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Thinking about College of the Holy Cross and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting College of the Holy Cross in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet College of the Holy Cross’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to College of the Holy Cross, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the College of the Holy Cross experience. These College of the Holy Cross video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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I'll show you guys the bathrooms. They way you have, Can you? Bathrooms first? Extremes always have communal bathrooms and get all deal with your own bathroom. But this is a kennel. Bathrooms. It's very raw, isn't see the kindness, but you get used to it. It's really not, especially if you're a guy, like girls or girls. Bathrooms are cleaner. But yeah, it's kind of gross right now. They do. We do a thing. Liza coming once a week's living cleaner tomorrow. This is that the end of a very long. He's in the showers. Do you have to wear shoes when you're in the shower? But these are the bathrooms. They're not that bad. You get used to them very quickly. I'm a person who stepped in the dream. I'm a person that likes my own bathroom at home, and I was better than I like to take long showers and relax, but you get used to it. It's not that, as you can tell, it's kind of messy right now besides worst. So this is what you're going to see these air basically communal bathrooms, and I think you guys should know that they didn't She'll need after me on the tour, so yeah, here's the good. So this is Smith Laboratories, with laboratories won the newer buildings on campus. It was finished and dedicated like in two thousand nine. So I'm not that old, So you could tell it's very, very new and other buildings on campus you can see it's pretty much gorgeous. It's literally a lot come here just to study is not any signs classes. There's a science cafe here. We will come and eat so lot will come here. Just one of labs. If you're in one of our signs, cost is taking on our lab or two hours lab per week as long lectures. I's gonna non major science cause you don't talk a lot, but if you are size major, you single lab with it. So our science programs include a biology, chemistry and physics as long with some of minor and geosciences and also a major environmental studies. So we do have a pretty good science program here as long as you have a career path with engineering convention, and now you'd be in a lot of time here. The Science Library for Science Building this is the Science Library Science Library is one of the three main libraries on campus. Uh, along with dining. The music library is only a condition library on campus. A lot of people come here to study what it's hotter out, actually, other libraries or not. Air conditioned, unfortunately. So yeah, that's basically Smith Laboratories. You are. Yeah. No. Yeah. What? Oh. So here we have Ah, Brooks Music Hall. So this building is as you could probably tow specifically for music music Major. These classes, etcetera. So there's a lot here. We have a bunch of music class or I'll show you guys right here. So here's one the music classroom that's probably the main at music class in the nightstand. Most My Time in I'm in an acappella group Fool on the Hill, which is the coed a cappella group. So we rehearsed in this classroom. Look at it before taking any of these across, and you'll definitely familiar with Brooks Music Hall, The continuing on approach Music Hall We have Brooks Concert Hall so broke. Concert halls are main construct on campus. You're actually building a new concert hall and actually a whole center of art and creativity. But for right now, this is the Brooks Music Hall, our concert hall. Rather, it's actually a hotel. It's a beautiful space. A lot of choir's orchestras bands perform here for live audiences. There's constantly music performances. Drop the semesters of the years of constant emails about them. We get from organist to the chapel to penis. That choir's here so There's a lot of stuff going on this concert hall and further on in the Brooks Music Hall. We have the music library. So the music library is a library on campus. One of our three main libraries. We have financial translator music library, which is this one right here. And the signs library. So the music library has a bunch of AH musical materials, so it has Ah, yes, selections scores, etcetera. It's basically a place of study for music. Majors has all the materials you need for any music class here. So that's basically Brooks a music hall. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me. E mail me or become totally. Call yourself. Make sure to stop by, uh, to see more of it for yourself. All right. Okay, guys. So this is Cannes being house. I couldn't really get in the angle because I'm literally filming on a nail nailed into a tree right now. So you'll see as I pop, showing up right over there. So basically, Campaign house is the office of class Chaplin's way. Believe forethought. Chaplin's both Catholic and Protestant chaplains is so chaplains are basically here, Tio I have. They're basically a support system. Basically, you come to them for anything, whether it be social needs, spiritually needs. If you just wanted to talk to them, that's fine. Teo. You don't have to be religious to talk to them on schedule in point with them. They're literally just another form of a guidance counselor, basically, except they have a little more experience with a spiritually problems. I have a spare director myself. He's a child. One of the chaplains here. I meet with him every two weeks to just talk about my life and stuff. He's a really great guy. Basically, can't being offers free cookies every day on the first Wednesday of every month. They have a bagel day sale for bagels as well I could. You could see here it's a little house through the living room. It's literally house Angela comforting to sit down, study. I just kind of hang out with friends and grab a cookie. It's always