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Who in terms of campus food, we have three main dining options. Hop, which is my favorite, like the unhealthy case, India's burgers, whatever, and I also really a salad bar. But that's my favorite in terms of just range of food. There's also call us, which is probably little healthier all a cart style and then folk O, which is the main all you can eat dining hall. We also have a couple of cafes and library. There's no back, which is student run and then, um, calf or King Arthur Flour, which is like more Pucci coffee shop. Um, but the way the dining system works here is that you have a meal plan. It's a combination of meals which could be used at folk O. R. You know, ex change for a dollar equivalent at certain mealtimes or you have the dining dollars. And so the meal plans are sort of a mixture of those two, and it's a little complicated. So low. Figure out what meal plan works for you, but you figure it out. Given your habits and whatnot, Philco was known for being where all the athletes, because it's all you can eat, people eat a lot. Um, Like I said, Collis and Caffrey kind like bustier healthier. And then the hop is less salty, but I I chose Dartmouth largely because as a lot of family history, my parents went hereby. Sister Wass, Uh, seventeen here. So she was two years above my year. Uh, sounds really big draw. Just being able to go to college with my sister made a huge difference. Um, but I also really did love the sides of Dartmouth. How instant is I really like the setting. I will never live in rural New Hampshire ever again, But this is like an opportunity where I could live in a really beautiful place. Um, and after worry about job opportunities or anything like that, and just be able to enjoy living this really unique environment, uh and also, they recently built their black visual arts center, which was enticing to me because I'm studying economics and film. So film was just I really wanted a school that had resources in that, but did it. But that wasn't a film school. Hey, guys, that were now in my room. So I thought I'd give you guys a quick overview. One thing to know is that I'm not living on campus this term. I've living in off campus house because they really come. And they're the same few houses in Hanover, New Hampshire, that sort of rotated through students. Eso it's only see, actually, that lived here, and this is what my room looks like. Here, we have to slip that. It's sort of in this interesting nook. This room was honestly, really strangely shaped. It's like a t s O. I have my closet over here. A desk, which is where I do a lot of studying and where a lot of editing for YouTube videos and whatnot. It was like this, like a spice up my room with some decorations. So I'd like to have, like, sort of aesthetic Julia holders. I guess I put flags up. This is sort of just to be a surrogate door on, then some art that my sister made these prints. Then she got that silk for me in Japan. Another flag has got a rep California. And then I keep some of my clothes up here, camera equipment here and, you know, sort of try to make it my own space. Uh, this is a really fun way that I like to put up my hats on DH store them because it's our displays them and does the shelving. I just use thumbtacks. Ah, one key thing or a couple key things. Sorry of clothes here, but just typical college dorm, college room things, but a few staples, I would say, is doubly having like a mini fridge and ah, fan, especially during summer. Oh, my gosh, it's so hot. But the fridge is super nice just for keeping snacks or just cold drinks at hand, and my room is really different and that it also has a sinking it. We think that it used to be a kitchen in this house, but, yeah, I have my own sink, so this is sort of where I get ready in the And in terms of housing, Dharma is actually sort of going through, like a transitional period where they're creating housing communities. Sort of like Yale or like Hogwarts, where you have a house and you live in that cluster for all four years, except for freshman who live in sort of like designated freshmen housing. So they get to know their class and the later they're sort of parsed off into their house and communities. Unfortunately with this, so there's a lot of, um, because really broad range with quality of dorm buildings, Whether how, like just really depending on how old it is, there's some really, really old dorms, like very, you know, I could use some renovation, and there's also really, really new dorm's that are super nice and like hotels. So what's that? It's kind of annoying that there's such a big variation, but for the most part, image closer. There tends to be like a good mixture where freshmen and underclassmen end up in the older dorms. Now's your older, you get you a better room drawn number, and you get to choose a nicer, newer In terms of academic climate at Dartmouth, I'd definitely say it's a pretty it is a competitive school in terms of academics, people are really busy. We're on these really intense ten week terms. It just condense a semester's worth of material into essentially nine weeks and then one week of exams. Um, but with that comes a lot of commiseration. Like I said before, Uh, there's a lot of unity. There's cultural means around this. We have a hashtag rigor that just demonstrates the Dartmouth attitude about it. We're aware that, like, yes, people are like trying to do really well. People work hard, but at the same time, we kind of like, laugh at ourselves a little bit in lighthouse. Seriously, some people can take it. So it's a very good, like, light hearted way. I think of approaching really academically different cold, um, times. Another thing that I really like about dormant, though, is that despite being this really intense academic environment, there is such a lack of competition. There's no people trying Teo calling each other Teo put them on the upper half of the curve and put some else below that. There's no people like people. I've never been asked to cheat. I've never been asked Teo. I've never been, like, accused of cheating or anything, and he would have never lied to me or try to, like, mess up notes that they give me or anything Tio, you know, screw me over which I've definitely heard of other schools. So something in that regard, it's pretty lucky to be