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Exploring uc davis for the first time!!!
Anthony Alfiler Campus 5.0
Come explore my first few days at UC DAVIS! My first group of friends were from an org called DCF (Davis Christian Fellowship). We met at the West Village Volleyball courts and from that game we connected. OPEN FOR MORE IMPORTANT INFO ;) ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ S O C I A L M E D I A L I N K S * Instagram: @tha_anthony_show and @thaanthonyshow * Twitter: @ThaAnthonyShow * Snapchat: @thaanthonyshow Contact me for Business Inquiries: Sponsorships, Collabs, Requests, etc. ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ F R E Q U E N T L Y A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S Q: Do you have a second channel? A: Yup! The Life of Anthony is where I upload all my vlogs, gym videos, motivation videos, and everything that comes to mind! Go check it out! Q: When will you travel to the Philippines or in my country? A: When I get done with college! Stay tuned for more updates on my social media and here on Youtube for any travel updates or meet and greets! Q: How old are you? A: 19 Q: What grade are you in? A: I’m a Junior at a 4 year University Q: Are you Filipino? A: YES I AM! 🇵🇭 Q: Do you have merch? A: Of course I do, HERE IS THE LINK: ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ I hope you enjoyed, and thank you so much for watching! Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up. Comment down below any video requests, share with your friends, and remember to HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON! Thank You!

So as I'm walking over to my next class, I just wanted to talk to you about the size on the weather. You see Davis Currently, we have, like, thirty thousand undergrad, so it's definitely considered a pretty big public school. And it's it's great because you get Tau, build a network with so many people and you get to meet new people every day. So that's really fun. Um, there's a lot more opportunity, like there's a lot of clubs that you go to, um and participate in. There's just so much so many things you could do on campus. And as for the weather and like the location of Davis, were located in the city of Davis, which is about twenty minutes west of Sacramento. So it's a small town, about seventy thousand people off that thirty thirty thousand hard undergrads at UC Davis. But, yeah, there's a lot of good place to eat. Um, the weather, usually when it's not winter quarter, which it is right now, it's usually sunny and around like seventy plus degrees. But right now it's like fifty five and sixty, and it's a kind of rainy as you can see right now. It's like like overcast. And, uh, other than that, it's like really warm weather. So I'm currently walking around downtown Davis, and I was here to grab something to eat with my friends. The most frequently visited places by myself and my friends were burgers and group because I think it was closest to the campus. It's also one of those places that's open late at nights until three a. M. So that's where we would usually go after a late night study session. So I know that a lot of few freshmen are incoming. Transfer students must be super excited to get into your you city here, but I'm also aware that it's extremely expensive when you're looking at a fifty dollars so assured. So the best way to go around that is to go to the campus store on the first Friday of the month. The campus store has a twenty five percent on on most items on DH. I feel like that is the best time that you should be investing into your Uschi here. And just yesterday this was This is the first U C D here that I've bought, and I actually love it. So I'm currently walking around what is known as the Death Star on campus. So These are some of the buildings that are built in a way that it's super confusing to navigate your way across, and I feel like I'm one of those So out here behind me is the East in the West court because the weather super nice these days, a lot of people are hanging out with their friends studying, playing Frisbee on having like a picnic. So it's super cool. So you guys should definitely sit here, maybe make some friends while you're at it. Cool. I got them to our apartment and because we live off campus to go for herself. So, yes, we are surviving on Biggles. Welcome to the newly renovated arc. This's the entrance. As you can see it, there is a long line behind me to get in, and I'LL show you around on the first floor. There's a weight training, and there are treadmills behind me when training. If you go further inside the park, there's also rock climbing as behind you so recklessly across from rock climbing. There are the men's and women's locker rooms, and here you can just store your stuff because you're like me. You're really forgetful and you don't want to lose anything. If you go to the very back of the ark, there is another set of stairs, and this will also be due to the second floor. Right now I'm on the second floor of the Ark. It's totally there are ellipticals over here by machines every year. There are more treadmill over there and over here and over here on the very left of the second floor, you confined a gigantic race track that goes around art. Well, that's all I have today for my tour of the park. I hope you like this video and I'm going to go work out now. not everyone's going to the bus. Seymour said, though I see you making moves. Okay. Yo. Yo, that's not even funny. Yo, Yeah. Oh, seriously, You see? Seriously what you think Number said that? Oh, my gosh. Listen, I'm leaving. It's like the other one You can see. It's like, partially open. It's so quiet. Why are so many people here? I've never seen this many people here. What? Wow. So cool. So fresh, So huge. It's like an upgrade. It isn't. Upgrade. It should be. You got to go. Please. Yeah. They're giving you like, for example, from trade sauce. Forget it. No, I saw what was there. Everyone. Before I started this amazing video. I just wanted to inform you that I have merged on my channel. Link will be on the description down below. Go check it out for yourself. Yes, it is shipped world. Why did you get in the