free. Everyone's welcome here. There's never been someone who is not welcome here. Like I said, whether you're religious or not, if you come from different faith, don't have faith at all. Everyone's welcome, Campion. It's not even Yes, there's religious imagery, and they're like, say, there's like some like crow shades of crosses or something, but not like it's really no one's pressuring you to follow anything that I can try to preach to you while you're here to literally grab a cookie and start a conversation with someone, whether it be a chaplain administrator in the Campion or a fellow student theirs trying to study or have a cookie, it's literally a place to hang out, feel welcome and have a homey environment. It's especially if you're first you're soon and use to study at home. This is a great place to study because it literally is just a house s o. I Definitely I think it's one of the hidden gems here on campus. It only show me on tour. It's a great place. I love it. I love coming here and talking people here, and it's very war environment. I recommend that you come to Holy Hi, guys. This is Kimble. It's our main dining hall here on campus. So we have a wide selection of food we serve. We have our classics menu just kind of changed every days. Then stays gone. Have chicken hamburgers, stir fry stations. Pretty good. Sandwich station. Kimble's free. Come hear me play. Holy Cross, Mom, you have to darning another home downstairs, Right over here. Basically lower Kimble is more of a lunch style cafe or main Kimble's kind of everything. So you're drinking some dinner here below Kimble's, mainly for lunch. You really don't like symbols? That explosive pretty early. At least I don't get out of my class. Next extracurricular activities like after eight. So I kind of miss the hours, so his spend dining dollars. So when you come to Holy Cross, get about five hundred nineteen dollars, right? Five hundred. Yeah, we get five hundred for twenty four. Twenty five, four hundred twenty five thousand dollars. Teo spends on campus. You have other campus injuries were like beans in the coffee shop. Captain, That was in the coffee shop. We have science Cafe crowed, just like our main like rail pub. A bunch of grease on Kansas State dollars or cash. If you want, uh, Campbell's free, it comes to dealing with seating plan. Are you playing on lower temples? Also, Meal plan two things, and you can spend nine dollars as well, so the food's pretty good. Michael eyes up on it. Doesn't get lower than that. Time is not a lie. It's very just get a rope. Plants like mix it up a little bit, but you know it's always there. It's good old, reliable, so I can't complain. It's not too bad. Hi, everyone. My name is Joe, and I'm a freshman here at the College of the Holy Cross here in Worcester, Massachusetts. So I am Doesn't need to give you guys a really campus tour of the College of the Holy Cross. Now, I don't want this too big. A typical campus tour kind of show you around the campus, but all we do this, this and this I want to show you guys what it's like to be a Holy Cross student here, specifically a freshman or first year student here at the college. I'm going to show you everything from my classes to the actual campus, to my social life, to my clubs, to basically, anything you guys want to know. We'll hit all the marks where I am not holding back. I am about honesty. Now give us the truth about everything. I love my school. I love being here. I definitely the right choice coming here. But I understand the school isn't for everyone. So I want to show you guys everything Holy Cross has to offer and what's like to really be a student here. So you guys could have a better understanding if you guys want to come here or not? Obviously, I encourage you guys to come here because I love it here. I'm having a great time here. I think I'm learning so much. But like I said before, this college isn't for everyone, and that's completely okay. So I want to help you guys learn with this college is about so a little more about me. Like I said, I'm Joe. I am from New York, Lyle and Areas, a town called Psoriasis, about four hours away from Worcester, Mass. I do not have a major yet, because first you're students cannot declare a major. This's something I'll get into Mawr in another video, but for right now, yeah, I called it. First year student can't declare a major, but I'm leaning towards accounting at the moment. I'm thinking accounting classes right now taking classes and a lot of things are taking a theology class accounting class in English class in political philosophy class. So just it just it is everything is so clean. So I'm really excited to be with you on this tour. And I'm really excited to see you guys everything Holy Cross's offers. So so you guys another video. Hi, everyone. It's Joe again. And I'm here to you guys that tor my dorm. So I'm going to just give up. Prick Quick, A pre storm warning. My dorm is really messy right now. I'm a messy person. My roommate's also kind of messy person is like not that bad, but like it's so Kong grows. But my rooms come, etc. But like I was going to give you guys. And after your portrayal of what you're doing, Holy Cross might look like er You get to the size of the room when it's kind of set up like Esso. Yeah, here's my dorm Dorm heads one one o four. I live in a dorm. Paul called Huntsman Hall, which is a first your door installed on Ly Freshman live here. So this is a typical handsome in normal going to get some dorms all smaller, something a little bigger. But I'm probably if you can totally crosses most of what you're going to look like. It's really messy right now with me, honest, but basically I'm going to tell you guys what you get with the dorm you want to bring. So, like these desks, there's my desk that I remain task. These deaths come with the dorm. You want to buy them that freaks does not come with the dorm, so beware that you bring her mini fridge. That shelf comes with the dorm. The bad obviously comes in the dorm, and you got these little nice things that I actually really like. I'm really glad we have, because not a lot of college