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Thinking about University of California-Riverside and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of California-Riverside in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of California-Riverside’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of California-Riverside, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of California-Riverside experience. These University of California-Riverside video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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or Okay, this is one solved for four people. 355 people and then the PC. Go to your room. Okay. Nice. Nice. Okay. So can you talk about your living arrangement? Actually, love the tables, so they're supposed to be facing the bed that way, But you can see this is what What is this? Three. This is three feet tall. I mean, uh, uh, arrangement isn't like double should pull a little double room. I have one. And what else does penance? He comes my girlfriend. So my fridge, I see. Well, that has a mirror, too. Here and then it's my life comes. How does the closets You just like the door special. Added another chauffeur. And you have your desk does $3 sliding door here. Does Michelle from here have a corkboard on a light right here? And the light has an outlet right there. Just talking about living here at, uh, see, I love the privacy. It's not a social. I didn't meet as many people. It's the business alone. CIA's well, so get so live with mostly pre business majors as well. Some con I did. I thought like I would meet people to help me with classes and homework, but it wasn't as much as I expected. But I like you personally. Like I can come home to a quiet place to study if need be, and the study room's downstairs. This will. So I think that's very convenient. So if I want to go on, hang out, I normally go to my friend's dorm. And then if I need to study, it's like white here. And there's, like a study of challenge outside as well. So what would you rate it? 15? I guess you're having another experience, but maybe, oh, for I guess, bust the both worlds, I'd say. All right, So it's a Wednesday on campus here, and here is the bell tower habits. We usually have someone performing right here right in front of the bell tower, and they have a little D J. Say or we have some artists come out provided by our school's a government. We don't have that today. But we do have a sale going on right here. The Stasi cell, so stuffy or obey or one of the cooling brown's come out and they just do a huge sale and they give out all the clothes and stuff like that. But everyone's day. Our school has a kind of letter RO and all the letters, all the fraternities, all the sororities organizations come out and they just do what we call a table ing just getting people from information and just get people information and just introduce people to their eternity or sorority. So that's our one of our big hub is one of our main squad's on campus. So the stigma about Riverside is that it's in the middle of nowhere in a desert, and they usually doesn't rain, and there's usually hot. But today's an exception. It's kind of raining today, but, yeah, yeah, every. Besides, there's no real city to go Teo and like experience like a nightlife for any big malls you can go to or any really, any place is that there's a really big place you can go and have fun in the city of Riverside. And to be honest, the area right around the school is pretty. Sketch is not a homeless people and a lot of kind of crime activity going around. So to place right next around camp is that we call UV University Village, where we get all our food's. There's a movie theater and a couple no place to hang out. Chill. So here we have, Ah, a lot of different restaurants, ice cream places, a lot of Asian food options. And, um, your typical place soon as usually hang out here. But the one thing that we do have here is the theatre and the theater. It's, uh, Regency theater. Uh, so you want your latest movies on a Sunday matinee for about three dollars. This movie theater also acts as a classroom. Yes, I said a classroom. So in here we take this about three or five different movie theaters that act as a costume. And I think I've had a classroom in here almost every quarter of into Riverside. So you utilize this a lot, especially in the business And here we have our school's part building, transferring from pre business, which is one of our schools, biggest majors to media and culture studies. I basically went from those buildings, too. More artsy buildings and here media, coaches, studies. I took a majority of my classes here, and he's cross consist of media, said the study of media and the study of culture. And basically what we're going to is just understood The study of how many affects our culture, different media forums, different media mediums in reality, such as digital media, print media, Artmedia. And the workload in this course is not too heavy, more theoretical. A lot of what we're learning. A lot of what we're learning is theoretical, and what we're learning is about the basic aspects of media. I do love this boon because is really artistic. I believe it has a lot of different aspects of it that makes it really unique and definitely, as art building. We're the most different ones on campus. So this arts building we have a lot of our also means a course of studies. We do a lot of Wei have a lot of options and what we want to do. And there I'm taking is learning about more production, video production, um, field photo production, more media production at this arts building. This is where I take most of my classes for that people are really energetic, pure are really awesome. People in my major are really creative, and I feel like I'm really able to get see people and see