Philippines? Wherever you are in the world, get ready for our meeting. Read more information and enjoy the video Yeah, one Yeah. So the clip that you guys just saw was from this class I'm currently taking Nora's pls twenty one ah nde. We have around four hundred students at lectures and the discussion that we have usually have around twenty to thirty students, and it is a very long discussions. So from what I've noticed so far, classes are definitely not strictly based on lectures. Every single time, there are certain professors that base the whole course load on just midterms and finals. So you need to be super careful that you attend all Electra's because they will definitely say something very important during lectures. But I also know that there are a lot of classes where professors be enough importance. Two homework and other quizzes are activities in class, so you don't have to be present during lectures all the time. You just have to make sure that you finish all the course load so far. Have also noticed that professors are willing to extend their office hours if you don't think you can make it it's that time of year. It is finals week, fall quarter 2018 And most of you who know me know me by my day in the life video U C Davis, which took place during finals week, winter quarter, 2018. So that was at the beginning of the year. So what better way to end this quarter than with another video? So this is gonna be a little vlog of my finals week, and I tend to think that my finals, because a little bit different than most people and let me explain what? So I am a cinema and digital media major, and I'm also taking a bunch of design classes. That means my finals are projects, which means designs, films, proposals, presentations, things like that. And those are usually do on the last week of classes rather than on finals week. So that could be a good and a bad thing. One. It's great because I can finish a week early. I can go back home for the holidays and get extra week of break, but to that means I have to scramble all my things and finish everything a week before everybody else does, and it gets a little hectic. So this book is gonna be about that. And this body is kind of just going to go through my life as a student in cinema, digital media, student in design and also a dancer and m k modern just tryingto figure everything out all in this final week school. So let's get into it Day one of Finals week For me, it is clearly Monday and today I had to turn in a draft of my design final, which is a 32nd 1 minute animation. And the topic that we have to work with is sustainability. So I chose to do sustainability in coffee shops and how a single used cubs are affecting the environment. So I'm working on that and that is due on Wednesday. I also have a film. Let's do this Friday and I'm about to go on a film shoot for my final project. Um, we're about to shoot in the Arboretum for a couple hours and also just doing all the pre production, which is just writing the script from hell. Put storyboard shot list, things like that. And then I have to go get my car fixed, So it's gonna be a pretty long day. It's one in the morning. That's right. That's what we're doing. Do all the formation. My name is It's Wednesday and this morning I turned in my design final, which turned out pretty good. I got some good feedback from both my professor and a few people in my class, so that was nice. But it took me a really long time to put it together last night and I went to sleep pretty late. I'll put a quick little of it right here in just a second. But for the rest of the day, I also have my film class and I have to finish editing the film. Let's do on Friday. So you have to do that. And then I have modern practice again tonight. It is our family friends night, so we're gonna be performing for people in our community, and it's just gonna be a good time. Ate some dinner and I'm ready to go to practice getting only close together. My great grand little wear, modern practice, friends and family thing is us at our number. Last practice is gonna be a long one. So it is three. In the morning. Right now. I just got back from practice. If you did come out tonight to support thank you so much. Really appreciate it from It was really cold. Really windy, really rainy. So thank you for coming out. I just got home from a showering and I have a little bit of work to do. So I'm gonna work well, that and then go to sleep because it's pretty lean. I have a lot of products were gone, so I got to get closed into him About to go study, get some work done, and we'll just see how that goes. We're heading to the dorms now to do some work, working at some bold offers, you know, But really, it helps soothe, soothe mine. Just a little bit. Eases your pain. Almost a neighborhood. Don't. Most pizza. You ever have beluga? No pizza to go with it. Well, Domino's is the right choice, so we made this pizza and just muscle is just just came out of the oven. Don't mind the box. Yeah, it's just how it taste. Oh, wow. My God. It's like heaven in a triangle. Yeah, well, you know, What? If you ever need anyone to make you pizza, just call me and pay me, like 100 bucks or don't. But either way, well, she'll be here. Thank you for coming by T. Rachel. I'm reaching. Yes, I will. See you privacy guys. Soon before. If not. Bye, guys. Have a good break about Marcie. So All right, everybody in the house is sleeping, but I'm still working on it. Final, um, let's do it. Three. 