dorms have like actual closets. They have, like a little like space heading up stuff. But like, I have an actual closet, but you can't really see, but it is the that's a closet on. Then you have a light, are more kind of things. You got a mirror light. I put a bunch of stuff there and then a bunch of drawers and cabinets up on top. So it see that there you go. If you could see that. So a good reason why I want to do it in dark was actually, this is my natural lighting. The thing enhancement is there is no ceiling lights that's kind of warmer. Not going having no soon. Let's calm, annoying. So I had to buy my own lamp. That's basically it right there. And they give you the lights of the desks and the lights on the arm or things, but yes, so there's no lights. So it's TRAV annoying. But there's a typical style dorm. I had just won a bet, set up a couple of posters, other dreams of mine, but I kind of I don't care what living and living anything. Yeah, this heater. One thing I hate about handsome in dorms, and I think you guys should notice this heater makes a noise like crazy. Look, I'll show you this is, if you want an accurate portrayal. This is what you're gonna get at Holy Cross safe. I can't even turn on doing that. It might be something fell in it, but it's been doing that since day one. It's not as bad right now. Mention it off, but it does getting only at night. Another thing is, these storms are not tradition, so bring a ton of fans. I recommend a window fan. It's on the floor and they kind of fell over. But a window fan gets the job done. If you'll just get air conditioner, it's like the hot air out. But this is basically my dorm. I don't view of it on. Yeah, so it's completely crossed, Mrs Hansen. Hi, everyone. It's Joe again when I'm here. My friend Adam, I don't wear you from him from doing math in the sewer in maths. All right, so is that a new? How do you say it? But do it miss doing with doing mass. So she is a first year student as well. So, Adam, why'd you come here? Well, since I was little, my mom are always brought me over to campus because she's in alone. So this already felt like home. And it was just the only option. I pretty much OK is the only option that I had in my heart. Okay. Okay, that makes sense. That makes sense. So if you had, like, categorized Holy Cross students Yeah, give me get stereotyped like what would you say there? Very caring, Flaring. You've been tell anyone your problems here, and they'll just listen, and it's really nice and really, really helps with a lot of problems that sometimes come up in life. That's really good. That's interesting. So you want to say, like, well, like preppy, you're stuck up or like No, no. Be honest. Okay, alright, cool. Um what is the thing You hate the most about this school. It's really Sometimes you have It takes a while to find what you really like in class wise. Sometimes it's just you think you want something else And maybe this class isn't for you, So you just have to take a while to find where you want to find your own today And the hills It's tear. You're right. Those are walking, but it's always but that's also good for you. You know, it's a good workout. Yeah, but like still, by the end of your freshman year, you're gonna have amazing Kwan. Amazing calves. Yes. Great. Fantastic. What do you think you liked the most? This with people that you have one hundred percent people friends, you're gonna make it. Just gonna be impressive. Did you find out? Did you have a hard time like making friends you feel not about? Not all good. So if you had to give advice like people considering this school or just in college in general, the whole process ago would you give them? What advice would you give them? Be yourself and don't use are extraordinarily important. Yeah, if you really want to do that because that's the only way you can show your college like the essays away to write about yourself, but really talking to someone from the colleges Most important way. Yeah. I didn't do an interview. I don't know why I'm in this school, but doing interview. Yeah, doing interview is already said is doing interview abuser, But yeah. So anything else you want to say? Holy Cross is fantastic. And you should totally come. You heard here for you're here. Course, folks. All right. Thank you, Adams. Thank you. All right, go back to eating your food. So here we have Hogan Campus Center holding Campus Center is the main students Tanner here on campus. It holds a bunch of different things. It holds our career center. It holds our book stores you see right there, and it holds variety of food options. So about us taking us here, our coffee shop, it just kind of a knockoff. Starbucks. We call it cool beans. They want a table over there, so that's cool. Beans. Cool beans is a coffee shop but also sells smoothies, sandwiches, snacks, pastries, a fight that, but most people just get coffee there. It's a really good place, and it's a good substitute for Starbucks. Since I don't actually have one, you have the lobby shop. The lobby shop is actually convenience store on campus. So snack so does whatever you need is in the lobby shop right next cool beans so you could stop by there after there. And here's our view from cool beans so you could sit down and just look at our beautiful campus where taking a sip of your nice hot or iced coffee coming up. Next we have the lower parts. That's the billiards tables. The whole gin, which is a lot of people play. And now here we have crowed Zohra Crossroads, as people call it, actually called Crossroads. We call it crowed, Busy Our grill on Hogan. It's in the basement of Hogan and he was designing dollars already takes cash. She does not use meals twice, but has a variety of options. So you see, it has pizza burgers, you know, wrap stuff like that. And then coming. Next we have the pub. The pub is more of a sandwich shop again. Just dining dollars, not swipes, but you could sit here, watch the game. The TV's always on o. R. You get order something from crowds and sitting here just honestly, it just a nice little pub kind of area. That's why it's called a pub and just a nice