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So we're about to walk in a president. Um, president is school gym slash market slash caf. Thank God climbing wall. There's a track and possible court stairs. Jim, we're in a combine. Also got this cool fuel milkshake stand where they just, like, make you, um, like energizing milkshakes for when you go to a gym or what? Sometimes for recovery, there's also that machine there. There's Jim never really went in it too much, but, uh, let's head into the market Mark. It's really cool. A freshman year, I spent all my dollars here was wild out, like two weeks because of how good all the food is in here. Really convenient, too, because a lot of what you could get here is you can get with stripes, so I don't know. I really like this place really good stuff. All right, So just the brand. Any stadium's right back there. The strip is just write down here real close to campus right now. About the past. Colette's. It's very popular bar, home of the famous yellow hammer drink. Really good stuff. Sime. It's dark. You can't see you. But I love you. The house. I'm out. Good morning. Everybody is moving day and it is dark. It is, uh, currently almost seven o'clock in the morning. Our goal is to leave at seven. Of course I'm running. Like, why wouldn't I be? For those of you better name here too much. And I am from Kentucky and I went to Eastern Kentucky University for the last two years of college. And today I'm transferring to the University of Alabama, So I'm moving into my house today. School starts on Wednesday. It's Thursday. Today it's gonna be a crazy day. I'm gonna be doing a two part moving day block, so basically, today will be part one. And then this weekend will be parked too, because my dad and his dad are moving me in today. We're doing all the big stuff. And then my mom and her mom are coming down Friday night instead the weekend and we're doing all the finishing touches. And they're bringing anything that I forgot, which I'm sure will be something I just wanted Starts flogged because I know we'll have time to later. We're finally doing it. Finally moving. I can't believe today. Actually, hear it came so fast. I'm feeling so many emotions, and I just I know this lodging is not good and saw an ideal way to start the block, but I want to go out and start it. So I'm gonna go ahead and get on the road since I'm light and I'll update you guys as we get along. It's about a seven now. Were dropped. We should be there about midday. About two. We gain an hour and, uh, see you guys in a little. Well, thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoy this life. First it's up on the day I had literally everything packed. But these socks and this is some detained whenever we could. Okay, guys, obviously it is. Now they're a lot. So I just want to come back on and the kind of that you it's eight o'clock now and we're about 45 minutes down the road. I guess I always have a long way to go, but I just wanted to come on and say that it's daylight. It's a nap by the quality's better. We've got some road trip muffins. They expressed that. Mom, I have my eyes. Coffee as usual. Did you, as usual, Would you expect anything less for me? My dad is driving me, so that's fun. And then Pappas following us. He's like, they're getting Gaston now. And then we're gonna go on unless something crazy happens. Probably not update until we get a little bit closer. Maybe time to go, maybe even Birmingham, Because, like, I don't want the whole trip to be about me talking. I just like I feel so we're leaving this state as a resident for the last time because, like, I'm going to get my album A I d. Tomorrow to be liken instigators and and this just looks super weird. So I just have all kinds of things. Like, I've just been thinking that I want to sit down and talk about to know after I get settled in and stuff I just really excited. I can't wait to be there and just see the house. Everything moved in and see how it all turns out that you when we get a little bit clips him got a little snack. I'm never tried this, but it looks cute. so I wanted to shoot. I've absolutely no idea where we are. I'm gonna look it up and then, like, you know. Okay, so I literally Googled wear ama and it says Davidson County, Tennessee. Never heard of that. We just kind of went through Chattanooga. So we're probably close to, like to Georgia on and then be in Alabama suit. So call. I'll give you another update when we get a little further down the road. Once again, dogs on the car. I don't know why I can't forget the block. Once he gets in here, we just get talking and then I forget, But you're officially in Tesco's set. We kind of didn't want Bess in passenger seat build for a minute because we just went to eat at Outback. And now, Republics, we're gonna go in the grocery store really quickly and get all that, and then we're gonna go and go to the house and move in. So yeah, just briefly bring you by the long does your shopping, and then we're gonna go. There's bright, sunny. Oh, my God. Guys who were in the house since the second. We can't leave him here. It doesn't feel real. It's definitely not set in literally. I already put my bed together, but came in. Okay, So, like I got here and I called the girl and she did tell me, like how to get in the house and stuff As soon as she told me where the key was. It was like the movers. We're here with the new bed. We order not my bag from home. So that was, like, really stressful. I was trying to get everything done really, really fast, and we brought the groceries in really quick and now we're starting like already unload stuff from the car. And I was like, I don't know, It's just all happened so fast. Haven't even had time to let come on Dad's bringing stuff in. So I feel like I should go help instead of talking to us. It's a log. I'm gonna go get some stuff and you guys want to see the outside like show show. The outsider is that dangerous. Free much cleared out my car. There's still a little bit of stuff, and then I've almost got on my clothes in. Just these last few on the hangers have to G o You guys have a bit of a task ahead of me. This is just what's in the floor. That must be, he unpacked. But I did get to bed. The sheets are on, so that's good news. That's gonna put pillows in there. The TV fits perfectly on top of that, that's cool. Um, and I managed to fear all the hanging says it abroad on. Hangers in the closet have left space in between that because I don't want to catch up. I'm trying to block as much as I possibly can. Well, doing this. But I don't know. I can't really I don't know. You know what I mean? It's just difficult. I think the best thing for me to do is just unpack, update, unpacked update, and then we'll see what happens after that. And then I'll just brought back the rest of the evening itself. It's still pretty early in the day, and then tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday will be all kinds of like Aaron yearning days. I have to go get my lessons and all that will go on campus and then orientation Monday. For now, I'm just gonna start unpacking all these clothes out of here, and I'll come back on when I get this done, and we'll see what we can get into next. Okay, so I got Doblin unloaded completely. Now I'm starting on this one. I don't really know where to put everything. I'm starving. Two suitcases done, and I'm starting on the 3rd 1 now after it doesn't die. And I've only got one more suitcase left, and then all the other stuff that's not in suitcases has to be put away, and then I'll take a break. This is gonna be fun to get through by another suitcase. But statist, the last one is just a bunch of shoes, all dental here. And I've already started putting some in there so it shouldn't take too long. I'm so dead. I'm still