Landscape Architecture

What Can You Do with a Landscape Architecture Degree?

Whether you have aspirations to set up your own practice, become a partner at an established firm or even become a lecturer, with the right experience and drive, you can enjoy a highly successful and lucrative career in landscape architecture.

That being said before, you can start your career journey in this creative and in-demand field, you first need to gain the relevant qualifications. In this case, a landscape architecture degree.

Within the below guide, you will find out what steps you need to take to succeed in this competitive industry, plus, what exciting roles you can expect to undertake once qualified and how much you are likely to earn.

Is a landscape architecture major the right choice for me?

Do you have a passion for both art and science? Can you see yourself discovering innovative ways of creating functional and practical spaces that will inspire? If yes, then a landscape architecture major is the prefect further education option for you.

To thrive in this area of study, you need to have strong analytical and communication skills, as well as being both creative and gifted in visualization.

It can be beneficial to your application if you have some work experience in landscape architecture, although this is not a prerequisite.

What can I do with a landscape architecture degree?

In terms of possible career paths, there are several different routes that you can go down once you have completed your landscape architecture degree.

Below are the most popular jobs for landscape architecture graduates, both in terms of job satisfaction and earning potential.

Landscape Architect

As a landscape architect, you will be responsible for advising, planning, designing, and overseeing the creation, regeneration and development of land such as garden and recreational areas.

The average salary for a Landscape Architect is $69,360 per annum.

Environmental Consultant

Predominantly focused on giving advice on environmental matters, you will work on areas such as the control of pollution and noise, the effects of climate change and waste management.

The average salary of an Environmental Specialist or Scientist is $71.360, with an estimated job growth of 8% between 2019 and 2029.

Planning and Development Surveyor

As a planning and development surveyor, your role is to advise on all aspects of planning and development to help your clients make informed choices about their investments.

The average salary of a Planning and Development Surveyor is $63,420 per annum.

How can I choose the right college to study a landscape architecture degree?

When it comes to a creative degree such as landscape architecture, you want to a college that actively encourages students to express themselves and develop their own sense of style.

That being said, you also need to ensure that you choose an institution that offers the type of campus life you need to be able to thrive throughout your learning journey.

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