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Thinking about Brandeis University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Brandeis University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Brandeis University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Brandeis University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Brandeis University experience. These Brandeis University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Hey there. So we're here in Gausman, which is Big Jim facility. I'm right now in the weight room, which is open to students. Whatever. You can just come in here by yourself with Buddy. This is Sienna from the rugby team. Um, we come in here, left together, work out on. It's a great time to get in shape and staying straight. So, you know, you don't get that fresh. Yeah. Are you guys here? Leg workout. A swell as like lifting fars. I don't know the technical term squad over here on. Then there's actual. They're breaking news. The more I look out, there's more ways in there on DH. Then up above another floor, there's a bunch of cardio machines, so you can, you know, get that Diana is now making the track of the implements of stats to the humanities clad Wait it. So this is the humanity plan on DH. Approximately one minute, it's going to be packed with people. If you're ever looking for somebody, come here, noon or one, you'll find them there. But it's I have my freshman writing course here, which is Huws, which all freshmen are required to take. We're all first year. Sorry we're required to take, um, I had mind about the biology morality, which was a super cool class. Very interesting on DH. But there's a bunch of different topics you can choose from once you got here. Um, I also have my Nikon costs in here and my Spanish cross here. So more than likely you will have a class up there ab steps and you get Using a lower one and done. Really. It's always different options. Yeah, weight loss, different options. We have cereal, but the, um, our desserts or some of the best we have to offer you a really good way. Cupcakes. I say over all the food here is pretty good for dining hall food, cross culture across campus. I never feel Brandeis is for sure. Breakfast because the omelet bar is they're open in the morning and it's really good. I'm and delicious. I love to get my sunny side up eggs on bagel. Um, on Yeah, as I said, I'd recommend the twelve mil pin because it's a lot of music in the dining hall. I don't always come to the dining hall T. There's a lot about also. Other faces on campus are available. Hey there. I'm standing in the middle of the South quad, which is the other freshmen like mainly freshman on campus Quad. I'm living dork wad on campus. It has only singles and doubles. Or like horse triples. And, yeah, it's at the bottom of campus next that you see out of five minute walk from the library on a trek from North. Just very far, because North is at the top of the hill and themselves at the, um, oftentimes. People who have dietary concerns with kneading kosher food live here because it's right next to Sherman, which eyes like kosher dining options. So people, people who live in this hell having lucky on the weekends because Sherman's only dining on open on the weekends. So it's really close to them and just a little bit of a walk from North on DH. It's pretty enough way have, like, a nice pond missile pond. I think the finance story about this pond was it was like someone frozen over on. Some people were sledding, and somebody thought into the pond a little bit. Start the cleanest pond. But, you know, we so love it. Hey there. So I'm starting in the middle of the North freshman squad, which is called North Quad. Um, and there's basically one too four different freshman residents homes, and they're all basically the same. Um so behind me right here is Chef Ray's Hall. Um, and all these halls have troubles. Natural triples in force. Triples. Um, uh, force triple is what should be for two people, but there's like, a bunk bed and aloft in bed. So there's three people living in a room. A natural triple is what I live in, which has two different rooms, Um, with three people living in it and a just a double is just two people normally, both, like low single beds. Um, and so then this hall is Gordon on. Connected to Gordon is a nice little kind of recreational lounge place, Um, called Polaris. And then that's my building I live in. Right, man. Um and Reitman honestly, is the best storm home because it's always a party. Especially right men. Three, three, three, which is where I live on. Then over here we have Yeah, this is cable. Uh, so, uh, cable has a kitchen on the second floor as does that around Polaris. Um, on DH. The North Lodge, I think, is the prettier campus quad missile. Well, those that live in missile might argue with because they have a pond. Uh, also in right now where? Very well, see in the video is my friend Anna. Um, are a bunch of water machines where everyone on the in the quad can do their laundry as well. Sometimes upperclassmen come to do their laundry there because there are a lot of machines there, so there's typically always Here a hundred. So this is my friend Anna and I really annoying, and I'm majoring in business psychology. I chose for dice the academics and I'm on the tennis team something the athletics, too, on my favorite place on campus for Starbucks. Like a few points. Yeah, I want your favorite campus tradition. The library. I want a library card, basically, just like the activities board. Like there was a party in the library. Usually study. There was like music and light. It was really fun, like a photo. Yeah, there's a Behind me is Skyline On, which is actually our newest storm on campus. It's it's only for self for housing, Um, and it's a beautiful building, with