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Hello There

Hey, guys, welcome to my channel. My name is there. If you didn't already know at today's video, I'm super excited about bringing to you guys because it has been highly highly requested since I started the back to school. Siri's here on my channel. Haven't already go check up my past feels have this is going to be a back to school advice Q and A. And I'm excited. We're gonna be talking about bullies, mental health organization, everything guys asked me. So I had to ask me on instagram and on the community tab, your questions you wanted to know about or some advice you needed stuff, if not following me on instagram and you didn't get to ask me a question. Go ahead and fall on my instagram. It will be linked in the description per usual and art. So now let's hop into this video. I can't wait to answer all your questions. All right, We're gonna start on the community tap first. So these first questions like me from YouTube video Mata, I think that's how you say it. Pardon my Spanish accent kind of thing. I'm half Mexican, but I know you didn't say that right? That's the name from Jane. The Virgin Mother way. Anyways, she asked, Are you consider the shy one class clown smart, one et cetera. Um, in high school, first man and sophomore year, I was more of like the shine one, because I was kind of finding myself still, and I was insecure and didn't have, like, a lot of friends. But I will definitely say now I'm more of the outgoing person. I say I make a lot of friends now, and I'm not shy. Say hey are like, make a comment in class to the teacher or anything like that. So I'm more of the outgoing one? Genesee asked. You have any advice for me? I'm going in the middle is going on pretty nervous. All I have to say is, middle school is not going to be the hardest part of school in general. You're not gonna be looked at a lot of middle school to get into high school where I was in high school. You are always being watched to get into college. I think it just be calm and try to make new friends and learn subjects and gets in our teachers and in middle school is a good way to experiment on what kind of teaching is better for you? Are you a visual or your hands on learner? Like, I think that's a good place in school to be focusing on to see, Maybe in high school learning style is Stephanie Lopez asked. How did get organized? So you completely honest with you guys? I I'm always pretty organized, but it is really hard to be organized because in the school year, ah lot goes on. You can't keep up. So it's hard to just maintain the organization. But I do work on keeping a planner or sitting reminders that helps me keep myself organized. And last year, turning to the planner thing and first year college is a super hectic. It was hard for me to keep up with the planet, but this year I've already planned out like almost a full year and up to what I know so far, and I'm definitely be writing in it every day and just kind of keep your space. Keep your desk area, keep your room clean and organized, cause I feel like that helps you have a better head space it sell? Asks. What is your favorite school year at minus eighth grade? I think senior year was my favorite school here because all the senior activities like Grandma and and Prom and senior Lu out all that so fun. If you're seeing you on your senior activities, please go to them. It's seriously life changing. It will make your experience and senior year. I'm so sorry. I'm going to be butchering these names. I just want to say Hat probably might have already, but a marriage are in advanced. Nicosia asks how to stay positive at school school. Come here Often I feel you girl. Last year in my first year of college was just a complete she's show it really waas. I had a lot of anxiety, a lot of depression. I was not doing going to my classes only really. You guys, I did not do good in my psychology was always being so down on myself and you know what I just realized? I'm trying my best, so I shouldn't be putting myself down for not getting grease or anything like that. You should just focus on what you're really good at and improving what you're bad at failing helps you learn how to better yourself. That's always what you think Ju lady are asks. How can I learn to love myself in this school? Year? P s. I love you. I love you too. With loving yourself. I think you should really find confidence. I've noticed when I've looked back, even watching videos of mine, I did not have any confidence at all. Kind of finding what you're good at and what you like to do. And those friends that keep you grounded and create a positive environment. Really awesome. Change is not always that I think that change could be really good for you, especially if you're not in the best mental state and loving yourself. So if you want change the way you look or the way do you hair well, you do your makeup or two you completely. If it makes you happy, you do you? Sophie asked. Do you like to just up for school or keep it casual and simple? I wear and like whatever I'm comfortable with. So I go to college and I have this have a name class and that's boring. So if I'm feeling really tired, in the morning. I wear leggings, that's what sure or our genes displeasure with the short under. I'm usually more casual, but like I try to keep a Cuban same time, but not to a family that makes also asked what your gold after college after college, I would like to work in my major, hopefully in a house or an apartment or something like that. But I really just want to focus on my major. Oh, you guys have asked me, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna ask this question. What I'm majoring in. I am currently under clear, but I think I finally know what I want. D'oh! British won't do communications and marketing because I love social media, a new YouTube. I work with brands, and I think it's super fun. Kind of want to click a brand out of myself. I'm a friend is helping me with that. I'm excited for life after calling him to see what it looks like. Samantha, as have you been bullied? By the way I love you? I guess I have been bullied. I was fully fifth and sixth grade and a little through middle school and freshman year because of boys, mainly a little bit crazy. How our boyfriends. But it wasn't like I cheated. I was loyal. I wasn't doing anything like I wish you guys would say that. Don't slut shame. But people were just always make fun of me and ask them if you guys remember asking if I'm get this video like because you are like Oh, gee, that's before anything else is even created. But asking them, I had one. Everybody was always comedy like your whole You're slow Bob a lot and it just really hurt my feelings. I had to erase it because I was being bullied so much. And in the middle school, this girl made a hate page for me and two other girls. I had a report to the principal's freaking crazy and also freshman year. I was pulling a little bit for you, too, because people thought it was weird now proposed before. So you know, good things come out about things. Like I said, we're gonna hop over to Instagram. Kyle Teplin asks any tips on balancing schoolwork with extracurricular activities outside of school. By the way, Kyle, I love you so much, and I miss you I think the easiest way to balance everything. Kind of get your school work done during the school day or right after any extracurriculars you have about night school or any breaks you have. You are so busy with all those extracurriculars and you have school work. But I think if you can kind of get it done throughout the day, Claire asked, What are your top college necessities? My laptop pens? My notebook. My planner. I'm pro Finn. You never know when you're gonna get cramps and I'm a headache and subsequent school when you're stuck and no one has anything and it just ruined holding. Aaron asks for college advice. My biggest advice to you is don't stress out about what manger you wanna have in my school. You have two years to figure out what you want to make sure I'm undeclared. So I wouldn't know. At Fullerton, we have a program called the F E Program for us, your experience. So I am undeclared and everybody else that was undeclared went into the university 100 class, and that was where I met my best friends and always right now. Don't trust about that, because there are hundreds of people that don't know what they want to dio, and you have two years to decide what you want to do. So the end of your sophomore year, you could decide, or you can literally decide within the first year. It's super easy, Tina asked. Where is your favorite spot to hang out near or on campus? At Fullerton? I feel like me and my friends and everyone meet up to go to the coffee bean across the street and a T s you, if you walk all the way. Fear there's like an outside part, and I love sitting out there so pretty that a bunch of umbrellas but trees like just looks beautiful. So if you want to sit there enjoying the nice fresh air, I recommend sitting there. My friend called the Garden. It's not really a garden, but it looks like Younis asks. Were you scared when you applied to colleges? Yes, I just didn't want to do it. I was so nervous. I only applied to Cal State, San Bernadino and Cal