What Can You Do with a Publishing Degree?

If you’ve always had a keen interest in books, reading, publishing materials and the world of publishing, then you might have considered a degree in publishing. You may already have a passion for books and marketing, or perhaps you’re looking to build those skills through your degree.

Publishing combines editorial, marketing, design and production aspects of published material, and a degree in this field will see you learning these key skills.

What Can I Do with a Publishing Degree?

The great thing about a degree in publishing is that the skills you learn can be valuable in a variety of working environments, and not just those directly relating to books or publishing. You will learn vital teamwork skills, business-focused skills, creativity, working to deadlines and the value of presentation, all of which can be applied to fields of business outside of publishing.

Therefore, a degree in publishing can be valuable, both in and out of the industry.

Publishing salary will vary depending on which job role you gain.

If you’re wondering which jobs with a Publishing degree are out there, a few ideas are listed below.

Publishing Careers

To succeed in a publishing degree, you need passion and knowledge regarding the industry. Some of the careers you may be interested in with a publishing degree include:

Literary Agent

You may have heard of upcoming authors submitting their manuscripts to literary agents. Literary agents act as a go-between for authors and publishers and are responsible for managing publication decisions, book sales, contracts and industry knowledge.

It can be difficult to pinpoint an expected salary for literary agents, as they work on a commission-basis with authors.


Copywriters produce informative content for businesses for marketing purposes to promote a service or product. Copywriters will understand both the flair for informative writing and the skills needed for promotional marketing. Salary can vary based on workload and may be a freelance basis.


Journalists with a passion for publishing will normally work with news in print, such as newspapers. This can be a good role if you have a flair for writing and publishing but like to focus on world events or informative pieces.

Journalists can expect to make $46,270 per year, but if you have the drive for more stories and writing opportunities, you can build on this steady base income.


Editors focus on checking content preparing for print, such as reviewing it and making any necessary changes. Editors can work with a wide variety of written media, from fiction to educational materials.

Editors, on average, can make $61,370 per year, meaning a comfortable salary for a rewarding position.

Where Should I Get a Publishing Major?

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