What Can You Do with A Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft Degree?

When it comes to theatre and the arts, there are many processes to learn and study, and many career paths to go down. You may be wondering whether a degree in Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft is right for you.

This degree is tailored for those with an avid interest in dramatic performance on stage specifically. While there are many forms of art and media, such as film and TV, this degree teaches students the fundamentals of stagecraft and acting within the theatre. It also explores the different elements which go into all theatre performances.

What Can I Do with a Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft Degree?

The available jobs with a Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft degree can be broad depending on what you would like to focus on. This degree would explore the following areas of study, and thereby offer further careers in any of these categories if there is a specific role you would like to pursue:

What is the Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft Salary Expectations?

Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft careers offer different salary expectations, and the world of theatre and acting can be highly competitive.


Perform within dramatic productions in a variety of roles. Acting is a very difficult role in terms of providing a specific salary, but on average, actors can expect to make $20.43 per hour, based on 2019 labor figures. However, this can vary based on the theatrical performance itself and level of expertise of the actor in question.

Producers and Directors

Use your drama skills to produce and direct theatre productions and support actors to put on effective dramatic performances. Producers and directors of theatrical productions are set to make $74,420 per year, on estimate, so you can focus fully on your dramatic productions and rest easy with a lucrative salary.


The role of a playwright, in producing scripts for dramatic productions, can earn, on average, $30.39 per hour, and may be on a freelance basis, which means you have more control over your income and work prospects.

I Want to Study for a Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft Major. Which College Should I Choose?

The study of theatre, drama and the arts are such an expressive and creative career path that you want to make sure your study environment is one which allows you to best express yourself. In choosing a college for this major, it needs to be the right one for you.

The difficult fact is that it can be tricky knowing which college, out of the many exceptional options across the US, would be right for you. In considering a degree in drama, you may be thinking that one of the most competitive colleges would set you up in the best way. Or maybe you’re looking to venture into a Liberal Arts college.

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