A Construction Management Degree: What Does it Cover?

A management position, in any capacity, allows for a broad overview of an entire working situation, and management thereof. To gain a Construction Management degree means a qualification which will enable you to assess a construction work order or the environment from a higher role.

A Construction Management degree covers a knowledge of the construction process as a whole, as well as allowing for the development of practical skills within this specific industry.

From a position of management, this degree would also allow you to learn and explore areas of team management, health and safety and the management of projects, all from a construction point of view.

Would a Construction Management Major Suit Me?

Construction Management requires a little more than just an interest in construction and engineering. For a management role, you also need to be assured within a position of higher responsibility and be confident than a management position is right for you. Management roles within the construction industry can be very rewarding when overseeing and managing projects and playing a key role in project planning.

Therefore, if you have a keen interest in the construction process, as well as being eager to learn more from a management point of view, this major would be very suitable. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 476,700 construction manager positions in 2019.

What Can I Do with a Construction Management Degree?

This degree will open up many doorways for you, in many different capacities. It may be a hands-on role within the actual construction or engineering of a project, or it may allow you to take a step back and oversee a construction project from a management point of view, focusing more on the planning and production.

Construction Management salary averages $95,260 per year, based on 2019 figures.

Jobs with a Construction Management Degree

Construction Management careers usually incorporate on-the-job training and development. They may include coordination of a variety of projects, including design, budget, and supervision of construction projects. They will usually see you working directly on a construction site, but can also include head office work, or working in an environment outside of the designated construction area.

How Do I Choose the Right College to Study At?

Construction Managers are required to have a bachelor’s degree, which means it’s important to choose the right college to study at and earn your degree to progress your career. However, choosing the right college can feel like an overwhelming task, especially when you are browsing campuses throughout the entirety of the USA.

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