what they're really about. I feel like I really get to I understand. I really get to express myself for students in high school. I definitely recommend that, um, before coming on campus, take the time to come and visit the campus first. I know, but I visited. I came for one there their days where, uh, I think it was Highlander Day. Andi, I got to see the campus with about 1,000 students. A couple 1,000 soon is for other prospective students, And for me, it was just a really bad experience. I thought this campus was really, like, bad, and it just didn't look right at the time that went. But I came back over the summer and you got to see the campus as full version, um, exploring it myself and seeing the different aspects of it. And to be honest, I still to this day, I'm still discovering more things on this campus. So definitely taken time to come visit the campus first. Um, you'll be really surprised about what the different areas and landscaping it has on campus. And I think it's truly beautiful. Other than that, um, really just before you come here, open your mind and be open to different experiences. Different people? Uh, never Besides one of the most diverse campus is off in the country, and people parents to like listen to some really dope music because I think Riverside really, like, really, um brings out some of the best artists for our concerts. We have about 2 to 3 concerts a year, and we bring out some of the top artists in the country. So be excited to see that And definitely, uh, full beard, definitely the time to, um, open your mind up set of summer where you can just relax and er and just come with the open mind coming to Riverside because there's a lot of people here a lot different. Um, you know, cultures that you you want to get to experience, so definitely spend some time allowing yourself to be open to different experiences and stuff like that, so Here. Riverside. If you're not a freshman, then there's not too many different places to eat on campus. But when we do, eat is usually at the Hub or at the habit was just open about a year ago, and the place has been getting a lot of reviews. But the hug poses around five to six different places E and they're all pretty good. We have mod pizza just opened up this quarter beginning of this year. Wish, I think, is a fantastic place. Uh, Pen express, uh, chronic taco, which is like a taco place. And, like I said, we have the habit, which is also pretty good. Doesn't like a main restaurants on campus that we can come eat from. In addition to the Hub and the habit, there's also a couple coffee places on campus, such as Coffee Bean, and it's a Start books on the other side of campus for a student who lives on the other side of campus near the dormitories, so food on campus here is fairly limited. But there's also the UV, which is about half a mile down the road. There is a lot more food options. Yeah, as you see, we're going to eat food, so So now is the nighttime. But I stopped class, but I still have to take some but what we call breath requirements, which is general education. So we're taking classes from history to biology on DH, in English classes, math classes. I completed most of them. So one of the classes I still need to take is biology and my bio classes, California cornucopia and which we talk about all the products of food and the stuff everything California produces. We kind of talked about in the class, from corn to raisins, two oranges and riverside. Actually, harvest is one of the most productive cuties. Cuties were originated in. You see Riverside and I found that out in our classroom. So in the classroom here, the classroom sizes for most general educational classes are going to be really big, going to be around, raising from forty two, sometimes one hundred students in these general educational classes. The cause I'm in right now is not too big is about forty to fifty students. And in addition to that, we also have a discussion section where the student assistance of the class of the professor goes in and teach about ten to twenty of us. So during these discussions sections, we get to dive deeper into the information that is give presented in lecture. And we get to talkto, uh, student assistance who help us understand the material on a deeper level. And we do activities with everyone else. I take this cost two times a week, Tuesday and Thursdays from for about an hour and a half each, and then one discusses section for one hour a week. It's pretty awesome class. Each professor and TA both have office hours. So you do. You are able to meet with them. I personally don't meet it with them that much, because the Creek Lem is not that hard. You just have to make sure you pay attention in class and you really have to go to discuss in section because that discussion section really teach you everything you need to know. But a lot of people go toe to office hours, and they spent a lot of time there and is up to you. Really? If you want to make relationship with the professor or with TA? Personally, I kind of spent more time with TA since there are the ones that are greeting your work and you're more personal. Most of these t a's are first second year in their grad school, so they kind of know what you're doing. They kind of know a student at what you're doing with, So yeah, that's some of the costs I God. You got younger. Welcome guys. My name is Von Zehle Sanderlin and I am a UC are native. I go to school at UC Riverside, and this is my dorm. I'm originally from Pasadena, California, which is about an hour away from here. And I live in the city right next to Riverside, and I go to school here. So here's my my dorm. About ten minutes away from school is really nice. Houses really cheap is really affordable. And I like it. But today we're going on a tour around what you see, Riverside, so hope you guys