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Thinking about UC Irvine and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting UC Irvine in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet UC Irvine’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to UC Irvine, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the UC Irvine experience. These UC Irvine video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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booth you sent development for the engineering section is what? For some purpose, one of the crossing was specifically designed to their new my community, despite how about 200 seats so you can just talk in a normal voice, that philosophy chemistry, Actually, one of the company is the GOP is the actual like layout of the building. A CZ you can see there's like a bunch of classrooms and things to do things editions, like all the rooms, is alive on there like amenities place to go. And if you ever needed those elevators and a lot of chance for people, hang out right here you wanted, like the many study centers and whatnot you can actually see it's in use this keycard in things. what Get my steps in my cardio, my calories offices. And then over the reaction circles around you, this entire candles to light cycles, you kind of get anywhere. That's mean. So So this is a ring road. We got basically a huge part. We're hoping gettinto across campus line just to get to each of the major, this one being humanity way. Have anti running civilians trying to do only going to wear beautiful nature way big. Ask Howard. Come on, the talent like, How do you want now? Wait Very smooth sciences. You have like, bio physics now because this campus is so large we get, like law and other things way off in the distance because they had to be after they want it really shouldn't. It's not that we also have medical way over there, which also has its own like nature. Do you think of that? Here's the front of the campus, which has a pickup lane for communities. Additionally, you confined tents set up for selling foods. However, there are more scenic spot on campus, especially west of the campus. We can view the campus park from the stairs. Wait, you're really going basically like this location allowed to get married. And you? Every ceremony? No. Who do we like you walking the classes, cameras and getting married and saying they're pals? But here it's beautiful. The building here also kind of says that the place, his one of the many election holes here on campus. It can seat up to approximately 250 students for exit, a projector screen and one beautiful Oakwood podium. Of course, there's also classrooms for discussions, which can look nice as the one shown, but it depends on the class. Then there's some classes you're going to have to take for laps somewhere to discussion classes. These costs Khun very drastically, depending on the clock. If you notice the lecture always surrounded by surround sounds, which are used for the professor as he speaks in the mike, since his voice has to reach all the students in that in addition to the student faculty ratio is 18 toe one eighteen 18 being the number of students. Oh, by the way, did I mention that there's This is the Mariposa Tower in UC Irvine, and this's my dorm. And here inside, you can see all this. So as you can see here, we have some cabinets of two cabinets, actually, and this is Phil Little, like, buy stuff. And we have three drawers right here and a couple more cabinets of here, and each student gets a desk and you can see mine's right here. But all of my other roommates have their desks as well. And that is primarily what we do. Our work and addition. In addition to this, we also have beds to, uh primarily to bunk beds. And this is mine up here and yeah, and also, we also have, ah, some more jurors down here, just in case we need extra storage. My very first water full of game of the season. This is half time right now, but the show's about to start travel. So you see, we have a lot of sports going on water full of tennis, fast people. You know that difficult. But we're a division one school for many for sport, so it's very festive and very entertaining. Competitive. When you see these teams playing us, other schools, you know, every day there's a couple games a week and they're always entertaining to go to. Even though you see, I does not have a football team where the order you see we've got a football team, All the other sports get more of the attention so that they could shine in these everyday activities. So I really loved coming to these games. I've been through a lot last year and I'm starting to do that this year. Super fun to watch. And even if you know someone on the team for them, it's great. This is a soccer field here, woman. Starting today, it's also track field. See, it was Let's go. So there are a lot of seats over here. As you can see people, they're probably separated into two sides. That's a cable to down. Sports. Games are a typical night out for me, you know, after a long day of school work, home mortgage. It's nice to sit and relax and watch the people play out here. It's very, very beautiful at night. You can see the cityscape, especially here on the soccer fields, and it's just very competitive and interesting to watch all these players play. I'm still going on. Spin a late night, go home. This is Claudia do. She's a student. The Palmer. Our school of business. Could you introduce yourself? Yeah. Hi, everyone. My name is Claudio. Do I'm a third year business initiation student at U. C. Irvine under the Palmer Off school of business. So why did you use your school? So I knew I wanted to stay in California when I was applying to colleges, and I knew I wanted to do business. I want to be Khan. I wanted to strictly business. And the on ly three, you see, is like within California who do business. Berkeley, Irvine and Riverside. Um, I also knew I wanted to go to school in Southern California, so I basically just aimed for UC Irvine all their high school. Is there anything about u C. Irvine? That special specifically for the business school you noticed specifically for the business school. So we're relatively new school. I believe we've been around for four to five years right now. Um, and I think it's kind of good that we knew because we're constantly, you know, when you're constantly changing the structure of the school to kind of compete with other business school. So I think It's really cool that were new. So you told me the business school also has its own student body. Couldn't tell me about that. Yeah. So I'm part of Moosa, which stands for the Maraj Undergraduate Student association, which is basically the student government of garage. So specifically my position. I'm v p of active affairs. So I basically act as a liaison between academic and faculty. But basically, Moussa is It's just like the governing body of the of business students who basically kind of like, help students like academically and professionally. Do you plant like activities? Yeah. So we plan. And, um, so all week one, we plan, like welcome weeks for them. Um, specifically my role I want to focus on, like, transfer students and engaging them into the community. So I held a lot of events for transfer suits, Um, thirty years and fourth years, but we typically and finally, most Ross students to Arbenz. And what was your major business administration? How is that different from other majors here? The school? Yeah. So, basically the main business majors at UC Irvine, Our business administration or business. E con eso business economies