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What Can You Do with an Osteopathic Medicine Degree?

If you are looking for a rewarding career in medicine that allows you to focus on both health promotion and disease prevention, then look no further than the field of osteopathy. With the option to work in your own practice or private therapy centers or sports clinics, career prospects are strong, and you can expect to able to command a high salary.

If you want to enjoy a lucrative career as a licensed osteopathic physician, then you will need to earn an osteopathic medicine degree. In the below guide, you will discover everything you need to know about a career in osteopathy, from what salary you can expect to earn, to how you can select the right college.

Should I gain an osteopathic medicine major?

If you want to work in a hospital setting caring for patients with life-threatening injuries, in a laboratory discovering new ways to treat diseases or run your own osteopathy clinic, an osteopathic medicine major can open so many doors for your career in the healthcare industry.

There are two types of osteopathic medicine degrees available in the United States: Medical Doctor MD and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine D.O., both of which require four years of medical school and a bachelor’s degree.

In the United States, there’s an estimated 74,000 licensed osteopathic physicians in active practice, with more than 20% of all U.S medical students studying at a college of osteopathic medicine.

What can I do with an osteopathic medicine degree?

As briefly mentioned above, once you have completed your degree in osteopathy, you can choose to work in a wide variety of different healthcare settings. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of physicians and surgeons across the board is growing above the current national average rate of job growth at 13%, meaning that you are highly likely to be able to find the right position for you once you are qualified.

Osteopathic Physician

An osteopathic physician practices the full scope of medicine, from pediatrics to geriatrics, sports medicine to trauma surgery. You can expect to examine patients, perform and interpret diagnostic tests, prescribe and administer treatment and offer support and advice about overall wellbeing.

In the United States, the average osteopathic physician salary is $190,088, with the salary range typically falling between $149,442 and $245,922.

Osteopathic Plastic Surgeon

If you want to start a career in medicine that will be both varied and highly lucrative, then becoming an osteopathic plastic surgeon may be the job for you. Responsible for performing surgical and non-surgical procedures, you will work with a wide variety of different patients, including those with congenital disabilities, as well as those recovering from injury or illness.

The typical salary for a plastic reconstructive surgeon in the United States is $397,37, with the salary range typically falling between $332,197 and $493,140.

You may also want to consider a career in osteopathic medicine research or teaching if you would prefer a more academic role.

How do I pick the right co llege?

If you are ready for a career that is lucrative and satisfying, then you now need to choose the right environment to acquire your osteopathic medicine major.

As you begin to research the various colleges that offer an osteopathic medicine degree program, you will find that your options are vast. So, how do you pick the perfect college for your further education needs?

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