not even done. You got It's been the longest day ever. It's only 7 15 It feels so much later. Which Kobe? Because I'm on Central Tom Hale. And at home I was on Eastern Tom, so I am an hour behind, but like I should be this time. But I only have slept four hours last night, so let's probably walked for the most part I've got a lot of this down and I'll show you like the progress and stuff. I've started hanging up stuff and then I'll just take you through the main part of the house because obviously I'm gonna do a room tour and a house tour when everything's done. I just want you guys like the little just of it and what? Not right now. So, like I said, I got my close up and then I just had my jewelry up. I still have to deal with this mess. I've kind of got that just sitting like that for now, and I've still got to deal with all of this mess. But that's good, and this is not. It's still pretty messy. I just put that there and I'm definitely going stuff up back here in the wall there, like ruined. And then that's just I just kind of organize that like that, and I've gotta hang that up somewhere. I got all my pictures of all my sweet little friends back home, and then my calendar just went there. I've got a update that obviously, So when you walk out, how about there was in here? Lose another bedroom that goes upstairs. And then here's the living room and that upset I'm not gonna go there now, but yeah, that's still from in here. Is this on? That's my box. I mean, does this dining table? It's killer. And then here's the kitchen, and that's a wonder. So I feel like I haven't logged a lot today, obviously. But I just also feel like I haven't really had Tom likely just been on the road for seven hours. And then it was so quick, I guess, that moving everything in. And then when they left, I just started trying to unpack everything and get all that done before tomorrow. So Lara said, though this is going to be two parts. So, like the rest of the weekend, there'll be a lot more going on. But I did one of long today, obviously could just like the first day of moving, and then when I get everything completely put up in a little while, I'm gonna, like, sit down, put the camera on the tripod and, like, actually talk because, like I told you guys earlier, never just like so many things going through my mind that I just wanted to talk about update you on how the whole day has been since. Like I said, I don't feel like I don't know. Maybe I got more footage than I think I did. I really don't think I have that much, which is weird, because I really thought I would have a lot. But, I mean, there really wasn't much to do today. Besides, get here, get Kurt trees and get it all in tomorrow. And Saturday will be really busy days and probably Sunday in the orientation Monday and national championship Monday. And then tis a Ah, I guess that would be my day of break. And then Wednesday class, it starts all having in super fast, and I just can't believe I'm here. Quick update. You can really see that camera doesn't pick it up. But she had these lots just like chilling up there, and I just not plug him in, and I kind of like, um, I don't know, do elected? I think so. But like with the lights on, you can kind of maybe see it better. Cool. Okay. One last night. Peak. Obviously, the floor's gonna be clean. I'm gonna get a rug um I just got some trash, but I just wanted to give you guys like a last little bitty update of today's progress. And it's coming along. It's got a long way to go. Should be all done done, Boss. Sunday, I'm gonna order some stream lots to go on this wall Bahama bed, And then I'm gonna order obviously a rug, like I just said, and probably some other little decorations as far as like, moving in and stuff that'll be done Sunday. Now I'm gonna sit this camera up and talk to you guys. Alec, so bad that I think have a legitimate excuse have been moving and traveling all day. It is pouring the freaking rain outside. This is me. This is what you get. Also need to fix the lodging, so I'll have that situated hopefully sometime next week. But for this video, this is what you get. Part two, I don't know. Like there's a lot that I could talk about, even over sort. First of all, I still don't feel like I'm here like I don't feel like I've transferred schools and I don't feel like I'm going to college at the University of Alabama like That's definitely not what this feels like. It feels really weird moving into a house, so it doesn't feel like I've moved to a college. I don't know. I have no idea what I feel like right now. Like truly. If someone asked me to explain how I felt, I would say, I don't know, obviously excited. I'm not sad. I don't I'm not. I'm not sad about leaving or anything, but I just don't know how I feel. Like I probably won't be able to give a legitimate answer until, like the end of next week after classes start and I start to get a feel for my new loft as Faras leaving like I was feeling a little bit, I don't know, nostalgic it. I don't know if that's the word to use or not, but I was just thinking about how in my hometown, like everyone always comes back like everyone's there and I was like, It is kind of sad to leave, like everything you've ever known and everyone you've ever known. But when you want to do something and you just set your mind to it, you know, even if it's not the norm, even if it's like, really out of your comfort zone. Like, don't let anything scare you away from it. Because even though it's gonna be, like, completely differ or who knows what situation might be like, it's going to be worthy in. And even if it's not even in this crashes and hate l love him and I moved back home. At least I won't spend the rest matloff wondering what if, Like, I'm so happy I'm here, I think I'm gonna love it. But even if it goes completely terrible, I'll never wonder. What would life would have been like if I would have came here when? Because, you know, I wanted to come here freshman year. So now I'm finally doing it. I'm really, really happy that I'm here, and I feel like it's gonna be a really exciting, fun, crazy journey that I get to bring you guys on. This is just the very beginning. And it's just a small portion of what's to come, because this video really doesn't show anything if you're still watching. Thank you. I don't even know where I'm going with this, I guess. Really? What? I just wanted to say what? It's been a weird day, and I don't know how to explain it. This is like a good intro. But the next two days, like the next moving day, part two, you'll get a better feel for what it's gonna be lock and obviously the house and what my room's gonna be like. Like I said, we'll go on campus and all that. That would be a good time. So if you're not subscribed, subscribe. And if you wanna watch, like my video explaining why I'm transferring and, like I got in and stuff falling that dumb below, too. So I guess I could, like, talk about the house a little bit. So obviously, yeah, this isn't how it's apparently I read that it was 700 yards from campus. I don't know how true that is, like it is pretty close. It's pretty close to the strip, right? Dinning all. That campus is right there, so it's good distance. It's a good areas in the house. Neighborhood is a nice house. I'm so excited to do a house tour and then I have five roommates floor of off. I don't know. I really can't figure it out. Originally I thought it was only three. I don't know. It's so business is really weird, but I've never met the girls that I'm room with. I follow one of them on Instagram. She followed me. So she's the only one that I'll even sort of condom. No, but I've never talked to them before. And it it sounds super weird. Built the girl that I'm subways in this room from like she's super nice And she told me all about them, and I feel like it's gonna be good. I'm not really nervous to meet them. I don't get nervous to meet people. I'm pretty open and, like, outgoing like I don't really have trouble meeting people, But I am nervous that, like I don't want us to get along so that it's obviously not like an awkward six months living here together. 