close. Another reason why I came is because of fundings with college has a lot of money to offer to students their emergency funds. And they're also funds for internships on campus and also off campus and during the summer and even abroad. So whatever you need, Smith College, um, can supplement with money, which is really great. Smith College has a lot of stress. Culture, a bounce of work and life can be hard. Sometimes the workload can be really overwhelming at times, especially around mid terms and final season. Um, the best way to try to balance where and life, I would say, is by taking a small break, making sure you're doing things that you enjoy. Always try to take a class that you really enjoy each semester. So then that you look forward to on while there's a lot of work to do, do it Smith. So it also provides a lot of funding to do. There's a bunch of clubs that you, Khun join, Um, organizations like the Black Students Alliance throws a party at least once every semester, so that's really fun. Also, Smith has complication, which is almost like a big a carnival party, Mr. The Day before classes start in the fall semester. Well, there's a lot to look forward to. So while it it's hard to sometimes get out of that stress mentality, there'd certainly lots of ways where you complete yourself out of it. Contraction of Nielsen Library should be done around my junior year. In two thousand twenty one little. The library's under construction. We have three other libraries around campus I use not including the campus center, which is off with his hit and miss their camp. They're dining halls in houses all around campus. There's gluten free, kosher and vegetarian from vegan options around campus. There are there's a dying hall and the quad designated specifically for Asian cuisine. Personally, I avoided when Smith tries to cook food over than American food. I think it's a better chance of being good when it's American food rather than Asians. Lou. Guys, how would you rate the food one to ten? Three? How would you very supposed to be on? Isn't this food? Yeah. Uh, guys ever again. Okay, Don't say six, signori. OK, cool. As a student on financial aid, I do work study. I had the option to do work study at dining halls. The jobs are a simplistic washing, mopping and dining so the boathouse is one of my favorite places on campus. I come here to make phone calls. Reid do homework. It's Ah, really relaxing spot for reflection. Sunbathing. The botanical garden is, I think, is pretty much everyone's favorite place. We have a bunch of different rooms with different plans in the botanical garden. Also, you might not know that the entire Smith College campuses a botanical garden. So if you look around you ,'LL see tags on the ground and on trees with the names of the specimens. The campus is absolutely stunning in the summer and fall, and it's breathtaking when the leaves change color on the campus center. It's also one of my favorite places, because inside the campus center is a lot of natural light, Um, that come into the building. There's several private rooms that students can go into the study and hang out in the basement. There's a game room with pool and air. Hawking are the same floor. There's our mail services where we consent and receive mail and packages. We also have the red room where we have a fireplace, which is always on on throughout the cold winter. There's also campus cafe, which you can get Ah, lunch, breakfast and dinner. We also we call the campus, enter the CC, so sure, short term, Lucy. See, there's also so quad Lawn. The quad Vaughn is amazing. During the summer, when the weather gets warmer, everyone comes out to play, and my friends and I liketo play soccer dinner outside, have little e you, my dear, are here waiting. Okay. Okay. I get it. Mackenzie, please don't die. the way back from the campus and touch the quad. Next to the president's house is the Happy Chase Garden and Happy Chase card and is a really cute area. Just take pictures, have a photo, shoot a favor, read a book, draw. Just do anything relaxing outside with weapons. Thanks. Um, garden is right next to the president's house. You have a nice view of the president's house. There's also the Paradise Pond, which you can see from the Chief Garden. Then Paradise Parties was a great place to sit down and relax. Right here. It is our statue of Sylvia Plath and really killer Hello? Hello, My Thank you. Wow. You're a bunch of white, Very kitchen that, uh and this is Sonny's bed over here. She got that poster from her pics of the movie. You know, not a Sunday, Wade. These plants like these terrariums at an event in the greenhouse. They're so cute. This I see. We don't beautiful. Smith. I need you. What is that way? This way. There's a fan drying out my shoes over. Very nice today when I got cotton for here. Snot way, ever like crabbing going over. You know, grabbing. Go containing, uh, kind of souls, love. Yeah, right. This is our pantry area. Have some Roman city of bread, a water filter. I never hear sitting so very nice. And this is my little so ki you Windows Get its okay. Uh, yeah, I'm declaring my nature, like, right now. Oh, my God. That's so yeah, I'm a nervous science mater. I got better. How I'm so excited that side and play that I did. It's really weird tests on life. My world it is. Wow. It's got a lot of friends, pictures, a bookshelf. I got it. Yeah. Nice old days from spring decorations. I painted a little watercolors Artist, My bro. Here. Okay. Wow. And then we have a bathroom. It was a species. It's chip. Yeah, they're really big. Like you two splitting it. You know, we have a really tiny shop. No closet space. Very nice bathroom closet. A little more ham record for dinner. Cool. It's hilarious. Wow. Yeah. Uh, one shower shower. Very nine. That concludes our tour. Welcome to for eleven. This is where me and my roommate Gwen, live on this side. Um, this is my bed in my desk. I have drawers here. I have my makeup park since I'm catching kitchen essentials. On top. Over there is Gwen's dust. We have a bookshelf full of food. We have our garbage in that corner and we have our little nook over here, which has a fantastic view of the quad as Khun. See. And what's really special about this mook is that we have storage under here, which is what I love. And then over here Hey, squint side of the room. She had some nice artwork up. And overall, the space is really nice. I think it's much bigger than most dorm rooms. Oh, I almost forgot. We have our closet here. This is where we keep our fridge and classroom for clothes and other types of storage. We also have a mirror here. Full length mirror on the door. Here's a picture of me and Glenn.