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So right now we're outside of Anacapa. This is considered. I would consider it quad for us. Living in a Kappa and center. Rosen sent a cruise. We all just kind of gather people, play Spike wall over here, their Frisbees around study layout. It's a really nice spot, and, yeah, that's just Oars, Mrs. No attention. Campus. Yeah. That's right. Pretty good. Come on. I think that's all kind of Orange line dreams. Pretty centre, parting everything else. Right here. Get it from? Pretty fricking talking. Or that. Yeah. Tanker ship killing innocents. Hail. So kind of illegal biking, all recording a video. Um, you said he's a huge canvas. It's one thousand plus acres, I think, but not even close to being the biggest, you see. And since it's a really big campus, I kind of want to do, like just like a little bike through that someone a bike through the main quarter now, and right now we're starting a Paul dollars hard all street. I'll give you a little overlook of it, run through. You might wanna use this because the wind might be crazy. I won't really be talking about my kid's party, and we're gonna get it. So the traffic light is a new kind of sex. You have to stop it. There's a police officer is watching all the time. But before you do just grand right there. There was no life. There are a lot of accidents here. They put it in good reasoning, and here we go again. So there you go. All right, guys. So it is currently like nine. Thirty and I'm heading to the library right now. We're actually here right now. It's just a good wit. And my night I like just doing my readings at night and library's open toe like like a long, long, long time like in the A M so Here we go. So basically the ocean has it has eight floors and goody so ocean has ocean side has eight floors and basically each floor you go up, it gets quieter and quieter So I'll show you the eight floor but I can't talk, So spare with me Just soak it all and here we go no on the fourth floor because it's basically the same so ocean side, which is the side that mostly ever thought. But this is still kind of no. They're all basically the same. Like I said, we're on the second floor now. All right, So just to give you a recap, basically we have the ocean side and we also have a mountainside ocean side's the side with eight floors that goes, that gets quieter every time you go up. That's why I wasn't really talking in this video. I didn't want to disturb bathroom, anyone what they were, I study, but I'm on the first floor now and Simon Mountainside, actually. But I would say I'm oceanside psych, where people go to really study and mountain size, more like group studies. And we have a couple of group classroom study session or classroom like area's recon study with groups. They're closed at the moment, so I can't show you that. But I hope this hope The library is one of my favorite places on campus. To be honest with you, it's really, really nice to just be a little sit down quiet space in your little corner and do your readings or your homework and study and stuff. So I highly recommend go to the library wherever you end up. But I hope this help. All right, So now we're back. So to the right, is our library in here right now? We're at the place called the Arbor, which is right over there. Actually, it's got a mini market, and usually there are a lot of clubs and authorities and fraternities table ng out here with their tables out. Information out right now, they're all back in closed up anyways. This is considered one of the quads on campus. Another entrance to the library right there, and you can have There's a Woodstock's pizza on the corner as well as a subway, So just a place to eat and going out with friends. A lot of people say tables can't sit around and do homework and just hang out in between classes. So it's really cool spot. You can see it's really lively, even though it's five thirty PM right now. Uh, a lot of students here always, and it's just a really good spot to hang So this is another one of our lecture halls. I have a lecture starting in a minute, but I'll show you guys a shot of it when it's full. I'm really, really busy in here and this Balkan see thing like five hundred, six hundred people. So this is the other question is setting. We have Where's the other ones? With the sections or not? One on one. There are lots more. This is a really big class, and it's like pretty much just the professor Hawking, except this is a view Campbell action. What? And keep in mind that this lecture hasn't started yet, so there will be a lot of people in here when it goes up. So I'm in front of a store. This is a really awesome place because they hold a concert here in even, like, really big ones the beginning of the year and you'll have to be like five bucks an hour. I think they had Drake come once like we hade Arlo grime like a bunch of different big people, have actually come to our concerts here. They're all put on by the certain government, but I'll give you kind of like a view of what it looks like. Usually there's a bunch of people better down here studying, and there's miss if I show you a little like Ping Pong tables down here that you can play in. And this this stork tower. Hi, I'm Danny and one awesome things about you says you can do whatever you want. Remember, my freshman year means implements called, You see? Glad I asked. Is we went in for jobs positions? It's that you just found the right person at the right time, Whether it's research, whether it's work, there's so many opportunities and they're all fantastic and leads you to places, which means it's really an overload yourself. It's really easy to get two jobs, sixteen units and fifteen other extracurriculars, especially around idea. There's so much to do so the number one thing is Teo, you take care of yourself. Keep it simple, you know, coil down to what matters. Mention if that's what really matters to you, but that do things and stress you out. Hey, guys, is Amy Welcome back. So right now I am at harder stadium at UCSB. Uh, this is the soccer stadium over here. Uh, soccer is basically one of UCSB is most populous for We're division one in this sport and there is a tradition and UCSB where when our team scores, we sort of tears up in the air. It's a lot of fun. If you ever do come to used to be, you have to check out the soccer soccer gaze. Now just take out the stadium. It's really big is really cool. So this is also a way of getting into the rec center now. Oh, let's see. It's like a ten minute bike ride from No, not even really. You use not shutting me six minutes ago and said, I'm on the basketball courts. Wait, wait. See Teo and couple ellipticals from this side. It is also right. Correct? No. Someday I don't know. Bunch of machines over here. Okay, so I got yelled a feeling inside, but now only outside. You didn't feel it. There's, like, three full fields and then a couple of ground that also behind this building right here. But I can't feel neither. So yeah, still here's a So we're about to get to the form that's going on here. Yeah, well, no, thank you. So my floor right now isn't really doing anything. It's a study night, but I think a lot less people here seem to be doing important stuff. This ten four pretty shell, just in general, for this is the art super cool. So all the guys in this building actually pretty awesome. And by all of them, I just mean bind and just This is a fun for that, always doing some coast offer. And I think they were dancing to lie and say we missed that and they have a pet lobster. Who's evicted Now we have this. So the lobster was evicted now, but yeah, this is the tenth floor. Pretty cool, Same loud as our floor, where we have always going down that way down the other. And then they have a cool view out this window quits. I don't drop a camera on