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So one of my favorite places to hang out at Wellesley is in my friend's rooms. And this is my friend Christy Anne's room. You've seen her in a few other videos. She's in our case that she has a single Issa sophomore, which is awesome. Um, I also wanted to talk a little bit about the size of Wellesley. So Wellesley is about two thousand five hundred students. It's a very small college, and I think over ninety five percent of students that long campus, um, which is really cool because you can see everybody really easily. I think the longest walk from somebody room that I Khun take is ten minutes at most. Okay, So this is my bring Christy. And I'm gonna ask you a few questions about Wellesley. First of all, can you introduce yourself in, say, your major? Your year? All things like that. Hi, everybody. I'm Christine. I'm a software here. I'm a chemistry major, and I am on the pre med track. Okey dokey, Christianne. So why did you choose Wellesley? I chose Wellesley for the community and the size of this college. So for this size, it's really it's small, but it's not too small, which was really great for me because I want a close relationship with my professors. No. And what is your favorite part about Wellesley and your least favorite part about monthly. My favorite part about Wellesley is a community that you have here. It's really great. Everyone's always looking out for you. There's always someone you could talk to about anything. My least everything is that even though Wellesley's really nice, very far away from Boston. So that's always a little problem. I have what I want to go on to Boston like see people. Okay? And can you explain the academic climate at Wellesley, Especially with your major? I feel like at the food for the academic climate here. It's it is a lot, but it's doable. And I think you just have to be ableto manage your time. And as for in the chemistry department, it is a lot of work because my classes meet three times a week. Plus I have a lab, so it is a lot of work overall. But it's also, I think, just agree, agree. It's very good. And what's your favorite place on campus? My favorite place on campus, I would have to say, is the common room in my resume. I'm always there. Always find me there. Yeah, it's just really great. Just sit down on my homework and also talk to people that passed by. We'll be looking at a commoner later. So well. So he has five dining halls for which are within dorms. The foreign dorms are stone Davis, which is the one I'm in right now. And the other three are Pomeroy, which is all vegetarian and kosher. There's Tower, which is allergy conscious, And there's Bates, which is cultural fusion food. Um, the last one is Lulu, which is in our campus center is really accessible all around campus also, and they have the nicer food on campus. So I'm a scorekeeper for lacrosse, and I'm heading to agree right now. I understand you are soccer and also the lacrosse field. When I come up, product, we'll see does have a lot of sports. They're all District three. Um, the only thing we don't have a split while I think, and then accept because it's a women's college on DH. Um, like going to sports fence isn't super, like, hyped in common, but the people that do go really enjoy it. So this is the lacrosse. Why and go blue, I hope we win. Hey, guys. I wanted to show you my room. Even though it's not a first year room, I'm really happy about it. And it's kind of a representative of everything that happens after first year. So I have one too. Three closets because I live in a triple. And after first here, you don't really have to share closets anymore. You got one, Teo. Three beds. Um, my bed is the one right behind which is facing the window. On goes My other two remain Spends. Um, there's a lot of wall space. We've got really high ceilings. Wait, I'll decorate how we want. This is my area, So I decorated with different things from home, but also pictures of my friends tapestries. I like, um, down here, I have some candles that I don't burn because you can't burn candles here. Um, I've got a musical interest instrument one of my roommates gave me. I have jewelry, you know, just normal stuff. The room did come with some lamps, So my lamp is a room lamp. And I think the other one we put into storage because my other two roommates brought their own lamps. Um, we all have a dresser. We keep our dressers insider closet because your closet's have room and it gives us more space. There are two bookshelves for the three of us, but they're really big, so it's really fine. We keep food and snacks here. We keep dishware and books here. Yeah, I really like this room. I really like the ceilings. Uh, and I really loved the window. The window has such a good view out to the courtyard. You can see her in the lake. This is honestly one of the best rooms. Okay, so we're in the chapel. Just one of my favorite places on campus, especially indoors. I used of choir rehearsals here every week, twice a week. So I really got to know space. I love singing care. I love just being in here. Um, we have a really cool organ that have concerts, sometimes below the chapel. We actually have a multifaith centre that has spaces for meditation and for other face. And we have of entre parent kinds of services, not just one Christian service in the chapel itself. It's really cool. And it helps support all students if they feel a drawing to something. Smooth the elevator science city, which I think is a really fun colors. And I'm about to do a psych study, but I wanted to show you all of you from the fourth floor of the whole science center because it gives you a pretty good idea what it's like. Here we go. I think it's really cool because we have this which is the original building and built around it is this building and it really makes sense in Okay, guys, I was going to show you this exercise room in my dorm. We've got an elliptical, two bikes and a stair climber. I've also got a bunch of weights on that to do stretches or yoga on and mirrors for the weights or just to check yourself out. I guess we've got all these model workouts. Um, body weight stumble and kettle bell. And there's advertisements for different things about campus in off campus that you could do that to get fit. Every dorm has one of these exercise rooms. Some of them have just like some of them have treadmills. Some of them just have weighed. It depends on the dorm. I really like studying because it has a gun spread of everything. Hi, everyone. My name is Katie. I'm from State of Kenya, Texas, and I'm a software at Wellesley College. This my friend Laia Christie and Ashley. We're currently eating at Stone Davis dining called the Best Dining Hall on campus. And today I'm gonna show you