30 p. M. Tomorrow or today, I guess. But I don't really have much time to work on it before then. So I'm just trying to finish it now. I mean, almost done. So just gotta keep pushing and then I'll be don't final. So I am back in San Francisco now editing the log, and it pretty much just ends there the next day. I do a lot of things, but they're not really relevant to finals. And I thought I would put that together in a separate video that I would upload as a vlog, so I'm just gonna end the video there. I mean, it was a pretty stressful week. A lot of things were happening between dance and just trying to finish my projects. In time I had the paper I was just writing was a 12 page film proposal. And then there was my film, which was supposed to be done over a course of three weeks, which we had to condense into one, unfortunately, due to the wild fires. And then there was my design project as well, which just consume the life out of me. But, you know, I made it. And I'm done some back home now in the comfort of my own bed. And honestly, I'm probably gonna be sleeping for the rest of the break. So happy guys enjoy this video. If you liked it, don't forget to comment and subscribe and let me know what else I want to see the future. So thank you so much watching and let's the stairs. All right, almost there. But let's blow it up. One person left that the group goes right, wrangling with year right after church. Wait Moses and comments of appreciating people with e O. Really? Right? Really? So the dining common that I ate most often, I was just gonna one on DH. You had salads every day. You also have the walk, which where you could, like, cook your noodles every single day. You also had a sandwich maker along with that, you are a cereal bar on for dessert. You also had ice cream very often Yuletide cheesecake, sometimes and talk like you. Besides all of that. You also had pizza on a variety of pizza so it would change everyday, if not every couple of days on. Obviously, there were a limited options for vegetarian. So I'm a vegetarian, So I kind of had an issue with that. But other than that, they did try to have a couple of event, though in terms of having variations with the food as well as being around with teens. We had the Harry Potter night one of the days on DH. We had high border cupcakes. We also had T music playing at the background. They also decorated the DC very well. So they did. Yeah, decorated Yeah. No. How's it going, guys? My name is Leon. I'm a sophomore mechanical engineering major here at U. C. Davis. I'm gonna be your tour for Davis, and we're going to see a lot of things. We're going to see a lot of cows. A lot, A lot of people. We're out here on the Claude right now. I'll get more into that in the next video, but, uh, yeah, stay, too. And I'm really excited to show So what is your favorite thing on police? Everything on So something that I could think of right now, that hit me right as I started my first quarter here, freshman year is how much I love, like almost every professor and TV that a girl's very passionate about. Whatever they're teaching, there are very involved in their students where their success got it. I guess one thing is location, like wallet is like good. You isolate. It's not like in a big city, so they don't have to worry about here. Don't kind of downside. There's not. I mean, it is. There are a lot of things to do like downtown. But if you wanted Teo, go out like I guess. Party's side. I can pick whatever I want nothing. The weather is comfortable and the people are nice here. But not the party's like company is so big. I need you. I need to walk from Well, I'm going into another billion reminisced to me and I don't have a bikes now, so my fairy thing would be biking, but I there's rules. So I've been here for six teams and I got a ticket for going twenty five to fifteen already, and I didn't think that was a thing. I don't think you got speeding tickets on bicycles. Yeah, uh, my favorite thing about you, Sid Davis. Is the people here? Yeah, everyone's so kind. They becoming like, smell headshot that every time you saw even strangers. Yeah. And, um, about the professors there. Or so really cute like my, uh, enmity professor. Like my cone. Yeah, she hey, kind of like hell you Assam. But he's teaching style is really like you, Nick. He's got really fun and tell joking. Yeah, kind of that thing. Yeah, well, for me, I think the most thing. Another thing I like most is maybe the dining hall. I think, um, ice cream especially. Yeah. And they're, uh, sometimes the first R very divers. I'd like that. Pretty much, um, but, uh, it's the most difficult thing for me is the canvas is too big. And, you know you need to have a bicycle. Mimi, if you know I don't have one. If you want to go to the top, it's more convenient to have money. That's it. So my favorite thing about the campus itself, I mean, generally, I feel like being California is awesome. Um, I'm from Michigan, so the weather is great here. However, all of the bikes around campus are a little bit scary. So much favor part of the campus subsided. He break looking away. So my fair part of the campus would honestly be the environment. I love the trees. I'm so obsessed. The trees, because where I come from, it's just during rocks and really sad bushes. So I just love seeing the big trees. Anything my least favorite, which isn't bad at all, would just have to be like so much Cruz design. This is for a lot of artists. To be there. So one of the reasons I frequently visited the cruise home was because a lot of computer labs have it'll be sweet and other editing software is installed in them, so I would come here and work on it and refined my skip. This building is pretty much for disaster because of you, Guys. So I'm in my class today. This's physics nine Rossler. So this is what? A medium size action. I see it seats about two kids. Yeah, Give or take one fifty. Yeah, There's some lecture halls. That's it. Like five hundred kids, I'll show you the video. So you talk about the mean plans. UC Davis offers you three options to the first option is unlimited five Game you Plan, which runs Sunday to Thursday. You have the second option, which is the Gold Unlimited plan, which is also for five days. But it runs from Monday to Friday, and then the third and final option is the seventy music Land on. You use it whenever you want. At the BC, you have unlimited swipes so you can walk in whenever you want. Walk out whenever you want. Grab us much as you want. Furthermore, you also get two hundred dollars of cash with every meal plan, so you can use this at any of the signatures there a quarter markets. Or you can also use it at the asylum for things at the market, ranging from statue to even medicines as well as you're Scantron and also the book, which you need for your engineering classes or very much voice exams. So you can always come here if you need