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Hey, guys, let's up. My name is Smiley Faulk, and I'll be your campus. Really twenty nine ambassador for these video Siri's so a little bit about me before we get started. I'm twenty years old. I'm a third year student at Cal State Fullerton currently made. My major is communications with an advertising emphasis, and I've been here for three years, so I know this. I know this campus pretty well. I've lived both on campus, I've commuted and now I live in an apartment off campus. So you'd say, Yeah, I'm pretty. I know the captain's pretty well, and so I'm really excited to show you about Internet campus with places are to eat what you could nap on campus a little bit about extracurricular activities on campus and much more so without further ado, let's get started. So honestly, when you're in college, please take advantage of all the classes that they have to offer a lot of, like the favour. My favorite classes that I've taken since I've come to college have any, like, random classes that no one would ever to think to take. Such is like self defense taking right now. Kick boxing, cardio kickboxing took that two semesters ago, and last semester I took a scuba, actually, basic scuba. Uh, I got, like, three units of credit for school, but I also got certification right here. All weight class tuition. I didn't have to pay anything. It all came with class situation because it was just one of those regular classes that you could take as an elective and everything. So you don't take a look at the roster, but they have available a lot of times. I tell people that I'm taking these classes, and they're like, I don't even know they have that. But just look through it. And I saw that they had crossed, available, and, um, it's really cool and expended So when it comes to housing, you have three different options. You can either one commute from home, tio live on campus or three lives off campus. So I have actually been able to do all three since attending Cal State Fullerton. My first year, I lived in the dorms, which was amazing. Second year I lived at home, which was not as amazing. But, you know, do you know you do what you gotta deal and through here right now I live on an off campus apartment right across the street from school, so it's super convenient. So if you want to live on campus, you have different options. If your first year, you have to live in the dorms and you're going to live on campus, you're not allowed to live in any of the off campus apart on campus. That sorry. So if your first year, you only have what option? If you want to live on campus, you can only live in the door. And it's only freshmen who are living in the dorms. If you're a second year and up and you want to live on campus, you have to live in the on Captain's apartments. So if you're a second year and up, um, your options are either lived to be on campus apartments or living off campus. Personally, I would recommend living in the off campus apartments. You save a lot of money. You don't have to buy a meal plan, and it's convenient. There's still like three four different apartment complex complexes like Red Cross Street, the street from school. I would even go so far as to argue My apartment off campus is closer to school. It's a it's like a shorter walk than when I lived on campus, so the option is yours. So this is the building where I lived. When I don't, it's called l'm considered here, and I lived on the fifth floor right over here. This window ready was mine. Honestly, I loved storming. That was one of the greatest experiences that I've gone through college because, um, you really got to know a lot of people. I was lucky to be on a famed floor, So I lived with a lot of cinema and television arts majors because it was a cinema and television our floor. So I think because it was a theme community, a lot of people were more eager to like, you know, socialize with each other because I know they're some theme floors and some time themed and to my knowledge, a lot of floors were not social. And it was. But I like living in the same community because, uh, I'm your What was your social? There was, like a common interest that people had and storming. I met best friends that I've had in college and some investments that I have in life. It's really cool. You become really close with these people because you're literally, literally together, like all the time. We would always, like, hang out in the common room together, go eat meals and the Gastineau together walk to class together. Everything were just together all the time. And personally, I like it. And I would recommend living on a themes for you boys to be storming just because people are friendlier and people wanna socialize with each other. And I really I really enjoyed that community aspect Hey, guys. So I'm in one of my favorite places on campus right now. It's the Fullerton Arboretum, and I brought along one of the workers who won't accept the arboretum and also my boyfriend like, lobby left. He's gonna tell us a little bit about the everyday. So the Arboretum is one of my favorite places on campus as well. It was actually established in nineteen seventies nine because kind of a historical part of the school, trying to preserve any nature that we have. So in the city of floor ten, you know, it's very hard to come by nature, so right here is just kind of our own sanctuary, where lots of animals and lots of people come over here to relax. Because I like special events in the art to a Yeah. We hosts events from plant sales, yoga, painting classes and corner. So if you guys want to check that out, go on our Web site. See a list of calendar. Awesome. So can you show us like shows around shows on your favorite places? So here we have our first location. The planet's most many moderates graybeards area. Remember, it's like egress. Dugs. Here we have also turtles and So here we have a second the long boot tree, as people like to call it. It's actually much drugs. I know this huge steam looks like a giant tree, but it's actually struck native to the Argentine rest, so they go out there. This is one of the more popular trees in Munich. Right, But you have a heart desert section and a heart. Another really well loved section of the arboretum. Come in here. Just look beautiful. Cactuses with all sorts of different shaped guys have some that are small, growing up to really tall Once on my favorite talk this golden barrels Take a look at that one. Over here. My favorite catches cold. Safe. Really small broke huge. Where did these times they come from? Mexico's. What doesn't? We have one of the more popular. What for photos. Water. This waterfall was actually bill for Disney. But the people who built built in inverted top of the bottom the bottom so Dizzy land did not want that we actually purchased. You have one of these. So cool. Thanks for the tour. Anything else? We should go nothing much. Besides that, this is an amazing place to combine. Study and walk through Wei have free WiFi. That's throughout the entire arboretum saying, Come in and get your studies done. This is an amazing place to be. So besides the three Starbucks