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Hey, it's Maria and this is my final advice for y'all. Here's my big sister advice that I can give you what you make use out of your college experience here. Do you want to get involved? Think about to an involvement. We have Greek life here. If you're not into Greek life, we have our ESOS, which is recognized you in organizations. One RS. So that's really popular. At you'll. Bell is raise red. Raise Red is an 18 hour dance a thon held every spring that raises money for pediatric cancer. I know my high school had a smaller dance a thon for six hours, and our proceeds went to raise bread. No, I talked a lot about saving money in my other videos in terms of scoring high on a standardized test. What if he didn't score like a 28 on the A C. T. What have you scored? 22 or maybe a 24 and you don't really have much financial aid. You'll those partnered up with Metro College metro colleges working for UPS night shift? The campus is ah, highway exit away from the Louisville Airport south of the airport is too ups hub for the plane. Ship out things. If you work there overnight, you also get a weekly pay, and I know you're sleeping. Schedule might be kind of messed up after working there. But don't take morning classes. Just take the afternoon and evening classes that will better your physical and mental health. With Louisville, there's a lot of things you can do here. You don't have to worry about just staying in your dorm like my gosh, there's nothing to do here is doing activity. Board holds a lot of events every week. There's always something to do, even little us a city. There are many touristy kind of things you can do here. We're really closely Ohio River. There's things to do downtown. There's some other streets and Louisville. You can go and visit and have fun there with your friends. Spect to younger Maria and what I would tell her in high school. What will I tell you? Younger, clueless Syria? Well, remember those AP classes. Take those a lot more seriously and really study for those exams because when you pass those AP exams, you can get away with a lot of 10 classes and also my high school. We didn't have a lot of dual credit courses like right When I graduated, they started putting in a lot of dual credit classes. Take dual credit classes because what if you can't pass those AP exams like you're taking AP physics and you know you're going to score a one on there that's not going to get you any credit. Might as well just take a dual credit class so you can get one of your Gen EDs. Out the way. That's a smart thing to do. I hope you consider going to you. Well, you could find me on campus and be like, Hey, that's the growing campus real that yelled about me about doing well my a C T score see in test prep. So younger high school me junior becoming a senior, still trying to get the best score that I can. Just doing my very best. What will I tell you? Younger Maria. I only had to take the a c t it again. You'll bell. I would tell myself that it is just a four hour test That is just four hours, Frito. Work work world to show everything that you know in order to get a good score. And then right after it, you could just go ahead and take it Now, that's all. And how would I prepare for this? Well, what, Before I like took the test, I had the privilege to take the test as many times as I could. My mom bought me test prep books. She even signed me up for a CT boot camp to return it. I can get a good score on the A. C. T. And I remember that my high school had one free a CT exam in March to wear those who can't afford to take the A c t. That they do take the A C t. And to go to college. I mean, I took the PS 80 which qualifies for the National Merit Scholarship. But mostly they're gonna look into the A C. T s a t Usually if you're going out of state. I'm from Louisville. So if you're going out of state, I recommend taking the S A T along with the A C t. But for someone like me, just from Kentucky, just take the A C t. That's all. So here's some guiding questions. What is the difference between a. C T and S A. T A. C T score ranges from 0 to 36. It has a written portion if you want to do that to get the 36. But either way, it's just out of 35 in the S A. T. That's the one where this highest score goes away to six Sting 100. But the P S a t that one's for National mirror. It's the practice. S a T A. C T just consists of English math, reading and science in a written portion. If you choose to take that so you wake up early in the morning, show to the testing side of 8 a.m. and you leave at noon. There's also a quick snack break. So bring an apple in between. You gotta stay fed. What's the best way to prepare for the test? Take practice exams in the A C team book. Just set aside four hours of your day to just take the exam at home before you go on and spend some money on the exam. Or just wait for the free one. But take is many practice exams. You can do a lot of practice problems. Practice, practice. Practice. Perfect practice makes perfect sorry for being really corny, but you just need to practice in order for your score to improve. Or if you have the money and the privilege to get help in tutoring, go ahead and do that just whatever you can to improve your score and save money. Because when you invest in the a, c T. U. Save money in the future for college expenses, you'll be unless death. If you score higher, what resource is did you find useful that a C to prep book? Some of my older friends, my mom's friends, whose kids air a lot older than me and their experience of helping their kids try to get a better score in a C t. Also, my friends who scored high. I always ask them for a test prep held like, Hey, what are some of your secrets of scoring a 35 on the A C T. Just ask for help. It's okay to ask for help. You know, asking your friends for help is free. Help to like this score determines if you can get into college in how much money you can save. Like this is the test that you just really, really have to try on. Just shoot along the high twenties and you'll just be good. I know a four hour test does not define you as a human. This has score is about how much money you'll save and determines if you get in. If you get at least 25 well, get in. If you get a 29 you'll save a lot more money than a 25. Well, if you get like a 36 full ride, hopefully the reward you get will be quite high. And that's saving money in a great experience in college, because that's one less thing to worry about money. I hope all this is helpful and not so harsh on the whole money talk just worked really hard on getting the score you want in order for your Hi, I'm Maria. I'm a second year student at the University of Little. Yes, you heard that, right? It's pronounced little. It's not Lewisville. It's not Louisville. It's little You. A Bell is my mom's alma mater. She graduated her master, that speed school of engineering. But me, I'm a marketing major, the college of business. Speaking of marketing, this is on Brand. Come along me and I'll tell you a little bit about you. Will. I'm inside the Bell NEC Academic Building. It's located on the