a window, but that's it. Therefore, it's kind of just like a There are, there are two very different types of classrooms. You shifty? I'm currently in Alison Hall, which is the geography hall on DH. Basically, science is you come in here like all signs building. This is where I have my section for geography business twenty six twenty and is legitimately just a very small condense classroom. Typical type of field. Um, I says in the background here, really condensed. So it's not far away at all. Teacher teaches from up there not too bad in this room. Had about twenty people in it for my meaning ourselves into that. The other room that I will show you is Camel Hall. That is a lecture hall in that seats. Think like six hundred people, so he's classes can get pretty big. But when you get into your section with the ta, my teacher was super knowledgeable. Super awesome guy. Uh, it's pretty convinced in sight. It's not one on one, but you really get a good education from India they know loves. Really important spot at UCSB. This is where pretty much everyone congregates and might be a little busy right now because it's finals week, so people are studying. But this is kind of a beauty that's like studying with you, son more than I like studying in the library. Because it's open later. Sometimes, especially during the summer. Right now. Um, and it? No, it's well, all is crowded. So protect the library gets too crowded during finals week. Come too. The reason there's three floors. I'm just kind of showing you the little pap away too. The other something. So that other part was like, just kind of like seating area and exclude bookstore and Mrs one of the other levels, but you can get food more studied asks. And then don here. He called the hub. But we have concerts are here to hand, expresses my favorite. Really two seventeen is also really yummy, if you like kind of local often Santa Barbara's very intime all the local foods and environmental sustainability, What's up? Everybody Okay? So I'm going to show you the inside of my dorm now. So I live in an account, but it's only the three shorties on campus. All right, Leo. My friend. She lives here too high. All right, so we're gonna go inside now, so to go inside the main entrance, Welcome. Yeah. Let's go this way. Okay, so this is Main Lounge is a positive unity. That's very cool. Okay, just go in there. All right? There's the TV and women. How can have, like a lot of pool tables, pingpong table, a piano and some vending machines over there, too, which is very helpful. It's like watching movies do Homework sometimes call their friends things like that. All right, so we go out again. We're going to get into the other lab. This is the other one. Tim was broke The door. I don't care. Main area. A lot of people are studying here right now, so we'll just okay. We have the kitchen in here, cooking up some stuff. Great job, guys soon and it smells great. Then it's a laundry room, so washings we are the dryers. There's also filtered unfiltered bar station right over there. One of sensitivity. Pretty good. You're down Lysol, and that's where my room. And I'll show you that in just Good morning. You know, I look like I just got out of bed because I did just get out of bed. I'm going to do a little quick tour my room. So my rooms nothing special. I live in a double after off campus. Uh, a lot of the dorms on campus, with the exception of Manzanita, I think are triples. So I have a bit more room in here. Also the sweet setup. So I have a bathroom in my dorm right here. We have my thing. It's just average sync got too precious and stuff way. Have a closet right here. I keep all my stuff in here is like socks everything. And then I put like, a little drawer in there and came some suffer. My decorations are super awesome in here, and I just have a picture. The Grand Canyon film festival thing in a subway map That's my roommates out of their room. Kind of just sprawled out. He left early in a rush this morning. His decoration is his a school schedule. Then this is the view out the window for us. It's kind of nice here, the mountains and dense you can see the fog rolling in on them right now, which is kind of cool. And then this is the bathroom, just a simple bathroom. Charlotte, then. And then we got that a little toilet over here, and, uh, I'm connecting to my suite. Nate's room. You guys met Jake? Once we make the With a job. No. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Moving away to sea for a getaway car Top down then we're driving this to feel young movin weight to the sea Then why can't you see Sunday and feel the breeze in summer time stars in the sky One dime for first time to see Well, then, I can't see anybody Ocean Hi, Vidya Gauchos. My name is Yoo Hee. She I am a first year communication major. Here. You see a speed and I'll be taking you on your very own for Jewel campus. Teo, get ready. Get excited in SCO toes. Dollars. It It's a shirt. Or And tell me what? This is here. So you see, if you look right here, you're going to see a bunch of gauchos on DH at the gym. That way, No. I like that one. Yeah, with your welcome back week and right here, Law activities are going on. A lot of clubs come out here just to get the recruitment people to join their clubs. Take cover this way. It's more like forty minutes forty seconds, she shaking. You got this? Go. All right, So this is what my roommate's going to answering a couple of questions. Three guys. So introduce yourself and tell me why you chose UCSB. I'm, you know, I'm a first year here, UCSB I'm from the Bay Area, and I'm communications major night shows UCSB because it was honestly the best school I got into. And the communications program here is really good. And I wanted to go somewhere with the good communications program. So here I am, right. Described he student body at the school. I talked about the diversity and like the personalities, people, something. Okay, everyone here is really friendly. Actually, like all the older students have been really laid back and really like nice in general. Ah, scars. Diversity, Alex states pretty diverse, A lot of other uses. You'll go to you, and it's just like, really, why are like, really asian or really whatever but this one. I think I was like a nice blend of, like, different types of people, which is really cool. And then you have your outgoing extroverted. But you also have, like your interviewed people, and there's just the space for everyone here. So you mentioned your communications major, can you describe Kind of like what the academic climate here is? Okay, um, ultimately, I know that you feel in Berkeley. I have a lot of friends that go there, and it's just like the economic climate is like, a lot harsher. It's really competitive and actually trying to get out of each other. Whereas here I haven't noticed that at all. It's just over. All the professors are nice, and everything is like, interesting. And then I don't know. It's like, Nice. What's your favorite and least favorite part of the school? Ah, my least favorite part is how expensive it is to go here. Realistically released. A report. Dining hall, coffee. It's disgusting here. It's actually sick. Mom, I don't know what my favorite part of being here so far is Tanikawa. Love it here. Hey, also, this is my dorm. This is FT. It's about a mile off. Campus is not all that close. It's quite big. It's two times story towers. There's a ground for in each two. This is Portola in its eye. Dining commons. Pretty cool, pretty state of the art. I'm not a big fan of the food, but I'm I. A lot of people that come Teo, be the first time They say if they live in a sea is one Oh, I got a bike. And then to is Wow, this is like a resort. So I would actually like I feel on my floor Superdome. I'm on the outdoor living floor, so we do a lot of outdoorsy stuff. We're