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All right. We are currently walking right next to Kirkbride Hall, which happens to be as my friend right here, knows a lot of quick facts about it. God, I do know a lot of quick facts about Kirkbride. So to our left is Cartwright Hall, and it was named after Dr Kirkbride, who made the first study abroad program in the United States. So University of Delaware actually has, like the first study abroad program ever. And he took his students on a two month long boat journey to France. And I think it's like a nineteen thirty, but oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Tons of study abroad. Opportunities. Yeah, pretty much. You guys can see this place has about between five and six lecture holes. And I mean, it's a pretty nice looking building. And as you can see, right here where my friend is dead, it's the label for kick, right. Good morning, guys. I'm off to class, and I thought I would just share to you a little bit about my morning routine, and I'd stop to show you the turf on North campus. So this is a turf that people go toe hang out, play some soccer and whatnot. And, yeah, we have this turf also, um, on East Campus, where a lot of the freshman live. It's pretty much identical to this one, but, yeah, typical morning for me. Looks like I get up. I go to practice sometimes. And then I come back and start my really more than, like normal people. Uh, well, typically have breakfast with my roommates. Um, most of the freshmen will go to the dining halls with their roommates or teammates, friends, whatever. And then we'll be off to class. A lot of people have morning classes on DH. That's pretty much what a normal morning looks like. Some people will get early. Start in the library. Some people, we'll go to the gym, but yep. I thought some morning for me and this is a Hey, guys, what's up? I'm here in Smith Hall, which is a lot of signs classes in this building. But I'm here to show you a lecture hall. So this is what a typical lecture hall will look like. It may seem a little bit large, but it's really not a lot of the classes that are large like this. We'll have something called a Nike liquor, which is a little remote control where the professor rule post a question on the board and you'll click in your answer. That way they can take your attendance. And you, Khun, actively participate, which is a really cool and fun way to do that. So I would say this is about maybe one hundred seats or self. So nothing too dramatic on this is pretty much like the biggest class I've ever had would be about this size. But, yeah, the professor will stand up here in the front. There's multiple screens on each side. That way you can really see lots of blackboard space. Those blackboards move up and down, which is really cool. Um, you can see here. This might have been first science experiment. You see the little gas nozzles and what not, but yeah, this is a typical lecture hall at you. So if you guys remember I was talking about Gore a hole right here. Uh, right now we are in front of what's to be known as the party hall. There's a quick little fact that goes along with this. So as many might know, DuPont and Gore actually are some chemical companies. And, well, this guy right here was built in nineteen. Work wasn't idea. Nineteen ninety eight. Oh, and as you can see, there is four pillars coming out of it. Depart itself was built in O A. Oh, too. And we'll have six pillars and they simply just percent stay. I guess there the spirit of competition that they have because, well, they want to outdo each other, so upon has six trying to be the gore. So this is the green where most of the academic buildings are on our campus and the green is currently recovering from winter's. So excuse its presence. It's usually a lot prettier, and these arches ahead are known as the kissing arches because when Delaware was separated on one side for females on the other side, for males, this is where sweethearts would say goodbye to each other before curfew every night. So if you kiss under these arches, you secure your double del status, which basically means you both graduated from Delaware. And once we keep walking there, we end up in this part. And this is where Morris library is along with other academic buildings, and if you keep walking there, Across the street from us is true Bond, which is one of the students, enters and is located on south of Main Street. Once you get inside it, a super colorful and decorated and you D gear and there's also tons of food places to eat up. Personally, I usually get Quiznos, Chick fil A or Sushi, and if you just keep walking, there's tons of tables I have a look. Look every day. No Morris Library. Wait. So this is the private Weatherly Contar Man, these double doors. This is probably So this is a first for the library. There's a compunction lounges, and you can study basically anywhere. Here's one example of ah place that's pretty silent study. And here some books you can also check out from the library. No free English. You sometimes need to have a research favor. The requires, like a lot of text books for that, so you confirm like a ton of those and hear some more books as well. So many books, You khun clearly friend a lot. Sometimes even textbooks for crosses