an environment like Dartmouth where yes, you want to do well, but there's also a sense of integrity, and also the academic honesty principle of Dartmouth is so intense, where people get very, very severely punished for any kind of plagiarism, cheating, anything like that. So I think that's taking really, really serious. The town. Hanover? What's it like? How's it months before it is? One tiny little strip of Main Street. Um, very small population, Uh, but has its essential. So, like I said, it has, uh, you have your movie theater. Little like ice cream, gelato shop, Umm cute diner, various restaurants on stuff like that. So it kind of has, like, all your basics where you don't really need to leave campus. But it is nice to leave campus every now and then and leave hand over. People will travel into nearby west left Lebanon. Tio. Yeah, Tio, go grocery shopping or just see other restaurants or just sort of get off campus. But, uh, it's endearing. I honestly really love hand over like I said, because it's so small. There's a really commonly understood culture surrounding living in Hanover, which I think is really unique. Being in such a small town. Um, it can feel safely at times, I think right when I got here, it was kind of hard. I just come from San Francisco, which is his big, beautiful city. Uh, and how does have, like, one one street of things explore outside of hand outside of Dartmouth. But with that, though, I think you learn to just appreciate every little bit. Every nook and cranny becomes familiar, and it really feels like home. So I really like that. I feel like when I walk around, I feel so safe and it just feels And honestly, people should know that winters here are tough. Winters are so cold, pretty much no one likes winter. It could be really pretty, just with snow, and, you know, snow is pretty. But, uh, it is frigid. It gets really, really cold. And I think some people are like a little unprepared and people can honestly get, like, very depressed by the lack of sunlight that there is and just how long the winter is. But you want to appreciate every part of every season, I would say, like I definitely enjoyed parts of winter that don't exist outside of winter, such as winter carnival or going ice skating on all compon and stuff like that, which is just a winter and hand over a specific thing that I think people can learn to appreciate When this really quickly before class starts assed, people are filing in. But you'll really like this Astro. Because during somewhere is probably a lot easier than other science classes. Because one hundred test and points face, there's no long term projects. You'll find that I don't have, like, a huge variety and that some are all project zero test somewhere, make sure works, quizzes and whatnot. And then there was like, this. What are you Just test page. Also big. Make sure I really enjoy the costs. You get two for the lab for this class to get to you start Miss Observatory, which is really awesome. Um, and you do allows himself, you know, current star formations and the solar system. And what not by uh, it all kind of varies. Um, yeah, I should probably So hey, ever. New Hampshire is a tiny, tiny little town. Are city center or downtown is one Main Street, and there's like a few raging off streets. But with that, you can imagine the food options are really limited, but, you know, they hit their basics. They have a nice breakfast place. I have a few fancier places, if you will go on like legit dates that were bring parents. Teo. Nice coffee shops is the Starbucks, huh? CBS is nice, and there's definitely like a few restaurants, but in terms of cultural food, like, besides American or, like Yeah, besides American food, it's pretty limited. We have one Indian place, one like Japanese Creon fusion place. And then it's kind of tight places for some reason, and then one, like very, very mediocre Chinese place. But so they have sort of, ah, a little smattering. Unfortunately for people coming from places like San Francisco, where you see all this amazing food of all these different cultures, uh, it's sort of like, Oh, wow, like I have to deal with this like tiny, tiny, a range of options, but you really get used to it, and I don't I didn't mind at all. Honestly, transitioning here. I was a little hard in the beginning, but you get used to it and all the places are like pretty good. Yeah. I would say Dartmouth campus is really unique for a lot of reasons. First one definitely is the size and location again. We're in the middle of the woods, and we're a very small community, so I can walk from the furthest points on campus in probably fifteen minutes. Um, you don't need a car at all. It's nice and convenient sometimes, but you definitely don't need it. And because it is a smaller campus with one central library, a few main dining halls and, you know classrooms pretty closely others and same with dorm rooms, you just run into people all the time. You can never go anywhere without seeing some you don't without. You can never go anywhere without seeing someone that you know, which is actually really nice. I love that I love the size of the campus because there's always familiar faces from you will really hate that. But I've enjoyed it. You never feel alone. And, uh, the campus. I would say it's super beautiful, really close to the Connecticut River, which is a beautiful place to hang out on sunny days. Go kayaking ran, you know, Paddleboards or something. Oh, and we're also buy a lot of worlds by Pine Park, which is a really beautiful, woodsy area to explore. So, like I said, there's a lot of outdoors. There's a lot of nature that people can explore really easily, which makes start with pretty unique place, I would say, and also, since we're located in the tiniest of towns, you really get close to the people you around because you're not distracted by city life like he would be in New York or L. A. But you really focus on who's here, what's here, and you really learn to make the most of everything in all the opportunities that you have, just enjoy college. And I really appreciated that because it creates such like a strong sense of community, even with referencing anywhere in town. Since it's so small, everyone knows everywhere, and they're just like a lot of commonly understood things. I think about living in Hanover, New Hampshire, that you