always just, like, get up and go people. So this is just another quickly glassy We're the Fiesta room over there. It's like study room Some of the R H Aaron's here. Then we have more spots, CEOs, which are study rooms down there. This is our pool area. So at the start of the air, we had a huge thing of like three hundred people out here for a pool party, to the mountains in the distance, and then that is my dorm right there on the fifth floor. It's right over there. Pretty though personally, I like it. I don't think it's too bad. The bike ride is a bit of a pain in the butt starts you back and the other dorms. I don't think there's homely, you know, godlike. As connected. You don't have to suffer through one mile bike ride every day like we do. So I think this is a pretty awesome norm, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. This isn't love at the lagoon and commencement along behind me during the school year. There's a lot of people that come out here, Tio, go tanning and just, like, throw a ball around. But this one entry is especially important because this is where you have your first commencement, which is the first. It's kind of like a sommelier at the beginning of your first year. Just commence. You're four years at UCSB, and then you graduate on this. And this is just beautiful lagoon. Here's a really nice view of historic Plaza. It's a nice palm. Trees is a little bit of an area over there. A lot of clubs come out here and set up their booths for table ing. You know, people hang out here. Destiny. There was actually a Coster here for Coco. Just a really nice place that has a little touch into the campus. So the Usain is right over there, and right now we are under Stork Tower. Well, if you go write under Stork Tower, there's the Daily News editorial areas, right? Anthony was lighting right? Right. Here is the daily Nexus. The daily nexus just has reports that was going on at UCSB and right here, I believe there is a music studio and a recording studio somewhere over here for those who are probably the creative studies department. And, yeah, we are right under these store tower. We'll get this lighting right you can climb it, but I'm going to do that today is because I never have and it will probably take a long There are few people out here, including its like rush season. If you just clubs out there Candace saying, trying to get you know, like it's join up and like, whatever, man, people just like in generally is like the quad area since it's a really big thoroughfare for like getting people soon, pay attention to stuff like if we have, like Way had a vegan thing where there was like a count and chicken person, like dressed up, like standing in the middle of a quad, just trying to bring attention to like veganism. I guess that was interesting. In the central quad. Right now, I think Class is actually, like about to get out. So it would be super cool if you got caught. But we have Davidson are here, so it's pretty bad, and it's got the North Pole down there in the harbor right there. Swing across and you have your vessel. That was pretty cool. And then that's where a lot of the club has cameras down there. Um, it's kind of cool. There's always like a lot of activity. Actually, I'll check. Timing is gonna be kind of cool to see everyone got a glass. Now it's eleven forty four people in the outfield again in fifteen minutes is like a live just like a huge bustle of people. I'll just get there on time, do it right here. Just trees and stuff. Chill out area clubs, recruiting. So already is recruiting, frats, recruiting and then harbor food prices and then classrooms of that. And this guy right here actually is. He says that it's five cents for advice but actually does it for free. And he'll just like, Talk to you in like, basically, give you any help. I feel like a neutral third party on stuff. It's kind of cool, so that's our kwan. So right now, I'm in a listening mood. I checked on a record, put it on. It's playing okay. This is an awesome place. I love it when the fair place on campus. I bring friends in here all the time. If we're just listening to music or studying for different subjects, someone ordered it. And if we're doing a project for class, I don't recommend me coming. It's not a lot of people know about the music library, so we'll work on products in here. We can come until the resting room, listen to some music while working on stuff three. You can see just out the window we have mountains in the distance kind are C. But it's so quiet actually carry place chillax. Relax. You don't need to have anything on your mind. You could just come with music and forget they school. Sure. Humanists. I love it. Check it out. Hail. Welcome to UCSB. I'm digging. I'll be They got taking you on a tour of the campus. This is a really weird place to do a little interest. I'm just chilling by all the bikes right here. Just come to class. So I have class in, like, ten minutes. This is Kamel. It's like a big hole where you'll have a lot of your freshman classes come to UCSB. There's, like, seven hundred people in there Sometimes isn't my roommate, Graham. He's pretty cool that he would recommend you come to U C S P to there. So it's a superdog campus on. I love it. And I think if you come here, you'll love it, too. Best of luck. One of my favorite places on campus is the music library I'm hearing. I live here. You go inside the door. I have been kind of quiet because people are studying to replace it because it's just, like, really quiet all the time. There's listening rooms where you can just go in and I pick up like records music, check out some clothes, stuff. They're pretty sound proofs of truly Pulitzer's like Govern. See, I love it. It's like to the max Fun You're with friends Like sometimes we just listen to like all these music, think like whatever record you want. Put him on a bus into it. Super cool. Second for that music building. I'll take him to a listening in right now and Hi any debra? I'm a little science major and a third year. What i like about ucsb they're the list is very long. But to someone i love inclusivity i love all the people that i've met that i brought into my life i live all the opportunities that you see it be avails to me quiet there yeah, there's there's so much there's so many people and there's so many resources that contribute to who you are how, like, help you grow and yeah, uh but i don't like it, probably by pat, they are insane. It's like a road. It's literally like a roadway. But, you know, vikings like everything's todo, probably something else would be. They're like little difficulty sometimes like getting the classes you want just because there's so many people who want to take like, you know, like ant or classes are history classes or even causes it within your major. So sometimes it can be very difficult. But after different surrounded, you know, registering for classes like usually gets easier. To be honest, there's way more things i can think of that like i love about you see speeding they don't like because i think that i don't like, usually aren't in anyone's power. It is. That's how they are. Because you know it's college campus. Thousands of people. Where is he? Regardless. What things are you involved in on campus? Okay, i'm involved in the system on trial on the exact word for that. I'm also involved in professional prelaw frat called delta. I'm also a part of different clubs on campus. Like the democrats club b s you just black student union. I have also worked in r j, which is like resident association. Also a political science and by pierre, advisor in the science department. Oh, i don't know. So sometimes i had to work with his program. Boarded different students things. Yes. Thanks. So I'm with two of my friends and they're gonna talk about it's up. Introduce yourself and tell me why