may be located. You not to purchase some from the bookstore. It was pretty convenient. Says more, uh, first four. Stuff. Another place where all for study just anywhere. No. And lastly, here's the basement from saying, cried my Viking fans. So this is also another place that's like really, really quiet, calm and study. They have extremely comfy chairs that I like to sit in. You're sitting. So I was sitting on the bench So now I'm going to take you on my way to class, and I'm going to tell you guys a little bit more about you d while we go there. So you D has eighteen thousand undergrad students right now, which honestly sounds like a lot, but I don't feel that way just because I feel like whenever I'm on campus, I'm always seeing people. I know I'm running into people in the library or Starbucks on Main Street, which is where, like all our food places are so honestly it does not feel that big at all. An average walk to class will take me like ten to fifteen minutes, and wild camps is big. I honestly feel like it's the perfect size for me, and I come from a city. So a sub urban campus is different. But it's also perfect in its own way, so that upcoming light is the bane of my existence because it takes forever. And these train tracks have made me late to class countless amount of times. And honestly, we never know when the train's coming until Hey, guys. I'm here in the lab. This is Will it Hall. And we have a lot of food and nutrition classes that happened to here. So this is a food lab that you show you, so hey. So let me show you around this food. So the front section is like a classroom. The professionals will write on the boards and stuff and then say hi. This is I'm at the Food in Culinary Club right now. So are some people. So yeah, these are this's a food lab. So every station has a stove, a sink, and they're all filled with everything that you might need for a lab in here. So that's about it for a lab that you did CIA. Trust me. So this is me and my friend Kylie, and we're on our way to the gym and where they're pretty often, so we're gonna show you guys around. We like working out on the second floor because there's a lot of space and it has a great view. But the first force pretty good, too. There's more machines for lifting, I believe. But I'm not an expert with that. We also have a rock climbing wall, which students use every now and then and three or four James with basketball courts. So there's always someone playing students. I don't have time to be pretty active, so we also have a CrossFit gym and a pool which cannot be shown because there is a meat today. If you like working out, there's definitely something here that So these are the kissing arches. There's another one on the other side. They come through this way. On the other line. I honey back on moving day. My freshman year, Uh, I was with my friend and Erica and a spider came up from here and cross checked out his back. We offset it running absolutely hilarious. We'll get more videos of bickering for there's Braun. Okay, we're back on the green. There's no one out today, but it's not super normal. Again. That's where, like all your other halls of residence, academic build eggs, I want to be located. Great, There's another one over there. I like when the sun is shining because you could really see like how pretty. For the campuses continue. All right, guys. So this is my friend yelling, and she's gonna tell you a little bit about yourself. All right? So what do you this I am a sophomore at the University of Delaware, majoring in my laboratory sciences. Um, my future quarter is to become a medical lab for scientists like a hospital. So what's your favorite thing to do on him? Uh, my favorite thing to do on campus right there than well, other than just hanging out with friends is to volunteer with compact. It's one of the organization's at the university of Dollars. That's pretty cool of Yemeni advice for any incoming freshman. Yes. Go to office hours and basically go to tutors and make friends get their numbers, do some study sessions because you leave. It will be worth it for the exams. Okay, so we can't really go inside of the lab, but I'm trying to make sure you like a sneak peek. It's not only interest like whatever, lad in my happier not that one. But it's okay. Also, they do have tearing sessions upstairs in room three. One fourteen we went for that can help you with integrated can one of seven come one of mine come one or three and then just regular bio. So I was that my first semester, which was pretty convenient. Help me get good grades in my classes. And that's more of the lab. So that's Einstein's, which is nice, even get like a bunch of bagels. If you have classes here, that's like even spots to go get coffee bagels. Sometimes I get breakfast sandwiches. Up stern more places to study. Which is like one thing that's good about you do. You could always find a place deciding like any building there, right? Of any classrooms are. In this video, I'm going to be showing you guys a few academic buildings, and we're going to start with Smith Hall And Smith. Hall is famous for Smith Books, which is what dull? Where students called the Starbucks at Smith, it takes Yu D dining plan point and flex. So Starbucks is often packed Monday through Friday, and