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Thinking about Wellesley College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Wellesley College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Wellesley College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Wellesley College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Wellesley College experience. These Wellesley College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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okay, most I thought it was over at two. Don't not to take two, Gina. I'm DJ and welcome to my channel. Today. I am finally giving you guys a video that you have been asking for, which is a Wellesley College Q and A. So I compiled a list of questions that have people have asked me in the comments of my past videos. And I also went on Facebook and asked some members of the class of 2022 rats, Everyone has gone so far. Um, yeah, I asked him for some questions, too. And so I'm gonna be answered all those questions here today. So this video is gonna be specific to Wellesley in terms of like, if you're interested in coming, but you haven't yet committed and like things you might want to know before deciding whether or not you want to come here. If you guys want me to, I could make a separate video that are more like once you're admitted and like questions that you get them so like things that are specific to classes or like stuff like that. Those video might be a little bit long, so I'll leave the list of all the questions I'm answering in the description box below, so that you could skip to those parts of the video. If you'd like to come without further ado, let's get on with the video. The very first question is, what is Wellesley College? And why's it special Wellesley College, one of the most prestigious and highly respected institutions of higher education in the country? Ways Long story short. Wellesley is a liberal arts institution for woman. There you go. What is what we call it's known for Besides the fact that it's an all girls school. We are known for our great education, beautiful campus, but probably most commonly back that Hillary Clinton attended and graduated here. Okay, so the question that I get asked the most, like both like in my videos and like in person, when I'm talking to people when I'm talking about Wellesley is Kobe is How do you mean, boys? Well, I've got news for you while the college It's not a black hole. Oh, what boys do not just disappear the minute faced up onto this campus, right? So, like, you could have boys here, boys could be on campus in your classes. And, yes, even in your dorms. If you want to meet boys off campus, there are a couple of ways you can do for Wells. He provides three different ways to get off campus and out of here we have a free shuttle Dan that takes us to Bassam in Poland, which are to school Dallas. She from us and runs about every half an hour. We have a Peter Pan bus that takes us into Cambridge, where M. I T and Harvard are on, and it runs about every hour free from Monday through Friday. Like to the seven o'clock. And then you have to pay $6 round trip on the weekends. And then on Saturdays we have a shuttle bus that takes us to Native Small, a movie theater target. And like other stores and like bookstores over there, that also is $6 round trip. The next question is, how diverse is Wellesley? Well, let's look at the breakdown, shall we? So, Wells. He represents all 50 states and 83 countries of birth. When you look at the demographic breakdown, this is what you see. 36% of the students are white or Caucasian. 22% of the students are Asian American or Pacific Islander. 13% are Latina or Hispanic. 7% are African American black. 7% are too, and more race is less than 1% are Native American, 1% are not reported. It or other 13% of our students are international citizens, as I mentioned before, Wellesley College is located and Wellesley, Massachusetts. So what's in Wellesley like, What can we do here? So there's like this small little pathway on the east side of campus that takes us right into this Long Street. And in less than half a mile you confined so many stores. Such a cz like J P legs, CVS Star books be good. Alf Estrada and, like a bunch of other leg places to eat and stuff like that can be a little bit pricey, caters to the town of Wellesley, but they exist on There's also like nail salons and bookstores and, like stuff like that, Um, and so if you need something like really quickly, you can run, too, like CD s you can run to like, There's a book store that sells a lot of like Q little small gift thing you. So if you don't want to go all in to Boston, that is an alternative that we have here. The next question. How do you survive winter in Boston? This is a really good question. My first suggestion is to spend a couple extra dollars on a nice quality coat. Yes, you can do the whole like later method, where you just were like 10 shirts and then, like 10 more sweatshirts and then, like 10 jackets and stuff. But if you just find a couple extra dollars and buy a good quality coat, that will do most of the job for you so that you don't have