67 it's seven months, so I'm like, I'm not nervous. I don't know. I'm just anxious, so I'm excited for them to move in. I'm pretty sure everybody's coming on like Saturday or Sunday, like everybody at the university, since everybody still home on break because the national championship is on Monday, but we don't start classes until Wednesday. I don't know when they're coming. Haven't talked to him. Don't have their numbers. Just have their names. I don't think I mean, I wouldn't assume that that now. Having Egyptian Also anxious if they think about that too. I don't know. I don't know, Like, sit here and ramble on for you guys today. I thought I could get on here. I had so many thoughts this morning and I wanted to sit and talk about them. But I was in the car, dad, so I didn't get to At this point, I'm just kind of want It's not setting and yet, so I'm just chill. And I feel like I'm just like in a strange place, away from home by myself. I don't know. It's so weird. So my mom and mommy more coming down tomorrow, not we'll get the rest of the stuff moved in. We'll get all the decorations. Will do all the fun. Stuff will go explore. I'll say he does with me to get my license tomorrow. But that's all gonna be in the moving day part to log. Like I said, Subscribe. So you guys can see it should be up. I'm hoping on Sunday, but I'm thinking probably Monday because I'm not film some of Sunday. I just don't know what else going on. Yes. So this has been a really, really weird definitely did not go any way that I planned on it going, But it's just kind of the way the day fell. So hope you guys enjoyed it anyways, and hopefully moving day, part two will be better. And then we're gonna be going. It's gonna be orientation National championship, first day of classes. And then I'll start doing makes a mile off, and it's gonna be crazy. So yeah, I'm excited bringing us along. And I hope you enjoyed this and hope you enjoy all that help. You like this video? If you um that's incredible. Good morning, guys. Welcome Thio, part thio of Moving Day vlog conduct to the University of Alabama. If this is your first video, then you should probably go. What? The part one to this blood boils, It won't make a lot of sense. But if you are near here, welcome to my channel and I was changed and I'm a student at l of Evan. L I transferred here as a junior. And if you're not new, I'm sorry for this spill. All linked part one down below. So if you want to go check that out of him already there. Today is Day two. I moved in yesterday like you guys probably watched and got all the basic stuff done. Clearly need to make my bed this morning. It's about noon ish and I just got ready. And if he's got a really busy day of really busy, like two or three days, honestly, getting all the rest of the moving and done and the exploring and we have to do it just like I don't know, I have a lot today. Of course I'm gonna call you Tomorrow will probably be a lot of shopping in getting a lot of newer stuff, getting all the decorations and getting everything like settled in because to not is with my mom and my grandmother coming. So without them, I can't do a lot of that. But we're gonna d'oh so exploring and stuff. Like I said, it's like, really gloomy. Outside is kind of rain. And I think today's the last day that it's supposed to rain, though for, like a week. So that's good. Still feels weird. Being here. Doesn't hasn't hasn't set in yet, I think part of the problem? Not not problem. I think part of the reason it's not sitting in is because it's spring semester. So why would I be moving into a new college in this brain? Normally you would move in in the fall, and it would be like, really busy and stuff, and it's just not like that right now because nobody's here. I'm gonna show you, doesn't outfit, and then we're gonna kind of decide where we're gonna go. I really don't know yet. I just like I want to get out and I wanna explore around Tampa. We'll bring you guys and maybe we can. I don't get into something Fine. I don't have my full body mayor here yet to, like, do mirror, pick or whatever. My mom's bringing that tonight, so I'll just kinda sure you I'm wearing this isn't what I got for Christmas hole. It's from Abercrombie and Fitch and then just some regular black like he's. And right now I have my how she is. So I'm gonna change the shoes. I don't know what issues we're gonna put on, and I'm gonna throw my rain jacket on, but it's, like 50 degrees, so I don't really want to wear this and a rain jacket, but it's so maybe I'll just take my umbrella. I don't want to get all this last minute stuff together and we're gonna go. Okay? So as I'm sitting here uploading the part, you into this block, the sun just came out like brought. So now I'm really debating this outfit. It stills in 50 degree, but I guess I don't need a rain jacket anymore. So maybe what is plotting? Maybe this will be fun. I don't know. I'm gonna try it. If it's just hot, then I'll come back and change. Okay? Changing from mag half you to shoot you and then we're leaving. All right, We're in the car, obviously, and they finally Emami my orientation stuff. So, like, now have the address of where to go. I think the first thing we're gonna do is top that address in so that I can go there and look kind of just that way. I know where I'm going. It's It's not till Monday, But at least if I go now, then I'll be able to find it easier on Monday because I have to be there at 8 a.m. And I was like, What the heck? And I know that it lost like, a pretty good long time. So I guess that's why it's so early. But yeah, I would just rather know where I'm going. Then try to be fun and then eight o'clock in the morning, So I mean, you guys with us, we're gonna explore who knows what we're gonna get into. Honestly, it's gonna be a really random couple of days of blogging, but it's gonna be fun. Let's go. I'm already so lost. I have no idea. I just came to the address that I talked in and This is where it brought. Well, this little section right here is, like, as biggest U K U campus. I came down here. Wait. Maybe maybe it's just, like try. Uh, no. I'm probably gonna have to bring somebody that, like, knows what it is to find that building. Now I'm leaving campus. It looks like I don't know where I'm going. All right, now, I found my way to this place of more parking garages. That looks like it says something. Hall. Well, there's right. Then he said Okay. All right. Okay, so all of this is familiar. Just because of what? Going to games and stuff. But obviously, I don't know what the buildings are or anything like that. Like this little strip. I do know guys like there's Denny tongues. How cute. I'm gonna run this man over, but love that. So this is so pretty. Like the weather's loss. It's 51. Yeah, this car behind me hates me because I'm friggin dragging. But campus is huge. Still driving just down the street A mostly I think I'm about to get out of it, so probably turn around a second. Driving back down the same strip and, like all of the fraternity houses, all right here. So if anybody cares or wants to see them, here's a few. I'll just sure he does as we drive back down through here. But you're super Not obviously. Okay, okay. And now I don't know where Matt Just driving. So yeah, this is fine. That's cute like that. Y'all I'm not exaggerating in the least this campus. I mean, I knew with Big, and I thought I've been almost of it. Vote, um, was wrong. It's definitely the size off, if not bigger than