it's open till five o'clock. There are also a ton of classrooms here and two of the bigger lecture halls. Once you leave Smith and there's a little bridge connecting it to Gore and Gore is one of the prettier buildings on campus may not look this way now because it's been particularly gloomy these past few weeks. But I'm guessing it's because spring is coming because it's been raining a lot. But normally we have all four seasons, and it was really cold in the winter and really warm in the early fall. So hopefully it gets warm again. And now we got inside. Gore Gore is my absolute favorite building on campus, and a lot of students will agree because, well, look at it. It is showed ice. There's tables. It's three floors. People usually hang out, and there's a pot here, which is like a little supermarket with food, and I like the classrooms. This's what most of the classrooms at Gore look like. There's a pull down projector, though. Some of them have built in projectors, and there's a lot of space to sit now just to show you guys wide. This building get so much hype. The view from the upper floors is so nice. I mean, it was nice. One bottom, too. But it's just, I don't know. Everyone likes this building so much, and I really understand So this is the North turf that is located on North Campus, right next to Penn Cater Dining Home. There is also Ah Harrington Turf on the side of East Campus, but pretty much people just play sports here. When it's nice out today, it's kind of empty because it's gloomy. But it's a nice space and students love to study here when it's nice out. Hey, guys, I'm here on the south green and today I'm going to tell you about what the school sizes like here and how that impacts my time here and a little bit about the weather. So the University of Delaware is a fairly large school, but it's not overwhelming, which is something I really love. I think since it's kind of big, there's just so many opportunities, which makes it amazing. I wouldn't want to go to a smaller school. I think it's fun to be able to meet people all the time but still say hi to people, you know. Um and then in terms of the weather, the weather here is a little bit crazy. I will have to say, You can see It's pretty windy right now. Uh, here. So it's really beautiful. Hey, guys, I just wanted to make a quick video and talk a little bit about campus safety because I think that something super important, especially when you're deciding where you might want to go to school. So I just want to share my personal experience and tell you how safe I feel here. So we have this thing on our campus called the Blue Light System. So the idea is that no matter where you are in campus, you should be able to see a blue light. And then from that blue light, you should be able to see another blue light. And this system is in place so that you can run over to the blue light, hit the button and dial the police. And that way, if you're ever feeling safe, you could just go there, press the button and somebody will be there to help you. We also have this policy on our campus, where you can hit the blue light and asked for an escort home. So say it's three a m and you're at the library and you don't feel safe walking back to your dorm. You can press the button and police officer will come and escort you back to your dorm so there's no need to feel unsafe. And we also have this nice app called the Lives Safe app. So on this app, you you can get in and your friends can all get it. And then you can, like, track each other walking. So say you're the library and your roommates back to her dorm. She can watch you on the map to make sure that you get back Okay, which is something that's really cool. And also on that app you, Khun, send anonymous messages to the police. So if you want to report something but don't feel comfortable calling, you can always do that. And yes, so we're we're protected by both. The Newark, which is the city were in the Newark police and the U DPD. Which is the, um, universities. Police. So there's lots of police around always there to help you. There's crossing guards to help you cross the street on the weekends. There's like a big station police vehicle. There are you to help anybody who's in danger and case you're at apartment here. Something and something goes wrong. They're there to help you were big, really big promoters of amnesty. So if you're ever at a party and something goes wrong, you can call the police and nobody's going to get in trouble or anything. So I've always felt super safe here. And I know that all my friends have to Andi, I really loved the blue light system. And having all the police around makes you feel really, really safe. And all the buildings are locked to use your idea to get in tighter dorm. So no strangers can go in and we get alerts on her phone if something bad is going on, and you need to be aware of it. But yeah, I feel super safe at UT. Even late at night. I've never had to. He was a blue light before because it is so safe. But yeah, I hope you find you d just Hey, guys. So right now I won't pass it to my friend Anthony, who happens to have a couple little facts about this building right here behind us guys. So we're standing in front of ah, harder hall here. Harder. Hall is named for George a harder. He was