What Can You Do with a Community and Regional Planning Degree?

During a community and regional planning degree course, you’ll learn all about what it takes to make a success of a community with urban planning. It might involve taking advice from statistical models, market research, and data-driven strategies to make decisions that will outlive your lifetime and affect the lives of generations after you.

As not all colleges offer this type of degree, you have to carefully select your college and consider whether this is the right degree for you. The degree itself can prove fruitful. Community and regional planning degrees open up numerous career paths for you, with varying salaries and rewarding professions.

Should I take a community and regional planning major?

If you have an interest in how you can shape communities around you and further afield, and also have a passion for environmental sustainability and social justice, this is the perfect degree for you.

Being rooted in the community, a community and regional planning major allows students to understand how their decisions will affect the wider community by being involved in projects such as parks and other community gathering spaces, especially in light of recent changes to how we live our lives.

Community and Regional Planning Careers

You need a community and regional planning degree to do several jobs and increase your potential salary, but the opportunities vary. There are numerous fields you can enter when you have your degree. Some of the most popular include:

Urban Planners

The need for urban planners is greater than ever. Environmental changes and the effects of global warming mean that new rules and new guidelines are coming into force every day. It’s the job of urban planners to ensure that everyone is catered for both with housing and community buildings such as hospitals, schools, and community spaces. You can earn around $74,350 per year for this role.

Historic Preservation

You may decide to specialize in one area of regional and community planning, such as historic preservation, which is a popular specialism for many students, commanding a median salary of around $48,000 a year.

Local or Federal Government

Many community and regional planning degree graduates go on to take jobs within the local or federal government, focusing on the need to be mindful of strict budgets and time constraints, and developing the skills to work within and across many government departments to ensure planning applications are monitored and adhere to current rules and regulations.

Typical community and regional planning salaries vary, but the average is $92,800.

Choosing the Right College for Your Community and Regional Planning Major

All students look for different things in their college of choice. Some are motivated by tuition fees, but students who choose to study community and regional planning are usually also inspired by the surroundings of their college campus.

Every prospective student needs to get a good understanding of what their chosen college is like before they make a choice.

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