What Can You Do with a Parks, Recreation and Leisure Facilities Management Degree?

If you want to assist people in living active, healthy, and happy lives, a parks, recreation and leisure facilities management degree can provide you with a gateway into an appropriate profession. The degree prepares students for developing management skills that revolve around indoor and outdoor leisure and recreation facilities.

This guide will supply further information about the available jobs with a parks, recreation and leisure facilities management degree,

Is it worth earning a parks, recreation, and leisure facilities management major?

If you enjoy the idea of managing a recreational, leisure, or tourist-centric facility, this degree will equip you with the necessary skills and qualifications. In addition to specific knowledge revolving around management, the degree supplies a wide range of transferrable skills that can be applied across a diverse collection of roles. These skills include:

What can I do with a parks, recreation, and leisure facilities management degree?

As expected due to the nature of a degree of this nature, there are various parks, recreation and leisure facilities careers available. This can include everything from outdoor work as a recreational planner to more customer-centric roles like a camp supervisor.

To further illustrate this point, below are a few job examples complete with the type of parks, recreation and leisure facilities salary on offer.

Park manager

This is one of the more prominent roles available with the degree. A park manager is responsible for different aspects that come with the successful management of a park. This includes supervising employees, overseeing activities, and ensuring the maintenance of the park.

According to Salary.com, the average yearly salary in 2020 for a park manager is $54,050.

Administrative services manager

An administrative services manager is tasked with ensuring the efficient running of an organization. Their work generally revolves around planning, directing, and coordinating activities, which can include everything from office upkeep to mail distribution.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that, in 2019, the annual median salary for administrative services managers was $96,940.

Recreation worker

From working at sports centers to summer camps, a recreation worker is responsible for designing and leading activities for groups of people. Their general role involves keeping people active while having fun and improving their overall fitness.

Based on 2019 statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the standard salary for a recreation worker is $26,350 per year.

Picking the best college for you

Before you can earn your degree, you need to find the right college for studying. This involves assessing several different major elements. While checking the quality of the parks, recreation and leisure facilities management courses is most important there’s another aspect that requires a large focus: campus quality.

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