to do all the layering and stuff like that, you don't have to go crazy. Expensive, because there are, like super high end brands, but you confined like other brands that do a really good job. Another thing I'm I didn't know before coming before I came here is that you should buy coats and stuff like that in the places where you are going to be experiencing these extreme weather's, which means that you shouldn't buy your coat until you come to Boston. They make coats and materials that can work in these weather specifically so it targets to the weather in Boston. So fire coat. When you get here instead of getting it, like buying it at home, make sure that you check the labels when you like start to buy them, and that it says that it's something waterproof and made for extreme weather because that's gonna be important. And then my next suggestions, when it comes to winter, is invest in some like gloves. Scarves has foods. Winter boots are things similar to the coat. The boots are made for snow specifically, so they have, like better souls so that you don't slip on the ice lying around and stuff like that. They're fixing the peopIe warm. So like invest in some nice winter booth. My last piece of advice is like some warm beverages that's like a simple thing that you could do was like While you're keeping your outside warm with all your clothing, you can keep your insides warm, too, with like a nice hot chocolate for coffee or tea or leg. I don't know warm milk. If you're into that, Um, yeah, so doing all those things you'll be able to last winter. What are some of the academic resource is? We haven't wildly. Wellesley is not an easy place to study it, meaning the crosses are going to be hard because that's what we're trying to like, do you know? So if you're really, really struggling, how can you find help? Wellesley has tons of resource is so that they can help students thrive. They don't want you to feel that's not their gold. It might seem like it, but it's not. They do want you to succeed. And so we have academic tutors. We have riding tutors. So they're like people who specifically help you write your essays and, like, proof, read and edit and stuff like that. Um, there's we have office hours, like ever. Any college does. But aside from office hours, most teachers are willing to meet with you outside of office hours, one on one. All the tutors, for the most part, are Wellesley students who have taken the courses that you would be like needing help in, um, and they know what they're doing. This I've also been asked to talk a little bit about mental health. Resource is mental health is extremely important here. Like we really want to make sure that everyone is in a good place at all times, even if you're not in the best of places. One. And we want everyone to know that like we care and like, we want you to be doing okay. And so we have a center called Stone Counseling Center here on campus where you can sign up Thio, meet with a counselor on, and they will help you get through whatever you need. Like it's a really common resource that a lot of students use. There you go. You don't have to wear about getting your meds. You will get them. The next question is about housing and residential. If our dorms on campus vary a lot in terms of size, in terms of like age in terms of location and so pending on where you are, you'll get some pros and cons. When you first come here in the first year, you don't get to choose which dorm you live in. We'll just be a sign somewhere, usually with a roommate. If you live on East Side, you might live in a bigger room, and they're like, really nice and spacious, but it's super far away from everything else on campus and the places that you might go to the most during your day. Such as like the academic quad or, um, Lulu, which is literally, all the way on the other side versus if you live on West Side. Your grooms are probably gonna be a lot smaller, but you're close to all of these places, so it really depends on what you want. If you're an athlete, you probably want to be on West Side because you're closest to the athletic center. But if you are like a stem major or something that you might wanna live on East Side because you're pretty close to the science center, yeah, there's a lot of different places to live on campus there some dorms that I still haven't seen. I've heard of them. I have no clue where they are, and you don't usually get to those until you're a little bit older. But they exist. Next question is lovely, competitive. I'm sad to say. It is very competitive on campus for a lot of different reasons. Well, Z is a small school. We're also liberal arts school, so everyone is in general, and a few general sense is looking to do the same thing and achieve the same thing. We're all trying to get the best grade the best, like build the best resume and stuff like that. And so because of that, it is very competitive. People tend to sign up for way too many clubs, jobs, internships, community service and it could get very overwhelming very, very quickly. And we have a system called gray deflation, which is the bane of all of our existences existences. Wow. And