that Cassie religion has on its campus, they also have a copy shack right on campus over here. See that it's called the Aloha Java Hut. Stan was actually started by a student on campus who just started bringing car it around and selling coffee. But it got so popular that they decided to just set up apartment standing here. So it's pretty popular. You always see a line whenever it's open, is right outside over here, all the way out here sometimes, and they have some pretty good stuff. They saw muffins, coffee, chai tea, chai, tea lot, Tae's, Cem blended smoothies and stuff like that. So they have some coffee Chuy mocha chocolate, hot tea, some sodas, learned juice and other stuff, and their hours are Monday through Thursday from the morning until seven fifteen Friday from six thirty to one fifteen, and they're closed on Saturdays and Sundays. But during the week, whenever people have class, it's a really popular spot besides Starbucks, which is always super crowded as well. Also, there's a bunch of sitting areas here for students who want to do their homework or just enjoy the cup of coffee. That's a pretty nice area. Check it out if you ever get a chance. Hey does so. I'm with some of the staff members of the daily Titan, which is the daily newspaper on campus, and we're goingto ask a few questions. Just have you get to know some of the activities that something extra curricular activities that Catholic religion has on campus. Hi, Michelle Kurland. I'm the faculty advisor for the daily Titan and I also teach in the communications department here at Cal State Fullerton. My name is gonna take your I am a communication advertising student and I'm currently director of marketing daily. So what is the deal? The daily Titan is our student friend newspaper here on campus. We have been in operation, wherein our fifty nine years. So it is produced Monday through Thursday way. Have a team of over thirty editorial students who write for the paper on a nightly basis. And then we also have a team of over ten students who work in advertising and marketing to promote the paper, have ads placed in the paper and bring in revenue so that we can keep this operation Thanks of one of the different positions. That and this. There's a lot of positions. Two different sets of the appetites inside on the editorial over advertising we have director of Sales made our marketing. We have posted a sale stuff. Wei have graphic designers, not a fact. Got it. We have our editor in chief and managing editor. We have editors for news, sports entertainment. So students who want to become journalists and want to specialize in a particular field can do that here at the daily tight, and some of the classes feed into the daily tightened so they get academic credit for it or they want to be paid mission. Yeah. Like what? Positions off really well, All of our advertising, they're paid positions that I'm there all part time. They worked between twelve and about sixteen hours per week, depending on what they're doing. And then on the advertising inside. All of the editors are paid positions and the system editors. And then the other positions are for academic credit. So as a student, what do you think of the But what do you think? Very Titan is such a good idea. I think it's a great opportunity because you get real life experience while working on campus. And he also get to work with students from different fields majors. So it's a great, like special place. But it's also like get the realized experience on last question. What's your guys favorite parts out? My favorite part is working with the students. We always have students with a lot of enthusiasm and energy and that are just really dedicated to being here. And it's my privilege to be their adviser and get to work with them on a daily basis is Yeah, I just enjoy working the students here and like, improved but paper and see, like what? Wait others it was just like So is it cool if we get a tour? Sure. Give you a tour. The money. This is where, later this afternoon, lots of editorial staff will be working on tomorrow's paper. And through the window back there is where their editorial advises. And then we're advertising side. That advertising side. Yeah. House, says people over here is the marketing. Thus can In the weather is our laughter of snails. Hello. You do good in this cabinet, right here. We have all of our inventory. So all of our, um, cubs and mugs, pens, everything that we give out stress balls restore lot here. Uh, here we have our Ford, where we put up ideas and parries and also the sails and all of ourselves for the semester. Thank you guys. Right now, I'm in the housing area, which is where the apartments of the dorms and the dining hall captains are. Over here is the gas to know which is the only dining hall that they have on campus. They have like food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So for meals you have, if you're living on campus, you have three options. You can either get the five day block five block five o'clock, which gives you feels from Monday to Friday, Unlimited swipes eleven and enters entrances in five days a week. There's Seven Days Flocked plan, which is unlimited meals any day of the week, Monday through Sunday. And then there's the ninety block meal plan, which gives you ninety swipes many meals nice swipes into on the gastronome. Meet ninety days and all your plans come with guests. Wife's on a twenty five dollars balance, which even spend at the market over there that sell snacks. And the late night market, which is open later at night. For students that has like fries, onion, rains, burgers, soda, stuff like that. It was really cool, but you don't necessarily have to live on campus to get a meal plan because actually, last year when I computed from home my second year, I got the ninety day meal plan, which allowed me Tio come from school from class and always just like the gastronomic beat there. So I didn't have to bring lunch and dinner every single day since I was on campus like a lot. So getting the ninety day meal plan actually helped me and saved me a lot of money, my favorite meals when I have the meal. Plans of the Gastineau were breakfast and just plunge. I guess breakfast because they had a omelette station where you could choose all your toppings. You give it. Teo, a chef in the chef, just makes the only right in front of you, like cheese and onions, tomatoes on it. And it's so good. But it's always like a really long way mornings. So if you don't have time before class should go earlier or just skip it altogether. And the other things that they do really well. Here are the soups that they make. They always have different kinds of soups. They have like gumbo. They have sole a's and vegetable soup telling wedding soup. It's always really good. Everything else. It's all right. Sometimes they have some really good fries. But everything else throughout the regular here gets kind of old because they tend to use the same ingredients or the meat just isn't like, tender of flavor, fool and everything. But, you know, they do their best. It's like the only dining hall in campus, so not bad on sleep. But it does get so.