State Fullerton, and I got into bone, actually, and I didn't even know I got into Cal State Fullerton. It until, like a month after Actually got accepted because I didn't check my kills. A Florida email was a congratulations, but when I got in, I was so dead it It's an easier process than you think it is. You kind of have to look up. Colleges have what you want a major in, and it's just not easy. We just below the application rules. I hope you enjoy this video. If you did, please give this video of a big thumbs up. If you want to be subscribed to me. Hit the red button and down below. I post videos every single week, sometimes even twice a week. I've been a really up on my game lately. Yeah, also hit the notification. Melt down below to be notified every time I have played video and my social media will be linked down. A description of her usual. Have you guys so much and I will see you Good morning, friends. I'm soaking alone this morning wear at a car wash, and I just got gas and I was like, I can really purchased the car wash. And she was like, Okay, um, the car, which is my home right now, and I was like, Okay, that's fine. I'll just go to a different 10 actually, let me try. And I was like, Okay, so she let me pay $7.1 and then just like, Okay, there's a code. Okay, so I'm hoping that this works. What happens if it doesn't work? You spend seven books on nothing. There's a car. Freaking car wash is gonna work. We're fine people with Fine. All right. Just put in the code. It says I ordered the express wash so I can go when it's ready. Last time I went into one of these things, I went too far. And then there's, like, 50 people backed up behind me, and I couldn't get my car back up over the little bump. Oh, don't even mention Thio. We're going to school this study with my friends, but I just do like a little weak in my life. So this is Monday, April eight. Yes, really? Have so much more. Energy is funny. Thing is, I'm filming this literally the day slash night after I feel in my night routine for school springtime. And you can tell my energy is totally different because I'm completely tired in that video. And I have water energy today, and it just feels like it's gonna be a good week. You're going back to school? I have an example. J So I guess we'll see how that goes. I did it. Yeah. Hey, didn't I just I don't think it's gonna have any colors, though. I want the color wrong. It's always so pretty. But let's keep this Washington car last. I mean, Shelby took it through this and I'm getting cleaner car, but I think I'm finally at school. Gonna meet my friends right now. The spiral staircase is gonna make me so friggin dizzy and fall or as a goal. Ladies construction stopped because body without telling you, I didn't want to eat. But then he was like, I'm hungry and I was like, I guess I could grating out. We're going to work away from AC and all, but when he gets here live. My God with china. Tea is Oh, my gosh, I'm here and we're still studying anything you have to say gay some random crap. What is happening at the Titan walk? I know we were just here where you get off way, have a little jumper thing of here. I don't know what that's about, but this is where people like to be annoying and ask you about things. And could you change into donating? Take your men. Don't do it. It's getting Whoa, class. I'm leaving. So thistle is where I parked. But just take a moment. This is my school. Help you drilling A while later, people stare at me so as you should see him at a supermarket, stated rather speak for size. All my mom said gets leeks and potatoes for dinner. Call me when you get there and I will tell you kind of sexy. It's okay. I'm sitting. Is he turbines for 20 minutes? Called twice. She's not answering. So anyways, we're gonna just do whatever you're doing and I first start Hope you don't get the montage by this beautiful music. I'm bored. What do you do? Incursion. Showing your waiting cannot live with morning friends is the next day. It's Tuesday, April 9th Brother's birthday. But I'm going to school this morning to get lunch breakfast, trying Bluestar books as much because you know me, I like my shop looks in the morning, but I try to not let money get Starbucks. Just do my own thing. So fresh meat, some lunch meat for I'm gonna have a bagel for breakfast. I mean, why not? That's what I get a Starbucks anyways. Hello, friends. I am at school. I'm in my car, though, but I'm in first class was saying classic Kansas, um, sitting in the car, waiting for either klaus. But I was just looking on Instagram and freakin khalid is in full or 10 10 minutes away from my school is gonna be from 5 to 8 p.m. And I can't be next. It's my brother's birthday, and I'm gonna cry. I could be meaning clean right out. Now I know I've five o'clock. It's 9 a.m. In the morning, but I don't know, we could do it literally right now in Florida and at my college is gonna be 10 minutes, 10 minutes away from my in college, and I'm not even gonna be there. 9 45 Time for biology. I am home now, as you can tell, my betters literally behind me. But I had kind of a really quick day of school, I think. Well, I interesting happen. Just the subsequent classes. Oh, Netflix was play. I just went to the store, picked up a couple things, pick up nail polish, mainly this, like light blue. And then it's like jell. No, you be like polish because I have s And as nails these or what they look like beauty must. And they have grown out a ton. These air, my real nails or not acrylics or anything, Esther, nasa seriously, like, made my nails grow crazy. But I want to take them off by myself, and it could be damaging, but I'm gonna do it the best way possible. That won't damage my nails, because I just don't want to pay almost 40 bucks 50 bucks to do my nails down. I mean, the police go to isn't made. You think it is worth the money, but I want to do but myself and I have to keep paying that price every month. So we try to do that right now. I have my bowl here. I'll show you my little and my bowl here, my ass. The time I'm just gonna stop my nails in this bull, but we'll just file them down a little bit and then paint them. But I'm going to give them a little bit of a break from these as an essay. Ls he can really see how grown up there. After about 10 minutes, it came off these aRer Renee. Lt's ill. There's little hair should like this. Cotton balls stuck to the bottle. Show you what they look like. These are my nails. There's things on it. I don't mind that it's just from the little tissue in here, but these air Haman, my nails actually are freaking crazy. I'm honestly gonna file them down, though, so we're going to do never my brother's birthday. He's turning 17. He's getting an old man for three years apart. I'll be 20 in next month. Maybe I'm going to come down, said give him his ball debut. But he said, No. Gabby birthday cakes hold 17 0 1st our man white heels too hyperactive dimension That's Dad show. Oh, my little brother. He's taller than you. And this go down there like to 17. My food has arrived Where our house got the sesame. Chicken noodle. Everybody's getting their food. Oh, my God, You're close. This is no busting ever had in my life. You know, we're seeing me now. Wait. Good morning, everybody. I find that in this log I must point feels having my hair down in my face when I am So today we're going to my bio, but cries I am dressed a little extra sporty. That would show you that one. All black. We got this little exit jacket, some leggings in my Nike shoes ensuring the knees. I'm just just like this because I want to go to the gym after class today. I usually my crosses from a 30 to 11. 20 and we usually get out like it hourly. We usually get out around 10. 30 So, yeah, we're gonna go with the jam. I need to go start going back to the gym. I went to like the last time I wanted. June would probably like who are three weeks ago. It's been a while. I do like a little workout here home. Please just answer to some cardio that you have literally burn. Like Surinder Callie. Plane just answer like an hour. So I thought I'd d'oh. And I just need to go back to him. I need to feel the burn a little bit. I needed just I'm paying for it monthly. 