What Can You Do with a Forestry Degree?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture, environmental science or natural resources, then a forestry degree is a good option for you.

Whether you chose to earn a bachelor’s or a Master’s in Forestry, you will be able to obtain employment in a wide variety of settings. With a guaranteed good salary, paid vacations, health insurance and pension plans, you could choose to be employed by federal, state or local government agencies to enjoy even more lucrative benefits.

Keep reading to find out if a forestry major is the right choice for your career goals, plus how much you can expect to earn once qualified and how to pick the right college for your studies.

Is a forestry degree the right choice for me?

It is worth noting that a career in forestry is not for everyone. Predominately you have to be drawn to outdoor work, as the majority of roles within this industry involve you being outside. Furthermore, you have to be dedicated to contributing to environmental wellness.

In terms of the degree itself, you will have the chance to engage in hands-on and theoretical work, as well as take advantage of internships and volunteering opportunities. You can also choose the specific area of forestry that you would like to specialize in such as conservation legislation, environmental regulations or computer mapping programs to monitor forested areas.

What can I do with a forestry major?

Depending on the level of degree you obtain and the particular forestry major that you choose, you can find employment in a wide range of different careers.

The below popular forestry careers will give you an idea of the range of work available with a forestry degree in the United States. Plus, what each job entails and how much you can expect to earn.


Playing a crucial role in land management, conservation and rehabilitation, as a forester you will help carry out forestry projects such as planting new trees, conserving habitats and suppressing forest fires.

The average salary for a forester is $63,270, with an expected job growth of 4%.

Forest Fire Inspection Prevention Specialist

The ideal role for those with former firefighting experience, as a forest fire inspection and prevention specialist, you will assess forested areas for fire hazards and take the necessary steps to prevent fires.

The average role for a forest fire inspection and prevention specialist is $53,350, with an expected job growth of 2%.


Using tools such as chainsaws and axes and specialized techniques to fell trees safely and with minimal fall damage, fallers typically work closely with buckers, climbers and logging equipment operators.

The average salary for a faller is $49,670, with an expected job growth of 12.7%.

How do I choose the right college to study my forestry degree?

Deciding to embark upon a career in forestry can come with a whole host of perks, yet you cannot start this exciting career path without the necessary qualifications.

Choosing the right college to study your forestry major involves not only an evaluation of the course material but also the campus itself as this plays a crucial role in your overall learning journey.

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