Richmond, Kentucky. Just the campus. Richmond is where Ikea us. Which is where I used to go for those. You didn't know that I'm never gonna learn my way around. I mean, obviously I will eventually, but it's gonna take a little hot longer than I expected. But I did find because I missed exit back to the university place. It's got, like a juice bar and dicks and bed bath and beyond. And, like all kinds of storm around it actually looking for a place like this anyways because I do want to go in bed, bath and beyond. I look for some rug so that's exciting that I found this but everything else of struggling. I'm definitely gonna have to get somebody to take me around to find everything. And, of course, orientation Monday will help with that. Okay. So I wouldn't know about that beyond Just looked at some rugs and stuff. Now I'm a target, But not just any target. It's a super target. I'm gonna get some coffee, creamer, maybe a couple other things. I'm not for sure. I'm gonna look at those drugs to. The only reason I'm not doing a lot of logging in these places is because I know tomorrow we're gonna be coming here, and that's what I'm actually gonna be getting the stuff when I have them with me, cause I have to have a second opinion on everything because it's so indecisive. So I'm just gonna letting you guys know what I'm doing today. So I didn't get, you know, books for school because I just wanted to meet over and then I got a bit since I don't have my new lots for filming yet, this, like, goes on your phone. And since I've been filming on my phone, I thought there's not help, at least for the time being. And I thought my all time favorite coffee creamer. OK, guys, I'm home. I'm gonna put this lot on my phone right now and see if that makes it any better. Um, that's incredible. It's like blonde ing. But actually, I don't know if you guys getting until different. I'm sorry, I can tell. The difference is it's, like, only temporary until I get my new lots that it'll help self much. I'll probably not be back until Mom and maybe I'll get here to not and, 01 more thing. I did find the building where I will be going for my orientation. Monday, I ended up topping in a different address and it took me straight to it. So now I think that I want to park and then I'll just walk up to it literally. Like the worry minutes from my house. Steckler everywhere around. And it's been a good day. I feel good about it. So, yeah, you guys do not look who's here. Um, they literally brought so much stuff all of this. Seriously, do you guys think I'm ever gonna run out of this stuff this year? because I think in the last all seven months God kinds of coffee and everything. So I was pretty tired, you know, ready for read. Whatever. I thought they were gonna come. We're going to sleep. But now we're deep cleaning, basically the whole house. I just, like, wipe these down with Clorox walks. And now I'm going to Dustin Me. Ma is in the bathroom cleaning that today, and then Mom is in here sleeping. I mean, it was for getting it done. I really thought it was gonna be a task for tomorrow. Okay, so that's crazy that this is that dirty. Okay. Good morning, guys. It's Saturday morning. It's like 11 claw. Last night, we just finished cleaning up and went to bed. So you just start to bog now because we're going to the basketball game. So Alabama Place Kentucky, which is really coincidental that they're down here because Mom's a big Kentucky fans. So we got tickets last night and we're gonna go to the game at 12. I'm gonna bring you guys along. That's just gonna be something fun to do in between the break of moving and getting all the stuffs after the game. We're gonna go tell all the stores and get stuff. We've got a list of things we need, but the house looks so much better. It so much cleaner. So that's really good that I'm excited about this game. It should be Good one. I've never been out. This basketball game would be fun. I'm gonna show you my outfit real quick, and then we're gonna leave. All right, so we're in these black genes there. How I stood from American Eagle days boot. I don't remember where they're from, Michael. Something I sent in my word about for Christmas Hall. And then this shirt is from dragons and just kind of hangs off the shoulder and it's cropped. And then somewhere. But Kendra Scott necklace and earrings from from plunder. I've got these two bracelets on. They are both Alabama and yeah, okay, so we part literally rot. I can see Coleman call the Same from here for $10 which is sell crazy because obviously it's basketball, not football. But it's like $1,000,000 to park two miles away from that wagon. I'm very impressed, but going in now in the sun is not good. What do you whispering about? I got a question. UK games Steffy of him. It's literally hot out here like I'm hot and I'm in justice. Malta sweater. I mean, I love living here so far. Wait, wait. I'm gonna go visit stadium so my mom can see it. She's never been here before. You did. It's so pretty. It is really, like, inform you guys that I just came home and changed because that sweater, like, off the shoulder and it falls off like this little T shirt on and this cardigan over and we're going to the store now, I guess. And to get all that stuff that I was doing yesterday that I didn't Yeah, from my little suitcase matches my big one. I also found some sheep to go, um, a bid from England match. Well, I'm back and now have them with me Nowhere. Lamar still looking for a rug? No, look, so far, I haven't really done a lot of blogging on up like since, like, earlier today. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, I'd be cleaning my car to Anyways, it's about a 23 recording Wal Mart trying to find a rug. And we did get some pretty successful cleaning spots and stuff a target and get, like, a minute of that. Hopefully, we'll find one, and then I'll come back and see does when we get back to the house, I guess. Let's find a rock. Then I'll show you in here. I think I'm gonna get this one. Okay, guys, it is now. Sunday afternoon. I have no idea what kind of footage I got yesterday. I just kind of like everything that we were doing. We went to the basketball going toward around campus guys. My grandmother had never been here before, so we wanted to show her, like, building stuff. I mean, you saw it. Also, I don't know what I'm trying to say here and, like, recap everything you just watched. Then, of course, we went and got all the last minute stuff. So I did get those two rugs here, and they look really good and I still have a few more things to order and a few more things to do in the room and around the house. And then I'll have a house flush room tour coming soon. So we're looking for that, probably in about it'll be in January, I'm sure, but I've orientation on Monday. So that's why I wanted to like in this log and edit it and get it up later today so that I could get organization black up Tuesday. First aid classes on Wednesday hopefully get doubling up on like Thursday. I don't know, Lucy, where this week takes me, it's gonna be really busy. And then, of course, we have natural championship Monday. Not also I remained still aren't here. So if you guys were wondering about that, they probably not be here today. Some of them I know one of them is on the cruise right now. Maybe tomorrow. I don't know. We don't start classes till Wednesday. Like I said, so they're probably in no hurry, but I would expect probably seven them to come back for the game on Monday. But yes. So thanks for watching this video of you guys enjoyed it once again. If you're not already, then hit that subscribe but dumbbell. Oh, and if you like this video, be sure to give it a big thumbs up and I'll see you guys in my next video, probably in All right. Right now I'm headed to the Ferguson