What Can I Do with An Environmental Design Degree?

Environmental design is incredibly important. You will be working directly with architects and conservationists to ensure that projects work in harmony with the environment and that the overall health and wellbeing of people is put first in the development of houses to entire cities. As an Environmental Design major, you will be learning how to improve city and housing development with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact.

Is an Environmental Design Degree Right for Me?

An environmental Design degree is an ideal pre-professional program for those aspiring to be architects or to work in architecture. You’ll be learning the basics of environmental design, architecture and landscape architecture with a focus on both ecology and design. In short, you’ll be earning a degree that puts the environment first in both building and landscaping architecture design.

What are the jobs with an Environmental Design Degree?

Environmental Design careers vary drastically in terms of what type of architecture and design you focus on. You can work with architects, conservationists, and landscape designers to improve on their design with a focus on the environment and sustainability. The Environmental Design salary is quite high, with most designers earning over $50,000. The job is also growing, with an 11% increase in jobs expected between 2018-2028.

Environmental Planner

Average Salary: $68,479

Environmental planners analyze building projects to determine their environmental impact. This applies both to domestic housing projects as well as city planning projects. You will work to make sure that all state and federal regulations are adhered to.

Environmental Conservationist

Average Salary: $60,220

Environmental conservationists work to protect and improve the natural habitats found throughout the country. They may work independently or alongside scientists to improve the space. They may also be involved in project planning to ensure that building projects don’t harm the environment and work with their natural space.

Historic Preservation Specialist

Average Salary: $54,081

Historic sites are another area that you can specialize in. You will visit sites, survey them, inspect them, and work with other historians and conservationists to preserve the space for future generations. You may be involved in policymaking if planning and development projects need the historic site.

How to Choose the Right College for Your Environmental Design Major

Environmental design is a creative, unique, and relatively new major available to prospective students. Not only will you want to choose a more established course, but you will also need to be careful about the overall experience of the university or college as a whole.

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