10 bucks, So might as well just go and out waste my money. So, yeah, we're gonna head out. I think I'm gonna get Starbucks because I just need to run out of the house and get something really quick. Morning. All right, E. I literally probably filmed one clip while I was in class because literally took about an hour and 1/2. Probably fastest class I've ever had for lab. But I'm here for a second. I go to the gym earlier than I had planned to originally. So sorry. Didn't really bogging class. Nothing, really. I could do. But you know, we're going to the gym now, have to drive home with Dr Portela because Jamie's from my house while we love a little light. Hello. And then I need to study. Have a violent Also my don't give away is alive. You won't live yesterday. The last time you see is probably already. But I haven't very excited because I didn't get to pronounce yet. I announced it on have announced it on all my social media's. So if you phone us Argentina, you are you know, But I am a dope girl. They e mailed me and I have a daughter. Can't have a little crown on my dote profile, which I'm super excited because I want to be the girl. So hopefully maybe in the future I can't go on trips with them, do business things with them. I don't know. I think the really cool but Puma fellow Mia dote or instagram or Twitter or Snapchat. They will always been laying down the description. Like I always say, Just give myself a little self promote. You know, I just got off Jim locked, but I could barely anything I think I should do with thing were made sure to come like one in the morning. Room is open 24 hours, so maybe I'll do that. I just realized that this is pregnant Audio's Grab A Hello, friends. We're back home now, as you can see, um, I gotta compactors on the man that I do like home boxing for you guys. Two of the three packages I have to box for a video. So not for one video, somebody each. But I just figured I'd just do a little boxing a little bit out of breath. I'm just working out. I feel really good afterwards. First packages from glossy A I am a glossy rap coming times. Am I gonna remind you a kimono with bombs and on the go from leadership? So I already have three of their lip balms. I think I should. You guys in my never teen these three three, these three and they come in the cuties, packaging these or what they look like depending on language. When you get is what I look like, I already have the glossy a mint bomb dot com one. This is the bomb dot com coconut flavor. This is the Rose bomb dot com, and they just came out with a mangled one. I've been really wanting to try the birthday cake one, because that's the one. The energy Melinda. Where's all the time? Self about the birthday cake in the mingle one. Oh, my God. It does smell a birthday cake. That is so weird. Oh, my God. Where we get high office right now? This is not so good. So excited. So tropical. I lost the color combo. It's like this periwinkle blue, And then it was like yellow mustard color. How do they make these things? So I put all my god is so contented. This has, like, a little bit of like a pink tint. Oh, it tastes like it smells like mango taste. Like Shari Waterman wouldn't gumbo. All right. And then we also have a package from Birchbox. I'm doing a bird box like boxing chest review. I've had birchbox through literally, like, six months now and I wanted to do, But he was gonna ask you that if you wanted it. And you said yes. So I'm gonna be doing it. Wasn't very happy about. And then I cut a box from weekend wigs and yes, you heard that right awake. I did a week video, I think. What? It was like a transformation video that I did without even calling it a transformation Video employers even popular it was turning into an alter ego we got new wigs, you see, Gray Show she presented about that. That'll be a fun bit of shoe are making Shelly, you're with me. So yeah, my little box. It is later on. Still Wednesday when I went to Jim did Bio and I'm editing this log. You're watching right now. It's almost 11 minutes already. I solved a log tomorrow. I don't even think I'm gonna blow off tomorrow. I think I just might in this log here. Honestly, because tomorrow little you just have a quiz and then examine that I go home and nothing at school in the Michel. You're filming videos for my channel. So it's like no point in even continue in this block. So living said, I'm going to end this log here. There's so much And I realized I think anybody would fog up like tomorrow. I think if I think it is done, so we'll see. But I think my dote Okay, well, so be it Live. It will be like two days after something our day left when this up. So if you want to enter, click the link in the description under the dope category by Social Media's all about your category, and then you can quit with the dough app that entered It's really that simple, but easy. So, yeah, I would have enjoyed this cold in my life. I decided I want if you do my weeks in my life labeled as college weeks of my life because I literally go to college, like every day of the week. Almost. I'm there, like, Tuesday Thursday and wasn't it wasn't there. And it's basically, like, my whole week. Oh, yeah? If you want to do if you want to see me like weekends of my life, I could do that too. Um, do little more. It's school related, but you guys like school, So it's really crazy. I'm sorry. I lose in the shower and I've been studying for the past, like, 10 hours. So that's my life. Yeah. You guys have you news block. I will see you guys next time. So when it comes to housing, you have three different options. You can either one commute from home, tio live on campus or three lives off campus. So I have actually been able to do all three since attending Cal State Fullerton. My first year, I lived in the dorms, which was amazing. Second year I lived at home, which was not as amazing. But, you know, do you know you do what you gotta deal and through here right now I live on an off campus apartment right across the street from school, so it's super convenient. So if you want to live on campus, you have different options. If your first year, you have to live in the dorms and you're going to live on campus, you're not allowed to live in any of the off campus apart on campus. That sorry. So if your first year, you only have what option? If you want to live on campus, you can only live in the door. And it's only freshmen who are living in the dorms. If you're a second year and up and you want to live on campus, you have to live in the on Captain's apartments. So if you're a second year and up, um, your options are either lived to be on campus apartments or living off campus. Personally, I would recommend living in the off campus apartments. You save a lot of money. You don't have to buy a meal plan, and it's convenient. There's still like three four different apartment complex complexes like Red Cross Street, the street from school. I would even go so far as to argue My apartment off campus is closer to school. It's a it's like a shorter walk than when I lived on campus, so the option is yours. Good morning, guys. It is currently 6 10 in the morning. It's kind of earlier part, like why you up? But today I'm doing a day in my life, and I go to school today. I go to school Tuesdays and Thursday. So I get all my classes down more than two days of the week, which I really am attracted about because I always goes. Well, today's wait, What is that? I think Starbucks, because I'm really hungry. My house. So I'm gonna do that. And I want to show him out really quickly. First, Yes, I am walking with my phone because I don't have a walk. But I am wearing this tie up your dress from 21 damn driving from for over 21 thes two necklaces from my boyfriend, Jack. And then these bracelets that support Jack in his cancer. And under this price, I've got me and Jack matching forever. So today I'm just gonna take you around with me and my normal college everyday life. And I hope you enjoy my first time doing these videos. And I love watching types of videos myself, so I hope you enjoy. Yeah. I'm using a light. I finally got one of those, so I'm excited. Um, right now I have to go get my food and put it back. You can't even barely see me because it's so dark outside. This is how early I leave, Like where I am at Starbucks. I just got a strawberry green, tea infused lemonade. I've never gone on before us. That will be interesting. And I got everything bagel, mini bagel, and then a plane mini bagel. Really good. Recommend getting them. We're gonna try and a strawberry cream team. Use lemon and it's pretty good is like not that speed. I like it. This might be in my new favorite drink. So it normally takes me about an hour. I wanna have to get to school sometimes, depending on traffic. But, I mean, I hope school in time usually get to school like 30 minutes early. And then I sleep with my car, so maybe you don't know. Okay, let's go to school. Everybody get a little No way. Right. The same Smith, You do not do that. You know, like you love something so much. Just keep drinking it like I'm sad that this with me gone, But I get to school. That should not happen. I need a doctor. I know that this is a weird angle. I just don't like a car Tripod in scripts coming. I know I don't have a car Tripod. That's why this angle is kind of weird. But, I mean, it works, you know? Interesting. Okay, guys, update time. It is currently eight o'clock. Now, I got to school at leg 7 27 25 I've just been in the car, finishing some English homework and updating my planner because I gotta catch up on that. I have been so bad and writing my planner, I was just update you like my work schedule and my classes and my homework. That's do. I'm gonna go to class now, So yeah, I'm just gonna show you where the life of a college student looks like in the back of my car. I really like My car's just so messy now, like in every city is missing. I was just Let's go to begin my day, I always take the stairs, even throughout the day I take the stairs just because I feel like I get way more exercise and even though it's just walking like it still helps me. My first class is English When I want it. It isn't length for a hall. I get here kind of early just because I don't like sitting in my car for 30 minutes. I like to be in class and just all ready and prepared for the day. This class I like to use a blue and