you guys. Hi. My name's. Rachel. Callie. I'm a first year economics in accounting student. Hi. My name is Caitlin on I'm Chris. Years. Psychological break. Yeah, it's really hard, but it's really good. But student environment, so nice and everything. So what isthe body here? Life? Well, the diversity here is really, really great. But there's a lot of well, there's a lot of international students as well. So, like their perspective is really cool. What is the academic climate like here at UCSB? So you see, it is like the top five. The school and I feel like the academic. It's really rigorous here, but at the same time, everyone's really friendly and chill with great environment to be in, and it's a beach school. So So what is your least favorite and favorite part? So are being at you, definitely meeting all these new people. At the same time. It's difficult to be away from home, My favorite, definitely so down, because I'm like one of the only people that doesn't have a bike on campus waking up like seven o'Clock a M class. So I just finished a section with my film in media studies, class sections from lectures in that sections are usually smaller, and you only meet once a week. When lectures are you meet two or three times a week, so lectures hold about four hundred students. But your sections will only have twenty students, and they usually lead by your ta. You guys have, you know, more of a close knit communication. There's like group projects, activities, group discussions, and it's just nice to get to know your tea and get to know everyone on a personal basis. So here's what one of your sections might look like. As you can see, they're definitely a lot smaller. They only hold about twenty students. All right, guys, So that is it. Thank you so much for watching all of it until this point. I hope this gave you a little bit of insight as to what you see a speech all about what it's like to live here. Go to school here. My final piece of advice for you guys would be just to try and learn a lot about school. Um, and if he can go on a campus to her, if not come to campus campus Really shot to campus for you, for the amazing resource is that they're giving out to students like you guys and really, just imagine if you could see yourself actually living at that school. You're looking at whether you come to UCSB or not. I wish you guys all the best when you guys were going to do great. So see you guys later. Thank you so much for So this is a look at what the lecture falls look like. Here. You see a speed, huh? They're close right now because classes just ended. But I want to show you it's just a view into kind of how they look how many people they fit. This is Ivy Theater, which is a lecture hall that's off campus. A rich last cost that I took it at six hundred people. So those are gonna be like your G classes. So, like, some of the cost is going to take the first two years that you're attending. And then, um, as you got into more major classes, they're gonna get smaller. So more like anywhere from thirty to sixty kids. These air also where you're going to be holding your big, like bio class. Is that all the step class is tops in the majors have to take or you're big mad props. Is that all everyone has to take there. The dynamic with the professor is different. If you go to office hours, you could kind of gain better kind of relationship with them. But they're not gonna be the ones grading your tests are reading And your your papers and things like that, that's gonna be the T A s, er and it's very important to get to know your days. You will be talking about that discussion section with beer discussion problems with your show, but yeah, they are going to be the ones up. You're great in their hands. So if you're gonna bribe anyone, pick the tears. So this is a look at Davidson library. This is the ocean side, and it has eight floors. Um, the top. If it like five, six and seven, I believe are the quiet floor. So that's what you like to study with just complete silence. That's the way to go. Um, this is Mountainside, and there's two fours, and they have a lot of really cool study room. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another video. In this video, I'm going to be talking about how meal plans and swipes work. Here you see a speech. So basically male swipes our how you're going to get into the dining commons. Each time you go into the dining commons, it's worth one swipe. And how that works is everyone has an access card and the swipes and the meal plans. They're going to be uploaded onto this card. So every time you go into the dining commons, you're gonna have someone swipe your card for you. And then you get to go. So UCSB they're five different, uh, meal plans. So you can choose from unless your first year than there's only four, and I'll go over that in a little bit. So there's a seventh wife. There's a ten swipe. There's a fourteen, seventeen and unlimited, but the seven sipes is on ly available for second years and higher because usually in the first year you're going to be living on campus and you're going to need to go to the dining commons for food. Your meal swipes can work at any of the dining commons on campus. I personally have seventeen swipes, and it's been great because I sometimes eat breakfast. Sometimes I don't There's also this thing called late night Here you see a city where the dining commons open from nine p. M. To twelve thirty a. M. And so you can get a late night snack or just a quick little meal. If you're feeling it. It's nice to have some extra slice left in your car just so he can use it for late night and things like that. All right, S O. Basically, the swipes is you have that however many you choose, you have that many swipes per week and that resets on Sunday night. So But morning of Monday, you're going tohave a whole new set of however many swipes you chose s o that's all there is to the mill swipes. I hope that made sense. And I hope that clears things up for you guys. And I'll see you guys So I just got to the library to start studying. And I wanted to show you the view from my spot. My studies like how gorgeous is that? I don't know if you can see, but all the way back there is the ocean. That stark tower all the way So this is one of our buildings here on campus where you can do different internships. This is the engineering to building. It's really important for your college experience to get internships and things like that, because it just kind of gives you a leg up on the different competition. But, yeah, we have a lot of different internship and research opportunities here on campus that are really exciting. And it's just one of those things that really draws Personally. One of my favorite things is just coming here to watch the sunset, which is what I'm going to during a meeting. A friend here in a minute. So we have the staircase is that way. Check it out is called campus points. Tip of our campus on the beach. A really cool place. Just gone. Visit the Marine bio lab's behind me. So I just came from possible one past. The lab's out over here to campus. I would like to search for now, but done with the best idea. Their other surf spots. There's Quoyle point, not at the end of campus way OB sedan, So right now I'm on the east on the campus. Coal oil is on the west on the campus, but this is what it's all about right here if you check it out so pretty up here, and this is one of the coolest things that I can piss has to offer. In my opinion, right there, you can see Santa Cruz Island, so it's one of the Channel five islands. It's what our dorms are named after. We have Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Santa Catalina and a few others. So they're named after these islands that are off the coast of Santa Barbara. This is a really good view right now of the tide, just like way out