Center. It's our student union on campus. Um, it's normally a lot more a lot more people there, but it's late afternoon on a Friday. So not much going on on campus right now. A lot people are back home getting ready to go out on Friday Friday night. But this is actually comber home. One of them if two of them, I never keep them straight. But it's where I took a Latin last year, and it's a home of our international centre for all the international students. Very cool building and no back there in the distance. We're getting there. As I've said a couple times. The campus is big, a lot of walking, so there it is. Pull over, exposed. Right now it is. That's the Ferg. I spent a lot of time, and they're doing homework in between classes, a lot of good food options, and there I'll take you through there in So this is Lakeside dining. We're coming up on, um, honestly, food in the dining hall. Park itself is not very good. Uh, most of food on campus, To be honest, great. But freshman, you get unlimited swipes. I went tio Duncan does. I love you. We also have this cool, uh, comedian market right here where they sell you like whatever you need, basic food. Get and then down the stairs, actually, where the actual There's a good amount of options around, but it's not So I'm in the library and whether to take you on a little tour. So this is the second floor of gorgeous library, anyway. And this is one of the louder floors because floor one's loud, too loud. Three. Get quieter before a silent You see, we have booth studying chairs to study and authority futures. Here's the help desk. When you see over here we have study rooms. That you can use with you and your friends, I'll take you over here. There's a little computer lab trying to be pretty quiet. Since we are in a library, here's an example of one of the study rooms that's open right now Ho. As you can see, there is the TV right here that you can plug up to and everybody can watch or look at like a power point or a video you need to watch for class. Never here we have. A little closer. I have a computer lab that anybody can use. Tanaka Peter's, innit? And so more places to study at. And a printer. Obviously, um, when you printing stuff, believe it's ten cents a page and I'm gonna take you back, Here's another little study area. And then we're coming back to my seat. Right? Destiny. Well, well, four hundred weapons. All right, So I brought you guys back to Brian Denny Stadium just because I feel like it's one of the most important places on campus. And it's also like the hub of campus. A lot of reasons people come. The Alabama is for the football team, and on it's game day Saturday, this place is popping very packed with people. But on a normal day, there's actually a new studio built into the stadium, and it's one of only two in the country. Alabama's actually only one of two in the country that has an independent new studio on its campus, US and Mizzou, only other school. So this is like a normal lecture hall. Um, inside Reese Pfeiffer. It's one of the bigger ones, and all the cool things about this place is it's actually got plugs in every single seat. So, like, if you have to charge your phone or whatever, you could do that. Um, it's a little bit before class, but, you know, uh, love people here. am I about to get hit you up? Okay. It literally feels amazing outside, so thank God for that. Going to class. Hi, guys. Welcome back to another bug. Another recon allies. What would you expect? Anything different? I started this morning's block on the way to class. I literally just, like, walked out the door and I was like, I'm just gonna block on my way to class just because it's such a pretty day. It's 61 degrees, but the sun is outside, like feels a lot warmer. That, just like, is how it works in Alabama. When the sun's out, it's basically 80 no matter what the temperature is. So that's really not. But it's such a pretty day and campus, just like so. Pretty like everything was blooming. All the trees are bloomed out here. My God generally realised, I It's not like that everywhere. Until I went home this past weekend. I'm in like none of the trees are blooming and here, like everything's bloom, So everything just looks so pretty like, Seriously, I don't think there's a prettier campus in the world. Am I about to get hit? Yep. Okay. May back up. Perfect. I've got back up again if you guys didn't watch my last bottle and get down below, but basically I started a Greek week, fuck and then I got really sick, got hospitalized, allergic reaction to medicine, all that good stuff and had to go home for the week. So I was home Wednesday, not Thursday, Friday, Saturday and I came back Sunday trying to start over. I'm trying to catch up on all my word and I have a makeup exam. I can either take it tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday morning at 7 15 in the morning, I'm going to die and then I haven't a test. It's not a makeup test to not at 6 30 then I'm running straight from their Alfa feet because I have a meeting because I'm a dead mom. So if you guys are rushing and you're coming Alabama next year and you go out for a fee, I will be a dead mom, which means basically, I'll get to be like you're standing big until now is my chance until you actually get a big and I get to like your mom and like, mentor and just basically help you like adjusted school in this already, and it's so much fun. So I don't get to go to the meeting last week because I was in the hospital. So do not is my makeup meeting for that. So, yeah, it's a really busy day in a really busy week. And I don't wanna bore you guys today talking too much, but just kind of wanted to give you a rundown of what's going on right now. I'm in the car, obviously. And on my way to driving. McFarlane and I have a doctor's appointment well known appointment. But I have to go back to the first doctor that I went thio on Tuesday before they sent me to the hospital because she did a bunch of blood work. Oh, my God, it's so pretty. I wish you guys could see my view of just campus in the trees. Tuscaloosa. Like beautiful. Oh, my God. I'm dying. Okay. Not to be a little dramatic, B'Gosh, but I have to go back because they don't like, give you your blood work over the phone like you have to actually go in and get it back. So they called me when I was at home to let me know that it was back. And I don't even know what she tested me for. Probably nothing important. And I'm probably just gonna go in here, and she's gonna be like her, and everything's normal. But I'm gonna go anyways and see what she has to say. And then from the doctor, I'm coming back to the house and changing, and we're going running because today starts my 12 week training for the half marathon that I'm running this summer in organ. So I don't run, and I hate it. And it is definitely going to be an experience, but we're going to do that. And then after I run, it will probably be close to time to go to class. So between the doctor and running, I plan on studying for this test, and that was pretty much my Monday. So you guys along today and the rest of the week, whatever we get into, turn the camera and I'll let you guys see campus. Oh, perfect. A red lock. Okay. I was literally there for lock two seconds, Like I waited in the waiting room until they came and caught me and she handed me the paperwork back and was like Everything is good. So that was kind of a waste of time, but I kind of expected it to be normal. Anyway, have a three mile run to do today. That's kind of a rough start. Like I was expecting to ease into it with, like, a one mile. But we're going full force with three miles. I don't really want to run on campus just because I'm awkward. I'm not a rather and I don't know how well this is gonna go, so I see. Okay, I really quick up day. I did run. I