president of Delaware College from eighteen. Ninety six. Nineteen. Fourteen. Um, and a fun fact about this building. Uh, Joe Biden used to live here when Craig bride, which is that building right there. Now it is kind of circular shape, and there's a lot of classrooms and lecture halls. They're Kirkbride is also right next to Smith, which is right over there, and I'll show you that building more in the next video. But for now, here's Kirkbride, and I'm going to take you in one of the classrooms. So this is the room. I had accounting and last semester. So it's relatively big, but not too big. And I also know a few people at Cal HQ there. So this is like about one hundred, one hundred Hi, everybody. I'm walking to North Campus, where my dorm is located way walk across this beautiful bridge every single day. And these are my friends. We just got back from Iraq to say, Hi, everybody. So this is what a typical morning looks like for us Way Go for these beautiful walks There's a dining hall located on North campus and freshman dorms and upperclassmen. Dorms. Where I live is called the Christiana Towers, their apartment style housing. So we have a little kitchen inside, and we're not required to have a meal plan. And everybody else, uh, it lives in regular dorms. They have a meal plan, and there's a nice turf on the North campus where people play soccer in the mornings and it's a nice little community up here. So this isn't say Bye, everybody. Hello, everyone. So now we are at street, currently known as Old College in old college. All cars wass made in seventy eighty three, I believe, and used to be known as new work college. Uh, much. This used to be the main building right here. Uh, used to have everything from the dining hall, too, where the classes were happening and even Well, I was at the moment. The dorms, As you can see, right here, this path that falls up to the main door physical battle, believe witches. You have me recognizable. It goes all the way up to the main steps. Be a nice place to go. It's nice and historic and is well recognized throughout entire Also on another quick fact underneath true Bond, where we are, there's actually a tea either that normally gets used every couple of every couple of days, you hear, they tend to show movies and stuff like that. Right now, there are there's going to be a conference happening, which, luckily, I managed to get here before people did so I could show you guys the TV itself. Experian ized the movie's itself. They tend to be fourteen to a concert. Generally, the other prisoner releases in there. Yeah, they're three dollars for uni students. And no news to this thing, too. Be like fight between five and seven. So it's no ever on expensive things you detest to make up prices really affordable and convenient for the students. Never. It's like Fridays and Saturday nights just so people Hello. Everyone will to talk about nice place to go to. It's going to be thiss building them right now, which is out Gore Hall at Goro home. Much. It's one of the oldest buildings that the university offers. It's a nice conceits, such a beautiful place. Currently, I'm when I'm in the third floor studying because it's exam week and, well, one of the little legends that goes around here. The is once you have reached the dirt floor. Well, getting closer to your goal's pretty much trying Tio. Finish up in there like finishing touches. And, yeah, pretty much those who take classes on the gin really excited in tend to be like pretty close to finishing up whatever subjects or their major is. If you are in a turf war, such a beautiful place during the weekends pretty much always open any classrooms around you. The tend to be open during the weekends so one can go around just one around, study in any classroom whatsoever, which is one of the greatest things Guys. We're currently at the University of Delaware. Feel house. This is where sports tend to come to practice. Depending on the weather, you're pretty. So you're currently in front of Perkins is Erica. Hi. And we're waiting for the bus as you in, like, five. Right there. He's a dining hall. And that's President's home, also called CR Here, Lance. All the way over there, man. I'm about to get on it. Right. Okay, guys. So today with me, I have my roommate Did. Erica, why do you want to tell them a little bit about yourself? My name is Derek. Oh, I'm a sophomore nursing student at the University of Delaware. My roommate. It's a fear the answer. That's it. Okay, So the first question I ask you is what do you like most about you? D um I like the fact that there's so many clubs and organizations to become a part ofthe right, Right? I like that. I like the fact that, um, the nursing program is very good. It's very challenging. And I feel like we really learned what we need for the actual field. So I like my, uh, major. That's good. That's good. So what has been possibly your best experience, Okay. My best experience on campus. We'll probably be when I, uh, volunteered for Lawrie's hands. No. Okay. You know my music. My best experience. Come on. Campus would have to be, um, the kickbacks with Black UD and Dasa. Yuri Deller, African Student Association. Um, I also like the performances I did with my dance team. Aphrodisiac. That was fun. That's cool. Um, some me