there. So there's tide pools, which really cool the check out as well if you come to campus. But I personally just loved going up here, Sheldon, and watching the sunset. The other cool thing about this. You can see one of the oil rigs offshore. There's an active fault right here. So the active fault, actually, it's, I believe, a subversion fault. So one goes under the another and you can see, like Tara rising. So sometimes our beach alak Tarr covering it just because tar leaks out of this vault. Supercool but nonetheless awesome place come just hang out. One thing I really love about the library. His second floor ocean side has all of these different little study room that are really awesome. They come with white boards and, um, it's really nice during finals week. Midterms weak if you go on this little website and register and you could book one because it gets really, really busy and then you get the Okay, So I am walking around campus right now, and I'm just not actually this big guy. So that is stored Tower. And he is one of the finding aspect of you CIA speak. He wrings every single hour, and it's just a really This is another one of my roommates that she's also going to be answering a couple questions for you guys. So introduce yourself and explain why you chose UCSB. Okay. My name's Karina Rodriguez. Um, first year here at UCSB and I chose Santa Barbara because, well, you can't beat the location, and, um, just the overall climate that I've, you know, research about the school before coming here. And then I also visited the campus several times before I came, and I just got a really good vibe from everyone down to like I said, the weather, the people, and also, it's, like, really high up there. I was like a research institution. And, you know, they say that researches, uh that thing that students look for and it can get you places and get you connected with a lot of people. So it's my teachers and Barbara, can you try to describes? Didn't body kind of like the field in the vibe of everyone here at school? So far, everyone that I've met has been super friendly and outgoing and granted, I, like, spent a lot of time in the first year dorms, but I think everyone's sort of like on the same page as Faras, like they're away from home, too. And everyone's just trying to make friends, which is super cool, but also like everywhere else on campus. Baroness, so nice and like you see people playing volleyball or, you know, throwing for his being like you conjoined them. No problem or like playing some spike ball like it's totally fine and is totally normal or like just fine a person to go to the beach with one day and like, it's amazing. So So what's your major? And described the active climate s o I'm currently an undeclared, a student, meaning I have no idea what I want to get into, but also a reason I chose cinnabar bows because there's a lot of options here for me. And for example, I'm really interested in the film program. But I could also go into economics. So I'm not quite sure yet which is good, though, because I feel like here the academic climate is like you're not very pressured. Teo know exactly what you want to do, and I think there's a lot of leeway for changing your mind, and there's a lot of help. On the academic advisers air like available to you all the time, and they'll help you out if you're kind of feeling lost and so, but your favorite and least favorite part of the school No. My favorite part about the school is definitely the location and just how we literally live like not a vacation spot. And you go outside and like you could see the ocean, can hear the waves and you see people play outside all day and like it rained the other day, but that I'm pretty sure that's like the only rain for kind of encounter throughout the entire year. So I'm not going with you. But, yeah, that's definitely my favorite thing. Mm, My least favorite thing. Probably just thought, since we are like, the campus is kind of on our own island. A lot of like major stores like Target and like other like superstores aren't very close to us. And like me, being a first year like, I have a bike, so I can't necessarily bike there. So I guess that's a little inconvenient. But we also have Ivy, which is the town right behind campus and like, that's really convenient. They have a lot of stuff where you could just go and get some milk or, like eggs really quick Here experience. You do also science eyes as well. One of them. You see this Nobby Sea star. These are all touch tank. So we thanks. Such these get messy. They want this four. So I'm not parked here at the S R. P. Sooner Resource building. Just really, really important to me. In terms of my academic success. Let's go check it out. So welcome to the S O. B. There's a nice places to sit and study. Um, at the S r P. It's a little different for most of your other lecture halls because your classes don't go on here. Instead, this is a building solely just to help students out in terms of, you know, class's academic. How tutoring. There's also the Sable Students program here for students who might have a disability and learning and just get out. Oh, let me just get some help over So this is the look that campus point. It's unlike the East Corner campus. And here you can do kayaking. You could do surfing. There's a lot of families. I come here over the weekends. They have this really cool thing where you can go down and red equipment for either by the hour. Or if you get a sixty dollars passed from the rec center, threw event, the Adventure pass. I believe it's only sixty bucks and runs as many things as you want as many times a whole year, and that includes camping here that pallet boards, wetsuits served So I'm at deal, Jerry enough with one of my suitemates, Ricky. I'm busting my stuff run out, but I'll show you around campus and this is Ricky. So we just finished up today that fish tacos because the algae is one of the dining commons that offers Mexican food, so I'll just take a quick run around it. Here we have some of the fish tacos. This is the Mexican station, so it's super cool from San Diego. I love just commenting, getting like Robinson. It is the on one of the on campus dining also. So when I'm like in between classes, if I have like a one o'Clock class and class ends at twelve, I'll just come here, grab some food and then head out spot there's a pasta and pizza station down here. And then there is Justin Porter up station here. So they have some more pasta, and you can ask him to make you like sandwiches, which is really nifty super out for and then right here is last part. It's a burger station. This is our boss station. No stock stuff on done. And then outside of geology is a little place where you can just eat outside with friends. There's some people slack lining out here right now, actually shoot to my close friends, Mike and Ginger. But I'll show you the outside of the here and now I didn't interview about ltc out there on that. This is where Wass just asking with a bunch of people, and this is a bunch of there are not here just messing about my wave. Yeah. That's my and this is just the outside of theology. People mess and the slack line a lot panic. It's none of my friends, Jen. You think he's going to do something cool, so I'll just show you one little thing. Thank you. There you go. That's the outside of theology. I'm right outside of our library. I'm gonna take you for standards in library. It's a pretty big library. State of the art thiss new addition over here and I'm outside of the Davidson. Claude's. It's kind of like the life of campus. Everyone hangs out here. I'm just walking through. You gotta get that anywhere. Class face agree from one side of campus. So, currently getting into it's a pretty awesome library. Everything with you have service kind of right here and reference Come around, help