What Can You Do with An Engineering Technology Degree?

Engineering and Engineering Technology are very similar, which is why knowing the difference is how you can choose the right path for your future. In both disciplines, you will use science and math towards practical application. You’ll be instrumental in solving real-world problems.

The key difference between an Engineering Degree, and an Engineering Technology degree, is in the application. An Engineering Technology major will focus more on the application. You will primarily be learning to solve problems and implement your solution, whereas, in an Engineering degree, you focus more on the theory and creating conceptional designs to solve the issues at hand.

Is an Engineering Technology Major Right for Me?

The Engineering Technology degree has been around since 1973 and was designed specifically to provide students with applied learning. This ensures that not only do you have the theoretical knowledge, but the practical knowledge you will need to succeed in your career.

This degree option is very popular amongst mature students, who are looking to return to college or university to further their credentials. If you are interested in working with machines, in tech products, or working with manufacturers, then this degree is for you.

What Can I Do with an Engineering Technology Degree?

There are so many great Engineering Technology careers available to you. The jobs with an Engineering Technology degree are varied and well paid. The average engineering technology salary often averages above $100,000, though experience, the state and city you work in, and your own personal networking and negotiation skills will play a part in your wage.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician

The job growth for Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians isn’t growing as fast as other areas in the field, but it is also one of the easier careers to get into. You only need an associate degree to get started, but with an estimated 139,000 jobs available by 2026 competition will be fierce. Earning a Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology, general will put you above your competition and let you earn an average of $63,000 per year.

Sales Engineers

Sales engineers put great communication and your experience as an Engineering Technology graduate to great use. You’ll be selling complex products, and to do that you need to know the ins and outs of computers and other products. The wage is massive, with sales engineers earning an average of $101,420 per year, and many enjoying bonuses for great work.

Computer Hardware Engineer/Computer Technician

A general Engineering Technology degree will put you in the perfect position to, later on, specialize in computers and computer hardware. In this role, you will earn a massive $115,000 on average, and the role is expanding. By 2026 it is expected there will be 80,000 job openings for computer hardware engineers.

How Can You Pick the Right Engineering Technology College?

Engineering technology is a very demanding degree, and when you have a demanding degree on your hands, you need all the support and help that you can get. One of the most critical pillars of support? The quality and life you have on your campus. Never underestimate how important your environment is for your education or quality of life.

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