and derek are we've been roommates, is in our second year be a room maids and were very close. So that's a good thing. And I just think it's important to establish, you know, fresh shit with your room because, you know, you have to live with them for the entire years. Same. I will get to know them, um, the way our roommate system works here, like you fill out an application like the housing application, and then you've got like, how about the questionnaire for roommates about, like, what they like and what they don't like, So you kind of get to know them a little bit. You can just, like, message someone, you know, get to know how they live like and all right, So don't tell me about what clubs and organizations were involved in that you didn't. Um here at U T. I am involved in a herd. Easier. What? I said I'm involved in Dasa, Delaware, African Soon association, um, student nursing organization, multicultural Sze to dinner, seeing organization and Lawrie's hands. It was cool. Do you have any tips for, like, incoming freshmen about what you do is going to be like for them? Were favorite part about you. T kind of thing. I would say that my number one tip is don't try and change yourself because I think that's something that a lot of freshmen d'oh but just little E b the way you've always been. Don't try and please others territory. And also, I think, just trying something. You just really going out of your comfort zone to, like, start talking to. People were joining clubs, even if it just sounds remotely interesting. Just sign up and see All right, guys, this is foolish. Currently, the students more. So what's your major when their science? What do you like most about you? I think I like most traditional cards. It's a really pretty campus. I like walking. What clubs and organizations are you? I'm sorry. Priest Freeman organization along to your coordinator and also part of Beach P. Tio. Just It's an organization that helps you become more about the community through different organizations. Oh, and do you have any tips for any incoming incoming freshman? I say, don't get involved in, like, ten different organizations. Pink, like three or four thatyou're really like coming into you, and you're really passionate about and make that thing. All right. Thank you. Okay, So, guys, this is what a typical lecture hall looks like. This is Brown, and there's so many seats there also really, really comfy. Like you come this way, please. But you should because it's classic. Um, typically here I had. Oh, chemistry are non taking organic chemistry. Sorry. Just have passed in this classroom. Um, I also took Jan. Camp one. Oh, seven. So that's what I had here. I am quite painful, but, um, quite beneficial to have such, like a big lectured home anywhere. Everything projects a ball for that screen. So round. It is also located on he's campus Kinda like where I showed you one, two, three. Hello, everyone. So this is the last stop. Right now, we are writing from the ER the Delaware Stadium. Where or Nice division one blue hands much everyone right there is the love carpenters center where planes and right here, you see? Nice. No. Begin this semester. I believe it. Wass there. Nice known Joe Flacco showed up from the Ravens and I believe actually. Joe Biden also has come here and just, you know, witness some of the games before, so it's a pretty nice place. There's always had really good atmosphere there. You never wear normally offers nice. So when the years whenever you go to the games, so like the first five hundred people gets like a shirt or something from the game. So it's always a pretty nice place to go to and like, just watch the games. They have some fun with your friends. Sally. I cannot show you the inside because, well, there is no games going on right now. We're out of the season. So besides that, I hope you guys enjoyed these quick little view This quite a lot that I'm that it's amazing, But Sally, that's as One of my favorite places to hang out at is at the Perkin Student Center and specifically that little room over there, cause it has the compass. Little couches, though right now, their tables there. So it seems like there's been an event. Sorry, control. If you walk up the steps and then you go to he left will be at Sorbonne. You are the right you'll be on Main Street no more. It's pretty sunny days. Nice house. You are, as Iranians have been this past week. A lot of people like to say that is a you deal X rated on Tuesdays, which is quite true. Still talking. That's another her president fielding about two back Hello, everyone. So pretty much we are currently at what's to be known as the Eco Circle. My friend Lazar will be doing a small demonstration of what it does. Apparently, every time you stand up right where they cross, he said, you can stand there and talk, and it tells us he there was an echo around you, but nobody always besides yourself here. Yeah, guys. So it's literally this circle. You stand in it and it sounds like Seat, I'm talking right now and it sounds so weird. But like you, you talk. You say something and it sounds like you're in like an echo chamber. But no one else around you can hear it's so Hi, everyone. So now when this question about your going to college, you know that one of the things that you have to