a green pen, and this just came to my notes organized. So I have the green with the main topics and then the blue for all the details that go along with it. And today we were just learning about analytical essays because we have the right one soon. My next class is individual arts area, but it's not a video art classes, actually psychology Way learned about social development and children for this class. I do. They purple and pen for the same reason as my English class. All right, guys. So I just had a meeting with one of my men tours for one of my classes, and now I got to go to lunch and have lunch with my friend money. We're having Lake and party. It's like a party animal. What's going on here today? But for what it's called, it's called s I All day we have, like, stuff going on during the day, and then at night there's, like, concerts. And you I don't really know what it is. E from here down. Thank you. Money. Okay, so I got your thinking out loud, though. Yeah. See, now you understand me and Mandy ended up on my halo hall. We always end up here for some reason. Business. She's a business. My life can be that 1 15 cents in California. So get gas now. Don't transport a fridge on its side. Has to be standing upright. Don't sit in your car with the radio on, not waste your battery. Don't sit in the car with Harvard. What's your guess? Is too expensive is the other one? What? What? The blood One with aspirin for ladies. Don't take aspirin in your period aspirins. A blood thinner on your period. I'm talking about this very well. I'm sorry. That was some wise knowledge from Matty. Thank you, Maddie. You? I just left the parking structure because I had to get two notebooks for my two last clashes. now I'm headed to the lava lounge to meet up with some more friends. Maddie left me to go to class, but that's okay. The lava lounge is a place like undeclared students hangout in and just study and stuff. So this is where I go every day after Medicaid's. I feel like I've never said this. So for those of you who don't know, I go to Cal State Fullerton, it's pretty exciting. Say you're finally here already. Leaving hello with new No, don't watch it. Do Do not just canceled. Canceled class got canceled. What? Well, yeah. You know, I have another glass. I have another year to you too. Thank you. You two. After lunch, I had my art class, which we learned about architecture today and I use a purple and blue pen for this. So today's been a good day. I didn't have that one class that was supposed to go to which I may so happy because I was literally nothing. And I got out of my art class early, which means I get to go home early. So go. Let's go home. I'm really tired. Today's been a long day, and I have classes until Tuesday. I have a work Friday. Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Go get my rest. Who's Scott? You up. Get you guys in home feeling right now? I'm kind of a I'm not upset. I'm just a little bit because I haven't seen my boyfriend Jack in a while. I was really hoping to see him today, but I'm not going to every Saturday. Hopefully, it was kind of sad because I don't know, Unlike pms and stuff, I know tje mine. But I am a Sam a lot. And so I'm just gonna set about that. So I think when I get home, I'm gonna go to dinner with my mom, which I'm happy about because I like spending time with my mother and just bonding with her and stuff, so that should be fun. And I'm hungry. So even better, I'm just gonna talk a little bit to you guys about my day. Sorry. Lighting is weird. It was like tree and sun and stuff, but so today I talked to one of my mentors for one of my classes, and basically she just, like, ask me how I'm doing and we had to take this test online before school started about like our lives. And then we managed not studying stuff. Basically, when we went over those results and my lowest point is dressed. So basically it's telling me that I don't know howto self manage my stress, and I get really, overly stressed. And we talked about how I basically worked two jobs because of YouTube and then T. J. Maxx and then how much difference hospital and how I have school. So I really have no time for myself and to be stress free. I know I I'm young and I don't need to be shot scout, But I mean, college is stressful and then having to two jobs and everything, you know, it's just a law, and I weigh basically come to the realization where I need to make time for myself because I'm not doing that. And, like, I didn't even have time for myself. I go just telling my parents how I feel like I haven't been home in like weeks. I feel like I have been out of the house doing so many things, and it's not like I mean, I choose to be out of the house because of school and work, but it's like not fun for me. Besides, I'm going to visit Jack the basic. I just wanted to say like, thank you for giving me this platform to express myself. And I hope that you guys, if you're shutting like me, just try to take time for yourself, because if you don't, it's all gonna be built up like shares that you are constantly having. And that's not good, because I know I feel like I cry almost every night because I'm so stressed and like that might sound like needy or like that. I'm just a cry baby and being stupid. But no, it's like I'm so stressed. I don't know what to do. I hope that if you guys feel the same way, you can find a time and space to, like relieve yourself of that. Just I really need to do that in, like taking baths and showers sometimes help me like I just sit and I listen to music and I like taking everything that's happening. So thanks for listening. I don't know why I don't talk about that dinner with my mother. Okay? If you want to say hello, how exciting way got me. So soup, chicken teriyaki, crunchy roll, steamed rice and my mom got her update. So it has been a while since I've been home. You can't tell. I'm really tired. I've been editing this flog for almost an hour now, like over an hour. And I don't want to keep it up. The Kardashians. I've been snacking on some sugar, chocolate don't have been eating and I don't know, I'm just really tired. So I decided to in the log. If you enjoy this video, please give the thumbs up and leave a comment down below. If you'd like to see any other blobs or like another college day in my life, I know that this is like the first video like this I'm filming and I don't know if I'll keep doing it. I'll keep doing it if you guys like it that I know the quality is in the best. I don't have like a blogging camera, and I don't really plan on buying one. I just bought with my phone because I feel like it's good enough for a log doesn't fancy, and she's more casual this way. So if you guys agree he's giving a thumbs up and always leave the commandant below Tell me what you think And I hope you guys have a mane and day. Don't forget to subscribe. I'll see you guys next Well, everybody will come back to my Channel nine. Emissary, We did only now in today's video we're doing a back to school clothing hall with boo hoo. Everything I am brought show us from the clothing brand. Boo hoo! I have Nobody is with them before in the past. I want to thank them for sending me all these products. I seriously love their clothing. It's always affordable on they're always having sales. But yes, they wanted to send me some back to school clothing items. So these are, like, basically on including stuff on their website. So hobbling zone description as well. If you like what you see, I would really just got this package, like, right now, I just got home and I got a message was delivered and I went and I got it in. I'm so upset because let me show you what this bag looks like. It's huge. This is the back. And wait, there's another one. We're so excited. I am literally so excited. I couldn't be more excited. So if you want to see what is in this bag, please stay tuned because you're about to find out. And I got some really cute shoes. I have never I don't think I ever bought and choose from like a website before. That's, like, not name brand, like Adidas or bands or anything. So I'm excited. Disease what they have me. And if they fit me well and if they're good material, you can see they're popping out of the bag. I did take a little peek. Best because I'm just so excited. That's run from this video, so let's happen to it. All right. I guess I will do the shoes because they're on top and something I'm most excited about who we're going. So I got these. These are so cute. The little washed out. Let's turn that down a bit. I could see you, but I'm dark. But that's okay. So you can look at the product. This is the shoe. It seriously so, so cute. Oh, my God. I can turn the brightness. There we go. This you're going to me of the chunky dad shoot trend, but without being Superchunk. Because I'm little and I feel like if I were that chunky of a shoe, it's gonna weird on me, so I didn't want to do that, But the's air So freaking cute. Thes R D c brand. I guess it's called like a better label. Oh, these other color pop color pop bubble sold chunky trainers in white and synthesize 36 but US size five. And it's called the Bubble because it's like a little bubble right here. These were so cute. Oh, my God. Let's put him on. Actually, it's more like a foot if you know me. I love