what that means is that all classes should maintain a B plus average. So there's an actual cap toe. How many A's you could get in a class, which means that there could be 10 people all doing the same work and putting in the same amount of work and getting the same grades and stuff like that. But all not all time people can actually get that letter a on their report card, which sucks, and it's so frustrating. But it's a thing, and so because of that, we're even more competitive. Like we try even harder, and sometimes it can get it could get ridiculous. Most of us are getting b pluses. That's just how things are, Um, which sucks. But like, you know, Oh, yeah, Your first semester, a Wellesley, its shadow grated. Which means that all of your classes are past, which is really nice in terms of transitioning and so like that. So all you need to do due to pass your class is get higher than a B, and then voila. That's a That's a good thing that we have. Oh, that's it. Look at that. That wouldn't take long. So yeah, those are all the questions I'm gonna answer in this video. If you have any more questions you like me to answer in a future video, please let me know in the comments below. You're shy and you don't want to ask me a question on this video. Feel free to send me a message on my instagram, which is right here. I've got a couple of people to do that so far, and I think it's helpful. That's it for this video. If you like what you saw and you want to see more, please get that thumbs up button. Subscribe to my channel if you haven't done so already And I'll see you in a future video. Tell me the onion. Calm down, boys. Can be you. Just pop shop girl New Stop shuffling. What's my next line? Extremely. What is up with me today? I'm in a weird news. I am a very weird dude. So one of my favorite places to hang out at Wellesley is in my friend's rooms. And this is my friend Christy Anne's room. You've seen her in a few other videos. She's in our case that she has a single Issa sophomore, which is awesome. Um, I also wanted to talk a little bit about the size of Wellesley. So Wellesley is about two thousand five hundred students. It's a very small college, and I think over ninety five percent of students that long campus, um, which is really cool because you can see everybody really easily. I think the longest walk from somebody room that I Khun take is ten minutes at most. So well. So he has five dining halls for which are within dorms. The foreign dorms are stone Davis, which is the one I'm in right now. And the other three are Pomeroy, which is all vegetarian and kosher. There's Tower, which is allergy conscious, And there's Bates, which is cultural fusion food. Um, the last one is Lulu, which is in our campus center is really accessible all around campus also, and they have the nicer food on campus. so I was so, so excited about his flaws that decide start three days. Today is Sunday, 27 I'm moving on 30. So, Yeah, I'm just really, really excited. I want to show you some clips of meat packing and getting everything ready and organized for moving. So that's what we do today. No more. Let's just go right into the video, huh? Like eight o'clock. Right now. That means 12 hours. My mom's not happy. Do you think it's fun? Right. So you are leaving, and then you're happy. I'm so happy. Yeah, that's sweetie. Wake me. Okay, Okay. We'll see if that happens. So it's about 10 o'clock. I'm also tomorrow. Everything was packed and in my dad's car. My family just prayed. Yeah. There's nothing else for me to do except wait. You feeling good? Good. You always wear No, I'm leaving with that. What money? What do you think? You're going a girl now? You're right. Actually, yeah. You're getting big. Okay, So I have I have most of my room set up, and it only took like what time is it? It's 9 40 So it only took like, an hour, 40 minutes again what I have so far and I'll give you a little overdue. I still have, like, my lights and decorations. For the most part, I have most things. We'll be giving you a more detailed No, Madani. He's been a long time friend. Hi, guys. So my parents just left. I'm back in my room. I'm gonna gonna be a meeting with everyone in my hall soon. I'm probably not gonna long. They're just because, like, I don't know that. So I don't like my camera. I didn't leave my roommate bythe. I'll ask you later on if she wants to introduce herself. Also very random. But while I was setting up my, um the president of my school readily knocked on my door and said, Hi, Holiday Johnson is like queen. She's like, she's amazing. It was date. My roommate let me to light bulbs. So now I have my life and one of my lamp head. Whatever I'm talking about. You want to say hi. No, you're fun. This'll really there. Hopefully in the future, you'll see more of her. She'll be less camera shy. All right. Hi, guys. Is almost 10 o'clock and very soon you're gonna D'oh Completing a lovely tradition. But I'm assuming giving us a lot of things about that. Um, yeah. So I'm changing clothes that I do not mind getting wet. Just shorts and a T shirt. I have a towel ready, and apparently it's gonna be a night to remember. We're also gonna be, like rivaling, I guess with the other dorm hulls on. And we learned a lot of new chance for ours. I don't know, hopefully were the loudest. So wish US luck. Hi, guys. I don't know if you could tell I am soaking wet every dorm hall playing walk down to the lake and started chanting, like, all of a chance that they learned in very loud places. And then we went into the freezing cold water that was so good clothes like a lake. So there's like mud And, like, Planson was like a lot of stuff. But it was a cool experience. I like, kind of lost. My boy said, You know, I'm loud. I'm gonna go take a shower when I come back, I'm gonna through the last sip of this log. Hi, guys. It is 11. 