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This is one of the most scenic place some campus. Um, if you live in the quad you have to walk past every day. It's just the pond, and you can't really tell from this vantage point. But there's damn all the way past the boathouse that we have, and these are the gardens. They're the right by the president's house and their new as of last year, but also a great place to This is my room for sixteen. It's a little bit messy because I've had a rough week, but bed standard college humans tapestry other bed, huh? The heater is a little too powerful, sometimes Democratic. Post around the fridge and then the desk area. The least talked about best part about Smith is the bathrooms because it's an all women's college like ninety five percent of the time. These things are the cleanest. Like their stalls, there's usually like four showers and then he's fabulous flighted mirrors and everything is super. No hairless, and there's no gross things I can't identify, So we're in the abnormal psych room right now. It's like a little. Thank you. Yeah, It's me and Peter Asia. I also like Major. You like everyone's like I love it. So, yeah, it's kind of early. This white building is the campus center. It stands out on school like this alien art texture. But inside is Campus Cafe, which is a great place to go and get it. A mudslide, which is kind of a Smith tradition, although it's way too sugary. In my opinion, I can't finish one myself, but they're great for exam time. There's also a bunch of conference rooms, Um, and our student engagement office, the mail room and our bookstore, which is also where you get Smith swag, then right over here is cheap. In which is our two go food option or one of them on campus. Best one. There's always a few sandwiches in there. Um, I'll try and get a video of it, but, yeah, this is mainly like Center of campus, and I'm standing on a green that if it wasn't so early and grass isn't what people would be on it studying, So I'm standing in one of the main quads on campus. Right here. We have most of our science building. This is MMA Cannell and Burton Hall. And those are also for, like, math classes. Couple Sykes. And then behind me is Bass Hall, which also has Young Library, one of the library's that are taking over currently for Nielsen, which is our big mammoth library, which is going to close the next few years. Construction who? Um, so, yeah, that is this area. Welcome to my favorite place to de stress. This is the ceramics room. It's in this little cottage two minutes away from the CDC and um I come here with my friends just to de stress, and we make clay get our hands dirty when death is there Too stressful. They also have these two huge things. Um, of CDs. It's like they're all communal. Hold it you can pick from and just put in like, I don't know Norah Jones. What was last? Used it. Let's say, Oh, our Led Zeppelin. That's my personal favorite. And then over here is where all the clay gets stored fully formed.