white shoes. I have a pair of white Adidas and white pumas about blue stripe on it that love with I said white shoes on me, especially air Just like so flattering they fit. Oh, my God, These are so cute. These are gonna be like a new go to This looks so weird they fit there gonna be a new go to because I live in my white Adidas is okay. We have another pair of shoes. Crush since 1970. These are white Crock. What does it say? That Oh, these air Their crock panel Basic trainers in white. You could tie like my white shoes because that's like majority of what I got. These don't remind me of my pumas. I guess I just like the style she's already have. So I got him differently, but they just turned on The brain is a little. They have little lake patterns. It gets you going croc because, like Crocodile has like little Scalea and Prince, if you can kind of see, I've got these also in his size, like three. This is three that isn't a size three, apparently, but I swear it's a size five on the website. I don't know, but and probably will fit. It's actually kind of big, which is weird. Here's my foot again siding Woo. It's a little big, which is kind of sad. So maybe I'll end up selling these, like on my posh mark or something that's gonna go for me over there as well. I'm gonna really like these. I wanted you to fit Well, I guess what you do with these, but they're so cute. I need to move on to more things. We have so many things. I want to be a long video detail. Please stay tuned. Watch to the end. Watch me try on clothes. Give me great more shoes. Thes air from boo dot com. Obviously we're working together but thes Are there Macy lace up Canvass Platz and black Oh, yeah. Platts, Platts flat. I'm dumb. I haven't had to convert looking shoes since, like middle school. Freshman year of high school. I used to wear the white ones all the time, but I figured I'm trying to, like, expand my horizons again. I just got some classic black fans. You guys know what do the hauling back. We'll check it out. It's back to school Hall. I really like those. I'm trying to get back into black shoes because currently, all I'm wearing white shoes and sometimes we need black shoes because my white shoes keep getting really dirty, which is a given. But these are cute. And see if they say I got these in a size three again. Think that they would be like not big because of green cans is usually like my size. So I think this is about me. I'm just literally sliding them on. I'm not even undoing it. This is a perfect look. Okay, These are actually really cute. This is like the great post. We love that. I'm doing this for two days. You don't give anything else. Impossible okay? They fit me so well. Thank God they're so cute. Oh, my God. I miss wearing Homer's. Allright, Finally into suppose way have this whole bag That's usually don't let's do it, i e. I forgot what I ordered because it's been with me, but this will be like a fun like Christmas morning. So first, will the enemy have Is this pair of Q Overall, this is there as a wash distressed denim pinafore dress like blue. I do remember though I did ask you this in black just because I feel like black is more adult. And I didn't want to look with a little girl and denim, which I'm kind of scared of. Release morning. Look young already, but there's gonna be really, really cute. It is in a UK size six, but a U S small us eyes to. So I was scared. At first I saw 76 but then inside it does say us size, too. So that's good for me. I could picture this would look a cute little like, cropped up underneath and then some like white sneakers. It'll be a great time. I am almost like a fashion guru who am I? I am very inspired. Just buy this piece when my husband wanting me to world. Next we have this black pair of jeans. This is there. High rise acid wash, skinny jeans and a size eight. But that's a UK size eight and then a U s side for so you know what they look like. I am, really. I go between like three and five and then, like 204 depending on the style and the fit And like the brand usually of genes. So I think for will fit me looking at these right now in a hand, they do lovely. They'll fit me pretty well. Some real excited about that. I don't have any black jeans without rips. I have some of the knees, but maybe it looks like he's on myself. I need to get better doing that. I messed up my jeans a lot sometimes. So how these air? Really cute. I do like they're like a lit bit faded, but they're meant to be that way. So we have a cute little graphic t here. This is their eliminate slowing T shirt in a color. White US sides to UK size six. I figured I could, like, crop this and make this super adorable. I says, Fresh eliminated since 18 73. Product of Italy. I knows that product of Italy, but, um, Italian family from Italy. So that is so cute. This is cuter in person. I saw on the website I was like, That could be cute aware, but it's definitely cuter in person. Oh, I love this. This next I know. I don't think so. Excited about because it is a Freddie mere three. Sure, he's only I love Queen. This is so adorable. I just love this picture of him. It is great. This is their petite frame. Agree T shirt in a size medium. Yeah, I got some guys meaning because on the website a little bit small. And I'm glad I got a medium because it actually looks like it's gonna fit decently. I so much my mom's gonna be so jealous. All right. You have another black pair of skinny jeans. These are they're afraid. Hem distress, skinny jeans and a size us too. This is sizes from Bo from boho blue. I don't know what that means. Maybe like a different brand. They work with, but these air just distressed in the knees and on a little bit of stress on the bottom. I kind of like it. They look shorter, which I'm here for because my body is short. I am very small. So this works for me and they don't feel like the denim one. Like they don't feel super ling denim like last period, but that you feel like a good material and they look like they're gonna fit me. So super hype about this. Oh, this thing I got Hirai cycling shorts and the size to these air basically bike shorts. They're a lot like thinner than I thought they would be, but I don't necessarily get them to wear like a bicycle. Short trend, I just kind of work wanted to, like try him out to wear like around the house would be more comfortable. I don't know necessarily with them out. But that's just me. I feel like for my body style. I don't know if, like, capris would even look at me like I don't even really like great forth wings leggings. So, yeah, I believe you really comfortable to just wear around the house and lounge because I'm all about being comfortable when I'm home. Thanks. Item definitely reminds me of fall and I'm here for it Is their corduroy trucker, Jackie and the color teal. This is any size. Okay? Yeah, Extra small 8 36 That's what he says. So this is what it looks like. It's like you. I don't have any jackets. Even like this color of like green blue, It's really pretty, actually, in color and person, it looks more of a green, but on camera, like picking out more about the blue. I am so excited for this. Now I have something to wear. Black jeans. Besides, like a denim jacket, we have a dress. Next. This is their petite leopard print button through swing dress in the color berry and the size who it's like this really, really pretty. Like Barry Diller like Berries. Perfect to describe it. I think that line was a little bit more red, but I'm loving this color. It's show Bernie and has like this leopard print. I have never get my toe into the like animal print clothing, but this I'm loving. It's so cute. The little buns down actually unbutton so I am really excited to like where this at least once like this is hope cute ho! I thought back. Oh, my God. This is bigger than I thought. I'm here for it. So I don't know if you guys know, but a month or two ago, I got, like, a small black backpack about, like, this big for Hawaii. And I got another one from Boo Hoo. It's a little bit bigger. So I'm kind of here for it. And I was, like, eight bucks or machine. And this one just looks like more high quality looks wait better. All right, what's deep and has another pop in here. And then it's like little friends like point first talk. If you haven't already subscribe to my channel. I love doing clothing. Holds for you guys and try on halls. And just fashion related video will look great over here. All right. I gotta know how I felt about this color. Gee, it's very, very blue, but these are they're afraid. Hand distress, skinny jeans. These are like the black ones. I showed you guys earlier, but in this, like blue color, I don't necessarily know how I feel about the color. But I do like how looks these are also under sized too. Maybe I will like bleach. Um, make him a little lighter. Blue. If I compare this correctly, something cute that maybe I'll wear. But I know stomach that's out of my comfort zone here with this one, right? Blacked in things in order. I'm with you. I think the one a little too black gene happy because I've got another pair. Black jeans. But these are highways and distress. Mom jeans. I think I've got a pair of boyfriend jeans before a long time ago. And I like the one is because they were superb. Aki. But these air mom