admit it. One mile and I quit. Three months was just like too much for me. Miserable. I could have cried like I was about to crash like, five o'clock now and I'm on my way to Alfa Fee because I have a test at 6 30 and one of my sisters has this class with me. And so we're gonna, like study just for a few before do seem like last minute cramming. And then we're gonna go to classic also like I need to go to the house because they're so sweet. And they got me a little gift for being in the hospital. So really A fee and I'm gonna go get that and I'll show you guys whenever I get it. And then I'm running back to the house after this test because I have a meeting. So hey, guys, it's the next day, and I just stop flogging yesterday after I got to Alfie because I got caught up of a bunch of my friends were there and hadn't seen them since I'd left last week for blood from the hospital to go home. So I was just catching up with them. And then we left from there to go take the test, which literally bent me over. And, well, it was not good, but I don't want to show you guys what Alfie got me for being in the hospital because I said I was gonna do that, and I forgot. So they got me this cute little mug and it had candy, and it was just inside my room, and I also got me this cute little candle. It also got me chapstick, which is in my backpack inside. And then they got me this little card. Jade. It's never fun to be in the hospital. Please make a speedy recovery. And they got me a Starbucks gift card. So love you, Alfie just got a phone call. Okay, so if you're wondering why I'm in the car, it is only 10. 30 and I don't have class till 12. 30. I I am about to film a video film. A sit down video. Not long for literally the first time. And so long since December, I guess and is about the sex trafficking video that I have on this channel has probably seen it. Well, you probably came from there. I don't know why I got so many views, but it got a lot of use and also got a lot of hate, and I'm kind of sick of it. I do read like most of the comments, and I've just been putting them in my notes like the questions and assumptions and I'm gonna answer them because I literally can't respond to hundreds and thousands of comments. I feel like some of that really needs to be addressed. So I was like, I'm just gonna make a completely separate video, and if anybody wants to watch it, they can if you don't want to. You don't have to, but it will be there and that alliance. They're pretty much everything that I get thousands of comments on. I was to you guys after that and resume this vlog when I go to close, I'm gonna leave around 11. If I could get this film in 30 ish minutes Really? Like I drove me to make this video is a lot of people have started commenting on my dogs and like my more recent videos, asking for updates or asking questions And I don't know why I'm explaining this year because I'm gonna explain it in the video or or literally, just hate like putting hate comments on like my videos. I have nothing to do with that video. So I'm gonna make a video and pretty much explained everything. Answer your questions and assumptions. If you guys want to see it, it'll probably be up after his log. Okay, so I just filmed that video and I feel like it was really all over the place and a lot of rambling and and make a lot of sense, but I didn't hear the questions. An assumption sins that I wanted to answer, so I'm probably gonna post it anyways, because the video wasn't focused. Surprisingly Okay, I'm literally putting out 25 pages. Um, football terms. Handem didn't study them pretty much know all of these, but it's basically just, like rules, fundamentals, positions, things that I need to know to be able to report it. So I figured I would print it all out and just have it that I could study it. Yeah, Like I said, I pretty much already know all of this, but it's just nice to have has things like this that I thought would be kind of helpful. That's all I had to do. My house. It's bright out here, and I don't have sunglasses. This is brutal. There was my big I was just there, but not in the whites pressure, but the one in the shorts. Love you, Abby. Okay, guys, I tried to film this the other day and my camera shut off. So we're gonna try again. Just like I need you all to see how Bree campuses right now, with the trees starting to bloom out. So hopefully I don't get pulled over for having my phone up in the windshield while I'm driving, but yeah, just please look. Oh, I like sun's going down, so it's not a pretty, but like when the sun is out, it's even prettier. And I'm in love with this place and ignore my dirty windshield. But yeah, that's your tour for the day. Hello? Golden hour to battle. Got crap. Don't have any makeup on. Is this what this is? Is this golden hour? It hurts. I said I was going home and I almost got home. And then I realized I was gonna go to Target. Today I'm gonna pick up waits just like free weights, because I just don't have time to go to the gym every single day. And I really hate, like, missing a day of working out. So if I can run outside and then how voids in my house. I won't have to go to the gym every day, so it works out. Good morning, guys. Um, I'm having a rough time. Have I had to wake up this early in a long time? Uh, not for school anyways, because for those of you that have been watching rob logs, you know that like My earliest day of class is 12 p.m. And it's currently 6 40 I'll go back 20 minutes ago. I want to die. No, just kidding. That's really bad. So all week I've been playing catch up because I miss school last week because I was in the hospital and now Oh my God, you guys know I don't even think I've logged yesterday. Yesterday was Wednesday and at class, and I had to study and had a workshop for recruitment was a fun day, but I just forgot to log because I was like, really busy all day. Today's Thursday. So today's the last day that I'm gonna be here in the last of the wonderful Miss Boggs, and it's a super, super busy day. Up until about 3 15 I figured I would bring you guys along very in detailed, since I didn't get blood yesterday. I'm not blogging on Friday. I have a make up exam for mass communications at 7:15 a.m. I don't know if the professor hates me or himself a preacher like his office. Hours are 7 15 because, he said, I could take it Tuesday Wednesday, where there's a 7 15 and I was like, Are you OK? You need help. Not cool. Just gotta go with it. Haven't advising appointment now. 15. I'm very excited about that. I could have signed up for classes yesterday. I have met with my advisor yet, so I e mailed her. I was like, Please meet me because I don't know what to take. I know two classes that have to take. And this girl, it's in my sorority that I have a class with Right now we have a major and she showed me her schedule yesterday and it's pretty terrible. Like a bunch of classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and, um, an 8 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday in the 9 a.m. And the 8 a.m. is a class that we have to take in order to take the sports broadcasting classes that kind of go stepping zoom in order to get more into the sports part. And that's obviously what I want to do. And that's like the classes that I really want to take. So I guess I'm taking in any M three times a week next semester, which is gonna be so rough, so football season. So, like, Well, I sleep. Probably not. Yes. And so, like, Soba hadn't so tired. I'm gonna go ahead and get off here. I've got it. They're a load of laundry. And before I leave and I gotta change, and I gotta go because I'm not 100% sure where his office is. So got a file on that? Today is gonna be one of those days where I literally just drink coffee all day long. So dead out here. So we're like, there's