bell, not campus. That's where all your classes are gonna be at the other two campuses or downtown for the health science campus and the Shelbyville campus, which is all way across town. But most your classes are gonna be in the belt neck. Can't this I'm inside the belt Academic building. It's the newest building on our campus. It's has new classrooms, new study rooms, just like the one I'm in right now. And a lot of your jennet classes are gonna be taken here. I remember I took biolab upstairs and I had a by election er, the first floor. It took my communications class here. All the genitals air in this building and write about me in the second floor is the Reach tutoring center. That's where all the tutoring takes place. It's free tutoring. They have walk in math tutoring. Just ask one of the tutors for help with your homework or, if you don't understand anything, and the Bell Night academic buildings right in the middle of campus, it's right across the library has a lot of great study places. Nooks and crannies, lounge chairs where you can relax in between classes and study. Cram. Enjoy your Starbucks. It's a really cozy place. I like to go here to study a lot. Do not step on the bird, please. Okay, but why? Marketing Marketing is probably the closest creative job that I could think of. Ulivo has one of the best business schools in the state. Also, with Louisville, there's many opportunities to Coop. Where are Major? We get internship credit in college credit. Little is a big city. There are many places for us in Turn up. Okay, let me purposely get the thinker behind me in the shot. So why you'll? Well, well, it's home. You Bo has a small campus, but it has a big campus feel to it, too, even though it only stretches a couple miles and it takes 15 minutes for a walk to get to your class. But it's a really great campus. I love it here. I love my friends here. I love the home that I created here. Do you want to shoot a video? Hi. Again. Meet West in. Introduce yourself. I'm Weston. Magnus. I'm a freshman or I just finished my freshman year. I'm a physics major and yeah, Okay. So why you will, though, Um, I chose the school. Probably pretty close. I went to high school in the area. And plus it means I get to live at home and not pay for campus housing, at least for the time being. And plus, it's just a decent school. I'm like, I'm lucky to growing up in Louisville and to know the area and have a great school like this in the city. That's great. Okay, So what are the kids like here? One of the students, like, you know, we're all kids at heart. Really? How's the people here? Really? I mean, we all refer to other students is kids Anyway, it happens, but people here, like they're really friendly. There's, like, a lot of different, I guess. Subsets of students like you got the engineering kids and you get the business kids, students, whatever way, got all kinds of people in frats and sororities in general, though, regardless of what program someone's in I've always found that there's a lot of really, since he said you were a physics major. How's the workload here? Um, the workload for the school probably depends on program, but as a physics major who's also pursuing the math minor, I have a lot of work. Um, math and physics classes sign a lot of homework, at least a fair bit. But for my 1st 2 semesters, the math and physics classes were pretty easy, so I didn't get much there. It'll ramp up after your first few semesters. Honey, you got a storm coming. What are some pros and cons about the University of Louisville? Well, let's see. I'd say Pro has got a lot of everything. Good music program, but business. We have health science campus just north of here. Hard sciences. Got that to solve sciences. And that's a big plus for someone looking to go to go here for an undergraduate degree. Because at least personally, I kind of feel like you don't gotta go to m I t your heart for your undergrad. I'm gonna be pursuing higher education anyway, so I figured, Hey, let's go somewhere I can afford Oh, yeah. Cons. What do you hate about this place? Uh, I hate this thing's a really harsh word. I don't hate any. Maybe just minor inconveniences. What's up? What grind your gears at this university? Um, well, for me, because I don't want to pay for parking, I kind of have to get a bit of a walk to get from my car here. It's also always under construction, but that's a great thing, Thio, because we're updating our campus. That also means that some areas might be a little closed, for example, of the library is currently going through renovations. Third floor is being boarded up stuff, but there's other places to study. Right across the quad, he got the Bab the Academic building and my favorite for the library before four before floor. That's not noisy over there because the quietest. But as of now in the summertime, when we're going through updates, quiet. Still, you'll still hear the ruckus. Just put on some headphones. Don't be like that. And what makes you also different level has a pretty unique student culture. Got a lot of we get a lot of stuff between our frats and sororities and their events there are a lot of events on campus. There is also some interesting little, I guess, quirks about the culture here, like you're not supposed to step on the cardinal logos. And also we kind of just got a new president here. So there is a lot a lot of hype surrounding that President Nearly Venda Pootie, Madam President. Nearly Benda Pootie. Yeah, we love her. There's also a lot of rabbits force fans. Here it is 2019 20. Yes, the season hasn't been so great. We know we know Elsa way. Our culture, our culture is different. We're very culture. We're diverse, I suppose. Another thing to add on. To that way, we're very inclusive school. There's a lot of LGBT Q plus. Events here were probably the most like LGBT Q plus friendly school in Kentucky. What's the advice you can give to your high school scene yourself? What I would give to myself at least, and any seniors watching this video probably tell them to take his many AP classes as they can, as well as dual credit courses. But make sure you pass those AP exams, you know, for some men and get a two on the test. I think I think three is the cut off for getting credit. If you come in with a lot of credit like that basically knocks off a lot of classes that you'd have to take early on. Otherwise, like I got to skip most of my Jenna. It's just because of a P classes that came in with and because I came in with, like, 30 plus hours of credit basically started as a sophomore. So I'm looking to graduate at least a year early. Anything else you would like to say to the viewers? We're gonna really hold that L up? Yes. Now there's something else breathing here. E Everything is just like breathing. Okay, were very lifelike. Thank you for taking the time to sit through this interview, and we have a lot of fun doing into because this library is just breathing. It's breathing and it's building itself. I promise. It's a very quiet and great and inviting place to study. Well, as the tour guides will tell you, first floor is loud anyway. Yeah, we're in the first floor.