jeans, which I think are a little bit bad year. Yeah, there's a little bit thicker on the leg. I don't know. I wanted to really try this trend out. People look so cute in them. I got them in the U S. I six, which is no, my eyes. But I wanted them, so I still got them. My mom had actually been in these because she's a mom and mom. Jeez, my particular on her. So these do look like they're gonna be big on the waist, but I want the thing is tall as it washed forever. Fun T shirt and small. I've got a tall shirt That means it's for tall people and your girl is not tall. Oh, yeah, it's Booth. I can crop this and make it cute. I just don't want you leaving. We find. I think it says you just say forever. That's it. Yeah, Just forever on it. And this little son, I really like this, like pattern. Like the acid wash. Look, I think it's really cute. It's gonna be like a Q oversized Big Tiegel. I might actually be able to wear some address me with the biker shorts, this video. Just giving me so many ideas. Thank you, Boo. Like I'm becoming a fashion. That waas the first bad clothes. I don't think there's much left in the second bag. Well, there's definitely another parachute in here, so let's open this. I didn't do it. I think I know what these are things with a wife like they are, I like it. It's washed out again. Here we go. These are the white canvas shoes. They look like the converse. I'm really here for if they even have, like the red and blue Homicide. They're really cute and the problem and fit me. They're a size three again, which is like a size five U s size. So these are exactly like the black ones. Literally like the same brand. You just picked Barker White and I wanted both. So here we go again. I haven't Warren White like lovers since high school because these were like to go to shoes we wore when we did dance routines. So, you know, I'll be wearing these and I'll be reminding me of, like, my high school self, which with the time so these really human static, please. This is literally places order a couple like a week or two ago. I don't remember what I did. Oh, yeah. Quartered in denim jacket. This is it. She's big. This is there. Doesn't say Yeah, this is a denim jacket. Obviously I got a sized who, and it's pretty big. I think it's supposed to be oversized, and it is a little more cropped and the like, but here it's like, not really rich like ripped all the way. So I'm gonna pull out like the strings and make it more distress. So this is heavy, but it's really cute. Don't have one. In this color, I have one in like a darker blue which, like I've really loved wearing, so I haven't never done um, color. This is but their button detail sport and the color stone in this size four. Look how cute it is. Like so no more putting on top. It's like, so innocent. I love this looks and it is a score. So, like you won't be flashing anybody like you're good. You're wearing shorts. This is so adorable. I always like a cute white cropped up. I love doing these videos just because even though I do get a lot of clothes and I'm very grateful for that, I do like giving back to you guys Sometimes clothing and I get Don't always fit. I don't under keeping and I will sell them on like a posh mark. Remember, Car is so like you guys get to benefit from these videos as well. And so he has about myself. Thank you guys so much. So yeah, I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Boo hoo! For sending me all these items. Seriously. I have some new shoes I get to wear now. I am so excited. Like seriously, so excited. I done so many videos just like this. You can wait for the end card for Michael players to pop up. Or you can click a link in the description. I'll have a playlist. You could look through my channel, See what else you like for me. So, yeah, if you haven't already, could If you haven't already get this video big thumbs up and describe to me the notification, Mel, to be no fight every time. Apple on video. Yeah, I am very happy now. I am prepared for back to school and I'll see you guys next time. Bye, guys. I don't think I can not collapsed. Hey, guys won't go back to my channel. My name is Sarah. If you didn't know and if you knew my channel, My shoe click on the subscribe button down below. Today's video is with my friend Connor. Hello. You've probably seen him in my blog's before. He's very funny, and today we're going to be doing a back to school hall, sadly, back to school already. But we love squealing tires are the only ones like I know I just I hate myself Just so. My first back to school items is my bag. It's black. The black bag. It's got a zipper. Put my pencils all the feminine stuff, Honey, I got it at Ross in the brand is where to go. So brand is nine West, and it's usually it says the original prices $45 I got it for 20. Oh, Ross deals and on the inside, colorful patterns and more pockets I love colorful pattern means I got my backpack. Yeah, I show you my So I got this partner from St Bullets. It's just nice one and 1/2 inch and it's why you like me? Yeah, that's a little gonna have all my classes in my binder. Oh, look, I have money. Fine. There is black. And I did a D I Why bind her cover? Wow, And has all my instagram pictures that I've taken and friends on here in my he made it. You made the car target almost goes a place from dark. Oh, that's minus Who? Except for like, two things from stables were just that monitor Fonterra's target. I love you. Give me a job. Thanks. I'm not big enough. Height wise, You're like you're not that That's That's from target. I have dividers, thes air, the dividers of pockets. There's eight of them have fighters too. I was gonna go with no very cheap paper. Just design on them. Whenever I feel I'm probably You're a genius. You tell me that's disrupt Stater Brothers. Yes. Yeah, because we weren't like shopping one night. I was like, I need paper to do my ap let summer assignment. So I got paper from Stater Brothers City. It was like a dollar. How much have Avery was? Great. It's nice. High quality paper Glide ruled. They all have to pay a fine. Wait head. It's new color. Learn it. Wait. Something. Wait. How does how much ambition is? You should just kiss your screen. Next. I have a basic items You may need a basic. Yeah. Yeah, a composition. Just because I Yep, I needed one. And it's black, my friend Soul. So I'm gonna open the door for you through the window. Romeo. Romeo. Okay. You all right, people? I love you. School supplies. I love life. I love house. There are Ramos. Let's be come over to her house multiple times a week to stay here and do nothing. So thank you, Sarah Ramos. Next target. Here it is. A nice white By starting a book. Clean, slick, I said, You know why I go for a pop of color? Oh, red one. And this one's really cool because it has. You probably know it was like a cold texture on the front cover feeling my first notebook is this one stripes and has, like polka dot gold circles. It's so cute and the paper is not white. It's like it's got like a top selling ice cream. This'll Creamsicle baby Pete's paper go green Magic. She and her friend is Green Room and it's 70% recycled. And I have the same. What? Anything who never like you. I like to not be staples. I have a pencil pouch just to keep in my backpack. Your guys next, I have pencils black like my soul again. I've been using his pencils for like two years now, right now. Good life. I also have not run out of pencils, but I've got anyone's anyways 29 pencil in here. They're from big. I should be talking pretty grand, but I'm not. Next. We have glue. It's so basic. She's in kindergarten. The next item this from my grandmother's house. You. Have you seen? What? Connor, What is it like from your grandmother's house? Do you mean 50 pens and the lids gone? But it's blue, red and black. It's just from woman. And there was like a thing to cover it because, you know, I'm like a five year old. It was really pretty, but from target, I have highlighters. These are the New York ClearView ones, so you can see you what you're highlighting genius. It's like clear on the end. She could see, like the line that you're highlighting that. So my next item highlighters like Connor, But minor basic. They're just here. Big highlighters. Next from you guessed it. Target way Have these cool paper, mate. Tropical vacation marker pens. Now the user, like super good for note taking. That's why I use them to doodle all I need again. What great game. It's what? Our prize. Okay. My last item is what out? Because I was weak. The stakes and teachers have whiteout. I always asking me what? I don't know Tissues, you know? Oh, my eyes also wide. I'm not cute. I have a nice little pen. Literally. Everything I have, I'm like what you order online. Know what you're like? What? You went online and I'm like what you get. What are you talking about? You know what he's really like compared to people like the makeup products. And it's like the really nice thing is what you like order online. And what you get in the mail is like the crafty things like you get on. The expectations were for you. Go ahead. Okay, guys, that's it for our school supplies hall and hope you endure the city. I feel like giving a thumbs up. Please. It will really help. But just let me know that you like my video and that I could do