no one out here. This is the first time I've ever seen it like this does. Louisa is not a morning town. I guess I'm really not sure what's going on here. They've been building on it all week. It's literally so peaceful. So Okay, guys. So I just got out of that makeup exam. Actually, two other people were in there with me, so I wasn't alone. But the professor is like, super chill. He's actually a grad student here, so he's not like a real professor, but so he's really, like, not that much older than us. So he's really cool. But that was ridiculously, stupidly hard. Usually we have an exam of 30 or 40. I can't remember questions. Multiple choice. So I studied the quiz lit, studied like 50 questions, and literally only one of those 50 were on the exam. The rest for things that we talked about in class and, uh, don't remember things like that. Like if if someone's like teaching me in class, I got here it, but I can't retain it. I just don't learn that way. It was kind of one of those tests where you literally have to learn what they're saying. What they're saying it to you or like you don't know it. There was only four questions, and I'd read an essay below each of them. I just like being said. He's probably gonna laugh so hard when he reads my answers. But like, there was really nothing I could do about that. I was like, I would rather at least something Mina, right? Nothing. The only question them I have gotten any points on how technology has evolved from like the time that we started, like using it to like now I gave it my best shot. I even wrote on the back of the paper. I tried with like a little crooked smiley face. I've meant to race it cause I was like, That is so high school, but Africa I just remembered and it's still in there, so yeah, I have him in class it 12 30. So that's embarrassing, but I'm going home right now because I didn't have time to put my laundry. And I really need that done because I'm leaving at 3 15 And then I'm gonna track back to the same building. But I was just in and like an hour and Getem advising appointment. Alright, I change shirts because I put the other one in the washer when I started doing laundry. But now Mom, away to my advising appointment. I don't know why I'm so excited. I just can't wait to figure out what classes I'm taking and get like the next step because I want to get into the sports stuff like now. All right, so we've made it down to the river. Walk right behind me is the Black Warrior River. It's a nice river. We are. A lot of times you confined students on a hot weekend, uh, tube floating down the river. Big popular activity here. Also, this is a nice place to take a person on a date or maybe even come down here and study. You know, if you do that every once in a while, Um, so we're just gonna make sure your father on the stairs. Okay, so I'm currently and bus hub, which is basically just our little transit hub where all the bus has come. Um, I'm gonna zoom in on this map right here. That is the map of all the busts out them on the comm pic your class or the dining hall wherever you need to go. It is also where the action card office is, which is the student ID during the day time they have this open, but parking services. It comes a bus. Right now. I am actually waiting on the gold tooth. Yeah, because it's gonna take me to Gorgas library, which is where my friends at, and we're gonna get study. So, yeah, I just thought I would show you a little video. It's in that direction. To the right of the bus is is Shelby Hall, which is where I have my classes. So I'll show you guys that later and to the So as you can see, downstairs is the strength area and upstairs is cardio. We'll show you over here too. Outdoor recreation. Another Jim over here. Here is the basketball court. As you can see, there's a kind of people in here right now, and if you can't tell right up there also, never walking closely contested exercising right now. And now I will show you the personal training studio. This place is so big, there's an elevator right there. So there's a personal training studio and you have to pay to get personal training. But in my opinion, it's worth it. And I almost started it a couple of months ago, but I decided to try to train myself first. Oh, up there you can see is a little, um, signed telling you where everything is. You see, the rock climbing wall is on the other side of the gym. I'll show that later. The winds offering Oh, here's the climbing wall. I've never been in here, so it was rock climbing. Whose glories? Yeah, I find you China works print stuff All right, So we're out here. The pool area. You wouldn't get this furniture and whatnot here. There's a TV on the wall, but so we do it down here. Um, we're backing out here. It ISS is a pool. I need keys to get in. I'm not just anybody is going to happen in here. Yeah. There it is. No, we've got a nice little seating area here. The fire pit chairs. There's a TV right there. It's really nice area. Also a good place to study, actually. Okay, guys. So this is the big wreck, Sinner. They're two accidents on campus. There's this one. And then there's a smaller one in one of the residents halls. So you see, down here, you have weights. We'll take it trip upstairs and I'll show you what's upstairs. So here you have all the cardio machines. Stay. A climber's treadmills. Anything you can think of that nature. Then I'll show you a little bit more. You see, over there, that glass building over there is a studio that they used for, uh, my classes and stuff like that. So they have, like, interval training and dance classes over here. Over here. This the lockers. So here's where you like Walk up your stuff and you said a new combination every time you come in. Coolest thing about this gem to me is the fact that they have a smoothie king right in the entrance. So this made the king right there. Hey, guys, I'm camera. Greenwood and I will be your tour guide for the Michelle Obama. I'm a journalism and creative media major here. I'm from Connecticut, Junior and honestly, universality was like learning my favorite place on earth. I love coming back here every year, so let's get ready. Right now we're walking back on the quad is the college of education, like right back there and college business made over there. It's got a lot of academic buildings. How here in the quad, one lap is three quarters of a mile, so better bring your walking shoes of All right. So I just left my class and Reese Pfeiffer and I'm gonna head downtown. Go the strip show you guys what that's like. We're at the quad right in the middle of it. This is gorgeous library in the biggest library in campus. It's huge. There's like five stories. All right, So this is the Shelby quad. It's a science and engineering quad. You're gonna be spending. You probably will have a couple classes here if you have to take a science class or whatever. It was actually named after the U. S. Senator Richard Shelby. Fun tax. I think it's really pretty here. So this is going off where I live. I backed up a little bit, so you can see He's just some of the sororities. I can't houses. A massive, huh? They're all over the place to run into strapped girls all the time. We get a little art gallery in Ferg from Rotates Avalon's A lot of art, usually. That's kind of cool. No? Yeah. Normal day. There's gonna be a lot of art here. Okay, So this is Lloyd Hall right here. I just came out of here because I just had a sustained dialogue class, which is all about just talking about issues and being open to other people's opinions and just sitting down actually colored during it to to break the tension. But that was Lloyd. This is the choir. This is the Alabama quad. This is where all the tailgating on game day happens. And, uh, the library is right through there. Gorgas library, which I showed