you find anything they want you want to find. So what kind of project librarians are awesome. Forget you like Amy. Look, you need any article and they can help you with exciting in referencing stuff. I highly recommend you chicken home. I'll just take you on a quick block there So these are the computers. That's a really cool place to come if you like having a computer issues and your computer dies. And he could just come here to the crowd. We have a lot of books down hand. This is one of the first line. This is the art architecture there in front of us, from spending spaces here, and as you go further down, they're little glass box and that you can run you really helpful Tournament. Trans reason to study in the term finals to study. We had it for, like three hours Sounds with a bunch of people in there. We have music playing in background and were just like we were sitting for any quality stuff. So it was just a bunch of people in a quiet space where he could make didn't like ask. People tell a client happen. We just like to start on space real nice and then on the other side right now. So you got here? Ocean elevators going up to the top floors. Really nice to go out there. Just study. And some of the client areas as you continue on. This is just a big study space. A lot of people come down here, just basically shut out. The rest found study for it over there, and I'll take you up to the top and show you All right. What's up, guys? So today, I'm going to be showing you around one of the lecture halls and I'm going to my music appreciation class, and it's The lecture is in the music hall, which is right by the university center and kind of in the middle of everything. So it's about, like, a six minute walk from where I live. It's not bad. Oh, so I'll be showing you guys in a little bit. Okay, so right now, we're coming up on the, uh, music hall thing right now. Uh huh. And right over there is where we have the election. It fits. About what? For five hundred people. I think there's, like, four hundred fifty in our lecture. Yeah. Show us that. Looks like all right. What? Thank you. It's Friday going way. Usually what? Right. And this is little look like a lot of people, but man. Yeah. Professor indecision sits up there so look. Yeah. This is what a typical election looks like. Some of the more complex reading. Uh, I am really first on. I send in your paper one duty by today's. That's very a Monday twenty big paper will now be you when? What? You'll hear a lot of, you know. Hey, guys. Welcome back, Thio. Going to be showing you What a typical Saturday Here. You see his B? Looks like so. Let's just check out what my roommates are doing today. And we even I, uh there's a cleaning day, and then we're about to head to the beach in about ten ish minutes. So what is everyone doing today? Any homework? No, no, it's, um, readings. Um, but I'll do that on the beach. No, the scenery, no oceans crash. I honestly feel like I want to take the bus, which we get for free. Oh, wait. Okay, so right now we're heading towards the beach. It's about a five minute walk. I would say it's really close. There's also like a bunch of different beaches that you go to. So we're just going to campus point, I believe, which is one of the more well known. Once I'd say, here's a couple of our friends raid so and Caitlin, they're gonna be joining us all. Get a beach, and I hope you enjoy watching our typical Saturday So this is also part of any capo, which is where we live. We're gonna be talking that way. You can see that, but consort is way over that. Another thing you can do You see a sweet ISS you can just shell out on the lawn. There's a lot of grass area, right? They are doing some homework like great UCC students Dio Keep it up, guys, keep it up. We've made it to the beach. This is a beach that's about sounds like a six seven minute walk from where we tonight. Really cool. Everyone comes here. Just kind of chill out any day, and it still works. Lay out, get a nice tan. Another benefit of UCSB. All right, guys. So that concludes our typical Saturday here. UCSB Basically, we woke up clean their rooms, came to the beach, and then we did some homework. And we're about to head to deal G, which is one of our dining comments, and then I'm just gonna hang out with some friends. So thank you for watching this one. And I'll see you guys next time. Hey, guys. I'm right outside of the engineering building and you see a speak, uh, just take a look right here. This's what? A definitely cities Hardest majors. Take care, too. But before I go more in detail about the engineering building, just look at the amazing lawns in this area. How grasp how green the grass is. It's just so pretty. Right now. Outside of these engineering building, in my opinion, is definitely one of the prettiest police campus. It's also one of the hardest apartments to get into This is a view of one of the little parks that I walk through on my way home. As much as I love you, all of the city and all the little stores here, it's always nice to have those little pockets. Does nature in between? This is kind of a look. I just what ivy is like on any particular day? Um, I really just love living in Isla Vista because it's one really close to everything. It's maybe like a five ten minute walk if you wanted to get groceries or just go get a bite to eat with your friends or go to the beach. Um, you can see across the street we have the co op, which is one of the stores that we frequent most here in Isla Vista because everyone loves he green and local. Um, but I love living here. It's one of the it was beautiful places I've ever Hey, guys, allow me to give you a tour of Isla Vista or Ivy Thie College Town That is right next to campus that is separated by one part all tunnel and yeah, let's begin. I'm on my bike and shining eyes around so as you can see on the left is a part ofthe center. Part all center is basically campuses Resource Center on in Isla Vista, so that makes it easier instead of going onto campus. Uh, there's a lot of bike racks on this area is a lot of food areas. And right here we are at Embarcadero Hall, which is also on Ivy, One of the few extra pose that is on Ivy. And let me show you guys a in detail tour of everything inside. So right here, um, we are walking towards Hana Kitchen, one of our favorite places to eat on Ivy. There are a lot of places to check out an I V and a lot of places to eat. For example, on the left, there is blenders, really good sandwich area. There's Father's banks. There's Starbucks for all use coffee addicts. And here I am with Michelle and Andrea were just checking out ivy again. This is part ofthe center, as I have mentioned. And then that is Ivy Deli market, which is a really popular area for ivy buffalo Cheese fries are a must. I want to. Especially when you get the crunchy munchies. You see, I've just a really pretty nice college town. There aren't any cars. Three transportation by bike or by skateboard. And yeah, you guys ever do to you? Hanging out with friends to catch up. You know, sometimes this is the bike shop about my bike here and most people do by their bikes here. Since there is a huge biking community we have, I think, over five bike shops Justin Ivy alone. This is one of those secret spots, and I'd be It's called the tunnel, and it's an art installation, that kind of bridges campus on ivy so beautiful. Everyone. So why not at the live here? And so, yeah, let's go and get some studying done. So let's go take out with a library here. Looks like so the library is split into two. On one side, we have the ocean. This is the mountainside and on the other side is the ocean side. The difference is is that matters. Science was facing the mountains and the ocean size face towards the ocean. Now here is the front entrance. Let's go inside. There's about four entrances