air conditioning and heating on the recent so called skyline is because from inside the building, there's actually a beautiful view of of the Boston skyline because you're not too far from Boston. Um, and it's very handicapped, accessible on DH. What used to be there was the castle on. There's a little bit of the castle up, including chums, which is fun fact, actually, where? Well, it's not official, but hypothetically, um, the cafe and friends was based off because times is a little on campus cafe. So that's a fun fact about friend ice on its a very nice dorm. I hope to live there next Coming to you live from a nice signs lecture home. I've had two of my crosses of eight I take in so far in this room. Not am It's great. We love it. Uh, most intra bio classes are in here. Bob on. So I was like, Cam, um it seems really big and scary, but what's nice about these big lecture houses? You know, you always have a friend in these classes. Like literally. Almost all my friends have been other and fire fourteen or fifteen hundred now, so it's reassuring to know that you always have a study. Buddy, I'm defending this class. Um, as well as like you got here early enough. You get Teo icon close to the front. I'm so don't really seem that big and scary, but I remember bring on my toy like, Oh, my goodness, there's like I came for him like a small high school. It's room. This big was, like, really overwhelming. But it's not, in the end, that scary, um, additionally, most every like luxury in here is filmed on, so you don't even need to come to class for these big lecture halls. You can watch it from the comforts of your own bed. I shall come to class because I find it helpful. But you don't really have tio. Um and then, uh, for big lectures like this and for most classes will be office hours held by the professor. But you're super helpful to go to. I didn't really use the my first semester like I should have, but they have consistent office hours for any questions. Also, the professor's just really want to get to know you. My professor last year had our last semester had, like lunches you could sign up for to get to know her, uh, additionally, there's th which are teaching assistants, which are have their own office hours to help you out on. Then, for big classes like this, we also recitation where quizzes or projects to do. And it's like smaller groups, like eighteen people in a classroom. So you get like a more personal teaching experience to answer all of your questions and make sure you're on track with what you're feeling. Okay, so at Brandeis, once you're accepted, there's gonna be a lot of forms you're gonna have to fill out. One of them's going to be my housing on my housing. You can choose your mail plan on. There's different types of meal plans. If you're living on campus, you're required to have a meal plan on the different ones, like ten meals with six hundred fifty points, twelve meals with eight hundred fifty points, fifteen meals with six hundred points and then nineteen meals with how many points? But, um, Meyer. So I started off on the fifteen year plan and fifteen meals. Sounds like it to be like Jewish per day, like one day with three meals. But I never use all my meals like you're paying for your mail swipes. Basically, the meals can be used dining halls and then also at Louie's Deli. And so connect on DH because those air like kindling, Sodexo like Brandy's created restaurants. So that's where you can usually starts at on DH on the fifteen milk. Then I found I got so tired of the food I like forced myself to go to breakfast on to dinner like that was the only way, like almost practically every day. And that was the only way I really used on male sweeps, Even though it sounds like a lot on then for the points, you can use it at what we call the C store, which is kind of like this little convenience store technically under, if you come on a tortoise called the hoop market. But nobody calls it that. Um, or you can use it at Dunkin Einstein, Starbucks or whatever. Like credos also, um, or whatever restaurants aren't like Sodexo created on. So right so certain you're a man plans for each semester on DH. I would part like recommend entirely the twelve meal plan because you got the most like bang for your buck. Twelve meals is enough telling goto lunch and dinner every day because, let's be honest, you're not gonna want to really wake up for breakfast, although I will say breakfast is the best meal they have on campus in this on the bar. Big man, huh? But I commend the twelve meal plan because it has eight hundred fifty points, so there's a lot of different like options you can do for your meals. You can get sushi, you can get a burrito or a smoothie or whatever you want, and you're not just restricted to really. I'm always going towards the dining hall because that really repetitive and if you get sick of it really quickly, so that's how the dying meal Hey there. So I'm here Eyes another secret spot on campus. I'm near kind of like what I can. Officially, the se quad have only had sake passes in this building, but it's right next to the library on DH. Um, there's just swaying attached to your tree. I really know why, but I do know that my first week like orientation, our entire orientation group took a picture here with you. And it's one of my first memories here on campus on I think it's supposed to be like a sculpture or something. There's a sculpture rape right behind the camera. Brand days buzz ploy, sculpture, wrists. Those who make sculptures as well as displays on the students artwork all around campus. Um, so that's like something nice about like, how our community really tries to like showing up, let the work of other community members that a prominent. So this is a nice little spot. Come first winning. You often find people taking Cuba photos