you in the previous video. Um, you see, Denny chimes over there. That is a typical what's the word I'm looking for? First landmark of Alabama, like everybody knows what it is. And every so often throughout the day at chimes, I think maybe every hour Honestly, uh, but that's kind of you see that bus in the distance way over there. That is a crimson ride. You a bus. There are a lot of them on campus to take you where you need to go. Right over there is the Arts and sciences building that's behind those trees. That's where I go to get my mentoring done and goes to my count sort of pick my classes and stuff. As you can see, there's tons of people walking on the quad right now, probably getting out of class, and we've got a biker right there. And yeah, if you can see a little white house over there, that's the president's house and sorority rose just right over there past any time. So, yeah. This is a quad. It Obama. And if you can see, I'll try to get a little closer. That's the stadium right there. I can't really see because the sun's kind of blocking it, making it hard, too. But we've got the backside of a million gale gorgeous library right here. That's about it. There's seven times again, all right, until So I just left class with Tanner. Uh, what do you think? The class say? It was kind of boring, but is very informative for our next project. We have to do that's due Monday. I thought he did a really good job teaching us. Right down to the quad Headed down to the Strip Me Qwest Library. It's pretty popular in your homework. It's usually not very noisy. Time can't be like you. I don't really come here because I don't like quiet Steve much. I honestly couldn't say. I don't think of it look, carry on campus, But for some people, there's just a bunch of table there So now we're in the residential part of campus Lakeside dorm here. Riverside over there. Um, and we're headed to where I live. Freshman year, which is Presidential village. Um, more or less. Only freshman live on campus unless they're unless you're an r a. Uh, it's, uh we're running out of room to keep people because so many people want to come to Alabama because it's such a great school. Um, but honestly, the dorms, despite, you know, being under the surveillance of r a's and whatnot dorms are really nice. I'm not going to allow it in any of the buildings because I don't live here anymore, but they So we're out here on watch. Really? Sunny day out. Walking around Come. What? Where a lot of people are going to be. I mean, it's in between most the academic buildings, so people are always welcome back and forth to and from their classes. Come. You see a lot of people here, especially on game day. Uh, this squad fills up with tents filled up with computers. I mean, this place get a sweet little miss, the whole police, a lot of it. The grass tornado because there was so many people just out here having a good time partying on them. Claude's whereto at honestly. It's really relaxing out here. It's really beautiful to have taken a lot of pictures of trees in home, so I really like the quad It's one thing you're gonna learn to do when you come to Alabama, you're gonna learn to love to walk. His element is not really driving campus. It's not too many streets that run through it. It's one of the things I like about it. It's not too busy, but boy, you put on some miles usually average around four five a day, so just be prepared to do a lot of walking. All right. So welcome by a bunch of food options down here on the strip. A lot of good stuff. We even have. GNC insomnia cookies. Julia Hollerin dash. Which is All right, there's a Moe's right here every to Tuscaloosa student. Nose the best place to eat. Some here at the bus hub. Uh, because I live off campus and I don't have a car. I gotta take a bus to and from campus every day. And a lot of the apartment places provide us with a bus to and from campus. So it's a It's a nice little feature. Um, he also spent a lot of time your freshman year when you ride the buses around campus. So this is ten more hall. There's a lot of history classes in police I and what's not in here. It's a huge building, a lot Find the grate work that it is. So I love the fact that you're being created. Some of you are really creating amazing things with this Nature like the nature walk a lot come through here often. Um, I think it's like a nice way to start a day. It's just really sunny. I peaceful like a smooth morning. Good place to like Wake up to not fall asleep here. Come to campus and give us a finish first. I've got some time. I like to just come here and look around a little bit. It's usually not too crazy. You know, Occasionally you see some people working with you. Well, that's not no. Yeah, there's not. A lot of people are usually there's, you know, there's a couple benches here and there where you can just go and sit. Listen, you It's got to be nature, the nature they said on there, there's some cisterns coming up. Think that usedto boy fishing? But I think it died. It's just like I don't know, a nice little walk in the morning, especially before class. It's safe to the blue pillar thing over there, which will see you around. Campus is an emergency beacon thing. Hold from trouble, but yeah, it's just like a nice little area on campus. Uh, really, like it hasn't been demolished yet. More buildings. It was just get around. For its beauty and its a small. It's not that big. It's just a little part of campus. That's really nice. You should pretty well maintained trance here. Makes for some good pictures. Those pictures on game day. This is it. No, here, I really just it's it's It's also a sure between. War Western. Get in here share. So right now we're walking to street from research for there's little right Denny Stadium FeedRoom with us when we go on Saturdays and religious, we're gonna come upon thee walking champions. It's a big popular dorks. Tourist destination on campus Likes prison During game day There's four statues of the four coaches who won national championships, so people create their hand on game days. The football team enters the stadium through there, surrounded by fans, and it's crazy to the right. Get a flow interpreter. Some of the bigger ones there. We're headed towards the strip and strips where a lot of the party goes on Friday, Saturday Sunday. Really, Any day? I was out on a Wednesday last week. Uh, college party scenes. Great. Oh, favorite. I just love that shot. Friends. Um, honestly, this trip there's tons to do on this trip, especially for underage people, too. All right, So we're about to go into one of the buildings. Still, when I live in Very cool. No, it's got a pool. One of three pools at this community. Right around the corner. All right, So this is just another section of the Ferg. Ah, lot of seating here. It's where I do homework a lot in the middle of the day. A lot of people come here to eat lunch. There's a lot of good food options. He's returned some of the fraternity houses. I mean, there's a tunnel, but they're all mega mansions. All right. So, um, Ellen, the bomb floor re cipher, I swear, every year. Fashion department and your contact information later. I love it down here doing some work down here a lot. We're headed towards the student lounge. I spend a ton of time here from a couple of hours a day. He's just giving homework and now a really cool place. They just finished this that she All right? Just got off the bus. Back home in my community main office is right over there. Show you what some of the cool features of All right. Some family on the bus comes and ride back home. He's a really helpful, but it sucks that you had to wait so long to show up. So as you can see, it's a It's a really beautiful river. Um, really tranquil. Not not much going on. So nice place to be on a sunny day.