worry about if you were to be going south love to, you know, go for summer kind hot weather If you go to university and upstate Colin here University of Delaware. Pretty much when it's early fall towards middle of fall. It's a nice temple. Temperature is not too cold. It's nice and just, you know, just from like that was when it goes into winter, how it's like the winters here. So actually, like I recently, at least this year, like the temperatures have just been very fluctuating. But regularly, the winters aren't too bad. They're not, like super brutal or anything. No, we like definitely. You would want to bring, like, a nice, heavy Jeff to keep yourself protected from the cold, but it's nothing like you're gonna, you know, get frostbite. Yeah, if you have a few heavy jacket. Yeah, like a nice pair of boots. Yeah, definitely boots, if you like. I have a jacket and boots winners not be a problem for you. And like, if it's no, it's like snowing Aton our force your class. Anyway. So you two stay inside? Exactly. Well, one just has to be really careful, Lady. This at least this semester. Right now, we're in spring semester it past being crazy. February itself has gone from being almost spring like I'm talking good sixties to dropping down to twenties or fifteen. Be aware of that now what? Towards the end of the spring, girls like, I think, at least towards the end of spring. It's not that bad, like you're goingto have temperatures in the eighties and nineties. It's not bad. I just dress like it's summer, you know? I mean, it's not. It's not terrible if you're in a dorm with a C, have a fan the way that it's not really that bad on like there's plenty of liking your the Libra right there. That's why go the library had air conditioning. I can't wait for the spring, really, it's it's pretty nice toe spring. At least one is like sunny out. When it's raining. It's like my favorite. My favorite thing about spring is just finally being able to go outside and play for us. That's me. So next? Well, pretty much as you guys can tell the temperatures. They do fluctuate a little bit worse. They called this month's, but before there are after that, it's very much a nice call type of weather. It's nice and easy just to be worn jeans or a life jacket. I see you guys in the next I really can't back. Very pretty. Something I love about you. It's very nice that long lasting pictures here if you're a senior and you're graduating, so just it's just beautiful. So, Christy? This is where I say a picture with my brother when he graduated from radio. Everyone's like on the green and they have So we're back on campus. Y'all You're back on campus backed by park it. Oh, my. You can't talk. It's fine. It's great. OK, ok, Over. So I and on campus again. Are you still live in that building? Reading? Um, So we're walking to Russell to go get some food. That's Russell. And there's also a dorm. Hold on. Russell Ganga. I'm colored. Yeah, and it's tonight's breezy day here at U of T. Get that. Here. Get up bar. So for walking on the bridge that far North campus trying to get to the pod with my roomie and kind of dad because it's like a Saturday night. We're about to go the park because we're having some a late night craving pick a regular college kid. So we're about to go into your home. They have, like, a bunch of action. Thank you. I found this drink. Nice D'oh. Clashes are very nice. You. Prince. I'm pretty sure somewhere very like Martin Warren. I actually got lost. Yeah. Freshman orientation. So, guys, we're intra bar just passing through. You could get some Chick Fil A Chick fil a and burgers. And what us? No shakes, all that pizza. Sushi. But you do have to use points here. We don't have any meal plan to use it. They have can too. Over there. Hey! This one time I lost my debit card, but I had to come to the bank. I think they're gonna say that. So we're currently in a memorial crash. How one in the crash room have the chalkboard Right now, I'm waiting for a meeting, and I'm kind of talking low just because so what are you watching? But how in the cautions? Look, if we ever have any classes memorial, they also have, like, agree writing resource in turn. And I went there Matlock my freshman year, so So I don't show you guys a little bit of how my room looks like where I live. So I live in Ray St B, which is on North campus. This kind of about, I would say ten minutes from tomorrow, maybe accept it from the dining coffin. Peter. We live in a sweet style. That's why most of the dorms are like Senator in all the Race Street complexes. Uh, we have a user trashes he and says Our sink. It's interesting because they feel like a sink in the bathroom and are the best seat in the back. Where is it? Mainly share he and that's our sign. Town. Hand. I'm sorry about No, that's mine. Africans life shoe like really. And here I have a shoe rack where I keep, like what she was unaware for. Let's see. Now that summer's over, you have me bring out the boots. Damn shower shoes. Actually, you never know what she had to step into. I started Lee recommended for communal if it's a must on here. Here hand. You have far too little death. His mind is Derrick, cause my remains And this isn't really How are you? Our drama set up. Get first, lady. Too bad it's like over there. And then the