here. The UCSB library. You look to the rice. There is a reference desk where he can ask Teo borrow books, Um, and there's a lost and found in the front. That's something I personally always have to go to. Personally, I think the library here is really nice, definitely architecturally intense. There's some printers there on the right or the left side. There's some studying areas. Most of the students come to the library just to study, though I really see people ever check out books other than textbooks that need to be held on reserve. All right, here's some more studying spaces. The first one at UCSB Library is very, very gorgeous. There's a lot of laptops that makes it really accessible for students to use that they need to print. Or if maybe their WiFi isn't working at home. Yes, this is one section of it. Let's check out other the mountainside. Now, here's a little. Here's a different entrance that were coming into. And there's a little coffee shop front here so that if you are stuck in the library, that's very easy to get. You know, some coffee, some drinks just refreshing up. So most of the students, for example like me, will stay here overnight. Oh, the good thing is, library is open twenty four seven all the time. So it makes it really easy if you want to crash over here and just cram some midterms and s information. Now. Right now we're on the fourth floor. Now. This is the quiet floors and put Isa really nice area If you really don't want sounds outside and we're walking downstairs from the fourth floor just to show you guys with the second floor area looks like thie. Entire library is eight floors high and I believe study from the third floor in up is all quiet floors. And the first and second floors are mostly areas where groups can get together and have group discussions so that you don't necessarily have to be extremely quiet. And that is about everything there is to the library. Honestly, the library is so big, I could never show you guys the entire place. But this is the basics of it, and I hope you can enjoy it. I keep you just a little bit. Yeah, my name's Michelle Long. And I'm a Nikon student at UCSB. I'm a second year, nineteen years old for Social Security. Coming. Yeah, Thomas eases the hardest part about Major. I would definitely say the hardest part of my major is just one of the first few introductory classes. They're definitely not made to be extremely easy, but it's also one of the best parts. It's just really rewarding when you put in the effort and you see what you get out of it. And the professor's really do care. They really do take the time to make sure you understand everything is just so rewarding when you actually come out of the class feeling that you learned something new that's cool. Keep everyone tows. UCSB. Yeah, definitely. I remember in high school, I actually went on the huge tour like I saw UCSF, the A U s. Just all the so Cal schools, and it just really the environment here was just kind of be matched. Uh, they just The Mekong program here is amazing, along with all the other programs here. And once you step into UCSB, itjust is completely different. You feel like you're just in this place. Everyone here so diverse. It's beautiful. And all the departments are just so well put together. It's just hard to say no. All right now, this guy was getting body in three words. Honestly, honestly, I would say divers would definitely be one. The population. You see, every type of student here, um, respectful. Everyone here is just so helpful, so respectful of your space. And then I would definitely say intelligent. I've just met so many smart people here. It's insane. Top of the proposed to eat on campus in Isla Vista. My favorite place to be on campus will probably be Panda Express And the You said it's just a classic Andi off campus, and I've definitely hot occasion. You'll see a lot of people there. Your order will take a little off, but that's just cause it's really great there. All right, tell me your favorite part about the You see, it's my favorite part. Definitely. I would say the beaches there just It's so beautiful. It's a five minute walk from camp. It's the beach. It's just hard to avoid. So you just gotta go. And what's your least. They're part of my lease. Your part would be definitely acknowledging that UCSD is the public stole it. It can be difficult to get your classes, but if you do try hard enough, you'll get them. But definitely you have to really want a class to get it right before leaving. Give me one advice of the fresh ones. Are transfers coming to UCSB? I would just say half on your first year. You know, Don't take everything too seriously. If you don't get a class, it's not the end of the world. A lot of freshmen and translations come in thinking they have to do it. Perfect. But it's really just your time, Tio. Explore. And you'll never get a time to be a new student at U. C s me again. So just take it one day at a time and Feel this need to this Amy Good transformed into a zombie run. Day four. All right, all right. I think I really give frank a shot. All right, Here. Alright. Introduce yourself a little bit. Alright, So high minded this case, they said I'm a second year economy accounting major, and I'm also part of a fried duck. All right, So tell me, what is one thing you like about being UCSB? I think it's honestly like the people because I came into this college thinking that is going to be a whole party school and everything. But I think that whole entire lake reputation comes from the fact that everyone's down to have a conversation with you. And that's honestly such a great, like, atmosphere and environment. Like I could be in line buying something and like the guy in front of would be, well, okay, like talking about what's going on, how his life is. Basically, everyone's down to have a good conversation You and some of my best conversations have been with, like, random people in UCSB. I think that what's the least here part values his feed It gets a bit competitive at times just because, like, I guess, there are a lot of impacted. Major is, and we are really procedure school now. So I guess that comes into play choice sometimes. Yeah, just bring over a world. I know so many kids. Oh my God, the freshman class, It's you this freaking huge now. So you're also a frat, right? Just have a little bit about what your friend does, all right, So basically I'm a part of Delta Sigma Pi, which is a coed business fraternity. And it's just It's an amazing place to be because there are a lot of people with similar career path with me. Similar mindset, because it's very like doesn't My PI has only specific business majors, usually so it kind of county, financial mad Statistics Nikon. Just all this fun business majors. And it's just interesting because I joined because I wanted to learn more about what kind of career paths my major can take me. And I found so many different routes I can take, which I really appreciate it saying that people, what kind of person do you think would fit in at GSP or any other professional friend a person whose social but at the same time, driven, You know what I mean? Like, in the end, I first and foremost thing is they getting a grade so you can get a good job in the future. Like taking not justcause grades is just one part taking the right steps to find the perfect career for you. And that's what our goal is when we come in here and like, all like being opportunities really fun. But that the main thing is just finding that perfect career path for you. And I think GSP doesn't really good job. Christ. Yeah, that's good. This is one of my favorite spot on campus for a hall. Not only is it oh, Edie Platinum certified, which is the highest sustainability architecture award you can win. He also holds my major environmental studies. So I'm gonna tell you a little bit how I