more like these in the future. So I will see you guys next week. Hey, guys, it's clear. And today I am doing my room tour video. I'm really excited to show you guys my dorm room. So without further ado, let's get on into it. So this is the door trying to be quick. We're out in the hallway. I have a little stitch, a whiteboard for people write stuff on. We also have a chalkboard that still says Howard, really Christmas because we're solid Christmases, Homer and I haven't been able to take it down and change it yet. Also a little flag here that says Happy Valentine's Day. So this is the other side of Ardmore. Couple people and stuff like that in the middle. We have this little emergency procedures thing that just comes in every door. Lexie and I both put our schedules up on the doors that we know when which of us are going to be in the room. This what mirror? I believe this from Walmart that don't mind the really bad orange lighting. Um, that's the perk up. Living in a norm is that it's always warned. This is my closet. I have a ton of clothes just hanging. I have my untouchables for my bath and then washing my face, This little rack that has all these cubbies going all the way down. And I have just to my little baseball caps sitting on top of it and then in here 1/2 like Beanies. And like many mouse ears for Disneyland and stuff, this is one of my favorite Beanies are true. Got it for me and it's so cute. Looks like many Miles Griffin door scarf and stuff in there. And then this little cubby have all my leotards for ballet. And then this cubby 1/2 all my life spandex. See Nike pro type of situations, one right underneath that I have workout shirts and T shirts and then under that I just have sweatpants. I have a little hook hanging on the side right here, and it carries my camera case. This is my little mini backpack that I usually take to Disney. It's a little thing, which I actually to be honest, have not used yet. Little towel wrapping beach towel right here or pull towel. And this little cross body in 10 that we used to have this fan out and about it honestly doesn't blow that much air. So we got a bigger one, which I'll show you guys later usually keep my tripod right here as well. But my cameras on it, and then we have a little vacuum right here, which is super, super useful. I totally recommend getting about you on the floor right here. I have these little fancy little slippers also have these little slides that I wear basically everywhere. My dance back is right here, and I do have a what I keep in my dance bag video. So you guys should definitely go check that out on my channel. I'll try and link it down below. These drawers right here are filled with this one has socks, bras and underwear. And then this one has just t shirts and pajamas and stuff, but they're super full, so I can't even pull them all the way out right now because it would just be a hassle. Have my workout shoes. I have a shoebox for character shoes, and I have a little travel toiletries bag. The stalker thing has almost using them to keep some of the main shoes that I use on the little shelf. Right here. These are my shower shoes. My little squeaky clean Adidas is so have these Adidas tennis shoes, his ankle booties, which are like my go to more formal wear and then in the back behind there. I have some shoes for work moving up top, but this is like the messiest part of my room. It's just a giant cluster of just a ton of stuff. Um, there's like shaving cream. I have my little chimp. Who leader, Right there was all this crap, my laundry basket. I really like it. I think it's from Costco. It, like, folds down and then also comes up. So it's really nice for, like, storage and stuff. And it's house handled, so it's easy to carry. The longer you keep reusable grocery bags and stuff right here. This is my carry on suitcase for when I fly back home or when I need to, like, bring us UK somewhere. This is an air mattress for one, friends come to stay is the box to my printer. Um, I just kept it so that I'd be able to transfer my printer to my apartment here. I also have a little carry on strap bag, and this little beach chair for when we go really fast. Forgot to mention this little hook was here when we got here Built into the wall. And this is my shower Caddy. Tough on my shower needs in it. And then I have this little love pink lanyard that I never use and then this little headband that I have yet to wear clothes like this big shower curtain rod hung up. So then when people come over, I just put the curtain up on octo like my life is together and it's not super mushy in my closet, So yeah, let's move on. Hanging up on the wall right next to the closet is my little Disney calendars. Is from cotton on, I think. Or typo Cotton on Typo one of those not gonna go super induct into this area just because I do what I did. Just upload a bookshelf tour. This is my desk. It has a bookshelf built on top of it. This is what the death looks like. Wall back here is a white ward which is super cool and then also has a little light on the side. I have this little white world. We also have this little cork board right here, actual desk itself. I just have a little wallflower pinging. And here this has been a God sent. Have this little lamb, which, to be honest, I hardly ever used. But I do use it for storage, wait caps for work and then behind it, I have another of the peppermint Waldemar villain. I have a bun that it's not a giant ball pair. It's about net, I promise. This drawer set, um, is from Amazon, I believe, and it's technically like a filing thing, but I use it for other stuff. So on top of it, I have some false eyelashes longer here. And then I have my time miracle leaving for my hair, some deodorant, this pink government foot cream, which I use after ballet from lush. And then the yes, two grapefruit toning, miss, because sometimes it's nice to have a mist and not have to, like, wipe it on your stop This little, um, beautyblender with a beautyblender holder. My Polaroid camera, which is super cute pilots of the naked, too. And they want Pollitt in the letter organizer this side I just have my market this you drawing lotion and rosewater, spreading my foundations and setting spray back here. My hair brush sticks right in here. And then this is just a big makeup organizer. And then I have my makeup brushes over here. I have it behind him. Little potted plant, which is nice, a big one and then this'll It'll mirror that turns on has this little drawer as well that pulls out. That's super messy, and it just has a ton of other random crap in it. I also these drugs down here, which are also super messy, but they just keep like staplers and tape and just turn the school supplies printer sits on top of them. I usually keep my backpack right next to my bed for easy access running to do homework or anything like that. You're going to college. Please make sure you have one of these so that you have a lot more plugs because I have, like, 40 things plugged in my room, and there's only like five plugs total. So that is super super nice to have this fan saved my whole life. This room it gets super super hot, and I cannot sleep if it is hot the first week or two of school was just how on earth top of my bed is pretty self explanatory. I have it stuffed animals over there, and I might Disneyland blankets. Comforter is from Urban Outfitters. It was in my dorm hall video, and then my laptop usually hangs out in my bed of this pillow, which is from Caden, and said, This is my happy place, which I love because he is my happy place. And then I have my little my little baymax. And then I have this little reading pillow, which has been amazing. I totally recommend one of them. I didn't think I would want one, and I ended up getting one just in case, and I use it every day of my life. I have my little Kia big pillow to service kind of a headboard, and then I have my normal pillow for some decorations. Right now, I have some heart lights up because it's Valentine's Day season. Also have this little triangle wire grid from Urban Outfitters. It's in like the brassy gold color and has all my no my man. Here's some of my many years on them, and then some Polaroids and pictures on photo strips and fun stuff like that. These are just fairy lights, I think again from Urban Outfitters or Etsy or something like that. Have some, like, little potted. Call me to fake succulents behind what you can't see because the windows down right now and then a little tea light next to it as well. This is my nightstand. And I have a little pack for the fairy lights sitting on the end of it. And this is my favorite cup ever. It has on and also on it. And I You got that Disneyland kind of as a joke with my mom on die. Honestly, use it every single day for water. I have my book. I'm reading right now, which is city upon angels like Sandra Claire Rose buds out, which I use excessively bubbly. The necklace that Kaden gave to me. It laying right here on this because I don't sleep or shower in it. So you take it off. This is my lamp. It's super nice. It is awesome because not only is doesn't like pulling it back there, but it has its own little extra plug in. So this is actually the cord to my wireless headphones so I can charge my headphones, considering it's a very