task was like facing that sigh. So, you know, this isn't like the mandatory set up. Always change like the way you want. Oh, how do you look? I know this was ours, right? So this is my side. I have, like, cute little tapestry gun flag, some board Croat ut Welcome. Sign that white and polka dots. This is also my death. Where have you but your stuff in my jewelry box? No. They're gonna flag some perfume and tissues because I get sick a lot. Um, yeah. So, again, this isn't like the set of you guys have to have, but this is just the way me and my roommate decided to set things up, So I like it. A fun fact about D case, you know, is rated the number one party school Princeton review this year. So heads up. And that's my roommate side. Derek Carr. She likes a keeper snacks and like the containers. No, I just like Tio put my snacks, kind of like up there, flowed out of her reach. But, you know, it's okay. And I like how our view this year is like, It's not great, but it's great for lead because I can see what's going on outside that all the time. Um, it's like, this is the front of Ray and across Over there you can see because all the trees that across from there is Ray St C. So kind of like to see like was walking outside and what the weather is going to be like and the windows don't open. You know, just for II, what is kind of a good thing. It doesn't open. Loki canned air, this tapestry. Which door hand from like, way, great kind of stuff. In making a little bit of my little stickers. I will say if you guys are going to invest in the computer, please make sure you buy the one that's going to last you. Like all four years I bought one my freshman year. Last me only a year. Only that year. And, you know, instantly had to rush literally, probably three days before moving day started to go find a new laptop. I just decided to buy a mat because I know it's going to last me. Sam. I know there's other good peces and Max, You know, I like my Little Mac. Think it's quality on my blankets over there, and that's Okay, so right now we are in front of what's to be known as Wolf Hall and one little cool thing of information she gets gets you right there. It spells Mom. Nice to be thought that it was pretty much set up like that, because this is the psychological building so much they want to know how many people actually would call their mom's after breathing that and actually realising itself. So far, it was just like it's seems to be a myth. It has nothing confirmed, but I It's for the interesting thing to know. Hey, guys. I'm Alina, sir. Beena and I'm currently a junior at the University of Delaware. I'm going to be showing you around you d. And I hope you guys enjoy my school because I absolutely love going here. I transferred in the fall, and I've honestly loved it ever since. I'm a marketing major with a minor in international business, and I'm part of four five clubs on campus as well as the cheerleading team, so I am very involved. And honestly, I would not trade my experience here for anything else, so let's get started. So the question I've been asked the law is how students get around you. D So I did. Most students walk, but we also have a bus system, and freshmen are allowed to have a car in campus, which is really great for a lot of reasons, because you could drive around the local areas and like go hiking and whatnot. But also not that great cause our parking situation is not the best. Parking is pretty expensive, and the lots are not everyone's dorm and sometimes you right out of space. So that's really not a deal like right now, my friend parks like fifteen minutes away from where we live, and that's pretty far, and it costs a lot of money, so not the best. But the bus system does have a tracking system also, and the tracking is actually pretty accurate, though sometimes like during rush times of classes there, they get pretty full, so it just depends when you have classes. I never really had problems with them, Hey, guys. I'm here at the little Bob, which is our student Jim There. Three Jims located on campus. This is our biggest wine on our main one here we have also to things like fitness classes behind me. You can see the cycling studio. We have things like crossfit across in there and lots of great things. Um, we have our pool here, which is an Olympic size pool. We have a rock wall, which is really fun on open to anybody to use. We have to free rocket ball room, so you can, uh, went out and play some racquetball. All the equipment is available for you to use at the front desk, So I'm going to show you some of the racquetball rooms right now. So some people use thes rooms. Where are you getting a little aerial view? Some people use these rooms for other things. Like practicing different dances or what? Not s so we have multiple open gyms so you could use those supply basketball or do some zoom, Bob. And another thing that happens here, the little bob, our club meeting. So, like, Zoom, the club will have free Zuma classes, the other club free yoga classes. So right now we're passing by the Wroclaw. So you could see it behind me open for anybody to use. Then we have a lot of different intramural sports that go on at the gym. So behind me, you can see what looks like some intramural basketball. It's a little bright. Yep. Intramural