actually under the school of social science. And I believe the majors is more focused on like Ik Kon and like statistics, while Business Administration is kind of what the overall arching business in general. So we have, like, emphasis, is or like specializations. So you can do, like accounting, finance, marketing, um, organizational management. So we have all these, like they, uh, like branches of business versus other majors. They just have like they're one major, which is the and how are the classes like? Are they difficult or easy academic climate, like so? I actually really like our business classes because because our school smaller because we're relatively new, a lot of our classes are very engaged. So I want to say that the maximum classroom sizes about like one hundred students and, like the smallest, could be like thirty, which I really like it. It's almost as if like you're going to a public school, but you're getting like a private school education. At least the business school. Um, and most of our business school assignments are very project based. So we work in groups very often on DH. Then I just like it cause it's very interactive with your classmates. No further business school. And you see, I in general, what's your favorite part and least favorite? So you see, in general, I probably say my favorite part is the location. Definitely. I feel like I'm obviously very biased, but I feel like Irvine has the best location. We're only an hour away from L. A and we're only like, four five minutes away from San Diego and Irvine specifically is surrounded by great food and the location just very clean. It's very safe, and it's really beautiful. What about your least favorite part? Um, I would probably say my least favorite part. It's probably the parking. Yeah, so are parking structures are constantly filled. And it's actually a very common problem for people. So, like, be late to school sometimes because they can't find parking or it takes like, thirty to forty minutes to find parking. The drunker I don't buy have friends who dio and they complain to me. So So do you take the bus to school or how do you know? So I I actually live twenty minutes walking from campus, so I basically walked to school every day, so that be a smart thing to do? Yes, yes. If you want to, like, live on your campus, you should definitely live like on campus or like a like a neighboring apartment or some. Well, that sounds good. Thank you. here. So this is a door s way, have you? We have honey space, including Justin. Plenty of lost face with mirrors. Can you space off up for people who like attention? She can't manager. We got, like, space here for anything you need. Basically, it's adultery. We have. Everybody comes with my crew's white boy, things like that and enjoys for you people you're not. And with that, we are for this each with their own three with you because that one did not. Because it's college. You want to go out with people. Everyone gets Kelly these keyboards because I liked you better. Pro gamer. And you, you know You know what? Wait, Have you? Which comes with it? 26 So descends to No, I didn't see that one. Welcome to UC. I. Campus man is part of the procedure and I will be your tour guide. So just to start off we have about 40 100 acres of land, 33,000 people and a lot of academic divers. We are one of the best medical schools. We have one of the best fight program and everything else is amazing home. And to add a kind of, we have a lot of clubs, we have no body. We have engineering club, We have arts clubs, we have dance clubs, we have kapok clubs. You can think of it. We got I think we're gonna have a problem. Go club. Um, besides that, we also known for sports team, which, if you don't know what that is, that is our video where video game competitors compete against each other and a little bit of fun fact doing his presidency. Barack Obama actually showed up into those that zat thing, so I was really cool. In addition, we also unknown for eastwards team, which, if you can't you don't know what that is. That's where the yoga and competitors compete against other teams. Um We also are just about 10 minutes away from the beat. Such really cool. So I will be your personal tour guide to show you what it's like. You're on campus. Hey, what is going on? Guys at this moment way are at the University Town center. This is UTC here. I eased your mind right now I'm gonna show you the inner part of you TC So you guys can see one of the greatest places that you can eat If you come to use your mind, All right, here we go. First of all, we have Mendocino Farms, which is a sandwich market. It's a pretty good place. I really like it because it's healthy, but it is a little bit pricey, but I think it is really good because it's quality. So next up way have Eureka is more of a dining kind of place. On this side. We have the shops, itches, places we can get a haircut on this side. We have some dessert on this side. We have a unit girl, which I really enjoy your oxen. And on this side, this is where most of the people here, you see, I get there famous, Both of us here. You see, I the movers with famous everyone and always has a mobile with them. So you like one. Come, Charlie. It's a pretty good place. Right out. All right. On this side, we have Afghan grill. I've actually never been over here. I think this one's new. Yeah, it's kind of new, So check it out sometime soon. Now let you guys know how with this, All right, now that's more to the other side. Let me go on this side. Have a good plan. So a regular your your place where you could get some yogurt and put some toppings on it. On this side, we have Jimmy John's, which are also sandwiches. It is a living different from Mendocino Farms but their auction in there and they're also pretty good on this side way. Have ramen on today. Green. We're going to miss it. Go, go. There's really good guys. I recommend you got to try it. I'LL see you guys in the next video. Now when I go eat. See you later. Hey, what's going on? Guys, Today we are Pippins. Since is one of the uterus here. You see, I the other one is an injury which is located Mess Accord. This one s in middle Earth. Let's take a look way. Go right off this corner. We got cereal which you can get any time today. Here we have waffles and got some fresh fruits on this Benign in apples. Let's go over to the other side. Other side. We have some specials to put on your brothers. You get over here, Have some french fries. Not today's Friday. What warning? Today we have on this now, both of the eateries, an injury and didn't have pizza on this side. We have no begin stage. And on this side we have dessert. And this I will have some of the drinks. Enough of water with flavor on this side, asking you to be healthy, side and on this side without more drinks on this fire, uh, usually got pastas. And yet you can't make your own pants on this time with your testicles. And you possible that you want to have a baby have a friend today. This sign they have a sidebar so you can make a salad taking off make you a sandwich. If you want a guy who's getting a read on and on this one, you can also sit outside, even though it's not as beautiful as in one inmate support or you can inside like that. He also has a level in the second floor. All right, guys, that was it. For Pippins, it is way smaller than the an injury, and I don't think it's as nice. But the good thing about it is that not many people come to Pippins, so it's mother place. But with last people. So I believe that comets it's a little bit All right, guys. That's it. For Pippins. Stay tuned for the next video