tiny cord. Also have this little diffuser thing that you put essential oils in which I love a plant for my Kia again. And then a little Tuffy, the Titan key chain and my inhaler for whenever I needed first roar of my nightstand. It's just a ton of moves and stuff. I have some chicken chick fil a Polynesian sauce and stuff like that, and the second drawer is basically all like, literally the things we have. Silverware sandwich by straws. Tougher. Where from Pasta. Last one is just extra towels for people who come to stay Symbol washcloths Beach Town was Baloo, and then I have a little protein shake, um, water bottle type of thing. And then I have two things of Clorox wipes. As you can see over here, I have some paper plates and paper bulls, and then I have some little Where are they? It's a little tangerines in the back, so I didn't realize that my Olaf pillow was down here right now, normally up on my bed. But right now he's challenged on their cause I don't sleep with him on my bed. The's there, little drawers right in here, Which I'm not gonna go into. But they basically just have my ballet accessory. Sir, I have my purse is little stocking drawer thing. I had an extra one, and so I use it for my skin care stuff behind it. There is a little safe on the ground. I have a roller for, um, rolling out my muscles and a turn board is also back there. I just have some boxes of storage for, like, t carrick pods, bike pump, stuff like that. All my food and sex are down here, so I have, like, minute rights. I have to go cups my bread, some peanuts, some Girl Scout cookies and candy, my protein powder for my protein shakes. And just some peanut butter and stuff like that. Four of these big bins there, too behind them, which I'm not gonna get out and go into. But I have, like, hygiene stuff. So, like, extra shaving cream, extra mouthwash, stuff like that have some with food. So I have, as you can see out some zone perfect bars and this one and like, that's a lot of my like protein bars and stuff like that under the bed is a really nice way to store things. And then because your room is so small, it won't take up a ton of space since it's underneath. I thought it would be worth noting that between my bed and my desk, I keep all of my make up stuff for makeup class. But I also keep all of my notebooks and binders and sheet music and stuff for classes. Have the top of the micro fridge dealio that we have. The top of the micro fridge basically just has water bottles on it. So as my water ball normally have my hydra flask and that has my annual pass holder, there's my 100 boss, actually, as my annual possible there popcorn bucket it has are curing as well, and then Lexie's water bottle. And that's I think my cup back wave, of course, which is super useful, and we have our freezer is like stocked. We have taquitos and just frozen vegetables and ice cubes and a ton of other frozen stuff. Ice packs, of course, for my aching bones, and then our friend, just looking a little bear right now because we put off doing grocery shopping from this weekend, and we didn't end up actually going, But I have some cheese, and we have our face masks in here and some milk and our Britta and all that fun, fun Hey, guys. So I'm in one of my favorite places on campus right now. It's the Fullerton Arboretum, and I brought along one of the workers who won't accept the arboretum and also my boyfriend like, lobby left. He's gonna tell us a little bit about the everyday. So the Arboretum is one of my favorite places on campus as well. It was actually established in nineteen seventies nine because kind of a historical part of the school, trying to preserve any nature that we have. So in the city of floor ten, you know, it's very hard to come by nature, so right here is just kind of our own sanctuary, where lots of animals and lots of people come over here to relax. Because I like special events in the art to a Yeah. We hosts events from plant sales, yoga, painting classes and corner. So if you guys want to check that out, go on our Web site. See a list of calendar. Awesome. So can you show us like shows around shows on your favorite places? So here we have our first location. The planet's most many moderates graybeards area. Remember, it's like egress. Dugs. Here we have also turtles and So here we have a second the long boot tree, as people like to call it. It's actually much drugs. I know this huge steam looks like a giant tree, but it's actually struck native to the Argentine rest, so they go out there. This is one of the more popular trees in Munich. Right, But you have a heart desert section and a heart. Another really well loved section of the arboretum. Come in here. Just look beautiful. Cactuses with all sorts of different shaped guys have some that are small, growing up to really tall Once on my favorite talk this golden barrels Take a look at that one. Over here. My favorite catches cold. Safe. Really small broke huge. Where did these times they come from? Mexico's. What doesn't? We have one of the more popular. What for photos. Water. This waterfall was actually bill for Disney. But the people who built built in inverted top of the bottom the bottom so Dizzy land did not want that we actually purchased. You have one of these. So cool. Thanks for the tour. Anything else? We should go nothing much. Besides that, this is an amazing place to combine. Study and walk through Wei have free WiFi. That's throughout the entire arboretum saying, Come in and get your studies done. This is an amazing place to be. So besides the three Starbucks that Cassie religion has on its campus, they also have a copy shack right on campus over here. See that it's called the Aloha Java Hut. Stan was actually started by a student on campus who just started bringing car it around and selling coffee. But it got so popular that they decided to just set up apartment standing here. So it's pretty popular. You always see a line whenever it's open, is right outside over here, all the way out here sometimes, and they have some pretty good stuff. They saw muffins, coffee, chai tea, chai, tea lot, Tae's, Cem blended smoothies and stuff like that. So they have some coffee Chuy mocha chocolate, hot tea, some sodas, learned juice and other stuff, and their hours are Monday through Thursday from the morning until seven fifteen Friday from six thirty to one fifteen, and they're closed on Saturdays and Sundays. But during the week, whenever people have class, it's a really popular spot besides Starbucks, which is always super crowded as well. Also, there's a bunch of sitting areas here for students who want to do their homework or just enjoy the cup of coffee. That's a pretty nice area. Check it out if you ever get a chance. Right now, I'm in the housing area, which is where the apartments of the dorms and the dining hall captains are. Over here is the gas to know which is the only dining hall that they have on campus. They have like food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So for meals you have, if you're living on campus, you have three options. You can either get the five day block five block five o'clock, which gives you feels from Monday to Friday, Unlimited swipes eleven and enters entrances in five days a week. There's Seven Days Flocked plan, which is unlimited meals any day of the week, Monday through Sunday. And then there's the ninety block meal plan, which gives you ninety swipes many meals nice swipes into on the gastronome. Meet ninety days and all your plans come with guests. Wife's on a twenty five dollars balance, which even spend at the market over there that sell snacks. And the late night market, which is open later at night. For students that has like fries, onion, rains, burgers, soda, stuff like that. It was really cool, but you don't necessarily have to live on campus to get a meal plan because actually, last year when I computed from home my second year, I got the ninety day meal plan, which allowed me Tio come from school from class and always just like the gastronomic beat there. So I didn't have to bring lunch and dinner every single day since I was on campus like a lot. So getting the ninety day meal plan actually helped me and saved me a lot of money, my favorite meals when I have the meal. Plans of the Gastineau were breakfast and just plunge. I guess breakfast because they had a omelette station where you could choose all your toppings. You give it. Teo, a chef in the chef, just makes the only right in front of you, like cheese and onions, tomatoes on it. And it's so good. But it's always like a really long way mornings. So if you don't have time before class should go earlier or just skip it altogether. And the other things that they do really well. Here are the soups that they make. They always have different kinds of soups. They have like gumbo. They have sole a's and vegetable soup telling wedding soup. It's always really good. Everything else. It's all right. Sometimes they have some really good fries. But everything else throughout the regular here gets kind of old because they tend to use the same ingredients or the meat just isn't like, tender of flavor, fool and everything. But, you know, they do their best. It's like the only dining hall in campus, so not bad on sleep. But it does get so.