basketball going on. And then we just have our three floors of different equipment. So we have everything from waits to cardio machines and on the upper level, a little indoor track. But just your typical gym equipment. Um, it's a really great place to come any time of day, Uh, open from the crop It dawn until late at night. Fine. Yeah. We're gonna pass by the pool right now. Look, if you look at the pool so that's the pool. There's open ours that you can come to use the pool on your own if you're not part of any group harm. I know we have a triathlon team here who practices so you're in biking and running. You can join that lots of fun things, but there's so many different groups on campus that take advantage the little Bob on DH. It's just a really fun place to come, always things going on, and I would definitely wreck checking out a little body, so this is it. Oliver trophies that we've won, So yeah. Make sure you check out the little bob could come D'Oh. So I'm going to show you guys the actual inside Perkins, how it looks, stuff like that. You say that like a lot one. I don't know what to say, Stuff like that. So this is perfect. It worked. The way I would describe for come here for a lot of and I like pregnant. I think it's a nice little place you've been studying. Space is like over there, and they also have this round and Dunkin Donuts in there. Pretty convenient. If you also live on the campus of the freshmen, no. What? Luke hands on. Yes. And there's a blue comes down to So that sounds fair around you can get food, Dunkin Donuts, all that stuff. Yes, the boot hands on right now. I think it's closed. But collect sometimes during Perkins. Why they do like a vent in here, like one daily does Cario peanuts. And either there, you know, I think thank you. This is Blue hand zone and they have some planes. I guess that's all clothes. I'm all right. Close. Recon stolen. There's like also another room down here to study. It's closed right now. This is how it typically works. They have like pool tables and whose wall and video games we've all any other place. What's up, everybody? I'm hearing Gore Hall, my favorite building on UT campus, and my first stop is a classroom here. So this is actually where I'm taking my accounting class right now. I'd say there's about forty to fifty kids in it, which sounds like a lot, but it's pretty interactive. And the professor sits right at the front or stands and walks around, and you could always ask him a question. And I love this room because there's so many blackboard, so my professor really fills them all up with accounting material. And, yeah, this is a beautiful classroom. I love it here. I'll go show you around the rest of the building and you'll see why this building is the prettiest building on campus. Just to start off. Look at the beautiful floors in here. The architecture is one. Let's head inside. So I'm headed upstairs and I'm going to show you aerial view of this building. It's just so pretty. But all that really happens here is a bunch of classes it solely an academic building. One thing that is also in this building is called the pod, which stands for provisions on demand p o D. Which is basically like a little mini market that anybody can go to grab a snack in between classes. And they're looking at all throughout the campus. So if you ever have just fifteen minutes between class and you need a bite to eat, you can always stop at the park. So I'm coming up to the third floor right now, and this is the third floor of Gore. It's pretty quiet up here. As you can see, this is from above. Beautiful. Take a look around, show you some more classrooms. Some of them are in session right now. Like that one. And here's another empty classroom. Hope it just on dark on me. Very traditional old fashioned. This building and the previous one are all really old but beautiful, where some of our newer classrooms help like Rowley chairs and everything. It's very high tech, but I love the old school look and feel of this classroom in this building. So that's about it for my favorite building. Hey, guys. I'm here with my roommates, huh? WeII just got shamrock shakes, which are the best. So today, I'm going to talk to you about whether I go to school in a rural area, suburban area or city. So the University of Delaware is in a suburb of a suburb of Philly, and it's not too far from Washington, D. C. Or New York City either. So we're about a thirty forty five minute train ride from Philly, which is super easy and like a little over an hour from D. C. And a few hours from New York. So it's a pretty central location, which I love and is part of why I came here. So when I first came here, I thought I wanted to go to school right in the city. But I figured I look a Delaware since it wasn't too far outside of Philly and I loved it. And I still have access to the city. So I think that was actually a huge part of why I picked the University of Delaware. But it is suburbia. Here we have garlic city with, you know, your food things to dio so it's not like you're in the middle of nowhere, but there are farms like located not too far. We even have our own form right on campus, so it definitely has its rural aspects. But it's definitely a good mix. And I love the suburbia factor of University of Delaware