30. Today was a super super long day. They did so many different things. Um, walked so much because this campus this huge, I've met a lot of cool people like my roommate over here on other you'll. My dorms and this other groups himself like that. Everyone seems really cool. Really nice. So I still super excited. First school year orientation is not over yet. You have until today's Wednesday. Our first date classes is from the fifth of September, so we have a lot of time to get to know each other, do cool things. So many fun activities coming up, and I could not be more excited. That is the end of my moving Day blog's. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to hit that thumbs up, but it's described to my channel. If you haven't done so already and comment below Have you started school yet? And if so, how's it once we built that fort, I was like, Yes, this is my room. I mean, hi, I'm DJ And welcome to my channel. Now I know it's been a crazy long time since I uploaded a video, and I'm so sorry. My only excuse is college, but I know that excuse isn't good enough. But here I am today with another video. So hopefully ultra give me today, I'm gonna be showing my room. So this is the long awaited truth or video. Um, it looks very different from what you saw in my moving blogged. Um and yeah. So I'd show you. I have class in about 30 minutes. So we're gonna do this real quick. So my front door, nothing much to it. This is a mirror that came with the room on that filled in. So, like it won't fall off when you open it. Close it. This side of the room is Sarah side so over. Our room also came with this bulletin board. Um and she covered it up with that. She got perfectly on it on and run up some stuff like these images of food thistles, the S and I made her before way. And this is my This is my desk. Um, just like, normal things thing. Except it is. Today is November 2nd. I think this is my desk. There's a door that comes out. You could start something in there. There's also this little, like, pull out. So, like, if the disk is it big enough, you can put some things here. Um, too small drovers. And then one big one. I keep my trash can underneath my desk. I have my extension cord hung on a took over here. I also have this look for when I looked closer to the ground Still, Yeah, this'd is my bed. It's the same bidding that you saw in the lug thing I got from room. If I this pillow in the back is actually Sarah, my roommates little, but she hated it. And so she gave it to me. No, I use it over my desk. I have my friends. I e I also have these two pictures hanging. This'll One is a watercolor map. I got that TJ Maxx. And there's this sign that says don't stress here. Best also, my side of the room comes with this nice like shelving unit. So I keep a bunch of myself. They're like these boxes from dot kom video a couple days ago. Thing over here has, like, baking sucks. And then, Mike, my balls drinks forks. Nice on. And then this one has a bunch of snacks and I never eat food over here. And then, like, where this is Sarah Succulent. Her name is Eleanor. And then over here we have this very green chair that doesn't really match my blue, but it's very comfy, and you got it really cheap price. This is my closet. It's actually pretty huge. Um, it goes all the way down over there. And as you can see, I don't like e could fit so much more on here, but I don't know, I don't have I really need it. My hair, Our closets do have this, like little look in the back, which is kinda cool. So I have, like, I don't know, this is like storage of stuff that I don't use it. That's why it's so much more in there. But I don't really need that much space. Yes, this is our dresser slash. Like vanity area. I guess so. Over here we have These little cubbies have, like, a bunch of cats. Don't know why I like that so much. This'll working my tooth. 