What is a Counseling Psychology Degree?

Psychology is the study of processes and behaviour of the brain, including emotional, cognitive and social aspects. Psychologists can learn more about this behavior through studying, interpretation and the recording of an individual’s behaviour, emotions or actions.

A counseling psychology degree means the study of these processes but also learning how to use theory and therapy to reduce psychological issues or distress. This degree sets any learner up to become a key component of supporting any individual, group or family who needs assistance with their wellbeing.

What Can I Do with a Counseling Psychology Degree?

With this degree, you can go on to support a variety of people, both mentally and emotionally. You can work with others to cope with mental issues and challenging situations they may be experiencing, and you will apply your knowledge of psychological concepts, treatments and techniques to provide therapy, support and recovery.

What are the Jobs with a Counseling Psychology Degree?

Becoming a counseling psychologist can set you up to work in many different environments. As many people and institutions will need cognitive and emotional support, this means that the range of opportunities is very broad.

This could be working as a counseling psychologist in a school environment, with students, teachers and parents.

Alternatively, this could be working in a healthcare setting where you can work with a variety of patients.

Counseling psychologists may also want to work privately, where they can manage their own patients through private therapy appointments offered to those who need it.

Should I Earn a Counseling Psychology Major?

Counseling Psychology careers can appeal to those who have an interest in cognitive function and behaviors, but also those who want to work to help others, too. If you enjoy supporting the wellbeing of others through practical research and therapy theories, then this could be the perfect choice for your chosen major.

The general Counseling Psychology salary was $80,370 per year, on average, in 2019, but salary depends on the working environment and specific job role. For example, clinical and school therapists earned an average of $87,450 in the same year.

Which College Should I Study With?

If you’re eager to gain a Counseling Psychology major, then you need to make sure you choose the right college to study at. It would help if you were sure your chosen college provides an adequate course of Counseling Psychology, but there are also many other factors to take into consideration when choosing the right place of study for you.

This could be:

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