ended up switching majors and end up in this major. Um, I originally it was a pre bio major for zoology. It was something that I I was really, really excited about. And I, uh and not a lot of schools offer zoology, so it was just kind of it felt like a perfect fit for me because the perfect school I was going to hide my perfect major until I ended up taking these classes that no matter how hard I studied, it just felt like I was failing and felt like I did not fit. And so that was really hard for me. And it made my experience that, you see is b a lot harder and just not as enjoyable. And at some point but kind of the end of my second year, um, as a pre bio student, I had to really like, think about what I wanted and what paths I could take to get to the place that I want to be at, whether that be in my career, whether that be in my college career. And I just knew the path that I was taking was not working out. So I talked to a couple different departments and one of the department's was here. It was an adviser here at environmental studies, and I sort of doubt sat down with him and talk to him about the classes that I had already taken and the ones that I excelled in and the ones I struggled with. And it ended up working out that environmental studies the pre, uh, the cost is that you have to take before you get into the major. Ah, lot of them I had already taken on. A lot of them were the ones, so I really, really enjoyed. And so my advice when it comes to going to college anywhere, um, not even just you see, a speed is don't be afraid to change your major. Come on. If things aren't working out the way that you want them to, you only have four years in college to make the most of them, so don't go it into a major. That you know is not is just gonna be a struggle the entire time, and it's just going to ruin your college experience. That being said, if there is nothing wrong with choosing a challenging major and knowing that the classes that you're taking are hard but your mental health and, um, just your lifestyle is also very important in college. So make sure that there's a healthy balance for you. And if things aren't working out, don't be afraid to change because almost every single student at UCSB has changed their major at least once, if not failed a class. You're going to fail a class in college and it's going to suck. But it happens to everyone, and it's so easy to make up that class or to just do better next time and not. And it's important not to do well on those failures because they teach you howto put yourself on the right So this is a look at our rec center. Right here is one of our main Jim's. That's basketball. We also have another big building back there for that's called Pavilion Jim. That is also for basketball. It also holds tournaments. You can see a little with side right there. We also have our chronic center, which offers an Olympic sized pool. A sixteen person Jacuzzi lab's pretty much the best spot to go to after classes when it gets really, really hot. We also have a couple other gems for things like weight lifting and machines that are huge. Factor here, which is the main Jim. We have a bunch of cardio machines, treadmills, things like that. And I'll show you back here. Here's what? My favorite spots all over in the back just called the Mac for the multi activity center. And then once we get in there, I'll show you a little bit about what they've got there. So this is a look at the rock climbing wall that we have in the Mac. It's part of the adventure program, which is a program on campus or through the rec center that, um, does a whole bunch of cool hiking and backpacking trips and, um, slack. You know those things. This is where they have inner mural, um, indoor soccer, which is super popular. You can just grab a team of your friends and play other gauchos with inner murals. Um, these are some of our state of the art, All right, So this is the counselling Career services building to think building here on campus. And I'm just tell you why it's been important academic building here, all right, So the reason why the counseling for your services center is just so important because it has this program inside of it, where it's all about mental health. And, um, college can be a very stressful time where you just don't know how to cope with things. And so it's just a really cool place that you get to go Teo. Also, another pro tip is they have massage chairs and egg chairs in there, which you Khun go in and use for free. So I would highly recommend it's really nice to use those when you're just having a stressful day, anything like So I just want to fill up the cattle. Me and my whole mates have a tradition. We would just do tea every day at around noon, and I'm going out for some ends, but they're in a triple with an ocean side view, so I thought I'd show that your a lot you get. Yeah. So this isn't it. I interviewed him a forty minute. This is Liam. He was suffering through homework yesterday, and they actually wood tree ask her. I'm not a great one. We are on the fifth floor. Was kind of hectic. Thank you. Safe. That's our dining commons right out there. Uh, I'll show you a video that we have a pool too right down here to supervise. I'll give you a little tour of fifteen event, but this is a triple Big cramps done up here. Two down here. Wei have come flooding on our floor, but not too bad. Yeah. This is also a sweet style out there. So bathroom. Something on there. You saw it already? Then they have a closet here. Closet right there for Liam. And Nick has his storage under the bed, so Hey, yeah, that's a triple in Hello, everyone. I'm back with another video today. I'm gonna be talking about some quick fax about UCSB. All right, So let's start off with we have around twenty two, a little over twenty two thousand under God's, and then a couple of thousand graduate students here. So we're primarily an undergraduate school. We're a well known research facility, which means that we take a lot of pride in our and the opportunities of research for undergrads, Roget students anyone can really participate in. And it's a really cool thing. Another cool thing about you CIA speeds that we were ranked number one green school by the Princeton Review and what that means. Basically, our sustainability ranking is really, really high. And that has to do with also like architecture. Or so for example, one of our environmental studies buildings. There's a lot of windows, and it's designed Tio let inasmuch naturalized possible, so we don't have to use as much like real lights and waste energy like that were also the number five Public university I was recently released. I think this year Greek life. I personally did not rush, and I'm not really planning on rushing pick life here is the thing, but it's not as big as a lot of other schools and you're still going to meet plenty of people. So the popular majors here are, I would say, a lot of the stem field majors just because we are a research institution, so there's a lot more not emphasise, but opportunities for those kind of feels. But I am a communications major, and so I'm not in the stun field, but they still really good program. So honestly, there's a lot of variety that this school has to offer, So if you are some major, that's better for you. But also you aren't. It's still a really good school, all right? Says sports culture. Unfortunately, we do not have a football team, which for me was a little bit of a bummer. But we do have a really good soccer team for men and women and all the other sports. Basically, they could think of everyone goes most of the men's soccer games and to those games. We bring tortillas and then we just throw him onto the field. Whenever I like, we score early, see like a bad car, something, and it's just a cool thing that is like a traditions been going on for a