1st 1 it's charging context that I use, Like currently. Yeah. Um, I have five doors for me and there has five years for her 1st 1 I keep with, like, miscellaneous items, like clothes, TV stuff, like a bunch of space, whatever. And the rest of them are her clothes. Yeah, that's pretty much everything. So now the coolest friends that I really happy about it, and I'm excited to show you is this part. So this is a tapestry that I got from It says good vibes only, um and I couldn't find a way to use it, considering how out of wall space until two days ago, when we raise my bed thio size to be and then use my bed. Rice is now This is here, and we have a little like, cute hangout spot. This is our many friends that's there. And I shared now nice hangout space. And it's just my favorite thing. Never. Yeah. It's like it's like a nice separation, like a nice place. Like I don't know It's like a mini sport. E just just really So yeah, that is my entire room. Here's another glance before the video ends. I want to sit down and talk to you a little bit about my channel, my plans for the future on what I see myself doing now that I'm actually in college and have more realistic goals About what? Okay, so you're am in my life. First of all, I wanted to say thank you. So so so so much for all the support you guys gave me in my last losing blogged video. I'm pretty sure we're close to 1000 views, which is incredible. And so I just want to skip formal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Where everyone is supporting me by watching my videos. Commenting, liking subscribing. Um, honestly, it means a lot. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm so excited for what will come in the future. I've been asking people, like some of my friends, some subscribers like that channel on some of the common responses that have gotten has been stuff like challenges like interacting with other people. I've got in a lot of questions about my experience here. It will be because it's very different from steel. Typical American college contributing one is a liberal arts college, very small, and it's all so. It's just like a very different experience in a huge university, and I think that's a very, very great idea. I definitely will make some videos. This is a big old considering my very busy schedule interview classes and, like extra activities. But Michael starting now is put up a video every other E won't say any specific day of the week. But every other week I will try my absolute hardest upload a video, no matter how short, crappy or just like interesting it is. I'm gonna try to upload more because I don't like the fact that I've been gone for two months. That's not gonna happen again. And I'm talking Thank you so much again for all Okay, So this is my bring Christy. And I'm gonna ask you a few questions about Wellesley. First of all, can you introduce yourself in, say, your major? Your year? All things like that. Hi, everybody. I'm Christine. I'm a software here. I'm a chemistry major, and I am on the pre med track. Okey dokey, Christianne. So why did you choose Wellesley? I chose Wellesley for the community and the size of this college. So for this size, it's really it's small, but it's not too small, which was really great for me because I want a close relationship with my professors. No. And what is your favorite part about Wellesley and your least favorite part about monthly. My favorite part about Wellesley is a community that you have here. It's really great. Everyone's always looking out for you. There's always someone you could talk to about anything. My least everything is that even though Wellesley's really nice, very far away from Boston. So that's always a little problem. I have what I want to go on to Boston like see people. Okay? And can you explain the academic climate at Wellesley, Especially with your major? I feel like at the food for the academic climate here. It's it is a lot, but it's doable. And I think you just have to be ableto manage your time. And as for in the chemistry department, it is a lot of work because my classes meet three times a week. Plus I have a lab, so it is a lot of work overall. But it's also, I think, just agree, agree. It's very good. And what's your favorite place on campus? My favorite place on campus, I would have to say, is the common room in my resume. I'm always there. Always find me there. Yeah, it's just really great. Just sit down on my homework and also talk to people that passed by. We'll be looking at a commoner later. Hi, everyone. My name is Katie. I'm from State of Kenya, Texas, and I'm a software at Wellesley College. This my friend Laia Christie and Ashley. We're currently eating at Stone Davis dining called the Best Dining Hall on campus. And today I'm gonna show you Okay, so we're in the chapel. Just one of my favorite places on campus, especially indoors. I used of choir rehearsals here every week, twice a week. So I really got to know space. I love singing care. I love just being in here. Um, we have a really cool organ that have concerts, sometimes below the chapel. We actually have a multifaith centre that has spaces for meditation and for other face. And we have of entre parent kinds of services, not just one Christian service in the chapel itself. It's really cool. And it helps support all students if they feel a drawing to something. Smooth the elevator science city, which I think is a really fun colors. And I'm about to do a psych study, but I wanted to show you all of you from the fourth floor of the whole science center because it gives you a pretty good idea what it's like. Here we go. I think it's really cool because we have this which is the original building and built around it is this building and it really makes sense in